The Power Levels of Earth

The Crumbling Global Membrane – Part 2

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 1, 2024: lengthy update pending.


The Revelations of the Secretly Crumbling Globalization – Introduction

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 11, 2024 (updated): For many centuries the Earth has been going through relentless wars with many asking why. And as time passes, new wars and conflicts unfolds, refined in ways they’re fought with new ideologies and weapons. The history of it all, has many asking, are their instigators and promoters lurking in the shadows, churning along implementing some type of longing agenda? It’s a mystery that brings about pondering thoughts, because historical records document the rise and fall of nations throughout history and the current progression of humankind is exhibiting a soon to be collapsing state of existence. 

Is there a cloak behind this plaguing problem and/or is the cause the result of mismanagement, but by whom, and always guiding Earth humans into destruction continuously.   

In the West, i.e., the United States, Britain, the European Union, etc. when new leaders are elected, it does not change anything for the better, because the same rhetoric is reintroduced in other clever ways to continue global degeneracy, for that seems to be the aim until officially full scale world war breaks out. And the next layer of stupidity in the psychology of war making unfolds with double-talking strategizing ways of achieving more degeneracy, but that won’t be admitted, because the media operatives will appear to be dumbfounded, at a loss for answers to help solve problems, because their (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, etc.) intelligence has come up short. Or, are they being paid to give crafted answers to pacify the public as the blatant degeneracy moves along?

The leaders in the West, their handlers/advisors who are given matching orders from The Managers’ level, will continue on the same illogical strength-seeking ways globally, if there’s no change from The Managers’ level. The Illuminati level, which is thousands of years old, has been removed and The Managers have lost their wisdom-guiding layer, and so it’s only a matter of time before they turn on each other, which has already started. Will The Managers “go for broke”? And when they do, the public must be prepared for several assassinations/murders of statesmen, heads of states, CEOs, executives, etc.

The West in chaos due to bad management.

The Managers are still seated at their positions and they do not take orders from Donald Trump if he should become president again. And they will make problems for Donald Trump if he does his own thing, because the various conduits (e.g., courts, media, etc.) under the influence of The Managers will come down on Trump. And so the power of the United States’ permanent security bureaucracy, orchestrated from The Managers’ level, will dictate the United States stance towards Russia (or China, India, the Middle East, etc.) regardless of who is elected president in November 2024, and not Trump or Biden. Also, The Managers have certain psychological and technical means at their disposal to enforce compliance of leaders. 

The people must not feel discouraged or downhearted, because there are helpers in the background working to remove the obstacles blocking Earth’s humanity from achieving peace. For starters, the two factions of degenerate aliens guiding the West are already removed.


The ‘alien threat’ or the ‘Alien Threat’? – Part 1

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 10, 2024 (updated July 7, 2024): When John F. Kennedy (JFK) was going to make the “alien threat” (a coded term that was never decoded for the public) (also known as ‘foreigners’) an issue, he was quickly assassinated and so the ‘foreigners’ that took over the Pentagon and also became a part of the Ruling Elite class in the United States, were never revealed to the public. And, an elite source said, if the information was revealed to the public it would have caused a civil war in America. Still to this day the information has been so tightly kept/masked that many still believe that JFK was actually talking about off-planet aliens, i.e., extraterrestrials from distant worlds. The coup inside the United States was carried out long ago by “foreigners” codenamed/masked-as “aliens”. And so, over time ‘foreigners’ leading up to the year 1907 where the City of London took over America and the US Federal Reserve came into being; the establishment of the Pentagon and lastly the infiltration of the US media.

JFK wanted these ‘foreigners’ or ‘foreign-supporters’ to be legally identified as “Foreign Agents”, but he was assassinated after the decision was given by the ‘Global Membrane’. These foreign-agitators then wanted to do the same to Russia, but informed Russian-watchguards quickly became aware of their dirty tricks and pushed back, crushing the foreign-supporters exerting their movements to disrupt and overthrow. These foreign-supporters via funding mechanisms of ‘The Managers’ were doing the bidding of the ‘top level powers’, now defunct, whose mission was to eventually take control of the Earth by penetrating the governments of countries globally, that was the plan that was being widespread.

The United States ‘Foreign Agent’ requirement during the John F. Kennedy administration, before he was assassinated.

The term “Foreign Agent” also needs to be updated to include individuals working for ‘multinational corporations’ affiliated with grassroot movements, because these hyper-entities are also used to influence, takeover or destroy governments. And ‘The Managers’ are the ones who own the mega corporations and also operate non-governmental organizations (NGOs), etc.

Now, the extraterrestrials who are called ‘Aliens and also ‘Foreigners’ actually live on Earth, in the undergrounds for thousands of years and were involved in Earth’s antiquity history with the surface people, being revered as God, Gods, Angels and Demons. A tier of these Aliens where given the name “Men in Black”, (but also, the CIA secret service groomed a cadre of low-level operatives that used the name “Men in Black” also known as MiBs and not to be confused with the original,) which represents the ‘first side of the power structure’, because the ‘second side of the power structure’, consists of four-groups (who are also descendants of old Gods), and is in conflict with the first! – This first tier of men/honchos are at the ‘very top level’ of the power structure on Earth, interfacing with the ‘Global Membrane’ (i.e., The Managers, also known as the Globalists) where an updated version started to form by the 1800s, and some of the names that are known to the public include, the Jesuits (the Vatican), The Council of Men (i.e., the Royals and the Bankers – referred to as the ‘Ruling Elites’ – i.e., the so-called Illuminati), the Rosicrucian, the Freemason, etc. (secret societies), British Intelligence, and by the 1900s and after World War 2, came the Fascists, the Nazis (who later became exiled Germans promoted into the US Pentagon silently), the CIA, the Bolsheviks (exiled Russian elite-Js mainly – in America and Europe), Mossad (the Zionists – in America), etc. managers, and these ones along with the older members interfered with much of the leadership dynamics of the Western world. – Russia is not in this camp of power-hungry surface organizations of managers, and so, the Russians are allied with the ‘second side of the power structure’, which is very powerful (and advanced by 8,000 years). – The ‘top level/first level’ – the “Men in Back” and their “Giza Intelligence” ally, the real Aliens who are human-looking, guiding the West, were eventually rounded up and removed from the Earth and Mars! So, the long-term wisdom layer, i.e., the top level of power, i.e., the REAL Illuminati, that ‘The Managers’ were using to gauge wars in their world domination seeking ways using the Global Membrane, has been removed!!!

The free PDF books, Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 (here), goes into detail about the Giza Intelligence and the Men in Black. The chart above, the ‘Power Levels of Earth’, was created based on what an elite source said, because they also saw the human-looking alien men from the first level when the Global Membrane, i.e., The Managers, meets for counsel. The elite source was in the ranks of the Council of Men, below the Jesuits, and their intelligence gathering was above the CIA. (The elite source is protected by 26 bodyguards 24/7, because rogue elements from ‘The Managers’ level are trying to assassinate them. The head of their security team goes by the name of Oscar, and is a former FBI and the tools he has access to allows future forecasting to disrupt the evil planning of these rogue elements among The Managers. This is how brutal it is at that level, and these are the same ones going after former President Donald Trump, etc.)

( When the public use terms like Satan, Demons, Lucifer, etc. to say that segments of ‘The Managers’ work for these names, the public must also realize that the ‘Giza Intelligence’ and the ‘Men in Black’, are descendants of old Gods; one tier of which created Adam and Eve from humans that had already populated the Earth some 100,000 years ago, and Jehovah is related to these old Gods. The words Satan, Demon, Lucifer, etc. should be retranslated to mean words like, for example, negative, negativity, evil, evilness, etc. – because the Gods also did a lot of coercion in the quest to fulfill their plans. The drawings that have popped in throughout the ages said to be Lucifer/Satan, i.e., the goat-headed man with horns on a human body, does not exists in real life, but if such is real to some in convincing ways whether by indoctrination or dreams, it has become a form of psychosis of the mind and in thoughts in an illusionary way, or a form that was created in a lab by the old Gods (or a human wearing a costume head-piece) to haunt humans into obedience. And the programming has stayed around for very many generations, carried on by different managers throughout the ages. – The descendants of the old Gods that ‘The Managers’ were secretly meeting with for counsel, is where they got their insights to act against the people of the world, because these mischievous descendants of the old Gods also had plans to ‘return’ or ‘bring about their coming’ to the surface of the Earth one day, and from which an entire expectation/belief is created and codified and continued on by future managers in waiting on to the unsuspecting sheeples. – When Lot’s wife turned into a pillow of salt according to bible scriptures, i.e., stiffened from fright, it was because she turned around and saw the destruction from one of the two atomic bombs released by Jehovah from his spaceship flying over the Middle East area of Jordan. Lot’s wife was horrified as she quickly realized the friends, families and belongings lost. – And what the Earth people are now experiencing and dealing with, is the aftermath of the mischievous ‘top level’ of counsel, the advice they gave to ‘The Managers’ throughout the ages to implement, which is unfolding in various religious dogma ways, dramatizing the Earth humans into a lengthy period of chaos.)

The ‘second side of the power structure’, which the Russians are allied with, do not want to have a nuclear war, and so final tests are being carried out to use advanced means in a new type of warfare, which at the moment is vague, and is to be directed against ‘The Managers’ in the West. And this is one of the reasons why you see the West throwing all sorts of provocations at Russia, and now China, to later include India, the rest of Asia and the Middle East. ( There is a saying by one of the Earth-Foreigners, when ‘The Managers’ fight, or even when the Gods fight each other, there are casualties among the population. The hope is that the good side will win and carry into the future a permanent peace.)

The ‘Global Membrane’, which includes the Jesuits/Vatican, the City of London/Buckingham Palace and New York/Washington DC, what is also known as Crown Inc, that later included the Nazis secretly (because they were also assisted by the ‘top level’ aliens), managed the Western World for decades with their sub-managers (i.e., the Freemason, the Rosicrucian, British Intelligence, CIA, Zionists, Bolsheviks, Mossad, etc.), who are being expelled and dissolved. They ran the visual space in the Western World throughout the 20th century until it collapsed on Sept 24, 2022.

An elite source spoke of a plan to create temporary tropical zones in which tornadoes and hurricanes thrive, and research is ongoing on the best way to implement this. The news media will place such phenomena under the category of ‘Climate Change’.

The ‘first side of the power structure’, what has shaped the ‘unipolar world’ with the globalist managers, many of these managers do not want to give up power and are refusing to negotiate with Russia, the ‘multipolar world’ leader, and so eventually things could move towards a final world-wide global battle, which will consist of primarily weather warfare, wildfires, etc. and as usual, the mainstream media will play stupid. But also expect many earthquakes when the time of no return breaks out due to the dysfunctional behavior of the West and their deteriorating Global Membrane.

( According to a source, one of ‘The Managers’ from the United States, and two others from Europe, could break ranks and go against their globalist partners – in a fratricidal way, meaning, that the ‘ruling elites’ [in the Council of Men] would sneakingly start warring against each other. A source said that King Charles is now powerless – he’s in a feud with the City of London manager and also the manager that works silently in the Pentagon. And the three problematic associations on the global scene are said to be a tier of the bankers, the Zionists, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis.)

Eisenhower meeting aliens and signing treaties
President Dwight D. Eisenhower never met any off-planet extraterrestrials and sign treaties to do this and that to Earth humans. It did not happen. If Eisenhower had done such, he would have been assassinated, because no high-level negotiations take place without the top level of power being there, because the United States was closely watched and manipulated by the top level of power. Eisenhower’s managers (i.e., the Global Membrane) would have to go through the ‘top level of power’, i.e. the Aliens, first. The Eisenhower story about meeting off-planet Grey aliens and signing treaties, one being to kidnap not only Americans, but humans in general; came from The Managers’ level, of which the CIA secret service is seated and is responsible. The CIA does not shy away from doing criminal and manipulating things on a global scale, and the alien propaganda is one of them.

When the “Men in Black” and their ally of equal-footing were active on Earth, – instructing the ‘Global membrane’ of managers, (and I repeat) no high level negotiations could take place without their representative being there, period! – the source said this!

Men in Black – extraterrestrials
The Men in Black are human-looking extraterrestrials/aliens that have been on Earth for thousands of years, who are descendants of old Gods from the Sirius region of space.

Giza Intelligence
The Giza Intelligence is a group of human-looking extraterrestrial men that first came to Earth thousands of years ago from Barnard Star, also known as Beta-Centauri, but this is not their original home. Their forefathers eventually evacuated the Earth after war had broken out, but later, descendants returned and settled in the old underground structures of Egypt before the first dynasty of pharaohs began. From this group, the Christian God Jehovah eventually appeared – who was human and mortal, because he died long ago of old age. This group also partly played an instrumental role in secret society teachings that permeated Europe, which were later brought by immigrants to the Americas. And the same lineage of Gods was also behind the misuse of the German Nazis, which continued after elite Nazi scientists migrated to the USA and continued working quietly inside the US Pentagon and the last remaining vestiges there are now in their 90s. (The Jesuits/Pope and among the Council of Men, they do not believe in religions or bibles or the bible God, because these men were interfacing/interacting with the ‘top level of power’ and knew that the representatives at that level were descendants of old Gods (i.e., high-minded leaders)! A ‘God’ is an academic title that is much higher in distinction than a doctorate or a PhD degree. A God has to master several fields of knowledge academically and in practice, I believe something like 32, and the title means ‘King of Wisdom’ or ‘Master of Wisdom’ and has nothing to do with the creation of the Universe and lifeforms.)

Why these aliens weren’t removed earlier?
Both the Giza Intelligence and the Men in Black had effective cloaking technologies, and could not be easily tracked. By the 1970s the helper-extraterrestrial-group security team managed to remove the Giza Intelligence in 1978, and about three decades later, in 2006, a more sophisticated technology was provided and the Men in Black were located and removed.

Men in Black – low-level operatives
Then there is the so-called Men in Black who are low-level operatives created by the United States CIA and are used to harass, intimidate and kill individuals.

The Global Membrane of managers are now turning on each other, fighting for the level of top leader, and as ‘The Managers’ fight with each other, the leadership in the West will get more and more out of control now, not coherent, for they will speak like lunatics fanning the flames of war.

The Earth-Foreigners
The ‘second side of the power structure’, ‘The New Powers’ in waiting, will take over the empty top layer eventually, but so far have not made their move to do so, but when they do, their powers will be felt! (, because they promised to mop-up the remaining troublemakers, what they call ‘bad weeds’). – The New Powers in waiting are watching on the sidelines as the old managers (, corrupted by the defunct Aliens, i.e., the ‘Giza Intelligence’ and the ‘Men in Back’), run all over the globe acting crazy, thinning themselves out. – It is said, that ‘The New Powers’ have made two appearances so far in public, one in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2023 and the other in Florida in 2024 using holograms of humanoids, and the public must expect more from them. But also, they were involved in the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident in England, in December 1980, and a few many others. (The public must also expect some troublemaking from the CIA and British Intelligence, but hopefully ‘The New Powers’ will teach them a lesson on how to not be evil.)

The Managers (i.e., the Global Membrane)
The Earth, particularly the West, due to the counseling of the old Gods whose forefathers were responsible for the first oral utterance written in the biblical book of Genesis, bent on evil, has entangled the landscape of peoples and countries into a terrible situation due to coercion management, particularly those in the United States, Britain, France, Canada and Germany, where these governments are manipulated/coerced by the secret channels of hands from ‘The Managers’ into agreeing to do criminal things against the unsuspecting public to bring about a global convergence into surveillance and inhumanity, to cull and control humans in deceptive ways using coded language and events.

‘The Managers’ operate through religion, banking, royal houses, secret societies, multinational corporations, nongovernmental organizations, etc. and these are not standstill entities, because The Managers have perfected mechanisms to recruit future helpers, who are pulled up the ranks, using coded language, schools, gatherings, organizations, private parties, etc. And The Managers do not go around openly announcing who they are and what they truly do; the process is very stealthy, because the objective is lure helpers who will be able to serve the membrane in its globalist objectives.

Greys and Reptilians
All the propaganda about Greys and Reptilians are coming from one of the managers, i.e., the CIA. – There is speculation that the Roswell UFO crash was not fully the work of the United States military radar, but rather the ‘top level powers’ (i.e., the defunct Men in Black and/or the Giza Intelligence) creating the situation, in some coordinated way, beaming into the sky-zone as a Reticulum spacecraft flew in, where some type of disrupting energy caused the craft to short-circuit and crash in the state of New Mexico in the United States. The ‘top level powers’ were helping the United States acquire and develop technology, in which their Nazi helpers from Germany now in the Pentagon assisted Philip Corso to interface with industry to develop some of the technology. But also, the ‘top level powers’, i.e., the extraterrestrials, were as well involved in helping the Nazis while in Germany to develop some of their technologies. The core Nazis that left Germany to South America had developed primitively working UFOs that needed more work.)

( There are Grey and Reptilian aliens, and few of their spaceships came to Earth to investigate plants, animals and human life etc., but nothing like what the CIA is alleging, about them wanting Earth human DNA to mix with theirs; that the Reptilians are evil; and about aliens coming to Earth to eat humans, etc.)

But one would think that the United States had advanced much in technologies from poking around the Reticulum hardware, but not by much, because in the late 1970s a CIA operative went to a European country, because something special was happening there, to see if they could ask extraterrestrials, via a delivered letter, for help, because the CIA operative said that extraterrestrials were helping the Russians and how the Russians had this and that technologies and it was not fair to the USA. ( Was the United States seeking advanced technologies to brutally use its world police force to wickedly go after countries that weren’t so easily swayed to join globalization?)

I hope from this article the public will have a better understanding about how the Aliens/Extraterrestrials are involved, and for the public to stop being fooled by the CIA alien propaganda, etc.

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