America is Doomed – Part 1

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Trump brands Biden ‘enemy of the state’

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 4, 2022: Former Commander-In-Chief, Donald Trump, has labeled the US president an “enemy of the state,” after Joe Biden delivered his hostility speech on Friday targeting Trump and his supporters, and was seen as the “most vicious, hateful and divisive ever delivered” by an American leader to date.

Biden targets Trump directly, characterizing the former president and his supporters as representing “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” And said, “That’s why tonight, I’m asking our nation to come together, unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy, regardless of your ideology.”

On Saturday speaking at a rally in Wilkes-Barr, Pennsylvania, the former president accused Biden of having “vilified” the 71 million voters who supported Trump during the 2020 presidential election. As news ramblings continue about stealing votes from the Republicans to elect the Democrat number 46. Trump said, “He’s an enemy of the state, if you want to know the truth. The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him which is circling around him,” and accused Biden of being “cognitively impaired and in no condition to lead our country.”

Although it was already said, about Trump supports being extremists, on Friday Biden backtracked on his remarks about MAGA, saying that he does not “consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country.” ( If Trump had said the same about ANTIFA the collective media would have been uptight for days. What is being unveiled now is the beginning of what could erupt into an “uncivil war” [i.e., person to person verbal and physical attacks] into a full-blown “civil war” [i.e., people taking sides physically fighting over political ideologies].)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: America falls yet into two civil wars, page 1486.  Two Terrible Civil Wars Will Break Out In America, page 667.  US Civil Wars, page 693.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

( For what it’s worth, you heard it here first. A few weeks ago, a source said the following: Trump will be elected again, but there will be chatter from the same troublemakers, talking about a coup against him, and the faction supporting Trump would be concerned about his security. This same source also said, after Trump had loss the second term 2020 election, that he would come back. The source was hinting of troublemaking his opposition would cause, but the information was foggy at the time.)

Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania was his first public appearance since the raid on August 8 at his Mar-a-Lago residence, where the FBI seized “top secret” documents. He commented, condemning the search as a “travesty of justice,” and warned it will produce “a backlash the likes of which nobody has ever seen.” Further adding that “There can be no more vivid example of the very real threats from American freedom than just a few weeks ago, you saw, when we witnessed one of the most shocking abuses of power by any administration in American history.”

Trump Wilkes-Barr, Pennsylvania rally 2022.

Source: RT, here.


Trump-Era Impeachment Lawyer: Big Law Firms Are Blackballing 45 Because They Fear Losing Clients

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 21, 2022: Lawyer Alan Dershowitz is claiming that the former US President Donald Trump is being refused service by major law firms and he’s under the belief that if “they represent Trump, they’ll lose a lot of clients.” Trump is struggling to find legal representation in the ongoing state and federal cases, as major law firms are refusing to allow their attorneys to represent the one-term commander-in-chief.

“The firms won’t let them go near any case involving Trump,” said Dershowitz to the Business Insider. That these law firms want to continue to have clients, and they know that if “they represent Donald Trump, they’ll lose a lot of clients.”

( What this says, is that, some type of threat, possibly from the Deep State was told to the law firms.)

“Everybody who has called me has shown reluctance to do it,” said Dershowitz. And “They say their law firms won’t let them do it. Their husbands or wives won’t let them do it. Their children won’t let them do it. Their friends won’t let them do it, even though they want to do it.”

Also, after the FBI raid, Dershowitz made headlines, telling reporters that “nothing was in” the safe searched by federal agents and called for the release of the affidavit. Saying, “I want to see the affidavit,” in an episode of his podcast released Thursday (August 18). “I want to know how Judge [Bruce] Reinhart justified allowing the breaking-in of the safe. Remember, to get into a safe, you have to have a special warrant.” – “You can’t just say in a search warrant we want to do this, we want to look at that, we want to go in a safe,” said Dershowitz. Further stating, “You really have to justify that. I want to see what the justification was. I don’t care about the names of the people or the cooperating witnesses but what did they say was in there and why did they turn out to be wrong?”

“You can’t just say in a search warrant we want to do this, we want to look at that, we want to go in a safe,” he  continues. “You really have to justify that. I want to see what the justification was. I don’t care about the names of the people or the cooperating witnesses but what did they say was in there and why did they turn out to be wrong?”

“The most serious alleged crime cited in the Trump search warrant is under the Espionage Act of 1917. In the past, many leftists and civil libertarians have railed against the breadth and scope of this law, calling it repressive and unconstitutionally vague,” Dershowitz told the Daily Caller this week.

Former US President Donald Trump.

Source: SputnikNews, here.


Americans increasingly see FBI as ‘Biden’s Gestapo’

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 20, 2022: A new survey by the Rasmussen poll showed major divisions among Americans towards the FBI, with 44% of the respondents stating that the recent raid on Trump’s Florida home made them lose some trust in the bureau. The majority in the poll said they view the FBI as President Joe Biden’s “personal Gestapo.” A sign of the ever increasing polarized views about the federal policing agency in the middle of an investigation into the former commander-in-chief.

And the 44% is exposing the cracks amongst the American public, in their declining public opinion of the FBI following the raid on ex-President Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago primary residence. 

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone commented about the raid, saying:  The “politicized thugs at the top of the FBI” are using the agency as “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo”, and the majority (53%) of those who were polled agreed, with 34% concurring “strongly.” Although some of those who were polled disagreed with Stone’s characterization. The polling results were split along party lines, showing 76% of Republican and 37% Democrat respondents agreeing with the “Gestapo” claim.

According to the unsealed property receipt, the raid by the FBI on Trump’s Florida home on August 8 was centered on a probe into classified documents allegedly taken from the White House, some are said to be top-secret and might be even related to nuclear weapons.

Former President Donald Trump criticized his predecessor in a statement Friday (August 12), accusing former President Barack Obama of keeping “many” classified documents after serving his terms in the White House, leaving in 2017. And that with Mr. Obama the Justice Department was using a double standard when it comes to Democrats.

Trump accused the FBI for politicizing the raid, and claimed the agency “stole” his passports and privileged legal documents “which they knowingly should not have taken,” although the passports was later returned.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: The FBI (U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation), which is the greatest trainer of terrorists in the USA, page 370.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

FBI raids Former President Donald Trump home in Florida, but never did that to Obama, Bushes, etc.

Sources: RT, here; Washington Times, here.


Trump called the United States a “third world” country

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 7, 2022: “We are in many ways a third world country. We are a country whose economy is floundering, whose supply chains are disrupted, whose stores are not full, whose parcels do not reach and whose education system is at the end of any list,” said former President Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Trump’s unexpected characterization of the United States is that it “no longer respected and listened to in the world.” He also recalled that the country has recorded the highest inflation in 40 years, along with the highest energy prices.

Bad History – PUTIN – (My Heart Is Cold) – (excerpt). In the video, the animation character playing Putin, said to Trump, “another 4 years, it’s enough time”. The Trump animation character nods his head.

Trump called the United States Third World – at CPAC in Dallas, Texas.

Sources: PoliticalLore, here; Video, here.


Martial Law bill Introduced to US Congress for totalitarian rule, uprising putdown, etc.

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 18, 2022: According to the Alex Jones broadcast aired Sunday July 17, the legislation H.R. 4350 was introduced about five days ago into the US Congress by the Democratic leadership and did not made the news until Friday July 15. The explicit legislation introduced is setting the stage for dictatorial rule in the United States. If passed by the house and senate, the legislation comes into force starting with Joe Biden or whomever that comes after him. The legislation policies have no oversight, the president runs the military for domestic operations, etc. 

Jones says, the legislation applies to any president, present or future. He believes that they are going to kill Biden or he’s going to die in his sleep. And the rumor buzzing around Washington DC political circles is that they’re going to put Gavin Newsom in the White House as president under Nancy Pelosi control. 

That the power structure in the US is planning to make Joe Biden a dictator; implode the economy, impose new lockdowns in the fall of 2022…, and then buried in Dallas, “either right before the mid-terms or the general election, they are going to blow his head off or truck bomb his ass,” says Jones. And after, the blame will be placed on an insurgency/extremist group and that he might be accused of being involved, as well as Trump. That the conspiracy plan being worked out in the shadows is guaranteed and he pledged to stay in the United States and go down with the ship.

That the legislation being pushed through the US Congress by the Democratic leadership is to merge and give life to the codification that is being drafted. Trump voters are to be targeted, conservatives, as well as right-wingers, and it’s a literal declaration of war, where they make Biden a dictator and declare segments of the US population as enemy combatants and go after them. The legislation basically defines Americans as the enemy.

Jones believes that if this is allowed to happen, this is “the end of America and the world as we know it”. – Governments are collapsing everywhere, food is becoming scarce in many countries, and that there’s no going back, no reversal, and said, “time is short.”

If the plan goes through, said Jones, it’s a death sentence for him, “police offices, the military and the FBI – to bring the United States down and have them kill each other” in the process. Because “they’ve got the left ready and spoiling for a war with America, and American gun owners, American veterans,” etc.

The legislation is being pushed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League).

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: USA superpower status could come to an end after 2020, page 330. Third World War could develop from it, page 327. The United States decides to start World War III, page 420. America falls yet into two civil wars, page 1486.  Two Terrible Civil Wars Will Break Out In America, page 667.  US Civil Wars, page 693.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

The legislation H.R. 4350 (click on image to enlarge).

Sources: InfoWars, Alex Jones, video, here; US Gov, H.R. 4350, PDF, here


Joe Rogan Finds It ‘Ironic’ Edward Snowden Fled ‘Authoritarian’ US for Russia

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 21, 2022: Podcaster and actor Joe Rogan said he finds it “ironic” and “wild” that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden had to fled the perhaps “authoritarian” US for Russia, and he seems to be happy there.

“Edward Snowden exposes the United States – exposes this like deep underlying surveillance system that it is essentially monitoring everybody and violating all of our constitutional rights, and he gets kicked out of the country and goes to Russia, and Russia takes him in. He’s happy over there. Fine in Russia,” said Rogan in the July 14 podcast with comedian Tom Segura. And added, “Oh clearly, clearly. But still – wild. Because he went from one – you know, the way they treated him, the way they treat him, the way they treat Julian Assange, you could absolutely make the argument that this (i.e. the United States) is an authoritarian state – and he leaves here to a far worse one, and there, he’s protected,” Rogan responded.

Joe Rogan and Edward Snowden podcast.

Source: Sputnik, here.


Cause of homelessness in America? It’s not drugs or mental illness, researchers say

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 13, 2022: In the United States, a country that is always preaching to the world about almost everything, do have problems of their own, and one of them is homelessness. The official answer for this you’ll hear, that it’s likely drug addiction, mental illness, alcoholism and poverty. That is the game that’s being played, to not address the problem, but blame something else for the problem. The United States has had a long history of failing to address the situation concerning the disparity in living standards, social mobility, etc. And some are of the opinion that there’s a darkroom in America’s leadership that supports and promote inequality, poverty, etc. as unwritten policies.

The hot topic right now around the US is the unavailability of affordable housing. – In the book “Homelessness is a Housing Problem,” University of California Press, co-authors Clayton Page Aldern and Gregg Colburn have both analyzed the various contributing issues of homelessness, as well as the popular answers often given about it being related to mental illness and addiction. They have also examined the per capita rate of homelessness around the United States, looking at the rate of homeless per 1,000 people, and found that communities with the highest housing and rent costs had some of the highest rates of homelessness, which is often ignored when the government is researching the overall raw numbers of homeless people in their analysis.

Lets look at for example, the year 2019 count of people in shelters and on the street, revealed a homeless population of 56,000 in the Los Angeles County, 11,200 in King County, Washington, 9,700 in Santa Clara County and 4,000 in Multnomah County in Oregon. The homeless populations were similar when looking at per capita rates, with the city of Los Angeles having six homeless people for every 1,000 residents and the other three smaller counties, having five homeless people for every 1,000. And what they all had in common was a lack of affordable housing.

One of the co-authors of the book, Colburn, said: “That’s certainly not the point of the book” to suggest that homelessness is not caused by mental illness, addictions and other issues, but these can be contributing factors. “But I firmly believe that we can’t treat our way out of this problem. You could fix all the addiction in San Diego right now and you’d still have a problem with homelessness because there just aren’t places for people to go who have lower levels of income.”

The “High-cost rental markets that far outstrip area median incomes – and push renters into paying more than 50 percent of their income toward rent – certainly are a significant contributing factor to making households at high risk of experiencing homelessness,” said Lisa Jones, executive vice president of strategic initiatives at the San Diego Housing Commission. Further stating that “When households do experience homelessness, those factors make it even harder for them to exit homelessness by renting in the private rental market.” And “We also know that the longer a household experiences homelessness, the more likely other key quality-of-life factors will be affected, such as physical and mental well-being.” – “We need to continue to strive to build a homelessness response system that has a diverse spectrum of resources to meet a household’s unique needs,” said Jones. “At the same time, we need to continue to support the efforts of policy makers at local, state and national levels to increase affordable housing development and rental assistance opportunities, streamline application processes, and reduce construction costs to increase production.”

Homelessness in America. However, the focus is on Foreign Policy and weapons funding.

Source: Gazettextra, here.


World’s biggest economy, the United States, is dangerously close to recession

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 2, 2022: JPMorgan Chase announced on Friday that it’s slashing the growth forecast for the US as consumers hold back spending. Revising its midyear growth outlook for the US, sharply lowering expectations for the second-quarter annual real GDP growth to 1%, from the previously forecasted 2.5%.

But analysts at JPMorgan said that the growth is expected to tick up to 1.5% in the final three months of the year, increased from strong car production and lower inflation. And the downside comes amid tightening of monetary policy, from the US Federal Reserve responding to inflation with aggressive interest rate hikes.

The gloomy forecast is accompanied by the influx of weaker data earlier, the last week in June, showing that US consumer spending was lower than expected in May, as motor vehicles remained scarce. At the same time, higher prices are forcing consumers to cutbacks on purchases of other goods.

Statue of Liberty – New York.

Source: RT, here.


25% of Americans open to taking up arms against government – the disunited states

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 30, 2022: A survey of 1,000 registered US voters, published by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics (IOP), has revealed that most Americans agree that the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me”.

The data points to extreme polarization in US politics – and the impact it is having on Americans’ relationships with each other – remain strong. The survey statistics come as a congressional committee is organizing public hearings regarding the January 6 insurrection.

The poll shows that 49% of Americans concurred that they “more and more feel like a stranger in my own country”. Some in the polling data voiced negative sentiments about persons from opposing political parties. With seventy-three percent of self-described Republican voters agreeing that “Democrats are generally bullies who want to impose their political beliefs on those who disagree,” and “an almost identical percentage of Democrats (74%) express that view of Republicans”.

United States Capitol storming.

Source: Theguardian, here.


The techniques used to bring on the Great Depression

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 30, 2022: This reference is many decades old, first reported by Dr. Beter in audio letter #69 dated November 8, 1981. It’s about the Great Depression and who was behind it.

“The techniques which were used to bring on the Great Depression of the 1930’s are once again being used now. Six years ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 5 I talked briefly about the wise German professor who taught me finance, banking, and economics. In the 1920’s this man had been consulted by the Rockefeller interests, who claimed that they wanted to know how to deflate inflation; but once he had shown them how it could be done, they misused his information to create the Great Depression instead!

“This German economist confided many things to me, and one was: how economies are manipulated. He showed me how the key sectors of Housing and Automobiles can be used to bring down a whole economy; and three years ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 41 I gave an early warning that this process was being set in motion. As I reported then, General Motors betrayed its advance knowledge of the plan for a new American depression on November 7, 1978. On that day, GM slashed its dividend rates in half on GM stock. GM’s action three years ago took the Stock Market by surprise because auto sales had been good; but since that time interest rates have climbed into the “loan shark” range, and both automobiles and housing have hit upon hard times. A few days ago it was announced that auto sales in the United States have slumped to their lowest level in 23 years.”

“The last time things were this bad we were in the severe recession of 1957 to 1958. But, my friends, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

Dr. Beter.

The Great Depression – food, job, rent, housing, gas, etc.

Source: Peterdavidbeter, all his audio letters, here.


The United States is using Ukraine as a weapon against Russia

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 25, 2022: According to the American director Oliver Stone in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper, the United States is using Ukraine as a weapon against Russia. And said the war was provoked, but he believes that in the end everything will turn against the United States.

“Our energy and food supply largely depend on Russia. Everything will turn against us (i.e. the U.S.), and we are already seeing this with inflation. Ukraine is used by the United States as a weapon against Russia. They say that the war was not provoked, but I think it was,” said Oliver Stone.

Posting: The Fall Of America Will Happen

American director Oliver Stone.

Source: Sputnik, here.


IMF sees significant downside risks for US economy growth in 2022

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 25, 2022: The IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said that the US economy is unlikely to avoid a recession.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expert also thinks that there are significant downside risks for the US economy this year 2022 and especially next year 2023, when presenting the annual report on the American economy. – “We see very significant downside risks [in the US economy] this year and especially next year,” Georgieva noted, and that according to the baseline scenario being considered by the IMF, the US economy is unlikely to avoid a recession. And some of the contributing factors include high energy prices, posing risks to the global economy and to affect the pace of development in the United States.

“Where we see the snaring path ahead it and what are the biggest risks any of course, high energy prices. This is a risk for US economy and for the world economy as a whole. Not only because it affects inflation, but because it has a broader consequences for growth prospects. When we look at the potential for some withdrawal of oil supply, that of course, could create an it does create further pressure on oil prices,” said Georgieva, head of IMF.

Source: TASS, here.


Kim Dotcom Breaks Down The True Scale Of US Government Debt, And Says A Major Global Collapse Is Coming

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 18, 2022: Kim Dotcom starts off his Twitter posting saying: “This may be the most important thread I ever make. The big picture stuff about the major global collapse that is coming. – I will try to help you understand why the future is not what we’re hoping for. It’s worse than most can imagine. Our leaders know. But what are they planning?”

“The United States did not have a surplus or a balanced budget since 2001. In the last 50 years the US only had 4 years of profit. In fact all the profit the US had would not be enough to pay for 6 months of the current yearly deficit. So how did the US pay for things?”

The US spending and debt have spiraled out of control and the Govt can only raise the money it needs by printing it. That causes inflation. It’s like taxing you extra because you pay more for the things you need and all your assets decline in value.”

The reason why the US got away with it for so long is because USD is the worlds reserve currency. Nations everywhere hold USD as a secure asset. So when the US Govt prints trillions it’s robbing Americans and the entire world. The biggest theft in history.” (Printing the US money, an explanation is given, here.)

The problem is that this has been going for decades and there’s now no way to fix it. The reality is that the US has been bankrupt for some time and what’s coming is a nightmare: Mass poverty and a new system of control. Let me explain why this isn’t just doom and gloom talk.”

“Total US debt is at $90 trillion. US unfunded liabilities are at $169 trillion. Combined that’s $778,000 per US citizen or $2,067,000 per US tax payer.” “Remember, the only way the US Government can operate now is by printing more money. Which means hyperinflation is inevitable.” “The total value of ALL companies listed on the US stock market is $53 trillion. The real value is much lower because the US has been printing trillions to provide interest free loans to investment banks to pump up the stock market. It’s a scam. Most of the $53 trillion is air.” “The value of all US assets combined, every piece of land, real estate, all savings, all companies, everything that all citizens, businesses, entities and the state own is worth $193 trillion. That number is also full of air just like the US stock market.” 

Let’s do the math: US total debt is $90 trillion. US unfunded liabilities is $169 trillion. The total is
$259 trillion. Minus all US assets is $193 trillion. The balance is -$66 trillion. That’s $66 trillion of debt and liabilities after every asset in the US has been sold off. Do you understand?”

“So even if the US could sell all assets at the current value, which is impossible, it would still be broke. The US is beyond bankrupt. This patient is already dead. This patient is now a zombie. You probably wonder why are things still going? Why didn’t everything collapse yet.

“It’s all perception, denial and dependency. The perception is that the US has the largest economy and the strongest military in the world. But in reality the US is broke and can’t afford its army. The denial is that all nations depend on a strong USD or global markets collapse. The reason why the US zombie keeps going is because the end of the US is the end of western prosperity and an admission that the current system failed as a model for the world. It doesn’t change the reality. The collapse is inevitable and coming.”

“You may have heard about The ‘Great Reset’ or the ‘New World Order’. Is it a controlled demolition of the global markets, economies and the world as we know it? A shift into a new dystopian future where the elites are the masters of the slaves without the cosmetics of democracy? Without a controlled demolition the world will collapse for all, including the elites. The world has changed so much and nothing seems to make sense anymore, the blatant corruption is out in the open, the obvious propaganda media, the erosion of our rights. What’s the end game?”

Posting: The Fall Of America Will Happen

Kim Dotcom.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: USA superpower status could come to an end after 2020, page 330. Third World War could develop from it, page 327. The United States decides to start World War III, page 420. Looming economic crash of the United States, page 673. Alliance – Powerful Force Against The West – 2020, page 693.  The USA as one who’s eager to lead and because of this obsession in the end will drown, page 1412. The whole financial system the world over will be overturned; retirement-institutions will no longer be able to pay pensioners, page 1414. The USA Collapses After 2020 – Government And Economy; Debt, Dollar, page 1479.  The United States government has collapsed, page 1480.    Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

Source: Twitter, Kim Dotcom, here.


The Summer and Fall in America 2022

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | May 25, 2022: This forecast is based on what was conveyed to Judge Napolitano by Col. Douglas Macgregor, that as the Ukraine conflict gets drowned out, the focus will be on internal problems breaking out in America.

Napolitano: …How much longer do you think this goes on? The War?

Macgregor: I think as we move through the summer (2022) and reach the fall, we are going to have crises  here at home (i.e. in America). They will be very severe. Those will involve financial matters as well as food shortages, fuel prices, etc. I think we are going to watch our economy gradually implode. A number of potential bubbles are going to start bursting. As that occurs, the less and less interest in what’s going on overseas. I just don’t think we can focus on what’s happening in Ukraine at the expense of what’s going to happen here in the United States. …

( A posting about this from months ago can be read here.)

Napolitano: How temping is it for Vladimir Putin to destroy the enormous cache of US military equipment being stored in Poland? … 

Macgregor: …I think he (Putin) is going to be very focus consolidating what’s being won in eastern Ukraine. I think we are going to see most of it, either annexed directly to Russia or perhaps declared as a new Russian-Ukrainian republic allied with Moscow. …    

( And the western press reported that Henry Kissinger said that “Ukraine must give Russia territory”, [posting, here].)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: Earthlings Should Think About What The USA Has Done On Earth, page 204.   The United States Of America Will Be A Country Of Total Destruction, page 231.  NATO Dependent On The USA, page 114.  Ursula Von Der Leyen, The EU Warmonger, page 126  The Military Is Used For Murder, Rape And Destruction, page 127.  The USA Outsource The Research Of Bio-Warfare Agents, page 167.  The War Inside Ukraine Is Controlled By America, page 179.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

Source: Ukraine Russia war UPDATE – Col. Douglas Macgregor, here.


Civil disturbance in America heating up, lets get the guns

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | May 25, 2022: Mass shooting incidents keep repeating throughout the United States, and the speculation is that some form of clandestine activity is afoot to severely curb or shutdown access to guns. Because, due to the mismanagement of the Ruling Elites and royals governing countries through their puppet administrations, Mad Max scenarios become a real possibility.

( This was briefly referred to here, about the un-civil war.)

Another mass shooting rampage where purported gunman Salvador Romas, 18, went into Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday May 24, fatally shooting at least 19 children, including two school employees. The gunman is said to have also killed a relative prior to the shooting. The motive remains unclear. – And shortly after the horrific mass shooting in Texas, US President Joe Biden addressed the nation calling to finally challenge the gun lobby and enact some “common sense” gun control laws. That “The idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a gun store and buy two assault weapons – it’s just wrong. What in god’s name do you need it for except to kill someone?”

( So things are becoming more and more tense as America becomes disorganized due to fraud leadership –  where leaders are only in office to keep up appearances and make trouble in foreign countries.)

Source: ‘When Are We Gonna Stand Up to the Gun Lobby?’, here.


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