Earth-Foreigners – (UFOs) – Part 1

Project Blue Beam – Think twice about who’s behind it

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 12, 2023: If an event unveils itself into the open, and is identify as “Project Blue Beam” and that the United States is behind it. Don’t conclude so fast, because there are three groups:

1. The United States secret workings

2. A foreign nation secret workings

3. An extraterrestrial group consisting of four factions, that is from the Earth, but yet also foreign, because they have removed themselves from the surface and concealed themselves in underground bases, some with time-shift capability. This group is very advanced by many thousands of years than #1 and #2. And many have seen some of their spaceships flying around in the atmosphere, but most importantly, many have also seen the original movie that was telepathically influenced by them and produced by Hollywood: ‘The War of the Worlds’ – (sci-fi – 1953 – Gene Barry, Ann Robin). I do not recommend the remakes of this movie, and a few of the reasons are: increased hostility, the hate of extraterrestrials – too much hot-headedness for theatrical effects.

These Earth extraterrestrials are human looking in every way, the terrestrials’ aunts and uncles, and they plan to show themselves at the appropriate time. They’re disgusted with the United States and Britain’s behavior being expressed worldwide, and have been monitoring those countries for many decades.

Watch the movie, don’t think extraterrestrials as in far away solar system, because they are not. They are Earth humans who once walked the surface during antiquity – the ones you read about in the history books.

They have already given the British and the US something to think about, but both have ignored the message, and so the next stage is an ‘encounter’, perhaps an unpleasant one?

Disregard the ending of the movie ‘The War of the Worlds’ about the United States using its weapons to win against the Earth extraterrestrials. These human life-forms, our elders, are far more advanced in quantum technology and nanotechnology, and the United States and Britain cannot match them.

Search through the free PDF books (Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3) for the terms: Earth-Foreigners, Foreigners, and read as much as you can about them.

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The War of the Worlds – (sci-fi – 1953).



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5 months ago

I agree that humans are out of control, however we must face the fact that when they came into contact w that BIOWEAPON will do and is doing horrible things to all of your organs literally taking out the frontal lobe as much as possible that is the highest kind of thought a human has Well these ppl don’t have it anymore Go to Dr Reinhardt Fulmich People are saying one man said I can’t feel God anymore and when it changes their organs and Brains through the Blood Brain Barrier w ZILLIONS OF NANOBOTS RUNNING THROUGH YOUR BODY NOW… Read more »