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Prince Charles Declared Dead by Russian Media

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 18, 2024 (updated): In early February King Charles III was diagnosed with a form of cancer, found after he underwent a procedure to treat an enlarged prostate, says Buckingham Palace. 

Buckingham Palace officials said the procedure was done at top-tier private hospital, the London Clinic. For treatment, palace officials only said that he is “receiving expert care” on a regular, outpatient basis, but did say whether that includes radiation or chemotherapy. 

Segments of the public have become curious as to how the King will be medically treated? And in a statement issued from Buckingham Palace, “Dr Dixon [, King Charles’ doctor] does not believe homeopathy can cure cancer.”

( Ironically, in late February an elite source said: “Prince Charles is basically dead”. And the source stopped at that and said nothing else.)

Fake announcement about King Charles death.

Then in early March the controversy about Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day photo, with the princess admitting that it was edited.  

( The elite source then said something about a ‘Triune’ and said that it includes the Vatican City, London/Buckingham Palace and New York/Washington DC. That the Triune was the hidden ground of financial power and political power for the 20th century. The weekend of September 24, 2022, the rumor-mill was buzzing about a financial collapse on September 23, 2023, but it did not happen publicly. However, privately, Evelyn de Rothschild died November 7, 2022, who was in charge of everything, until after his death it was handed over to David Rothschild, the French branch of the Rothschild family. The last time Evelyn de Rothschild contacted the elite source was November 2022 when the ‘Triune’ collapsed. Then before that Queen Elizabeth died September 8, 2022 [but the elite source said she faked her death, whereafter Mr. Rothschild got involved and the Queen died on November 7, 2022 privately]. Prince Philip was already dead, April 9, 2021. And by 2023 King Charles officially came in [after he was acceded to the throne on September 8, 2022] and could not do anything – he was barred/kept-out of Buckingham Palace. The Vatican pope leadership is waning – and according to the elite source, the pope is privately dead. (An intel source revealed in 2007 that maneuvers were carried out in the Vatican to delay or prevent the evil pope, i.e., the last pope from appearing. This evil pope was to ally himself with the Triune, also known as Crown Inc.) So what is happening is that the royal family (or whatever it is that is masquerading as such) is slowly moving away from civic duties, because their foundation is eroding, and what the public sees is the British royal family becoming incapacitated from illness, etc. So you see the weakness showing everywhere, in the Vatican, in Washington DC and Buckingham Palace. And Jacob Rothschild, the son, died on February 26, 2024 said the news announcement. So, what is taking place, is that members of the Triune are being removed [by a mysterious/hidden force]. That was the financial collapse [going on privately, and it has not been exposed yet into the public]. Certain levels of Wall Street have become aware of the private collapse of part of the financial elite faction – and that the Rothschild power is now waning. – What the public is seeing is the keeping up of appearances – a façade.)

Then today, the Western media is in a frenzy about news coming out of a Russian press declaring King Charles death! The British Embassy in Ukraine quickly pour cold water on the rumors that King Charles had died after the news circulated in Russian media, claiming that the monarch had passed away from “cancer complications”, “unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. – March 17, 2024” in a fake Buckingham Palace statement that appeared online. 

RIA Novosti, the Russian state news outlet, corrected its earlier report based on the fake news, stating: “The press service of Buckingham Palace denied RIA Novosti rumors about the death of King Charles III. And according to the Buckingham Palace press service, the King continues to conduct official and private affairs.” (Read above about what the elite source said about the royal family civic duties.) – Readers, also keep in mind that the British press has also aired rumor-news regarding the death of President Vladimir Putin – (Article1, Article2). The Buckingham Palace announcement six-feet-ing Charles, apparently, turned out to be a fake.

So, what appears to be going on now is a plot to pry Kate Middleton from Prince William, and then hook him up with a mistress, like what was done to Prince Charles, removing Princess Diana and replacing her with Camilla. ( Is Prince William being groomed? And if so, which faction of the elites will he allied with? Prince Charles is allied with the Rothschild’s London Center.)

(And in the suspense of it all, former US President Obama has been spotted outside No.10 Downing St in an unannounced visit, and was seen leaving around an hour later with US ambassador Jane Hartley. It was reported that Obama held a meeting with Rishi Sunak, who is currently having a difficult time at the helm of British government.)

Former US President Obama has been spotted outside No.10 Downing St. (X, link)

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