Trump Guilty Of ‘Global Domination’ By Telling Other Nations How To Trade

Trump guilty of ‘global domination’ by telling other nations how to trade – US state senator to RT

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – September 29, 2018: The article highlights when Donald Trump told the UN General Assembly that Washington chooses independence over global dominance, he failed to note that the US exerts such dominance by telling other countries how to trade, Sen. Richard Black told RT.

“President Trump during his speech at the UN said America will always choose independence over global governance, control, and domination; yet when we tell sovereign nations that you cannot trade with certain countries, we certainly are talking about global domination and I think it’s counter-productive, I think it causes hostility with the world,” said Black, a Republican in the Virginia State Senate. His comments come as Trump tells other nations not to trade with Iran.

“I think that’s the essence of globalism, when you compel other countries to obey your dictates, and I don’t like the idea that the United States will dictate to other nations who they can trade with, who they can deal with…”

“This is also an incentive for war. It moves us a step towards war every time we impose sanctions”, said Black.

And that he would like to see all sanctions abolished. “I’d like to see the whole regime of sanctions swept away,” he said, adding that he believes they only punish poor people in nations that are undergoing difficulties and struggling.

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