The Fall Of America Will Happen

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 18, 2017: The people of America who elected Donald Trump to the presidency are hoping for a miracle regarding the ailing problems that plagues the country. But their is something that the people are unaware of:  After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and the political hiccups in-between that led to Jimmy Carter and later Ronald Reagan, the financial elites in America started to implement “globalization policies” within the United States and worldwide (the ongoing foreign wars, and trade treaties – TTP, NAFTA, etc.).

That’s what is behind the “many changes” (regarding the job market, people’s well-being, order in society, immigration [with diverse ethnic groups with different cultures to change the old landscape of Americana], crumbling infrastructure, etc.) happening in America. It is taking on the skin of “globalization” that has been reshaping the world into a police corporate order. And highly informed individuals in the Republican and Democratic parties are well aware of what is going on but information is being suppressed from the general public about the ongoing transition.

When Trump says, I have inherited a 30-year mess from previous administrations, he’s telling the truth. Because the previous administrations (Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama) all have been doing the work of the financial elites (the London and New York bankers in union with the Rothschilds, the Zionists, the Bolsheviks, the Rockefellers, etc.) to implement “globalization”.

President Trump cannot fix America in one swoop, because it has been allowed to decay beyond repair, drifting from the old framework. And the new framework is “globalization”, “the haves and the have nots” – the rich and the poor. That’s what is causing the “many changes”, the deterioration of America and other First World countries toward Third World standards of living. The centers of cities in countries will flourish with law and security, having high costs of living, while the outer perimeters of those countries will be left to decay and fall into chaos and poor.

President Trump is only a pause-wrench in the globalist agenda. That is why the corporate media is so anti-trump. Trump won’t be able to stop what is destiny, the fall of America. Imagine, the Democrat and Republican parties, etc. have been committing subversive acts against the people of America with smiling faces for decades, to deliver the people and their goods into the hands of “globalization”.

Maybe Trump is unaware or he’s naive, regardless, I do not think he knows that he has saddled himself with a “lethal cocktail”, the financial mess he will not be able to fix and the masses who are desperate, because the American dream for them has dimmed. The financial mess that President Trump has inherited from the previous administrations of war (i.e. Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama), the New World Order of the One World Order presidents, he will not be able to fix whatsoever! And so Trump will have to make the decision to activate the fuse to blow the chicanery up at some near future time.

When President Trump is unable to deliver his promises, the curtain of this great production “The United States of America” will begin to come down, however the curtain will not completely come down under Trump, because that will happen in the presidency of another.

One source noted that the states of the United States will at that future time begin to separate from Washington DC, and this is because of the internet waking up the people, and power will be taken away from the Federal Government and given back to the states thus eliminating the need for senators and congressmen, because they are not serving the people, but rather special interests of the Ruling Elites. And a Rothschild source said that they would like to have a central bank in every state. So the United States is on the path to disintegration.

Americans are not happy with the country’s social and political environment:
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Future Forecast For America:

Questions by shootingstar. Answers by DAH

>Financial collapese in 2020-2025?

It could happen if Trump is a one term president.

President Trump – first term. Pending second term for President Trump could be wishful thinking because the corporate media and political forces are very much against him. And with all the chaos from terrorism, is of much concern, as Dick Cheney predicts ‘far deadlier’ attack against U.S. in next decade.

If Trump wins a second term 2021-2024, the Democrats will inherit the financial collapse in 2025, and by then America might elect its first female president.

>Or is this when the wars are expected to break out. (i.e. Billy Meier info)?

The civil war, that will unfold in the Democratic Party administration. But Trump is going to “harness” this volatile cocktail mix – like how he’s doing now, by keeping in constant touch with his support base – using Twitter, press conferences, etc. Keeping them informed about things…, because the corporate press and certain political forces are very much against him.

>Total destruction in America on both coasts is the prediction from what I can gather?

Yes. From elementals. Maybe Climate Change will get extreme?

>Financial/Economic first followed by elemental weapons?

Elemental only if the Globalist forces decide to go ahead with World War III. But before they go ahead to start the Great War, a warning will be given if necessary. And if they decide to obey and not go ahead with war, it will just be the financial crash and massive austerity in the West.

>Or does the war happen first?

The Globalists want the war to happen first – to cover up the fact and hide it from the people that they have wasted America’s money on Globalist wars – for it to become the World’s Policeman.

>Financial crash>social unrest>wars>elemental weapons?

Phase 1 – Financial crash>social unrest  >  Phase 2 – wars>elemental weapons.

But Phase 2 does not have to happen.

>Isn’t there supposed to be an asteroid/meteor event before too long as well?

Into the late 2020s and beyond. We will use the nuclear missiles (repackaged) for this, if the meteors threaten the Earth.

Also, we shouldn’t waste our nuclear fuel foolish, because we will need it for space travel to power our fusion rockets.


Below are two informative videos from RT’s Keiser Report:

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