Trump May Be Deliberately Working To Drive Countries Away From US

Trump May Be Deliberately Working to Drive Countries Away From US – Analyst

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – September 29, 2018: The article highlights, speaking at the United Nations General Assembly this week, US President Donald Trump urged the world to respect US sovereignty while seemingly threatening to violate the sovereignty of other coutnries. Speaking to Sputnik, US geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo outlined what he believes is the fundamanetal contradiction in Trump’s worldview.

Sputnik: What is your take on Foreign Minister Lavrov’s discontent with the West’s “unilateral approach” to world politics which he said hinders the creation of a multipolar world?

Tom Luongo: I think we’ve taken a very dangerous turn here in the US, with Donald Trump and his neoconservative cabinet trying to dictate to the world exactly what we want at all stages. This just feels to me like this is the final lashings out of an empire that doesn’t understand that everybody else has already moved on, and are just trying to figure out how they can minimize the damage while they do so.

Sputnik: Do you think that this Trumpian unilateralism and resistance to the multipolar nature of the modern world is actually backfiring in some ways and causing countries to move away from the US and forming new alliances?

Tom Luongo: Yes, that’s absolutely what’s going on, and part of me almost feels like Trump is doing this on purpose. …

(BattleForWorld: Tou·ché!!!  Trump is pushing countries away from the United States. This will finally lead to the draining of the swamp in Washington DC when the United States undergoes financial collapse to pull the plug on US foreign policy adventurism causing military and economic subjugation, which will cause the central hub of the United States government in Washington DC to collapse. So the financial collapse comes first from the massive US debt, and because of internal political quarreling the US government collapses, which leads to other dire problems, civil disorder, internally. And with absolute madness and shortsightedness the bible-belt Christian-Zionist neoconservatives will grab some power for territorial rule.)

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