COVID Vaccine Autoimmune Response, Side Effects – Part 2

COVID Vaccine Autoimmune Response, Side Effects – Part 1

AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine worldwide

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | May 8, 2024: The AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company announced in a statement the withdrawal of its Covid-19 vaccine from global markets, and that the reason for this is that the drug has been sidelined by alternatives. This decision comes after the drug manufacturer recently admitted in UK court documents that the vaccine can cause potentially fatal blood clots (also known as Thrombosis/TTS) in rare cases.

The pharmaceutical company on Wednesday released a statement that is being reported by multiple news media outlets, where a spokesperson for AstraZeneca said that multiple variants of the vaccine was developed since the start of the Covid pandemic and has led to a decline in demand for Vaxzevria (previously called COVID-19 Vaccine by AstraZeneca). The vaccine is no longer being manufactured or developed, said the statement. The spokesman also refer to independent estimates declaring that “over 6.5 million lives were saved in the first year of use alone and over 3 billion doses were supplied globally.”

The UK pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca released the vaccine in early 2021, in a short time after the Covid-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. AstraZeneca had also voluntarily withdrew its market authorization for the Covid-19 vaccine in the European Union March of this year, confirming with the European Medicines Agency.

AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine.


AstraZeneca admits for first time in court documents its Covid vaccine can cause rare side effect

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | April 29, 2024: Since the corona-virus outbreak and Covid-19 vaccines became available and administered worldwide, side-effects and deaths were reported, however, the mainstream media decided to play stupid like this was not happening. – All Western Covid vaccines had side-effects, but this is denied. Many who got the jab were either forced (e.g., get the jab or if you don’t you’ll lose your job; scared by media information, i.e., bullying, into getting the jab) or willingly put their trust in the Covid vaccines. Some were lucky and had no side-effects whatsoever, while others were not so fortunate and experienced side-effects, and some died mysteriously – fainting, cardiac arrest, clots, etc.

We are now in the fourth year since the coronavirus outbreak, and today the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca admitted for the first time in court documents that their Covid vaccine can cause a rare side effect. This is an apparent about-turn after years of playing stupid, denying side-effect claims by patients. And experts are saying that could pave the way for a multi-million pound legal payout at least in the United Kingdom. Fifty-one cases have been filed in the High Court, of victims and grieving relatives, who are seeking damages estimated to be worth up to £100 million.

Information about the vaccine side-effects was acknowledged after a lawsuit was filed against the pharmaceutical company, whose vaccine was co-developed with the University of Oxford, which has caused death and serious injury in dozens of cases. And lawyers argued that the vaccine produced has had a devastating effect on a number of families.

AstraZeneca is contesting the claims, but has accepted in a legal document submitted to the High Court in February, that their Covid vaccine “can, in very rare cases, cause TTS (also known as Thrombosis)”. However, AstraZeneca said the causal mechanism is not known.

The link between the vaccine and a new illness called vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (VITT) was first identified by scientists as early as March 2021, shortly after the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Families suing the drugs company their representing lawyers argue that the vaccine was not as safe as individuals were told to expect. 

AstraZeneca – pharmaceuticals.


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