Global Confusion – Neo Things Are Coming – Part 1

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Massive fire breaks out at commercial egg farm near Cokato, Minn.

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 1, 2022: A late-night fire on May 28 Saturday engulfed a commercial egg farm leaving behind thousands of dead chickens near Cokato, Minnesota. At the scene, crews found heavy fire coming from a barn housing chickens and manure. Multiple fire departments were called in to help with the large fight. A video was posted online by Eddie Olson showing the massive flames shooting from the building during the late night, (here).

“Fires are scary in general, but when you see something of that scale you know, out of control It was just hard to, you know, to think about the chickens, the company, you know, people that work there,” and “It’s kind of a hard hit because we’re already struggling, you know, with the eggs and the cost of stuff and that takes kind of a bite out of the market,” said Olson an area resident.

Source: Fox9.


West’s unwise moves lead to global food crisis

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | May 19, 2022: Due to the ill-advised macroeconomic moves of western countries, what is now taking shape is the sabotage of global food security. These problems in this area started long before the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine, but the West will hide that fact from the public to point the blame elsewhere.

“Food security had been ruined for several years by unwise macroeconomic steps of the collective West fueled by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, problems emerged long before the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine,” Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday reported the press service of the embassy on its Telegram channel.

The food crisis deteriorated after a wave of “unilateral and illegitimate anti-Russia sanctions that undermined western governments’ credibility because of the unpredictability of their actions, as well as broken supply chains and interrupted international financial flows,” Antonov said, from moves made by western nations that “their bans do not cover supplies of food and fertilizers are deceitful” as “sanctions in the financial and transport areas directly influence the situation on global food markets.”

( Also, food processing plants in the West have been burning down mysteriously since 2021, [posting, here].) 

The food crisis is artificially induced by the West. And Antonov noted that “Russia remains committed to its obligations on international contracts regarding export supplies of agriculture products, fertilizers, energy and other important goods.” And the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that the global community is unable to fully solve the issue of the food crisis without the inclusion of Russian and Belarusian fertilizers, as well as bypassing grains from Ukraine. – The West irrationally prefers to obstruct Russian products and fertilizers from full and unlimited access to global markets.

Food supply, empty store shelves; feeding, growing and the population.

Source: TASS.


Food Processing Plants Burning Down, The Coming Food Shortage

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | April 22, 2022:  A September 2021 commentary (here) noted that “The public must also keep in focus the pending food scarcity induced artificially as the ruling elites’ underlings own many of the large food processing and manufacturing plants, companies and retail supermarkets and can slowdown or increase the flow of food items and raw materials at anytime.”

Supermarket shelves showing scanty food supply.

Empty grocery shelves are becoming a familiar site in some American cities and towns. As the year 2022 moves along food shortages have become a common theme appearing in many countries. The Biden administration want the American public to believe that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for the global food shortages, and also want to blame him for runaway inflation. Why are there so many shortages of food products in 2022? Is the war between Russia and Ukraine really the cause of these sudden shortages or is there a sinister force at work?

There is always a pattern, a cascade of events that follows that goes unnoticed by the onlooking public. For example, when there are forces that want oil prices to go up, an oil refinery catches fire, an oil tanker sinks at sea, oil pipelines blow up, etc. – mysterious explosions just start to happen. 

Are we seeing a similar pattern at food processing plants? For the pass several months world leaders have been warning the public to prepare for food shortages, when there was no food shortage at the time. Did world leaders had a script handed to them beforehand to inform them about the next step on the agenda? The public did not go along with the winter of death scenario with COVID-19 and now they are implementing the summer of starvation, and this time the Ruling Elites, i.e. the old banking families and royals, are really trying to make this thing happen. They are talking about pending supply chain issues, etc., but strange stories are appearing in the press, and we’re connecting the dots, we’re starting to see patterns and the same stories are being repeated over and over again. And many are asking, what is going on? Is this just a coincidence that numerous food processing plants have caught on fire or is somebody burning down food processing plants? 

Food processing plants fires: The Taylor Farms facility, in Salinas, California was engulfed in a massive fire on April 14, (posting, here).   – On March 24, 2022, crews respond to a fire in the Belfast, Maine area at a potato processing plant, (posting, here).   – On March 23, 2022, an explosion in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada, sparked a major fire at an industrial food preparation plant for the Montreal area, (posting, here).   – These fires seem to start when there’s a low level of employees at the factory or late at night when the facility is empty, from accident or no understanding as to why.  – On April 14, 2022, a plane crashes into an Idaho potato and food processing plant, killing the pilot, (posting, here).   – On March 30, 2022, a fire ripped through the Maricopa Food Pantry in Arizona destroying over 50,000 lbs. of food items, (posting, here).   – All these fires have happened in the past several weeks.  – On April 12, 2022, crews battle a massive fire for 16 hours at East Conway Beef and Pork butcher shop and meat market in New Hampshire, destroying much of the facility, (posting, here).   – On March 16, 2022, a massive fire broke out at a Walmart distribution center in Indiana, (posting, here).   – On February 22, 2022, an explosion engulfs Shearer’s Foods in Hermiston, Oregon, injuring 7, and according to the news, the fire will impact locals and the food supply chain, (posting, here).   – On March 17, 2022, fire shuts down Hot Pockets plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas, (posting, here).   – On February 3, 2022, Wisconsin River Meats says portion of Mauston plant a total loss after fire, (posting, here).  – On February 15, 2022, onlookers watch fire crews battle blaze at Bonanza Meat Company, (posting, here).   – On April 22, 2022, the headquarters of Azure Standard, the nation’s premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire overnight, (posting, here).   – On March 28, 2022, an early morning fire broke out in south Taiwan at the Kuwang Food Industry warehouse in Chiayi County. The cause of the fire in unknown, (posting, here).

The question remains as to what is going on here. Is there a plan to disrupt the food supply by burning down food processing plants? This globalists have used this method for decades to disrupt the world. They have to have chaos and ways to control the population. Catherine Bertini of the United Nations said some years ago, that food is power; we use it to change behavior. – Is this what the globalists are doing? 

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: Food Shortages, page 104. Food Becoming Increasingly Scarce, page 105Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

“This is an odd coincidence,” said Twitter poster Wall Street Silver, noting that 18 U.S. food processing facilities burned down in the last six months.

Posting (here) dated September 2021, “And since their COVID vaccine plot is not going well, falling apart, the Globalists are now going to up the ante with inflation, supply chain, empty store shelves, starvation, etc. – coupled with climate lockdowns. And if this is the next phase of destruction, that means the vaccination plot also has elimination in mind?”

Posting (here) dated December 2021, the following was mentioned: “Special Forces who have worked for the United States, said: “We have been deployed all over the world to destabilize nations and we are telling you that the same playbook that we run there, is the same thing that we now see happening here, and the food becomes a problem. And that is always the trigger point as food prices are hitting 11 years high, and it got to very extreme levels in 2011 when we saw things like the Arab Spring and other global phenomenon. And it seems to be heading that way again.””

Posting (here) dated August 2021, “The corona-virus is integrated into the collapse of the U.S. economy. And it’s the subjective opinion of some that the side effects from the Western vaccines is an ongoing process to damage the immune system, so people can die off quickly. It seems to be because of the chaos that the economic collapse will bring: Millions of people in the United States are going to go hungry and starve due to the breakdown in food supply and manufacturing systems; lawlessness; a massive increase in crimes; the collapse of the central government in Washington DC; state governments barely functioning with some state governments on the verge of collapsing, etc. And so a period of holocaust behavior will appear again. When that time materializes there will be no one to stop it, because the functioning states bodies for security, law and legal matters have all collapsed.”

Posting (here) dated October 2021, “The main purpose for the weather anomaly is to destroy crops of corn, soybeans, and certain feed grains, and other crops, and this is going to ruin the income of thousands of American farmers. The goal is to create deliberate food shortages to help in controlling the American people through the weapon of hunger. – In the posting, here, the reference made is about the pending “climate change” drama. All this is to be coordinated with higher energy prices. There’s also a military part to “climate change”, but that section of the plan is not yet fully activated. The first part of the “climate change”, i.e. weather modification, is to destroy food supplies and is connected to the COVID-19 subjugation project of “The Great Reset”. The military part to “climate change” will become fully activated if World War 3 is to breakout.”

Posting (here), dated June 2020: “And the reason why the ruling elites are doing all this: “decimating humankind to a governable size, are such things as intentionally provoked famines and wars and poisoning of the food and drinking water, which will take place worldwide, etc.”

Posting (here), dated June 2020: “”Did you know that there was a policy in America – a policy to depopulate the Third World? How does that affect parts of the world? “Did you know Henry Kissinger wrote the memo that became policy and they said that they were going to use food as a weapon. The policy was sent to the Department of Agriculture, to the Department of Defense, to the Department of CIA intelligence, so they’re all in parts of the Third World. Setting the Third World up for internal strife, revolution and death. Where does your food come from?” About how the US has been outsourcing food manufacturing, forcing developing countries to import much of their food products…” Because, at some point, the plan is to disrupt the food and material supply routes, etc. to instigate shortages.

Source: TruNews.


Russia to end special operation after removing threats caused by NATO’s colonization of Ukraine

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | April 21, 2022:  The Russian Foreign Ministry’s second CIS department Alexey Polishchuk in an interview with TASS, said that Russia’s special military operation will end once threats related to NATO’s colonization of Ukraine are eliminated. Noting that “The special military operation will end once its tasks are fulfilled. And among them are the protection of the peaceful population of Donbass, the demilitarization and the denazification of Ukraine, as well as the elimination of threats to Russia coming from Ukrainian territory due to its colonization by NATO members.” The diplomat also emphasized that the special operation is running as planned and that “All its goals will be reached.”

( The Western media has a habit of forgetting history when it’s not in their favor, because many do not know how the Ukraine situation came about, and believe that the President of Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine for no reason. This Ukraine situation has been going on for many decades and is part of the Grand Chessboard geopolitics that Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke about while he was alive, pushing the Geostrategic Imperatives operative canon for State Department Hawks, Neoconservatives and Russophobes. And over the many years, the United States vassal organization NATO was being put in place to pressure European and former Soviet Union bordering states. In World War II even Hitler knew the importance of Ukraine and said that Russia should be robbed of the state. So, the Ukraine situation is leading into a long drawn-out conflict that may very well deteriorate into World War III, because the Ruling Elites in the West want the state of Ukraine, and so does the country of Russia. – The U.S. and the British have reached a point in their geopolitical ambition where they’re now decommissioning the old world order, what has been formed and integrated into a working society, establishing organizations and financial institutions they’ve told the world was to help the people, and these instruments we are now finding out have an expiration date. Their vassal organizations and institutions continued their geopolitical ambitions to dominate the entire world in peacetime, and the time has come to undo them, because these very ones want to implement a unipolar technocracy known as The Great Reset, which is going to use technologies to subvert and oppress the world’s populations and in the process there will be the extermination of people. – The Western Hawks, Neoconservatives and Russophobes are a special bunch, and if these names were dissected for the public to better understand, it would reveal racism and sexism unmasking an elite class and their masters, the ones who have been orchestrating all these conflicts and wars worldwide for centuries.)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: The World’s Economy Is In A State Of Decommission, pages 673, 1170.  Manifest the messiah through A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), page 525  Extermination for all who did not enter by conversion, page 523.  The Great Reset of the world’s economy, pages 993, 1439.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

Source: TASS.


War coming to an end in Ukraine soon

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | April 11, 2022 (updated): This intel bit arrived on April 10th. And from this date, in one and a half weeks time, to two weeks, the war in Ukraine will come to an end. 

( Was the intel talking about the ‘ending’ of the first phase of the military operation by Russia? Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov announced that the 2nd phase of Special Operation in Ukraine has started, because the 1st phase has been completed as of April 19th, [posting, here].)

The Russians want to see who are the mercenaries hiding in the Azov iron and steel factory, said to be soldiers and commanders from NATO, as well as French soldiers, German soldiers, American soldiers, etc. And the unveiling of these mercenaries being held up in Azov is going to be a big win for the Russians. As well, there’s chatter about equipment and material from foreign sources being stored at the Azov factory.

The French President Macron (projected winner) and Le Pen to face election runoff on April 24th. So, it appears that timing will be everything. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will eventually flee Ukraine and end up being ex-president in exile living off the large sums of monies given to him by the West.

To apply pressure, the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has announced that preparations are being implemented for the offensive and capture of Kiev (Kyiv).

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: Olaf Scholz, who will also be told what to do, as he pushes nonsensical and inflammatory advice forced upon him to enact, page 1386.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: NATO Dependent On The USA, page 114. Only 16% Percent Of The Vaccines Work Against The Corona Illness, page 118. EU Dictatorship Against Russia, page 124. President Of Ukraine, Zelensky, page 125. The Ukraine War Will Continue And Become Worse, page 125.  Ursula Von Der Leyen, The EU Warmonger, page 126  The Military Is Used For Murder, Rape And Destruction, page 127.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

Update: April 23, 2022: The cancellation of the assault on Azovstal disrupted the provocation of the West with weapons of mass destruction. ( The neo-Nazi nationalist fighters holding out at the Azovstal (i.e. Azovsteel) plant, did the West supply them with a portable nuclear weapon device to eventually detonate? If Russia bombs the factory, the nuclear weapon device would detonate and the West then accuses Russia of using a nuclear bomb? – (The United States portable nuclear device, the W54, [here]). – U.S. planning provocations to accuse Russian Forces of using WMDs in Ukraine, says Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the head of Russia’s Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops, (posting, here). – U.S. has moved on to WMD provocations after ‘economic pressure’ against Russia failed, Zakharova Says, (posting, here). – Surrendered Ukrainian officer opens up on conflict between marines, neo-Nazi fighters, (posting, here). – Russia’s Investigative Committee to probe alleged SAS activities in Ukraine, as media reports are emerging that sabotage experts from the British Army’s special forces have been deployed in western Ukraine. “This data is going to be checked thoroughly,” especially considering the fact that Special Air Service (SAS) forces have established themselves as “experts in organizing mass protests, assassinations of political figures as well as preparing terrorist attacks,” the committee said in a statement, (posting, here). – UK dispatches military personnel to Lvov to support Kiev’s subversive operations: “According to information received from sources in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, at least two units have been transferred to the town of Brody in the Lviv region… from Hereford in the UK, where the SAS headquarters are located. The composition of one group is approximately 8-10 people. They are specialists in sabotage and guerrilla activity, as well as in recruiting and training agents to operate in a hostile territory,” a Russian law enforcement official said, (posting, here). – Israel adds Chinese yuan to reserves. The central bank of Israel announced that it is diversifying the country’s foreign exchange holdings by adding the Chinese yuan alongside three other currencies, while slashing the share of the dollar and the euro, (posting, here).

United States portable nuclear device, the W54 (also known as the Mark 54 or B54).

April 22, 2022: Classified U.S. Army manuals found at Azov neo-Nazis’ base near Mariupol, (posting, here). – RT host interviewing former Yugoslav Colonel Janko Aleksic who fought against NATO is 1999, said that Ukraine’s Azov nationalist neo-Nazi fighters were trained by Israel, and called out the hypocrisy. The West says the Azov battalion was trained by NATO instructors, “that’s right, the same Jews that were victims during WWII, today are training Nazi fighters. I’ve friends in Israel who thinks this is unacceptable”, (link pending). – Russia unveils plans for digital ruble, domestic payment system, and The Bank of Russia plans to have the digital ruble ready by next year and it will be capable of making international payments. It also aims to expand the number of countries that accept Russian Mir banking cards. “We have fairly quickly created a prototype … now we are holding tests with banks and next year we will gradually have pilot transactions,” central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina. Unlike virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, the digital ruble is projected to pose minimal risk as it will be issued by the state monetary regulator and backed by traditional money, (posting, here). – EU changes tune on ruble gas payments, that European Union companies may be able to comply with Russia’s proposed system to pay for gas in rubles without falling foul of the bloc’s sanctions against Moscow, said the European Commission, (posting, here). – Russian military makes another offer to the besieged Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol, saying that they can exit the Azovstal (i.e. Azovsteel) plant at any time without weapons and ammo, (posting, here). – American journalist Gonzalo Lira got in touch. He went missing in Ukraine at the end of March, after saying that he was not afraid of the Russian army, but of “President Zelensky’s thugs,” and on April 15, he was detained by the SBU and all his equipment was taken away. In the interview, the journalist said that the SBU kidnaps people, and many “have much worse” outcome, (Telegram, here). – Some EU members say will veto any collective ban on Russian oil supplies, said the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, (posting, here). – French President Emmanuel Macron has warned Europe that “We will not see the consequences of this [sanctions against Russian energy resources] in the spring and summer of 2022 [as gas storages have been replenished], but next winter, we will feel them if there is no more Russian gas,” in an interview with the Ouest-France daily. And said, “I absolutely do not see how a gas embargo would end the war. If [Russian President Vladimir] Putin were open to economic arguments, he would never have begun this crazy war,” he said, defending his decision not to end German imports of Russian gas, (posting, here). – Abrupt embargo on Russian gas harmful for German, European economy, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, (posting, here). – The Russian tricolor, the flag of the USSR and the Victory Banner were raised over Novaya Kakhovka region in Ukraine, as well the same flags were installed in front of the administrations of all cities of the Kherson region, and are now under the full control of the Russian army, (Telegram, here).

Former Yugoslav Colonel who fought against NATO is 1999, said the Azov nationalist neo-Nazi fighters were trained by Israel.

April 21, 2022: U.S. Treasury’s Yellen warns boycott of Russian energy could hurt Europe more than Moscow, (posting, here). – U.S. Poll: Many in U.S. want more action to stop Putin. And that the American population still question whether President Joe Biden is showing enough strength responding to Russia’s war against Ukraine, and few Americans want U.S. troops to get involved in the conflict. However, Senator Chris Coons is suggesting, setting the stage of the possibility, that U.S. troops may be needed at some point in Ukraine, (posting, here1 | here2). – Moscow has the right to consider the US and NATO transport with weapons as a legitimate target if it follows the Ukrainian territory – the Russian Foreign Ministry, (Telegram, here). – The Russian President Vladimir Putin hails liberation of Mariupol, and calls off operation to storm the Azov-steel plant, where over 2,000 Ukrainian militants remain entrenched. The Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu at a meeting said that Putin demanded that the plant be blocked so that “even a fly can’t get in or out,” and that another offer to surrender be made to those hold up at and in the undergrounds of the facility, (posting, here). No Bluffing: Putin Warns NATO With Test of Sarmat ICBM, (video, here). The Ukrainian military studied “biological protection” according to American reference books. The documents were found at the outpost in the Kharkiv region, according to reports @rian_ru, (Telegram, video, here1 | here2). – Russia has refused the UN Secretary General’s request for a four-day Easter truce in Ukraine. “The calls for peace and a cease-fire sound very false and insincere in these conditions, which in practice mean only a desire to give the Kiev nationalists and radicals a break so that they can regroup, get new batches of drones, ATGMs and MANPADS, and simultaneously arrange new inhuman provocations,” the Russian representative to the UN Security Council said, (Telegram, here). ( These same tactics were used in Iraq, Syria, etc. calling for a pause or cease-fire for a short period of time to reshuffle forces to continue fighting. The public is becoming aware of the deception.) – Russia to end special operation after removing threats caused by NATO’s colonization of Ukraine, (posting here). It is possible to remove Russia from participating in the G20 only with the full consent of all the participants of the association, and there is no such agreement – the head of the US Treasury, (Telegram, here).

The Ukrainian military studied “biological protection”, the documents, note the United States address at the bottom left. (Click image to enlarge.) Telegram, video, here1

April 20, 2022: White House holds CNN and Bloomberg ‘by the throat’ greenlighting fake news about Russia, (posting, here). – Oil from U.S. Strategic Reserve heads for Europe amid global supply crunch, (posting, here). – Sending U.S. troops to Ukraine would be a massive mistake, (posting, here). – Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum was built upon the ideas of world government, depopulation, and thermonuclear war, (video, here). – Russia has conducted the first successful launch of the Sarmat super-heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) (NATO reporting name: SS-X-29) from the Plesetsk spaceport, and “Sarmat is the most powerful missile with the biggest hitting range in the world. It will significantly strengthen the combat power of the Russian strategic nuclear armed forces,” the Russian Defence Ministry, (posting, here). – Germany has no weapons that can be quickly delivered to Ukraine, (posting, here). – The Russian military extended their offer again, giving Ukrainian “militants” and foreign mercenaries who are hiding at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol a chance to surrender and leave without weapons on Wednesday, Col. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s National Defence Control Centre said, (posting, here). – Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky said on Tuesday calls out West for using Ukrainians as ‘cannon fodder’ against Russia, (posting, here). – The United States does not know where and to whom the weapons supplied to Kiev go, (Telegram, here). – If the export of fertilizers from Russia and Belarus does not recover, the world will face a food crisis, (Telegram, here). – Russian intelligence has information about thousands of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine, (Telegram, here). – Russian military showed footage of the destruction of equipment and strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, (Telegram, here).

April 19, 2022:  German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: A Russian victory in Ukraine must be prevented, (Telegram, here). Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday, “I think the West played Zelensky against Russia. And [the West] did everything to strengthen him in the desire to ignore the Minsk Agreements,” and “Had he [Zelensky] cooperated in implementing the Minsk Agreements, the crisis would be over a long [time] ago,” (posting, here). – Russia and India were working to create a new transaction mechanism for bilateral trade, which would allow for settlements in national currencies, rubles and rupees. Reports say the countries may opt for adopting the Russian Financial Message Transfer System (SPFS) for bilateral trade, which is an analog of SWIFT, (posting, here). Netherlands send heavy weapons to Ukraine – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tweeted Tuesday after the phone call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, (posting, here), – UK’s Tax Body to revoke Moscow Stock Exchange’s status as recognised exchange, (posting, here). “What the Americans want is a Unipolar World which would not be like a global village but like an American village – or maybe like a saloon where you know the strongest calls the shots,” Lavrov said, (posting, here). And that America and Western countries want to show the world that there’s not going to be a Multipolar World, but only a Unipolar World, (posting, here). – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov announced that the 2nd phase of Special Operation in Ukraine has started, because the 1st phase has been completed. Lavrov stated that the Russian forces are targeting only Ukrainian military infrastructure, (posting, here). He said that Moscow is considering only the option of using conventional weapons during the military operation in at this stage – The Russian military extended their offer, giving Ukrainian “militants” and foreign mercenaries who are hiding at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol a chance to surrender and leave without weapons on Tuesday afternoon, Col. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s National Defence Control Centre said, (posting update, here). – The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also stated on Tuesday that Moscow has no plans to press for regime change in Kiev. Stating that “We are not going to change the regime in Ukraine,” Lavrov said in his interview with broadcaster India Today. “We have been saying it repeatedly, we want Ukrainians to decide for themselves how they want to live,” (posting, here). – Russia destroys warehouses in Lvov with American and European weapons, said to include kamikaze drones, anti-tank missile systems, small arms, man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, etc. with missile strikes, (posting with video, here). US has trouble tracking weapons sent to Ukraine,  (posting, here). – And Russia announced the development of unique types of weapons by their specialists and designers. According to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, we are talking about non-traditional types of weapons, which will clearly provide Russia with technical and military superiority over potential adversaries. “The new weapons program will be aimed at creating qualitatively new, including non-traditional, types of weapons, including directed energy weapons, kinetic weapons, as well as artificial intelligence control systems and robotic systems,” he said, (posting, here). Top official explains why Russia hasn’t run out of precision missiles in Ukraine, (posting, here) – Great Britain refused to exchange two captured mercenaries for Viktor Medvedchuk. “The British should not have gone to Ukraine at all, it is illegal,” the former chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister for Northern Ireland, Brandon Luce said. The UK has previously warned its own about criminal liability for sending to fight in Ukraine, (Telegram, here). – Rozovsky district of Zaporozhye region in Ukraine voted for joining the DPR, (Telegram, here). – Russia and Belarus have fixed the price of gas in Russian rubles until the end of the year, (Telegram, here). – Hungary will not support sanctions against Russian oil and gas, (Telegram, here). U.S. borders reportedly see dramatic increase in Ukrainian refugees, (posting, here). – Kadyrov said that “Bandera in Mariupol” will be finished off “today” and “Azovstal” will be completely taken away, (Telegram, here).

April 18, 2022: Internationally banned weapons used by Ukrainians to hit a village with cluster munitions; Ukraine using unacceptable weapons, (posting, here). – Google says it didn’t change Google Maps to disclose Russian military locations, (posting, here). – “On the morning of 18 April, air-launched missiles fired by the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a precision strike against the 124th Joint Logistics Center of the Logistics Forces Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Lvov. The logistics centre and a large batch of foreign weapons delivered to Ukraine over the past six days from the United States and European countries was destroyed,” MoD spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a briefing Monday, (posting, here). – Russia publishes data on foreign mercenaries in Ukraine, showing that an estimated 6,824 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries came to Ukraine. The most numerous group of foreign fighters (1,717) arrived from Poland, while around 1,500 came from the US, Canada and Romania. And up to 300 fighters each came from the UK and Georgia, while 193 arrived from the Turkish-controlled areas of Syria, (posting, here).

April 17, 2022: Plague and Typhus: What have American scientists been up to in Ukraine’s Biolabs?, (posting, here). – Internationally banned MON-50 and MON-90 mines used by the Ukrainian forces were discovered in Mariupol, (posting, here) – The time for surrender expired and Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M3 headed toward AzovStal where the Ukrainian military, militants, nationalists and mercenaries are hiding in the factory underground Mariupol, (posting, here). – Kiev orders Azov Nazis to shoot those surrendering at Azovstal, Russian MoD says, (posting, here). – Ukraine ready to fight Russia ‘for 10 years’, says Zelensky, (posting, here). – Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s adviser Ustenko, is asking Western countries for $50 billion, commenting on the problems of the Ukrainian economy, (Telegram, here). – You cannot arm terrorists and hope for peace, said the Serbian Interior Minister, (Telegram, here). German Chancellor is losing popularity due to anti-Russian sanctions, (Telegram, here). – Kiev has banned negotiations on surrender, ordering the Nazis to shoot anyone who wants to lay down their arms – the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, (posting, Telegram, here). – Most of mercenaries surrounded on ‘Azovstal’ are from European countries, as well as about 1.5 thousand are from the USA, Canada, as well as Romania – MoD, (posting, here; Telegram, here). – Abandoned ammunition depot of Neo-Nazi Azov battalion found in health complex in DPR, (posting, here). – DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) military bombard nationalists at AzovStal with dozens of unusual ammunition, inflicting rather unusual, but extremely effective strikes from unmanned aerial vehicles on the forces of the Azov regiment. – Russian state TV declares World War Three has started after the sinking of the Moskva, (posting, here). All those who lay down arms at Azovstal and surrender on Sunday morning (April 17) are guaranteed life, the Russian Ministry of Defense said, (posting here). The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it was ready to allow all Ukrainian troops to withdraw through humanitarian corridors and promised to spare Ukrainian nationalists who agree to lay down arms. The Ukrainian side declined the offer.An American mercenary who took part in the battles on the territory of Mariupol for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was eliminated after he refused to surrender. The US citizen name is Caesar Quintano, who according to preliminary data, is part of a private American military company. His US passport was found indicating the personal data of the American military and the place of his burial in Ukraine. In the American press some months ago Quintano was on television news about his son being abducted by his baby mother, a native Ukrainian, who took the child back to her country, (posting, here; the American press report, here). Quintano eventually went there to get back his son when war broke out, left because his visa was about to expire, but later returned and was recruited into the Ukrainian military to fight the Russians.

An American mercenary who took part in the battles on the territory of Mariupol, killed. The American press reports the abduction of his son by the mother, here.

April 16, 2022: Militants and mercenaries at Azovstal asking Kiev to allow them to surrender, Russian MoD, (posting, here). – Over 23,000 Ukrainian troops, foreign mercenaries killed – Russian Defense Ministry, (posting, here).  Russian air defense shot down a military transport plane with Western arms for Ukraine near Odessa, (posting, here). – “They trained us really good”: British SAS troops reportedly instructing Ukrainian local forces, (posting, here). British Special Air Service troops trained local forces in Kyiv for the first time since the start of the war with Russia, Ukrainian commanders told The Times. The officers of two battalions stationed in and around the capital, one last week and the other the week before, reported The Times, (posting, here). Also, a group of military, instructors and mercenaries part of the Polish PMC, arrived in Ukraine from Poland a few weeks ago. Germany involved in “military biological activities” in Ukraine, (posting, here). – And on April 15th, the “Secretary of State Antony Blinken has previously described the strategy (i.e. regarding the U.S. sending weapons) as part of a plan to increase Kyiv’s leverage at the negotiating table, in an effort to eventually find a negotiated end to the conflict. The Washington Post first reported the diplomatic note from Russia to the U.S., and quoted Russian officials as saying the weapons shipments could bring “unpredictable consequences.” Russia warns US of ‘consequences’ of Ukraine military aid, (posting, here). – US police have warned of a radioactive contamination threat after a portable nuclear gauge went missing from a stolen car in the state of Pennsylvania, where the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) asked the public for assistance in the search for a gauge “containing sealed sources of radioactive material”, (posting here). – ( It appears something big is pending to happen? Whatever form materializes, will it be obvious to the onlookers? Some entertainment in the mean time, Village People, Milkshake, here.)

April 15, 2022: A Russian official revealed that troops from NATO countries were captured in Ukraine. The Russian military vows to carryout more strikes against targets including a missile factory in Kiev if more attacks are launched on Russian territory. And the Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov confirmed in a statement saying, “The number and scale of missile strikes against targets in Kiev will increase in response to the commission by the Kiev nationalist regime of any attacks of a terrorist nature or sabotage on the Russian territory,” (postings, here1, here2). – The Kremlin has no doubt that all tasks of special operation in Ukraine will be fulfilled, (posting, Telegram, here). – Russia’s Electronic Warfare Troops caught NATO spying on Russian cellphones, create countermeasures, (posting, here). – Russian Investigative Committee says French Legion soldiers among Ukrainian troops, probing it as part of criminal case on mercenaries in Ukraine, (posting, Telegram, here). – Ukraine labs – Bioweapons can be used as tool in US low-level war against Russia, (posting, here). – US, allies face depleted weapons stockpiles as ‘aid’ to Kiev ‘blows through’ supplies, says report, (posting, here). ( It sounds like the US and allies are hinting no more weapons for Ukraine?) – The West doesn’t want peace in Ukraine, (posting, here). – British captive who fought in Mariupol describes ‘reality’, (posting, here). – Ukraine preparing another rocket attack on civilians, Russia warns, (posting, here).

The Ukrainian forces have shown lack of care for civilians, British solider Aiden Aslin claims, (posting, here).  And this is what the US, the UK and the EU are happily supporting as their good cause, the destruction of civilians, and are very unapologetic.

April 14, 2022: Will April 16th-22nd be the week for diplomacy? The US President Biden says he’s ready to go to Kiev. Will that be Zelensky’s farewell? Also, days ago Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov said, that Russia was getting ready to move on Kiev. And was the mysterious event of the ship Moskva, the explosion and the sinking, was that Russia making its mark/claim? The Moskva was built in the times of the Soviet Union in the Ukraine at the Mykolaiv shipyard. – RT reported at night on April 14 that there were explosions being heard in Kiev early Friday morning – affecting electrical power.

April 14, 2022: The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday at the Digital International Relations – 2022 conference at MGIMO said, the unconditional support of the Ukrainian authorities by Washington DC and Brussels has become the pinnacle of the West’s Russophobic course. “The culmination of this Russophobic course has … unconditional support for the radical nationalist Kiev regime, the nurturing of ultra-radicals in Ukraine, and the creation of an ‘anti-Russia’ out of Ukraine,” said Lavrov. And that the West, led by the United States, is now seeking to restore and consolidate its dominance in international affairs, “in order to continue to solve its narrow personal interest at the expense of the national interests” of other countries. And “The most important part of this aggressive line is the West’s longstanding policy of comprehensive, systemic containment of our country. On all fronts, as they say,” Lavrov noted, (posting, here).

April 13, 2022: The Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel has condemned Canadian troops for training neo-Nazi fighters in Ukraine, saying that it was Ottawa’s responsibility to make sure such things did not happen. And the Canadian military denies any obligation to vet the training recipients. “The Canadian government didn’t do its due diligence,” Efraim Zuroff told the Ottawa Citizen newspaper on Wednesday. That “It’s the responsibility of the Canadian defence ministry to know exactly who they are training,” and added that “There is no question that there are neo-Nazis in different forms in Ukraine, whether they are in the Azov regiment or other organizations.” – A Radio Canada report on Monday (April 11) revealed that back in November 2020, Canadian troops were photographed training members of the “Azov” regiment as well as a at least one soldier weathering the insignia of the SS division “Galizien,” a Ukrainian unit that had fought for the Nazis in WWII, (posting, here).

April 13, 2022: In Donbass more than three thousand prisoners have already been taken, and this is just the beginning, as we are waiting for new arrivals. And the number could reach thirty thousand if the enemy shows discretion, all fifty. – Russia is hoping for Europe’s participation, because they have to feed their ‘warriors of light’. Or, will the West leave the allied soldiers in this piquant situation? It would appear that they needed these people for the war, but as prisoners of war, go to hell. Let’s see what kind of friends modern Ukraine has, how will the West behave, will it feed the prisoners, or will it limit itself to a demand to let them go? I think the Lugansk and Donetsk new republics should pass separate laws on prisoners (conditions of detention, attraction to work, distribution of bonuses and ways to release them), (posting, Telegram, here).

Three thousand prisoners have already been taken and more on the way.

April 13, 2022: CNN journalists accidentally declassified the presence of US Marines in Ukraine. Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, from the coup in 2014 onward, the United States has categorically denied the presence of the American military on the territory of Ukraine, when it became known that units of instructors from the US Marine Corps were stationed here. CNN says, we are talking about the military, who are training Ukrainian military personnel to use foreign weapons, like the Milan anti-tank missile systems. The first use of the Franco-German Milan systems to be demonstrated there. Experts noted that, “Comrades from the USA should be reminded that some of the American so-called instructors and mercenaries have already been eliminated, for Russia has marked the ‘red lines’, and if the countries of Europe and the United States go to join, then they must be aware of the full risk of what is happening”, (video, here).

April 13, 2022: DPR, Chechen and Russian forces have stormed the Azovstal plant in Ukraine, (video footage, Telegram needed to view, here). – Also, some 1,026 Ukrainian Marines, Including 162 Officers Surrender in Mariupol, according to the Russian MoD, (video footage, Telegram needed to view, here). As well, the presidents of Poland and the Baltic countries are heading to Kiev for a visit. Are they going to Zelenskyy’s exit party?

Inside the Azovstal plant in Ukraine as soldiers enter, searching.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his delight on Tuesday (April 12) after Kiev’s successor to the Soviet-era KGB arrested the country’s most prominent opposition leader. Sharing the photo of his handcuffed rival Viktor Medvedchuk on social media, (article, here). The Kremlin says, that the persecution of Medvedchuk for his political views exposes the true nature of the Kiev regime.

Ukrainian President Zelensky posted handcuffed opposition leader on social media.

April 11, 2022: The Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer met with the Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday and is convinced that Western sanctions aren’t weakening the Kremlin’s determination to resolve the Donbass crisis before ending the military offensive in Ukraine. And said that, “…the situation in Donbass, as he [Putin] said, must be, so to say, resolved, despite the sanctions…”. As the Western media likes to forget history, that the Donbass conflict goes back to the Western-backed overthrow of Ukraine’s elected leadership in 2014. And the largely Russian-speaking populations in Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk areas opposed the coup and declared their independence from Kiev, which led to seven years of fighting.

( The West always find convenient ways to scream war crimes and as well justify the war movements initiated by them, but when others do it, it’s a problem. It is no secret that the West has been carrying out wars to secure their One World Order domain. They have carried out many wars, World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, etc. and countless coups to support their pending Great Reset to turn people into subservient slaves under their Artificial Intelligence surveillance and medical systems as they implement mass extermination. – The United States ruling elites and the British ruling elites animating these governments, have always seen their mass killings as justified and are the only ones who should use chemical and biological weapons as well as nuclear, like they have done during the Gulf War using weapons made of depleted uranium metal to destroy Iraqi tanks. The western media owned by the elites behaved very well during these war acts by the United States military.)

The news is reporting that during the liberation of Mariupol, the British mercenary Aiden Aislin was captured. He was forced to capitulate due to the impossibility of further holding the city. His surrender took place this morning (April 12), the British mercenary wrote in his account on one of the social networks, saying: “48 days have passed, we have tried our best to defend Mariupol, but we have no other choice but to surrender to Russian troops. We have neither food nor ammunition. I hope this war ends soon.”, – the British mercenary in Ukraine wrote.

Russian President Putin’s latest statements on the special military operation in Ukraine (Telegram, here):  ▪️ There is no doubt that the goals and objectives of the operation will be fulfilled. The goal is to help the people of Donbass.  ▪️ Kiev publicly refused to comply with the Minsk agreements, it was impossible to continue to tolerate the genocide there.  ▪️ Ukraine has been turning into an anti-Russian springboard to nurture the seeds of nationalism that existed there.  ▪️ A clash with Moscow was inevitable due to the neo-Nazi offshoots being specially cultivated in Ukraine – it was only a matter of time.  ▪️ Russia is not going to isolate itself, and it is also impossible to isolate it from the outside.


Russian Special Operation in Ukraine Aims to Put End to US Course for World Domination

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | April 11, 2022: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov lambasted both American and European policies, that Moscow won’t succumb to pressure from abroad, as Western nations pledged to send more weapons for Kiev. And said that the operation in Ukraine was aimed to put an end to America’s plans for global domination.

“Our special military operation is designed to put an end to the reckless expansion and reckless course towards complete domination by the United States and, under them, the remainder of Western countries on the world stage. This domination is built with egregious violations of international law, and in accordance with some [unclear] rules, which are imposed on occasion”, in an interview Lavrov gave with the broadcaster Rossiya 24.

“This is an utterly serious change, even in the policy that the EU and the West under US leadership – there is no doubt about it – began to pursue after the start of our special military operation. A policy that reflects anger, in some ways even frenzy, and which, of course, is determined not only by [the situation in] Ukraine, but by Ukraine being transformed into a foothold for the final suppression of Russia”, the minister noted.  And that “The provocations, I think, are outrageous. As for Bucha, our military presented both chronological arguments, and arguments related to the video materials, and arguments related, excuse me for the details, to the position of the corpses and their appearance. Everything that is possible, was presented.” Further adding that “If Bucha continues to be played in some way for several weeks, then Kramatorsk was somehow silenced very quickly. Apparently, evidence presented right there, on the same day, including ballistic facts and a number of others, including the absence of Tochka U in our service.”

Source: Sputnik.


Russia offers SWIFT alternative for dollarless trade with India

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 31, 2022: News out of India is reporting that the government there is considering Moscow’s proposal to activate the Russian payment messaging system called SPFS, an alternative to SWIFT, which allows direct rupee-ruble transfers in bilateral trade. The mechanism was developed by the Russian central bank and is expected to boost commerce between the two countries by avoiding U.S. dollar-denominated trade, and allow consumer to continue their purchases from Russia, bypassing Western sanctions. The final decision to turn on the system is expected after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov two-day visit to India, scheduled for Thursday March 31.

Under the proposal between Russia and India, rubles will be deposited into an Indian bank and converted into rupees, and the same system will work in the reverse. As well, Russia also wants India to link its Unified Payments Interface with their MIR payments system to ensure seamless use of cards issued by banks of both countries, to sidestep Visa and Mastercard suspended operations in Russia.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has signed a decree regulating gas trade with states and countries designated as ‘unfriendly’, and that those countries wishing to do business with Moscow must open bank accounts in Russian banks, and highlighted that existing contracts will be frozen unless ruble payments are made.  And on Thursday, Putin said, “We are offering contractors from these countries a clear and transparent scheme. To purchase Russian natural gas, they must open ruble accounts in Russian banks. It is from these accounts that payments for gas supplied starting tomorrow, 1 April, will be paid.”

Russia offers SWIFT alternative, the SPFS payment system.

Sources: RT; SPIF.


‘New world financial order’ is coming – Moscow

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 30, 2022: According to the ex-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a new financial order will be negotiated in the world, and that the West will not have the main say in that monetary system.

( Finally, we now have conformation of a new pending financial order that has nothing to do with the Ruling Elites’ World Economic Forum being pushed by Klaus Schwab. This is good news.)

As a result of the “hellish” sanctions being imposed on Russia by the US, the EU, and their allies over the conflict in Ukraine, started after the US backed coup, their pressure directed at Russia has failed to cripple the country, and instead are “returning to the West like a boomerang,” said Medvedev in a posting on Telegram. “This is hurtful for our ‘friends’ in Europe and overseas.” And while the West has continue with their “fruitless efforts” to obstruct Russia, “the world is gradually moving towards a new logic of global economic relations; towards upgrading the financial system,” said Medvedev.

He also noted that the US and EU have “tarnished their reputation” from blocking the reserves of the Russian central bank. “It is impossible to trust those who freeze the accounts of other states; steal other people’s business assets and personal possessions, compromising the principles of sanctity of private property.” And as a result of these moves by the West, confidence in reserve currencies is “fading like the morning mist,” and the prospect of abandoning the dollar and the euro in this role does not seem like an unrealistic prospect anymore. “The era of regional currencies is coming.”

And Medvedev said, “No matter if they want it or not, they’ll have to negotiate a new financial order”. “…The decisive voice will then be with those countries that have a strong and advanced economy, healthy public finances and a reliable monetary system. And not with those who endlessly inflate their public debt, issuing more and more pieces of paper into circulation which aren’t backed by national wealth.”

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) will be at the heart of the New World Order, since the West has declared a hybrid war against Russia, Moscow has to search for new opportunities in other regions. “In all respects … these countries will become the basis of a new world order,” the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told RT.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: Alliance – Powerful Force Against The West – 2020, page 693. The USA Collapses After 2020 – Government And Economy, page 1479. USA superpower status could come to an end after 2020, page 330. The USA as one who’s eager to lead and because of this obsession in the end will drown, page 1412. USA collapses, page 1479. Third World War could develop from it, page 327. The United States decide to start World War III, page 420. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

Russian gold reserves, a new financial order will be negotiated in the world.

Sources: RT, Sputnik.


Russian Special Forces Capture Ukrainian Nationalists Who Tortured Russian Soldiers

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 30, 2022 (updated): Two days ago videos were posted on social media in the West showing Ukrainian soldiers torturing Russian soldiers, shooting them in the leg and groin, stabbing them, etc. Social media that is always talking about violation on any and everything Russian, since the Russian President Putin gave orders to their military to go into Ukraine to put a stop to the abuse being carried out by the Ukrainian military against the peoples of Donetsk and Luhansk republics as the West silently stood by, as well as allow the images and videos of Russian soldiers being tortured saturate social media. Are these crimes being embraced by social media in the West? But also, in the United States, former President Donald Trump has had his fair share of social media censorship and abuse as well, which continues even out of office.

But the Geneva Conventions protocols-basic rules were ignored by the Ukrainian military troops carrying out criminal acts against Russian soldiers. Kiev was notified to address the issue, but they too have been sniping off peoples of the Donetsk and Luhansk for several years as the West stood silently by.  The Ukrainian government said, after the complaint was filed, that such behaviour was unacceptable and vowed to investigate the matter.

When news reached the Russian military about the criminal conduct by Ukrainian troops they said that an investigation would be launched quickly to find out the facts.

The Russian military via the Russian lawmaker, Chairman of the Defence Committee of the State Duma, Vladimir Shamanov, reported on March 29 that Russian Special Forces have managed to detain the Ukrainian nationalists that were responsible for torturing the captured Russian soldiers.

“The joy of [those who] tortured our servicemen did not last long – three days after [the video of tortures emerged] our special forces captured these bastards. Now they are begging for mercy”, Shamanov the Duma lawmaker said. The captured Ukrainian soldiers, their names were not mentioned, but said that the two who were involved had been apprehend and that they were radicals from a fan group of the Ukrainian football club known as the “Metalist”.

The puppet president of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the latest who came to power as a result of the U.S. backed coup in the country in 2014.

In a Telegram (here) posting by Sputnik, “According to Russia’s Ministry of Defence, Ukrainian nationalists loaded weapons and ammunition stored in the Uman Synagogue into dump trucks and then covered them up to look like bags of construction debris.” And “Russia’s Federal Security Service says it has detained 60 supporters of Ukrainian extremist group MKU, seized weapons, according to the Russian news agencies report.” As well as “Ukrainian troops have been using the Uman Synagoge for military purposes to provoke conflict and political pressure on Russia by Jewish religious organisations.”

Ukraine’s Uman Synagoge being used for military purposes.

Source: Sputnik.


Hunter Biden’s Investment Fund Connected to Financing of Pentagon-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 24, 2022: Since 2019 President Donald Trump has been accusing Hunter Biden of malfeasance in Ukraine. And into 2020 the mainstream media has been dodging to avoid doing any investigative work regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc. Many thought it was all swept under the rug and forgotten.

The Kremlin said it was under siege from the United States Pentagon deploying biological WMD labs in the Ukraine, and that it had no other choice but to give the go ahead to start military operations there. And the Russian Defence Ministry has been scanning through pages of information found in the Ukraine, uncovering about 30 Pentagon-funded Ukrainian biolabs, engaging in dangerous and illegal research into deadly pathogens to infect Slavic people, etc. And US officials and media have been denying, blockading and censoring to prevent the information from reaching the public, that such biolabs exist in the Ukraine and other places around the world. A senior administration official chief, Igor Kirillov, from the Russian Armed Forces’ Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence (RChBD) Troops has now confirmed their presence.

And an investment firm connected to the US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is involved in the financing of the Pentagon’s military biological programme in Ukraine, cited from presented documents. And Kirillov said that the “Incoming materials have allowed us to trace the scheme of interaction between US government bodies and Ukraine’s biolabs. The involvement in the financing of these activities by structures close to the current US leadership, in particular the Rosemont Seneca investment fund managed by Hunter Biden, draws attention to itself.”

The investment fund was quoted to have at least $2.4 billion in capital. “At the same time, a close relationship has been established between the the fund and key contractors of the US military, including Metabiota, which alongside Black and Veach, is one of the main suppliers of equipment for Pentagon biolaboratories around the world,” the documents are revealing.

And Kirillov noted that the Los Alamos National Laboratory – the birthplace of the US atomic bomb, has serve as one of the chief managers of the US military biological programmes in the Ukraine. And added that “The scale of the programme is impressive. Along with the Pentagon, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are directly involved in its implementation.” “And that “Scientific supervision is carried out by leading research organizations, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which developed nuclear weapons for the Manhattan Project. All of this activity has been carried out under the direct control of the Pentagon.”

In the presentation, a registration card was shown, detailing the work of 30 Ukraine-based laboratories in 14 settlements that are involved in military biological activities. Kirillov concluded that “This document was signed by deputy state secretary of the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine Viktor Polishchuk. The legal basis for its signature was an agreement on cooperation to prevent the spread of technologies, pathogens and information which can be used to develop biological weapons (WMD). The registration card identifies the customer: the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and also includes a list of bio facility sites.”

Ukraine and Pentagon Biolabs.

Source: Sputnik


Putin wants Rubles for Russian gas

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 23, 2022 (updated): The Russian military operation in Ukraine had to happen at some point, because the United States and Britain have been plotting for many decades to use Ukraine to bully and eventually subdue Russia. It was Zbigniew Brzezinski’s vision to use the former Soviet Union side states as a wedge against Russia when his language shifts in support of the neocons in Washington DC. 

Last week in the posting titled “U.S. Bio-labs In Eastern Europe States; Unipolar, Petrodollar World Order Crumbling“, the following was said: “The Unipolar world order managed by the United States and Britain, using Bretton Woods post World War II, was enhanced when President Nixon axed the U.S. dollar from the gold standard in 1971, introducing the petrodollar system, and this arrangement is coming to an end, because Russia is exposing the West’s global biological network and their plans to release viruses. And so, the West is applying all soft-power efforts to inflict as much damage on Russia as possible. Moves are now being made for the yuan to unseat the petrodollar, because talks between Saudi Arabia and China are accelerating, regarding the pricing of some of its oil sales to China in yuan. And easing off the U.S. dollar is going to continue, for the new financial system that is forming in the multipolar order will not be based around a single currency like the U.S. dollar arrangement.”

The Ruling Elites in control of the financial circles in the United States, Britain and the European Union, were always trying to set disruptive things in motion to undermine the Russian ruble currency. They have tried to crash it several times to undermine its worth on the foreign market, etc.

With the sanction madness boiling over affecting food and energy prices, and the West’s collective decision to freeze Russian reserves abroad, the move is bankrupting their financial obligations to Russia, undermining faith in their currencies. And so, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that the Russian Central Bank and the government are working out the means for payments to be made in rubles for Russian natural gas exports by countries designated as ‘unfriendly’ by Moscow, and has instructed Gazprom to amend existing contracts accordingly. 

On Wednesday (March 23) from Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the freezing of Russia’s assets by the West was blatant “theft.” And the Kremlin said these actions by the West constitutes to “economic war”.

March 30, 2022 – According to Sputnik on Telegram (here), President Putin and Chancellor Scholz agree that experts from both countries will additionally talk about paying for gas supplies in rubles – says the Kremlin.

Russian gas, oil, grains, etc. priced in rubles.

Source: RT.


U.S. Bio-labs In Eastern Europe States; Unipolar, Petrodollar World Order Crumbling

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 15, 2022: How we got here, with President Putin of Russia going into Ukraine? The Western media will gloss over or hide the truth, and that’s because, in summary, all this is about power.

After the Soviet Union dissolved, there was an agreement about no war, and all the power groups agreed to implement peace. This was short lived, because the United States and Britain decided that since the Soviet Union had dissolved, there was no one in their way to stop them from dominating the Earth.

The Yugoslavia war erupted from them declining to join NATO. Alongside this, the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, to start waking up the world about terrorism. Then in 2001, the Sept. 11 terrorist attack targeting the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. – A source commented on the matter, saying: The United States is in debt, is running out of dollars, their economy is weak, and to avoid having the people focus on this, a series of distractions are necessary for the ruling elites to buy time, as they figure out ways to save their unipolar world order, to build on what the United States had already achieved.

A large segment of the public is conditioned to ignore history, and the only thing of concern to them is what is currently happening, and the media is there to gate keep boundaries to push short sighted narratives to appease whatever the agenda is at the moment.

The United States went on life support after the death of John F. Kennedy. He was assassinated because one of the ruling elite groups wanted to take the U.S. foreign policy in another direction. The removal of President Richard Nixon from office was due to a faction war that had broken out between rival ruling elites – involving two groups warring against one. Things took a negative turn and biological weapons became the focal point to settle the feud in the United States. The archives state that President Nixon legacy was the elimination of the use of biological weapons due to his directive in November 1969. However, this did not stop the United States bioweapons program, because it continues to flourish, and what started to happen is the replication of biological laboratories around the world, to create new pathogens, test pathogens and fine-tune ways of spreading pathogens, using aerosol distribution (via drones, etc.), birds, insects, etc. The United States Pentagon was literally setting up biological laboratories under the pretense of peacetime uses. So, the bioweapons agenda went global and several of the former Soviet Union bordering states were pressured into setting up biological laboratories, for example the Ukraine, Georgia, etc. to test pathogens on Slavic people. This pattern was also implemented on the continent of Africa, to test pathogens there on African people. And without any doubt, showing that part of the United States military arsenal regarding biological weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in kept deceptively elusive using terms like “biological research facility”. And the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) effectively prohibits the development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use of biological and toxin materials, however the United States Pentagon freely set up these laboratories around the world and the United Nations says nothing. The Pentagon does not do missionary work, they kill people.

A few days after President Putin gave the OK for the military to go into Ukraine, Russian scientist-economist Valentin Katasonov appeared on RT television February 28, 2022 and said the following: “I believe that World War III has been going on for a longtime. We are used to imagining world wars as something that resembles the events that took place between 1914 and 1918, or the events between 1939 and 1945. These were ferocious wars, without the use of weapons of mass destruction on a wide scale. Chemical weapons were used a little bit in WWII, but nuclear weapons did not exist then. Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the war were the exception. Today, the situation is entirely different. Once again, I would like to remind you that Russia was actually under siege at the beginning of this year (2022), with installations that can be considered weapons of mass destruction. I am not talking about missiles. I am talking about American biological laboratories. There are about 200 such laboratories, all over the world. A large part of them are in the former Soviet republics, like Moldova, Ukraine, all the republics in Transcaucasia, as well as in some of the republics of Central Asia, like Kazakhstan. This is very dangerous, because these weapons can be used without declaring war,[1] and then the traces can be covered [up], so that no one understands[2] how a large number of people were killed. Russia understood full well the extent of the danger that Ukraine poses, as a country with no less than 15 American biological laboratories. Therefore, in my opinion, the primary objective of the military operation [in Ukraine] that began a few days [ago], is to take control of these laboratories. There are fake stories [going around] in the media, saying that the Russian armed forces launched missiles against these laboratories.[3] No. These laboratories must not be bombed, under any circumstances. I know that professionals, that we could call “sappers” come after the soldiers, and they take care of the situation professionally. This is the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction today.”

Russian scientist-economist Valentin Katasonov appeared on local television.

So, according to Katasonov, the main reason why the Russian military went into Ukraine was to capture and shutdown the biological laboratories, because the U.S. WMD there posed an immediate threat to the security of Russia.

And Bill Gates was very confident that more contagious and deadly pathogens were on the horizon and that the COVID-19 pandemic was far from over. Obviously, he knew something more was in the works, as did Virologist Anthony Fauci.

( [1] Like what we saw with COVID-19. When the virus was deliberately let loose by operatives of the United States in China, blaming China. And the spreading of the virus, either intentional or accidental was to continue, and then blame other parties with the western media aggressively pushing the narrative. And is the reason why the U.S. started to implement media censorship to have control over the narrative. Ukraine, etc. was going to let lose additional virus, to target the Slavic people, blaming Russia. The U.S. and the U.K. was to push this narrative in media and at the United Nations, etc. And the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, and before that, Alexander Litvinenko, were laying the foundation with the intent to expand the onslaught on Russia aggressively by carrying out mass biological or chemical attacks, and quickly point the finger at Russia with full western media participation exercising soft-power in various arrangements to try and subvert [i.e., to ruin, to overthrow, to secretly try to ruin or destroy a government, etc.] the country of Russia.  [2] Like what was done to China regarding Wuhan and COVID-19. The West is always the first to lay blame, finger pointing.  [3] And this is the reason why the United States, Britain, the European Union, etc. are all trying to injure Russia using soft-power via media, finances and corporations/instruments/dual-use-entities, etc.)

When Barack Obama was in the senate representing Illinois, he teamed up with then Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana. Both men managed the establishment of U.S. funded biological research laboratories in Eastern Europe. With this history, the news media in the United States is not going to question Barack Obama, it is not allowed, and if you do, you are moving away from the narrative of subversion, and you’re called a conspiracy theorist or a Russian sympathizer.

Victoria Nuland, the cookie lady who came to the Ukraine after the U.S. backed coup there in 2014 overthrew Viktor Yanukovych, disclosed to the U.S. Congress that “Ukraine has biological research facilities” and that “Russian forces maybe seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.” And the Russians are saying that there’s a plot by the West to release biological weapons in the country with NATO coordination, and Senator Marco Rubio asked Nuland, “If there is a biological or chemical weapon incident or attack, inside of Ukraine, is there any doubt in your mind one-hundred-percent that it would be the Russians behind it?” Nuland replied, “There’s no doubt in my mind senator.” So, this is the plot that is being laid, like what the U.S. operatives did in Wuhan, blaming China. And according to the news, the western backed White Helmets, the group false flagging chemical attacks in Syria, are being transferred to the Ukraine. The U.S. and U.K. ambassadors at the U.N. are just waiting to relish the moment when biological or chemical attacks are given the OK to happen in the Ukraine. And the censorship in media against alternative reporting is going to aggressively push the narrative of the attacks, blaming Russia, and this could be the unraveling/unknotting of the United Nations?

And the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that, the activity of American biological laboratories is brimming with life-threatening dangers for it will affect a huge number of civilians. And he’s “…confident that the global community has fully realized and is yet to fully realize the inadmissibility of such activities which are actually chock-full of deadly threats to a huge number of civilians.” Further adding that the unearthed facts show the colossal intention of the U.S. illegitimate activity to spread its military biological laboratories across the world. “There are hundreds of such laboratories, including almost 30 just in Ukraine alone. And many were set up in a number of former Soviet countries precisely along the perimeter of Russia’s borders, as well as on China’s borders, and on the borders of the other countries located there.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a news conference after talks with Ukrainian and Turkish counterparts. During the conference he had in his hands an earphone and cord, and can be seen knotting and unknotting it, [here]. Is there an explosive bantering event awaiting the United Nations?

The Unipolar world order managed by the United States and Britain, using Bretton Woods post World War II, was enhanced when President Nixon axed the U.S. dollar from the gold standard in 1971, introducing the petrodollar system, and this arrangement is coming to an end, because Russia is exposing the West’s global biological network and their plans to release viruses. And so, the West is applying all soft-power efforts to inflict as much damage on Russia as possible. Moves are now being made for the yuan to unseat the petrodollar, because talks between Saudi Arabia and China are accelerating, regarding the pricing of some of its oil sales to China in yuan. And easing off the U.S. dollar is going to continue, for the new financial system that is forming in the multipolar order will not be based around a single currency like the U.S. dollar arrangement.

There is now a realignment of countries and influential factions forming, to separate from the U.S. dollar, because it has become too powerful and is being misused globally. Also, this is going to accelerate the demise of the United States power, because it has overplayed its hand globally, selfishly and authoritatively, and now the whole world sees their behavior, how they bring down countries – Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia, etc.

The people in the know are saying, the system is broken now and it not going to be repaired, and what little that remains of the ‘western economic system’ is imploding. What started in 2008 as the ‘banking crisis’, what happened in the Ukraine, unleashing sanctions against Russia, has finished it off. And so, ‘globalization’, i.e. world governance, as dictated by the United States and Britain, is over. We are now going into ‘regionalization’, a multipolar world order arrangement devoid of the U.S. troublemaking world police. Things to come: The world-wide-web as we know it, is going to decline. One country will no longer dominate the internet space, because there will be multiple internets. Things like global YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. will decline. And many psychologists are witnessing the damage that these platforms have done to human lives.

In the coming weeks and months ahead, a lot of new things and expected things are going to happen, to move away from the United States old economic agreement setup. And will the law of cause and effect be kind to the West?

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: NATO And Harry Truman; The ‘Dark Leadership’, page 1479. ‘Dark Leadership’ Which Is Deliberately ‘Dark’, page 1480. The ‘Dark Leadership’ In America, page 1484. After The Year 2020; If The USA Collapses, China Next World Power; The USA, The Gigantic Mountain Of National Debt; The U.S. America And Allies With Trillion Dollar Mountains Of Debts, page 506. The USA Inflicts Enormous Damage Upon Its Allies Around The World, page 507.  What Will Happen If The United States Collapses?; If The USA Should Fall Into Ruin; The People Of The United States Are Financially Exploited, page 508. Big Business To Destroy The Economies Of Other Countries; World War Three Is Being Conducted Secretly, page 520.  The World’s Economy Is In A State Of Decommission, page 673.  Going To Shut Down The World’s Economy And Do A Financial Reset, page 929. The Global Economy Falls, page 994. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: United States Involved In Provoking Conflict Using NATO, page 7. U.S.’s Devious Ambitions For World Domination; America Secretly Striving For World Domination, page 9. Human Beings Vaccinated Continue To Die, page 14. America Was The Driving Force Behind NATO Troublemaking, page 24. Virus Put Into The Environment By Infected Laboratory Personnel, page 31.  America Carrying Out Its Anti-Russia Agitation Since Time Immemorial; America The Driving And Controlling Force Of NATO; NATO Fraudulently Became A Reality Through America’s Efforts, page 34.  Ukraine Crisis, page 38.  Ukraine Incorporated Into The International Mercenary Organisation, page 41.  NATO Leaders, Influenced By America, page 43.  America’s First President Was Already A Murderer, page 44.  In Ukraine, America And NATO Breach Of Promise And Lying, page 45.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

Sources: Nixon biowarfare, here; Lavrov warns US biolabs pose deadly threat to enormous amount of people, here;  Deep State Deception: News Outlets Cover Up Ukraine Bio-Labs, here;  The Biological Weapons Convention: Yet Another Nixon Legacy, here;  Russian Economist: America Besieged Russia by Placing Bio-Labs in Surrounding Countries, video, here;  The Syrian White Helmets are ready to help Ukraine, here;  Sergei Lavrov holds news conference after talks with Ukrainian, Turkish counterparts, here.


Russian military has uncovered documents of evidence about US funded bioexperiments in Ukraine; Coronavirus

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 17, 2022: The Russian army has obtained documents confirming that the United States Pentagon financed military biological projects in the Ukraine, says the chief of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, Igor Kirillov.

“We believe that components of biological weapons were being created in Ukraine,” he said. And showed a document dated March 6, 2015 as evidence, confirming “the Pentagon’s direct involvement in financing military biological experiments in Ukraine.”

Kirillov said, that it was standard US practice to fund sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing projects in third countries, including those in Africa and Asia, using national health service agencies.

And Kirillov referred to the large-scale outbreaks of avian flu in Russia and the EU in 2021, which caused billions in damages, while the Kharkov Institute of Veterinary Medicine in Ukraine was studying wild birds as transmission vectors and assessing conditions as to how the spread could cause economic damage and food insecurity. The evidence now shows that the institute collected strains of the avian flu virus capable of jumping species, and there need to be an international investigation into the matter regarding these biolabs.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has released new details about the US military-funded biolabs operating in Ukraine, including a trove of original documentation, implicating the Pentagon. One of the documents inserted (here) talks about coronavirus, how to infect humans using bats, etc. (Click on image to enlarge.)

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Sources: TASS; Sputnik; Russia promises more disclosures on Ukraine biolabs, here.


Russian Military Has Evidence Ukraine Preparing Provocation Involving Poisonous Substances

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 16, 2022: According to the Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia, citing from Russian military intelligence, he reported that Ukrainian nationalist fighters transported 80 tonnes of ammonia to the settlement of Zolochev, Kharkov region. The ambassador suggested these nationalist forces were preparing a provocation to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons.

“We have it on good authority that, with the support of Western countries, the Security Service of Ukraine is preparing a provocation using poisonous substances against civilians. The purpose of this action is to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons against the people of Ukraine,” according to MoD spokesman Igor Konashenkov. “I want to officially declare that the units of the Russian armed forces involved in the special operation do not have and cannot have chemical munitions,” he said. And that unlike the United States, Russia had fulfilled its international obligations to completely destroy its stockpiles of chemical weapons a long time ago. And noted that Russian forces had captured documentation belonging to the 4th Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard, which uncovered a detailed map of the country featuring the locations of facilities storing poisonous substances.

Source: Sputnik.


Russia launching own version of Instagram

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 16, 2022: Russian entrepreneur Alexander Zobov announced that an application called ‘Rossgram’, an alternative to Instagram, will be made available on March 28, for Android and IOS users.

The American company Meta who owns Instagram, was banned in Russia due to policies on the Ukraine offensive.  

Source: RT.


West’s global political and economic dominance ends; Global food shortages predicted

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 16, 2022: Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, speaking on Wednesday, said that the “myth of the Western welfare state, of the so-called golden billion is crumbling.” And refer to the latest raft of unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. and their allies regarding the Kremlin’s military campaign in Ukraine, is marking the end of an era and from now on the West will be losing its “global dominance” both politically and economically. And that the “whole planet that is having to pay the price for the West’s ambitions, and its attempts to retain its vanishing dominance at any cost.”

The Russian president commended on food supplies and has predicted food shortages across the world as Western sanctions against Russia has had an adverse affect the entire global economy.

Regarding the decision by several Western powers to freeze Russia’s central bank assets, Putin said, this would only serve to undermine trust, not being able to be repaired, with those nations, and will make other countries think twice before placing their reserves in the care of those countries. The Russian president said, nearly half of Moscow’s assets were “simply stolen” by the West. And that the massive sanctions being imposed on Russia were already backfiring on the United States and Europe, with there governments trying hard to convince their citizens that Russia was to blame. These western governments attempt to portray Moscow as the primary source of all their woes, were lies, as a lot of those issues are the direct result of the Western governments’ “ambitions” and “political short-sightedness.”

And the Western elites, according to Putin, have transformed their countries into the ’empire of lies.”

Putin said the country of Russia has no plans to nationalize foreign assets in response to seizures of their property abroad, and emphasized that “Unlike Western countries, we will respect property rights.”

Source: RT.


United States Civil War, Food Supply, COVID Virus, Canada, etc.

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 9, 2022 (updated): What is unfolding now with the West – the United States, Britain, the European Union, the virus plague, the fall of the U.S. from world power status, etc., was foretold, albeit at times in clouded expression, by the ‘intelligentsia advisors’ speaking to Mr. Billy Meier and his news bureau in Switzerland. Much of the information regarding what was conveyed to him, about the destructive leadership of the United States, the European Union dictatorship, and the continuance of the British Crown, etc. spreading their negative behavior that will gather over the Earth like a pall to bring into vision their longing dream of world governance, can be read in three volumes, in PDF format and is freely available, here.

If you have been reading the website, sometimes you will see the reference about “an elite source”. This source goes back to the 1990s and whenever possible I repeat bits of their information here. Much of the events you see being repeated in the media, are planned in advance, and that means various outcomes have already been calculated. And when these events unfold, the public does not know that narratives are being played out to arrive at some sort of conclusion already forecasted in secret.

The Ruling Elites who control much of this ‘societal arrangement’, i.e. the economy, governance, etc. is coming to an end, their empires are all bankrupt. But that does not mean they are personally bankrupt, because they have all looted much of the wealth from the populations and are hiding it in underground vaults. And have been complaining amongst themselves that it costs too much money for the governments that they shadow control through puppets, to maintain. And that the population will have to be downsized, and is the reason behind the rise in diseases to cause a higher form of killing. The diseases and illnesses mysteriously appear, the medical establishment acts as if they are surprised and do not know what to do. A period of activity results as if research is being done to address the problem and treat this or that ailment. The western medical establishment has been doing this for over 80 years. So, the shadow hands, the Ruling Elites, in control find ways to cause health problems among the populations by tampering with the food and creating new pathogens and genetic-disturbances to cause illnesses.

And since the western empire is bankrupt, they have to start the process of downsizing the population, hence the COVID-19 virus to caused organ collapse, immunodeficiency problems, etc. The general public must not expect a cure for COVID-19. A cure has been found for HIV/AIDS since the 1990s, but was never revealed to the general public. COVID-19 is based on the foundation of influenza, where other viruses such as HIV was integrated into its matrix. The influenza is so that you get infected with an ailment like a flu/cold, you’ll think it’s a flu, and treat it like a flu, but do not know, that if antiviral treatments like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc. are not used, the destructiveness of the virus persists and degrades functions in the body. The western COVID-19 vaccines is an immuno-therapy and not a vaccine, because it temporarily boosts B-cell immunity, which only lasts for a few months and leaves the person open to infection and reinfection again. The western pharmaceutical companies did not want to create an immuno-therapy with both B-cell (which provides short-term) and T-cell (which provides long-term) immunity, because that would defeat the purpose of what they want to achieve secretly, which is depopulation. So, if renewed beaming of the COVID-19 virus starts again around the planet with new variants, the drama starts all over, attacking the immune system, and at some point, there will be a surprise shortage of vaccines and antiviral medications and many will not get treated. COVID-19 is one of the ways to control the population, which is necessary, because the Ruling Elites in the United States and Britain are now in a phase of trying to reset economies in the West. They want to remain in control because many things for living, entertainment, etc. will go into scarcity after the reset is accomplished in the West and the Ruling Elites want to control the people to help avoid mass disorder. Then, you have Russia and China, who are not going along to become vassal-states of the United States and Britain. So, the United States with its soft-power arrangement, i.e. using media/dual-use-entities*, financial institutions/dual-use-entities*, gathering organizations/dual-use-entities*, legal entities/dual-use-entities*, corporations/instruments/dual-use-entities*, etc., are using all coercive-means possible to try and pressure with hopes of subverting both Russia and China, and India will be attacked/sanctioned as well. (* Use for peacetime services, wartime services or coercive-means services. It does not matter what the law says. New laws will have to be written to address this dual-use issue.)

At the Munich Security Conference 2022, Bill Gates said that the COVID-19 variant Omicron, sadly, the virus itself, is a type of vaccine, that is to say, it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity and it has done a better job of getting out to the population around the world than we could have done with the vaccines, and that the western COVID-19 vaccines were missing T-cell immunity integration. And the non-western COVID-19 vaccine that has features of T-cell immunity is the Russian Sputnik V, which has a larger spectrum of neutralizing antibodies than that of the western vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, etc. and importantly is a clean therapeutic.

After the United States, Britain and the European Union have all used up their soft-power arrangement trying to harm Russia, China, etc. these countries will have already start to forge new financial, legal workings, media, gathering organizations, etc. to establish their own systems of cooperation, trade, diplomacy, etc. When this is realized, what is left of the United States financial empire and the British financial empire, will collapse due to massive debt and recklessness. The United States and the British governments will try to gloss over the problem explaining to their people what is the cause of what is happening, lacking the courage to tell them the truth, that all the shenanigans over the centuries and decades were attempts to expand their empires and dominate the entire planet.

This might not end so easily, because both the United States and the British could unleash unexpected events as a last ditch effort to see if they can regain back control, but it will be futile for them and will cause massive destruction to land and the ending of lives of people, because both the atmosphere and ground will rage death bringing elements. The United States believes that its sci-fi weapons will be the trump card, however even more awesome and futuristic devices are in the inventory of the Double-Headed Eagle and that of the Sun is not far behind, and the two combined will cause man to become mad-headed vaporizing all in its path.   

The western economic empire is bankrupt from debt, they are trying to reset it and make Russia and China, as well as India, etc., vassals. So, the prior wars, wars and the pending great war, World War Three, is about clearing the way to forge a new financial empire and any other reason given is to confuse the onlookers, i.e. the audience, the masses of peoples.

Global Confusion around the world. – (The Temptations – Ball of Confusion, video, here.)

What is to come for the United States, etc.? In February 2022, a longtime elite source revealed the following: Inflation, civil war, Canada, food supply, etc. – The 3 branches of Government in the United States will eventually disband, supply chains disrupted, as with the truckers, the state of implosion – Ottawa Canada, ports in California, empty shelves, low in stock, over-buying items in store, fighting against mandates, will continue and increase. The 3 branches of government and supreme court in the United States is a myth. (The source is hinting that these entities are control by shadow forces.) The governors of the United States will call for a convention of states, due to the dissolution of the central government in Washington DC. They’re going to have to repatriate/bring-back the money (, but the US congress just approved 13 billion in Aid to Ukraine), reorganizing the economy. (So, reorganizing the US economy is becoming less of a reality and so it will collapse.) People in the United States are going to revert to feudal law. Right now (February 2022), the store shelves are not critical, but it is going to. The food supply is going to break down; then the medicine (Remember what was said prior about COVID-19 treatments), the municipalities – the local government – for water, gas, electric, etc. The way things use to function, all will have broken down or stop functioning like before. Gasoline shortage, as well as the oil refineries are going to breakdown; the propane transit lines, are going to stop in the northern states of the United States. – The government fails because there’s no more confidence. The food supply fails. – Does civil war breaks out: It breaks out in between it. It maybe an un-civil war – with people attacking each other. It is not going to be a north verses the south civil war. It’s going to be the city vs the state. Because the people in the city will be in a far worse shape than the state. There might be an EMP or the electric company might turn off the electrical power, due to rationing or having no gas and oil to operate generators. – If people aren’t able to eat and it gets bad, will the Ruling Elites instigate an “alien” intervention to alter the situation or people just won’t give a fuck about that: An alien intervention might be the perfect distraction. The people are worried about food, so they won’t care. – The showing of the aliens won’t change the problem for the better. Or, it might help make it worse, because the aliens could look threatening as they float over the twenty-two cities. The aliens take advantage of the blocking of the supply chain problems, and it will look like an invasion…and that will cause panic. – The people realize they have got nothing, what happens then, at every level, there’s a supply problem. – You have to be in a position where you already have yourself ready. You can’t start getting ready now. If you are preprepared you might last a few more weeks into the chaos. People will start dying, because they are going to starve. (And as the vaccines are being rationed, virus variants start beaming around, spreading, and very little or no medicine to help.) – You got a huge percentage of the people that has been jabbed (vaccinated). Now, when the 5G kicks in, the activation of the frequency, they can’t have electrical power due to rationing, but they can have a 5G cellphone or using cell-tower, and then the Graphene Oxide is activated. Once that is activated, the people get sick. There is no hospital business working to help people. So you just die quietly at home. So, there will be death all over the place. – Is Trump making moves behind the scenes? Trump knows what is coming. Trump or whomever could organize a constitution convention (i.e., the convention of governors) in a couple of days, because the people want something done. – Everyone is going to worry about the midterm (2022), but you are not going to make it to the midterm. Everything is building to a crescendo. Things to start happening in varying degrees in months or less. The Washington DC government is dismissed. Debt is forgiven in the economic reorganization. If you are pumped full of Graphene Oxide (not everybody is, but a lot are), the 5G is going to sicken your body. – Consumers respond that gas is going to go up by about 250% over the next month or so. …

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: NATO And Harry Truman; The ‘Dark Leadership’, page 1479. ‘Dark Leadership’ Which Is Deliberately ‘Dark’, page 1480. The ‘Dark Leadership’ In America, page 1484. Ukraine, page 1496. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: United States Involved In Provoking Conflict Using NATO, page 7. U.S.’s Devious Ambitions For World Domination; America Secretly Striving For World Domination, page 9. Human Beings Vaccinated Continue To Die, page 14. America Was The Driving Force Behind NATO Troublemaking, page 24. Virus Put Into The Environment By Infected Laboratory Personnel, page 31.  America Carrying Out Its Anti-Russia Agitation Since Time Immemorial; America The Driving And Controlling Force Of NATO; NATO Fraudulently Became A Reality Through America’s Efforts, page 34.  Ukraine Crisis, page 38.  Ukraine Incorporated Into The International Mercenary Organisation, page 41.  NATO Leaders, Influenced By America, page 43.  America’s First President Was Already A Murderer, page 44.  In Ukraine, America And NATO Breach Of Promise And Lying, page 45.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)


Ukraine, disorder in Europe fuming to start the Third World War

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | March 10, 2022: NATO is an extension of the United States military power. The countries that are allowed to join are those close and bordering Russia. Where the US and the UK ruling elites made plans to first psychologically and covertly attack Russia, and in the final assault, a military invasion of Russia. – Into 2020, the release of the virus was to lay the ground work to bring control over the population, to begin the longing plot by the Ruling Elites, i.e. the Council of Seven Men [here], to try and implement their new economy and social system. The World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, works for the Ruling Elites. And it was his job to recruit young aspiring leaders from colleges, corporations, governments, etc. and indoctrinate them into supporting and selling the idea to the population, about a new economic order and social system, the world governance Reset. Half of the governments’ decision making body of Australia, Canada, United States, Britain, European Union, etc. are all following in the footsteps of what the World Economic Forum ideology is trying to materialize worldwide. Posting: “Governments separate the vaccinated and the unvaccinated – the era of discrimination. COVID-19 is to decommission the world’s economy, rules, regulations, social order, etc.”, here. – The corona-virus plot was to start implementing the new economic and social system reset plan worldwide, but it started to fall apart as covert groups got involved to take down the lab-created virus. And Russia and China were not agreeing to The Great Reset plot where they would be colonies/vassal-states like the European Union states, that were once countries. – So, the Ruling Elites have been using Ukraine and other border countries around Russia, picking them off into NATO, to remove Russia’s buffering security, to destabilize it, into a colony/vassal-state eventually. The same is planned for China. So, the US and the UK, via the Council of Seven Men [here], want to remain in control. The world’s populations are unaware that there is a shadow council of men, made up of royals and old banking families, are all Caucasian from differing lineages, who have been influencing governments using underlings for many centuries. This is what President Putin of Russia is up against. The shadow council uses a lot of “soft-power”, i.e. the media, as well as financial war, and also their favoritism institutions/instruments, etc., which they never use satisfactory against themselves when they invade countries and kill people. These institutions/instruments are used against their rivals – impediments against their One New World Order, i.e. globalization world governance – the pending resurgence of London and New York financial powers. You’re seeing their soft-power at work now, against Putin and Russia. The populations are not aware of all of this, how they are being manipulated by the media and governments and state-leaders, and only care about living, entertainment, and the coming metaverse and do not yet know that the metaverse altered reality community does not require 9 billion people, and so a large percentage of the population will have to be genocided to accommodate downsize living. The Russians and the Chinese top brass are well aware of the shadow council secret plot. – We’re still very early in The Great Reset plans. – A source said, what the new economy is about is already decided, but the problem is to bring it online. The economic and social changes that the Ruling Elites want to implement, require the uprooting of the old system, and the populations are going to rebel, and this is going to bring about civil unrest, i.e. protests from the people against their governments, and civil wars, i.e. the people fighting against each other, and to better manage the population the virus will become useful. – This Great Reset economy is what the World Economic Forum is pushing. The forum’s website has a circle-shaped flow-chart decorated with a lot of features that the Ruling Elites want to implement worldwide, here. – What is going on in Canada is linked to The Great Reset plot. – The Western media pays no attention to the constant attacks and wars on the continent of Africa and the Middle East, killing untold numbers, and also, the western media never talks about sanctioning the United States, Britain, Israel, etc. for all the war devastations they have caused worldwide. – (The full article was originally posted on February 26, 2022, here.)

YouTube video, here. The people are so misinformed and controlled, they do not know what is being decided for them by a few men who do not serve in government. Putin is well aware of the shadow council and the men. But, the media’s soft-power, the narrative, will try and turn the people against him. Vladimir Putin, the leader foretold, here.


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Nestor B. Aguilar
2 years ago

The drumbeats of war, climate change, the false flag of the COVID19 pandemic, and cyberattack are used to instill fear and cover up the bankruptcy of global corporate government and the impending global currency reset. Bretton Woods Governments’ member countries are illegitimate corporations. Why all the narratives of the Scamdemic, have suddenly stopped and changed to False Flag war in Ukraine? When this False Flag war is exposed, watch for their next False Flag, the HARPP generated Climate Change previously called Global Warming. … Their evil plan will fail, only happen in their dreams, and became their worst nightmare… Read more »

2 years ago

Where is Trump and the Military? If everything is a movie when does it end. No thank you to any sequels. I am sick of popcorn already.

AntiAircraft Man
Reply to  Mondexmomma
2 years ago

Exactly, where the fuck are the white hats to end this constant bleeding of the DC cash register into the pockets of the Bidens?

Al C.
2 years ago

Where is Elija asked God when Elijah was squalling to him about where is the God of Elija. Same here for Boobus Lazious Americanus and others with no longer in possession of a vision with a can do spirit tired of eating popcorn but not of sitting on their hands.

No name
Reply to  Al C.
1 year ago

A Swiss gentleman by the name of Billy Meir once claimed St. Germane was Elijah reincarnated. He supposedly is now within the leadership of the Galactic Federation, and will intervene in the 5-D ascension of mankind. When this occurs, the 3-D insanity will all be left behind. Each one of us is responsible for his own ascension. If you approve of what is happening in this world, then just eat your popcorn and do nothing.

No name
1 year ago

Mythical White Hats are not coming to the rescue. Their existence is just another lie to keep the general public tranquil and waiting for their imaginary concepts of rescue.

The Dark Beast has taken complete control of global issues, such as energy, food production, and pandemics.

The fight against Satan and his demons must begin within the heart of each individual. Would you rather die quickly fighting, or slowly of starvation?

Each of us knows where a particular demon lives, or locally rules.

The resistance must begin before forced starvation fades our strength.

1 year ago

Is V. Putin the only leader on earth today that is concerned about Nazis and corrupt government leadership taking control of the future of humanity. We had the promise of genuine leadership with Trump, but it was stolen form us. It seems as though we have been thrown to the wolves. Governor DeSantis seems to be genuinely effective in Florida, but he also seems to be alone in our nation’s political leadership. All of our national leaders seem as though they are somehow compromised and with a blind eye, allow the theft in our elections, and the current insanity in… Read more »