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Donald Trump Assassination Attempt Coverup – What the Media Won’t Say, But What the Rest of Us Know

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 19, 2024: Since the assassination attempt, the media has been on a role with its pundits and broadcasters to try and explain away what happened, and also struggling to find ways of blaming Trump.

A massive coverup by the media is underway, and the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is now being thrown around as if the public don’t have eyes, according to the media,  and so, the public should ignore any other news about Trump’s assassination attempt and believe what the mainstream media is saying, to confuse and explain away the facts.

A source suggested that Trump should not solely trust the US Secret Service, and to hire private security to work in tandem, so that what the Secret Service misses, the private security will quickly recognize inadequacies and correct them.

Since Trump went into the White House in 2017, it has been an uphill battle with the globalists. You had Baroness de Rothschild posting on her then Twitter page, which was eventually deleted, making all sorts of threats against Trump, and the media continued the rhetoric until Trump was voted out (, but some say robbed of votes), serving only one term. Trump being out of office did not stop the attacks against him that continued onward like a vendetta, with the globalists concocting all manner of illegal twisted pretzel moves, making them legal as the media, prosecutors and judges fall inline in the witch-hunt (i.e., the persecution, the prosecution, the gambit of media lies, etc., the Deep State working against him to destroy him) to get Trump, to deprive him of his second term as president of the United States. 

After Trump was not sentenced on July 11 as planned after the verdict in the New York dubious-evidence trial, on July 13 there was an assassination attempt on his life. – What is emerging as a tacit fact, is that there is an evil-wicked entity wielding its powers inside the United States. What is this power? How do you describe an invisible evil crime syndicate? And when you try to, pundits, media, fact-check sites, etc. all say its crazy talk. – You all do not think it’s there? Try to change the United States foreign war policy, certain crimes (involving underworld things and elite private parties offering illegal treats [e.g., psychedelics and underage skin], how did they get there?) which goes unnoticed in the United States. Interfering will cause an invisible power to show its presences, – meaning, an event of some kind will happen, a criminal act in public sight or private, where tracks are covered, perplexing the event, concealing shadow-forces.

The relentless battles that Trump has been through, that he almost died Saturday. And with the trial out of New York, the shadow hands were making sure that he was a no show at the 2024 Republican National Convention and for Trump to accept the nomination from inside a prison. 

One of the reasons why the Ruling Elites hate Trump is because of his unwillingness to go along with foreign wars. And probably this was the main reason why President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, for resisting the globalists, starting with Vietnam, where he was quietly making preparations for the gradual withdrawal of US military forces, what was later termed the ‘world police’, from Vietnam. ( Withdrawing US military forces from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. notice how it becomes a hot topic causing strange things to happen, like news articles appearing in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, etc., and CIA and military persons awarded with many medals, etc. argue the case in media against withdrawal, etc.)

Some are noting an import observation that Trump rallies never did attract mass media, yet at the rally on Saturday where he was shot at, apparently most if not all media had a presence there.

( Former US President Donald Trump and Republican candidate in the upcoming 2024 elections, has reiterated his pledge to stop the conflict between Moscow and Kiev in a conversation with Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky on Friday July 19. – In a posting on Truth Social, Trump wrote that he “had a very good phone call” with Zelensky, and was congratulated by the Ukrainian politician on a “very successful” Republican National Convention and also “condemned the heinous assassination attempt.”)

Donald Trump at the 2024 Republican National Convention.


Former President Donald Trump will be the next US president! Foreign policy, bomb Iran

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 17, 2024: Former President Donald Trump will be the next US president and the Zionists in the United States are working very quickly to set the tone of his foreign policy. The globalist hawks will be on Trump’s tail.

Just as the fake Russian propaganda dossier by Steele was introduced into the media and worked its way up to being an important document, with parts being recited and used as evidence against Trump, now he has a new foreign policy mountain before him, the country of Iran. And the media is going to repeat the new propaganda, to poke Trump, hoping that he will be stupid enough to believe that Iran was behind his assassination plot. The Zionists plotters probably believe that this will morph into a vendetta once Trump accepts the alleged information as true.

And in a timely way, a reporter in the press will ask Trump a question soon, saying something like: CNN reported that US authorities received information on an alleged plot by Tehran to assassinate you. How do you feel about that, and what will you do when you get into the White House?

The media’s non-stop persistence, like that of the dossier, is going to try and make the connection between Iran and Trump’s attempted assassination, where it will be repeated as fact, giving Trump a reason to finally bomb Iran.

On Wednesday (July 17), Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani did not waste any time and pushed back against the CNN report, saying that Tehran “strongly rejects any involvement in the recent armed attack on Trump or claims about Iran’s intention for such an action,” and considers “such allegations to have malicious political motives and objectives.”

During his first term as president, Trump said he ordered General Qassem Soleimani (in 2020) to be killed because he “was plotting imminent and sinister attacks on American diplomats and military personnel.” The strike against the senior Iranian commander escalated, causing a tense relations between Washington and Tehran, with Tehran saying that what the US president did was an “act of international terrorism” and vowed revenge.

( So, the assassination attempt on Trump was not to kill him, but to set the tone of his foreign policy, against Iran? A gift to Israel. New president, yes, but things remain the same.)

( But wait, the Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk sends letter to Trump saying Kiev had motive to kill him. “Physical elimination of political opponents and political corruption are links in a chain for those who are seeking to stay in power and are profiting from the war in Ukraine by means of selling weapons to Ukrainian neo-Nazis,” the opposition leader said in a letter. “This peace means the loss of power for the Zelensky’s Nazi regime and its American sponsors from the Biden administration.” – Trump is not even in the White House yet and his foreign policy is already taking shape. Who will Trump believe? Which one of the plots will the media repeat the most, Iran or Ukraine?)

( Already some news organization sense the mischievousness afoot, with headlines like “US Intel’s Attempt to ‘Scapegoat’ Iran With Trump Murder Plot Claim Smells Like Iraqi WMDs 2.0”. “We know that US intelligence always lies,” veteran Tehran-based Iranian-American academic and international affairs observer Dr. Mohammad Marandi told Sputnik, commenting on the Iran-Trump plot story.) 

Former President Trump and presential candidate for November 2024.

( Don’t bet on Trump stopping the Ukraine war either, because it is going to continue. In his first term in the White House Trump had also promised a Middle East peace breakthrough but failed to achieve it during his presidency.)


Former President Donald Trump is upsetting the Deep State

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 13, 2024 (updated): Former President Donald Trump, now running for re-election to become the next president of the United States, was in Pennsylvania on Saturday giving a speech when gunfire reportedly erupted near him, (five shots heard fired) where he suffered minor injuries – a bloody ear, and is expected to survive said two of his senior law enforcement officials. ( The assassin’s bullet flying towards his head, lightly touching his ear, [X/Twitter, here].)

What happened to Trump today is not a mistake, because the Deep State, i.e., shadow elements interfacing with the United States government, before and since President John Kennedy time, showed that they will go all the way to protect their globalization goals. And now that Trump has realized, from his first presidency, and the loss of his re-election that occurred, which is still being debated as suspicious, that something is very wrong with the United States government.  

In Trump’s first term as president, he was concerned about the open border between Mexico and the United States, where constant traffic of illegal immigrants crossed into the US. And during the speech on Saturday when the gunfire erupted, he was talking about the immigration problem, where he immediately dropped down below the lectern as Secret Service agents swarmed on top of him as audible screams came from the crowd. Former President Trump was led off the stage by Secret Service agents as they surrounded his entire body.

( This assassination attempt against Trump is a forewarning before being elected, if this is to happen, while the assassination attempt against President Ronald Reagan, was an after-warning, winning the election and sworn into office, where counter-faction advisors were talking in his ears about foreign policy matters. Reagan behaved like a good puppet president and focused heavily on the Cold War, to shift it from détente to confrontation! – Now, counter-faction advisors are talking to Trump before he gets into office, where Hungary’s President Viktor Orban meets Trump at Mar-a-Lago for ‘peace mission 5.0’. Orban is a longtime Trump supporter, and after visiting Kyiv, Moscow and Beijing in the past two weeks on a self-styled ‘peace mission’ to end the Russia-Ukraine war, he came to the United States to talk to Trump. – Well, apparently, the Deep State (i.e., the Pentagon Aliens, also known as the Pentagon Nazis, the Zionists, the Bolsheviks, etc.) is in a uproar. – Is Trump being forced to accept Deep State dementia – meaning, changing his thinking, to not remember and reason regarding true-fixes for the United States broken foreign policy, etc. and instead obey the path towards the long-term goal of continuing globalization, where he becomes another puppet president of the globalists?) 

On the surface, when you look at the media news, all these wars and coup are being dressed up as naturally occurring ruckus, but it is really layers or factions among the powerful, engaging in turf wars, fighting regarding who will control this and that in the new order landscape that is emerging, and the choice is, do you want the WEF Unipolar world that says you own nothing, human is the product, total control, etc. or do you want a Multipolar world, with family, humanity, peace, etc.

So, Mr. Trump, the Deep States is giving you a warning.

Chris LaCivita, a top adviser to Trump’s campaign, posted on X/Twitter social media blaming the attempted assassination of Trump on efforts by his political enemies to disrupt his candidacy. “[W]ell of course they tried to keep him off the ballot, they tried to put him in jail and now you see this …” LaCivita wrote in his X posting, before later deleting it. – LaCivita highlighted words used by Biden earlier in the week when a group of donors talked about shifting his campaign to attack Trump’s policy record (i.e., probably hinting at peace overtures, etc.). “So, we’re done talking about the debate, it’s time to put Trump in a bull’s eye,” Biden told donors in the private call, reported publicly.

“Two months ago, I paid attention to the fact that the US was literally fostering hatred toward political opponents, as well as provided examples of the American tradition of attempts and assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates,” Maria Zakharova, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, wrote on her Telegram channel.

Responsibility Could Lie With Democratic Leadership
The overarching responsibility for the attempted assassination lies with the Democratic Party leadership and the Biden administration, according to Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the Center for European and International Studies at Russia’s Higher School of Economics and deputy director of research at the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. – “The Democratic establishment… has been convincing American society over the last year and a half, at least, that Donald Trump’s return to power would mean an end to American democracy and transformation of the United States into a fascist dictatorship, and that Donald Trump constitutes the major threat to the United States at large,” Suslov told Sputnik News. – ( But also, the helping hands of the American news media, with anti-Trump talking-points, which can only create animosity among segments of the American people to push hate along. The mainstream media has been weaponized against their people?)

( Also remember that the Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico was rushed to hospital in critical condition on May 15 after he was shot five times in an assassination attempt that shocked the country. Fico was in the hospital recuperating for almost two months. If Trump’s injury was serious, he would be in the hospital for a few months, and he would have fallen behind campaigning. The Deep State would then buzz the media about a Trump replacement they control to continue the foreign policy of confrontation. Biden is allowed to finish his term as the media is told to shutdown the smear campaign against him. – Also remember the alleged quote from a 2010 State Department meeting with Hillary Clinton, then-Secretary of State, asked if Julian Assange could be killed in a drone strike.)    

(Also refer to posting: The Power Levels Of Earth, here.)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read:  Trump…to the Public, Acting Against Corrupt US Government, page 1067.  Earth Humans Are Lied To and Deceived, page 1241.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 4, the free PDF book: Download and read: Donald Trump to be Weakened in His New Office as President, page 360.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 4 Book)

Assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump.

The leaders in the West, their handlers/advisors who are given matching orders from The Managers’ level, will continue on the same illogical strength-seeking ways globally, if there’s no change from The Managers’ level. The Illuminati level, which is thousands of years old, has been removed and The Managers have lost their wisdom-guiding layer, and so it’s only a matter of time before they turn on each other, which has already started. Will The Managers “go for broke”? And when they do, the public must be prepared for several assassinations/murders of statesmen, heads of states, CEOs, executives, etc. – Posting, here.

The free PDF books, Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 (here), goes into detail about the Giza Intelligence and the Men in Black. The chart above, the ‘Power Levels of Earth’, was created based on what an elite source said, because they also saw the human-looking alien men from the first level when the Global Membrane, i.e., The Managers, meets for counsel. The elite source was in the ranks of the Council of Men, below the Jesuits, and their intelligence gathering was above the CIA. (The elite source is protected by 26 bodyguards 24/7, because rogue elements from ‘The Managers’ level are trying to assassinate them. The head of their security team goes by the name of Oscar, and is a former FBI and the tools he has access to allows future forecasting to disrupt the evil planning of these rogue elements among The Managers. This is how brutal it is at that level, and these are the same ones going after former President Donald Trump, etc.) – Posting, here.

On Monday July 1, the news media reported that top BBC presenter David Aaronovitch on Radio 4’s Briefing Room show, spewed fury in a posting on X/Twitter stating that President Joe Biden should have Donald Trump ‘murdered’. ( This is not surprising, but expected; as the presenter boldly voiced his wish in public for all to read.) And these types of threats are only going to continue, directed at those who threatens the Global Membrane existence that is now in a state of disintegration, as the managers franticly try to save their decades of secret-works materializing into the public from crumbling.


President Biden, who’s in the back advising you?

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 9, 2024: The democrats stole the 2020 election from Trump electing Biden, and from what has materialized since then, are waves of globalization behavior – mass immigration, coups, wars, etc. with Washington DC, London and Brussels helping to fan the flames, and apparently, Biden was their man for the job. Blame it on his dementia that he does not know what he’s doing, but for sure, his shortcomings have pushed critical issues to the background building up pressure for some type of outcome. 

Those speaking out against President Joe Biden for him to retire from the presidency, are the same ones who supported him and knew the state of his mental health. When Biden was elected president in 2020 it was politically incorrect and suicidal to criticize his mental health if you want to have a job, and so media and pundits stayed silent and supported him. What changed now, their muzzles were taken off?

President Biden legacy has been nothing but chaos in foreign policy, and inflation has gotten worse; damn, the overall societal dynamics in the United States have gotten very bad. And I do not think, if Biden was in excellent mental health, things would have been different. His dementia only made his so-called administration decisions and policies, if he’s really in control, more tolerable and acceptable to the public. If Biden was to make the decision to nuke Russia, China, India, etc. there would be no condemnation in media period, or would there be? Was that the goal all along to have someone with cognitive issues launch nuclear war? The AI president wasn’t ready? – So Biden is a puppet that the animating strings in the back wanted to have on the White House stage to see how much can be done towards the goals of globalization?

Calling for Biden to stepdown, is too late; because whomever is confirmed as the replacement president, will not be able to change the situation in foreign policy, inflation, etc. They will just have to continue in the footsteps of Biden, and so Kamala Harris will be saddled with ‘Deep State’ dementia as well and the media will say she lacks experience.

( Just the dynamics of sidestepping Kamala Harris from being president with another candidate is very explosive for the Democratic Party. The media will have to concoct some good-lying talking points to explain away Harris from the position. Was there forethought involved in the match of Biden and Harris? The very dynamics of this Biden fiasco will only help Trump! Is this the Ruling Elites’ way of saying sorry to Trump for causing his 2020 election loss? The outcome of this 2024 election with a Trump win is going to put a tough stain on the face of the Democratic Party that will need a lot of soap and bleach to clean and repackaged to attract voters again.)

The new Prime Minister of England Keir Starmer will follow in the footsteps of Rishi Sunak, because the City of London will saddle him with the same goals of globalization, continuing the Ukraine war, etc. Sunak’s removal will only fool the public temporarily, because they will eventually realize that nothing has changed other than hairdos, skin tones, genders and presentation. – What they have in the West are not true leaders, but persons implementing orders given by advisors to execute. The voting public has to hold the representatives of congress and media accountable, to expose the mystery hands in the back pulling the strings of these puppet leaders, because all these Western presidents, prime ministers and chancellors cannot all be stupid, avoiding peace, wanting wars, coups, etc.

Probably the best scenario for Biden is for him to resign after the election, and put Kamala Harris in as president with a new vice president. If this happens as follows, the scoundrel elements who put Biden in the White House to push globalization further along, are giving back to Trump what they robbed him of in 2020. And like the new British Prime Minister Starmer, Donald Trump will not be able to change the foreign policy unfolding, if the plan of the Deep State is to continue it, or even lower the runaway inflation in the United States, etc. – ( Whatever the outcome of the Biden scenario is publicly, for sure, privately, the decision has already been made. And as usual, the media will be used to drag-out the pending decision already made privately by the those serving the Ruling Elites.)

Who is in the back pulling the strings of these presidents and prime ministers sauced up with implacable resumes qualifying them to lead? The public is long overdue for an answer.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read:  Earth Humans Are Lied To and Deceived, page 1241.  The people are lied to many times: America is deceiving not only its own people but the whole world, pages 422 – 429Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

(Also refer to posting: The Power Levels Of Earth, here.)

Globalization crumbling

Update: Candidate Donald Trump said that, President Biden “doesn’t want to quit” and “may very well stay” in the race for the White House”, and that the Democratic Party will find it difficult to force Biden to quit the presidential race. Further adding that “It looks to me like he may very well stay in,” and “He’s got an ego and he doesn’t want to quit. This isn’t necessarily a very positive thing for our country, but I think he might very well stay in,” said Trump to Hannity on Fox News.


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