De-Dollarization: World Tired Of Funding US Military Adventurism – Part 1

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RT – December 15, 2017:  One of the world’s top energy importers, China, is set to roll out a yuan-denominated oil contract as early as this year. Analysts call the plan, announced by Beijing in September, a huge move against the dollar’s global dominance.

(BATTLE FOR WORLD: And because China is pursuing this path the United States is using North Korea to put pressure on China. When the US says that China can do more about North Korea, it is a coded message to China to stop in its tracks regarding de-dollarization. And the same applies to Russia with constant sanctions from the West. It is putting pressure on Russia regarding the steps it is taking to de-dollarize its economy. And all the countries that have attempted de-dollarization the United States brought war to them, and now, take notice of what is going on with China and Russia where the US is stirring up war fervor nonstop. But Russia cannot be bullied, because secretly it gave the United States a reply in carbon. The US Military Industrial Complex main fuel is the dollar ponzi scheme.)

(In the “enhanced”, Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1162 and read about the long ago prediction regarding The Fall of America; also for the might ways of America, refer to pages 1072, 1084, 1085, 1086, 1087, 1130, 1132, 1133, 1137, 1139, 1140, 1143, 1144, 1145. United States debt and the dollar, page 1479. And the United States and the ruling elites are trying to get the Vatican into an alliance to start world war, page 1479 and 1480. and check the “table of contents”. Free Book, PDF Format – Link: > Download from MediaFire)


Putin: Russia With Major Partners Working on Finance Systems Independent From SWIFT

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS – November 28, 2018: The article highlights that Russian President Vladimir Putin is attending the ‘Building Partnerships, Bridging Differences’ plenary session at the 10th annual ‘Russia Calling’ Investment Forum in Moscow on the 28th of November .

Vladimir Putin said at Russia Calling Investment Forum that Moscow is working with its major partners in order to create international systems that are not dependent on the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

‘We are actively working with some countries, without partners on trade and economy, on setting up systems that would be independent of SWIFT’, said Putin.

Putin continues, ‘We do not have the goal to move away from the dollar, we are forced to do this. Let me assure you, we will do this… We just do not want to do anything sudden that would hurt us… We have no goal to leave the dollar, it is the dollar that is leaving us’.


SWIFT’s Iran ban will ‘expedite global de-dollarization’ – Max Keiser

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – November 12, 2018: The article highlights the blacklisting of Iran from international financial messaging system SWIFT serves as a warning to Washington’s enemies, but will hasten the demise of the dollar, stockbroker-turned broadcaster Max Keiser told RT.

SWIFT, a system that facilitates cross-border payments between 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries worldwide has removed several Iranian banks, including the country’s central bank, off from its services on Monday (November 12). The reason for this move is a result of US pressure and was described by the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as “the right decision to protect the integrity of the international financial system.” (BattleForWorld: This move by SWIFT is going to speed up the push for an alternative payment system.) 

And Max Keiser told RT that by the US pushing a hard line on Iran by removing it from SWIFT, the US will only force other countries to come up with alternatives, and stockpile gold to lessen their dependence on the almighty US dollar.

“The US puzzlingly seems to want to expedite global de-dollarization with its ill-advised weaponization of SWIFT,” said Keiser.

And “The impact this is having globally is clear. Russia and China are developing an alternative to SWIFT while also buying hundreds of tonnes of Gold as a means to escape the $USD chokehold. This in turn will accelerate global de-dollarization,” he added.


Russia’s gold reserves smash Soviet-era record as part of Moscow’s de-dollarization drive

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD –  October 2, 2018: The article highlights that the Central Bank of Russia bought over 92 tons of gold in the three months to the end of September breaking the Soviet peak of 2000 tons in gold reserves seen in 1941, according to a new report by the World Gold Council (WGC).

Russia reportedly purchased more gold than any other country in the world, followed by Turkey, Kazakhstan, and India, which bought 18.5 tons, 13.4 tons and 13.7 tons respectively. And Russia’s gold stockpile now accounts for 17 percent of the country’s overall foreign exchange reserves.

The Central Bank of Russia will keep adding bullion to its reserves, while reducing the share of US sovereign bond holdings at the same time, according to Anatoly Aksakov, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets.

This is a growing trend. Over the last five years, countries have been boosting the share of gold in their reserves, reducing the dollar share,” Aksakov told RIA Novosti.

“Investments in the US Treasury securities have been in record decline. I think this trend will continue.”

(Inserted picture shows Russia’s gold storage.


Expect US dollar to plunge 40% against euro, forex analyst predicts

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 17, 2018: The article highlights that the US dollar could severely depreciate against the euro by 2024, says forex analyst Ulf Lindahl, chief executive officer of A.G. Bisset Associates. He says the greenback is entering the cycle of losses.

(BattleForWorld: The forex analyst Lindahl is not incorrect at all. Because in the article build titled “The Fall Of America Will Happen > Future Forecast For America“, a similar forewarning was published in March 2017. Where an outline was given detailing possible future events pending for the United States.)

If non-US investors don’t hedge against the dollar, they could face the “riskiest investment climate in 45 years,” Lindahl warns.

The analyst predicts that the dollar will fall to $2 per euro and 75 yen per dollar by the year 2024, corresponding to 41 percent and 33 percent losses, respectively.


US economy about to collapse, taking down dollar & American standard of living – Peter Schiff

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 24, 2018: The article highlights that Tuesday’s (October 23) US stock plunge following a massive selloff on global markets is seen by some analysts as a sign of more bad things to come.

Schiff, who currently serves as the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, said that the stock market is definitely looking like it’s heading for another bear market. (BattleForWorld: But it is going to be on a scale that is disastrously cataclysmic, because globalism massive-spending by the military industrial complex has destroyed the United States. The world’s economic financial show, the collapsing, will begin after 2020.)

The financial strategist said, All the signs are already there. Look at what’s happening out there. The stock market is falling, 40 percent of the S&P is already in a bear market. Look at homebuilders, the housing stocks, the financials, the retailers – all these are the same things that were happening in 2007 leading to that crisis,” he told RT America.

The economist sounded the alarm and urged people be prepared for not only an economic crisis, but a political crisis as well with the current administration likely to take the blame. And according to Schiff, the US national currency is set to meet with the worst losses.

“But instead of addressing the problem and allowing the debt to be paid down, the Federal Reserve led us down the primrose path into much deeper debt by keeping interest rates at zero and holding them for so long. The Federal Reserve actually encouraged an overly indebted nation to borrow even more money.”  And “So, everybody is loaded up with debt. And guess what? Interest rates are now finally rising, and that means the cost of servicing that debt is going up, and this is going [to] be a problem just like adjustable rate mortgage was a big problem in 2008, when these things were resetting,” he said. “People couldn’t afford to pay. Well, the same thing is going to happen on a national scale. Rates are growing up, and we too broke to pay.”


In Russia’s Footsteps? EU Comes Up With a ‘De-Dollarisation Plan’

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS – December 7, 2018: The article highlights a Bloomberg news leak about an EU plan to “challenge the dollar’s dominance” the European Commission published a comprehensive roadmap, released December 5, on how “to further strengthen the euro’s global role”. Thus, Europe’s “de-dollarisation plan” has coincided with Russia’s similar effort.

In spite of Europe’s position as large buyers as well as major producers, European businesses still trade in US dollar in key strategic markets, often even between themselves. This exposes businesses to currency risks and political risks, such as unilateral decisions that directly affect dollar denominated transactions,” the EC stated calling upon member states “to promote the wider use of the euro in strategic sectors”, including the oil and gas sector, raw materials, agri-food commodities, and the transport-manufacturing sector.

The Financial Times presumed that the “unilateral decisions” remark is a clear reference to US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and resume sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Act of War: Russian Banks Brace For U.S. Financial Blockade

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TRUNEWS – December 8, 2018: The video highlights that the United States is getting ready to use the nuclear financial option on Russia regarding SWIFT and if done, will be considered an act of war.

Also, the reader has to keep in mind that what is making the United States establishment uneasy is the fact that its demise of being a global superpower is near, into and after the year 2020. So the US establishment and their ally Britain knowing this pending eventuality is trying to delay it by creating as much chaos as possible on the world’s stage.

For now, President Trump, like Obama and the previous presidents before him, will just have to go along with the advice of the neocons…until a way out for him to become sane arises.

TruNews reports: “Will Russia turn to their military to free themselves from an impending societal vise-grip, levied through financial blockade from SWIFT? Today on TruNews, we discuss the preparations being made by President Putin, India, and the EU to survive economic ostracization, and how U.S. foreign policy has rallied the nations of the world to form an alternative to dollar dominance. We also address the latest in the wayward Witch Hunt being executed by the partisan Mueller mafia, which drew a tirade of tweets from President Trump, and spun Washington into a frenzy as new fillings loom.”


By undermining Russia’s use of dollar US ‘shooting itself not in the foot but a bit higher’ – Putin

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT – December 1, 2018: The article highlights that Russia is moving away from the US dollar, but not to the detriment of its own interests, Russian President Vladimir Putin said while speaking at the global investment forum in Moscow on Wednesday (November 28).

The Russian president called on the United States to abandon its unilateral sanction policy and seek common ground.

(BattleForWorld: The Ruling Elites would rather the United States go to war than capitulate to common sense or compromise. This has always been their position – hence World War I and World War II.)

“We are not setting the target of moving away from the dollar – the dollar is moving away from us, and those who take respective (sanctions) decisions are shooting themselves not just in the foot, but slightly higher, as such instability in calculations in dollars creates a desire of many global economies to find alternative reserve currencies and create settlement systems independent of the dollar,” Putin said.

“I think, there is an understanding that despite any crises and even artificially-created difficulties, the Russian economy is adapting to these difficulties, feeling confident, creating conditions for its own internal development,” said the Russian president.

(BattleForWorld: What Putin said about the US shooting itself in the foot, this assessment was made by BattleForWorld in 2017, that what the US is doing will bring about its demise, the posting can be read here – prophetic.)


The Tyranny of the U.S. Dollar. Is it time for regime change?

BLOOMBERG / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 29, 2018: The article highlights asking: The incumbent international currency has been American for decades. Is it time for regime change?

There’s a paradox at the heart of global finance. The U.S. share of the world economy has drifted lower for decades, and now President Trump is retreating from the American chief executive’s traditional role as Leader of the Free World. Yet the U.S. dollar remains, as the saying goes, almighty. “American exceptionalism has never been this stark,” Ruchir Sharma, head of emerging markets and chief global strategist for Morgan Stanley Investment Management, said at a Council on Foreign Relations symposium on September 24.

Now the dollar paradox shows signs of unraveling and political leaders who once accepted the dollar’s hegemony, grudgingly or otherwise, are pushing back.


In De-dollarization China Trusts

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 11, 2018: The article highlights that the strong US dollar and expensive oil are serious issues for Asia. And that the increasing Federal Reserve System rates and the further strengthening dollar weaken developing economies’ national currencies, while energy resources, which are priced in US dollars, are becoming more expensive for exporting countries. A rise in asset prices makes the issue even tougher.

Regardless of how severely Donald Trump rebuked China over manipulating the yuan rates to level out the negative consequences of the tariffs for exporters, the weakening of the Chinese currency, as well as of other developing countries, is directly linked to the US’ own actions, said the article.

Symmetric Moves?
The American economy is on a steady rise, along with Donald Trump recently introducing a tax reform which helped to free up additional capital. These are the conditions that could threaten with the economy overheating, and regulators naturally raise interest rates to avoid such negative effects. So as to battle the rates’ corrections, other countries have to symmetrically raise their interest rates, which is not always possible.

Oil Turmoil
Meanwhile, China, for instance, remains the biggest importer of energy resources, while their prices are denominated in US dollars, which, because of the weaker yuan, makes the energy resources for China more costly. Another example is India, where a vast part of the population is involved in agriculture. The strengthening of the US dollar leads to a surge in diesel prices, which is something Indian farmers are already complaining about. Even Russia experienced the effect: ruble rates with regard to the US dollar are too low, taking into account the current oil price tags, said the article.

De-dollarization Promises
The trouble is that for developing countries, the devaluation of national currencies carries as much risk as increase in interest rates, as both may halt economic growth. This is the reason why the term “de-dollarization” is increasingly gaining popularity now. Even the EU is indignant over the fact that the world’s most essential resources are nominated in dollars. President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker billed it “absurd that Europe pays for 80 per cent of its energy import bill — worth €300 billion a year — in US dollars when only roughly 2 per cent of our energy imports come from the United States.” “It is absurd that European companies buy European aircraft for dollars, not euros,” Juncker stated.

The Financial Strategy Center at the Social Sciences Academy Zhang Ning told Sputnik China: “China’s State management for currency control has found that citizens are permitted to annually buy currencies worth no more than 50,000 US dollars, and this applies to purchases of any foreign currency. So, all currency operations are automatically denominated in dollars, thereby reinforcing its status. Why not, for instance, denominate these currency limitations in yuans? Say, one would be permitted to purchase currencies not for a maximum of 50,000 US dollars, but for 350,000 yuans?”


Russia hammering out secret plan to rid economy of US dollar

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 16, 2018: The article highlights that the Russian government is working on the details of a de-dollarization plan announced earlier in October. The program’s key point is to make it more profitable for key Russian exporters to use rubles instead of dollars.

Part of the plan according to speculation, exporters will likely get perks like taxation benefits including quicker VAT returns and other stimulus to ditch the greenback.

The Russian government is working out the details of the plan that will soon be submitted to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “The plan hasn’t been submitted to the PM yet. We still have disagreements between technical departments, now we will polish them quickly and, I hope, the government will soon consider it,” Russia’s deputy finance minister Alexey Moiseev told Reuters.


Russia backs switching to national currencies in settlements between SCO countries

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 16, 2018: The article highlights that transitioning to mutual settlements in national currencies could open prospects for countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), according to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Talking at the SCO council meeting in Tajikistan, the PM said there’s need in such a step and the Russian government supports the idea. He, however, noted that “it is necessary to act carefully.”

According to Medvedev, “The external conditions we are working are still difficult and can hardly be called comfortable. The system of strategic stability faces serious challenges. And said that “some states use unfair competition, introducing protectionist measures, illegal unilateral sanctions” in order “to maintain their dominant positions.”


Plan To Begin De-Dollarization of Russian Economy Submitted to Government

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 4, 2018: The article highlights that the Russian government is working on reducing the economy’s dependence on the dollar, including by boosting transactions in national currencies, the press service reported on Wednesday (October 3).

On Thursday (October 4), Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov told reporters that a plan on the de-dollarization of the country’s economy had been prepared and sumbitted to the government.

“It has already been submitted to the government,” Siluanov said.

His comment comes a day after remarks by President Vladimir Putin on the dollar’s credibility at Russian Energy Week 2018.

“It seems to me that our American partners are making a colossal strategic mistake, they are undermining confidence in the dollar as a universal, in fact, the only reserve currency today, undermining faith in it as this universal tool,” he elaborated.

“At the same time, the government, its financial and economic bloc, is working on the issue of reducing the economy’s dependence on the US currency, including by creating incentives and mechanisms to switch foreign trade settlements to national currencies. Work in this direction is not related to any personal initiatives expressed at various venues and reflects the strategic direction of the government,” the press service stressed.


Dollar demise? China & Japan ink bilateral currency swap deal worth up to $30bn

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 29, 2018: The article highlights that Beijing and Tokyo inked a multi-billion dollar currency swap arrangement on Friday (October 26), aimed at enhancing financial stability and spurring business activity in both countries.

During Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Beijing for the first formal Sino-Japanese summit in seven years, the agreement was sealed. The meeting comes as Asia’s two biggest economies look to strengthen relations against a backdrop of trade friction with the United States.

China and Japan, the two main holders of the US Treasury securities, have trimmed their ownership of notes and bonds in August (2018).

“With the strengthening of economic and financial linkages between Japan and China, Japanese financial institutions have been expanding their renminbi-based businesses,” said the Bank of Japan.


Russia’s Monthly Holdings in US Treasury Securities Drops by Over 5%

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 16, 2018: The article highlights that Russia continues to decrease its holdings in US treasury bonds.

And Russia’s ownership of US long and short-term securities dropped by $810 million compared to the previous month, Treasury Department of the United States data revealed.

Russia owned $14.097 billion in US securities as of August, a drop of more than 5 percent from July’s figure, according to the data released on Tuesday (October 16).


China Cuts U.S. Treasury Holdings as Trade War Intensifies

BLOOMBERG – September 19, 2018: The article highlights that China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell to a six-month low in July, just as a trade war between the world’s two largest economies began heating up.

China’s ownership of U.S. bonds, bills and notes slipped to $1.17 trillion, the lowest level since January and down from $1.18 trillion in June, according to data released by the Treasury Department on Tuesday (September 18).

Japan remains the largest foreign investor in Treasuries after China, increased its holdings in U.S. Treasury bonds, as did Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Singapore and France.

(BattleForWorld: New U.S. Treasury bonds were sold to Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Singapore and France so that the U.S. can create more debt to extract funds to finance its budgets and military adventures.)

The first salvos in the U.S.-China trade conflict were fired on July 6, when the Trump administration activated tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods, which sparked immediate in-kind retaliation from Beijing. The escalation caused the yuan to drop roughly 2 percent in July, suggesting that the Asian nation shed U.S. bonds as a way to sell dollars and support its currency, according to NatWest Markets.

“It doesn’t surprise me, given the weakening of the yuan over the course of the month of July (BattleForWorld: Due to the tariff war between China and the U.S.),” said John Briggs, head of strategy for the Americas. “They could be diversifying their holdings, of course, but that could be the reason.”


China Sells $3 Billion of Dollar Bonds Amid Trade War With US

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 13, 2018: The article highlights the bonds sale by China was carried out in the wake of a massive blow sustained by the US stock market earlier this week, and effectively demonstrates China’s sway in the international bond market.

Beijing sold $3 billion of sovereign dollar bonds, making it the third such sale in the last 14 years.

Bloomberg described the move as “an even bigger demonstration of China’s pull in the international bond market,” came in as markets suffered a global rout on Thursday (October 11) after Wall Street’s worst losses in eight months.


Warning shot? China sells US Treasury bonds amid trade war

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 13, 2018: The article highlights that China has sold $3 billion of sovereign dollar bonds. This is only the third such move by Beijing in the last 14 years, and the first involving bonds with a 30-year maturity.

And a noteworthy mention that Beijing is the largest holder of US debt. As of July, China had $1.17 trillion invested in debt minted by the US Treasury.

China has made the sale at a time when yuan has depreciated 10 percent against the dollar amid an escalating trade war with the US.

“…but China is a little bit of a different animal, …I don’t think people had concerns about China specifically, but it’s just a broader macro noise, a banker who worked on the deal told Reuters.

In the recent tat-for-tat trade punches, China stopped buying oil from the US. And the trade feud between US and China continues.


US dollar dominance jeopardized by Russia-China alliance – Max Keiser

RT – September 13, 2018: The article highlights that the cementing of relations between Moscow and Beijing means a new multipolar world with more bilateral trade and different centers of currency concentration and power, according to RT host Max Keiser.

He says that the new Russia-China alliance could not be taken on by the US militarily which means that “the US dollar is in grave jeopardy of losing its status as the world’s reserve currency.”

Washington is “very aggressive in defending its currency, it tends to bomb anybody who tries to ignore the dollar,” Keiser said, adding that if Russia and China pull off the alliance then the greenback will start crumbling.


US dollar is Washington’s pressure lever to punish countries – Lavrov

RT – September 13, 2018: The article highlights that the United States is manipulating its currency, the dollar, and uses it as a tool to exert pressure when it wants to punish someone, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

In an interview with Russian Channel One, he said that “Washington immediately stops servicing any banking operations in dollars in relation to both the country that they want to punish and any countries that continue relations with it.”

He added that “for decades, everyone hoped that the United States would scrupulously fulfill its duties as the issuer of the world’s main reserve currency.”


US dollar just few short years away from losing global dominance, investor Jim Rogers tells RT

RT – September 13, 2018: The article highlights that the United States is the largest debtor nation in the world and “it’s getting worse and worse,” according to investment guru Jim Rogers, who talked to RT on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok.

Rogers admits that he still owns a lot of US dollars but not because it’s a sound currency.

“So, you would say why do you own it [US currency – Ed.] then? I own it because more turmoil is coming, people look for a safe haven in turmoil so they will go to the dollar. It’s not safe but they think it is.”

The investor explained that the US currency is going to get higher but many countries like China, Iran, Russia and others are now trying to get rid of it.

In the next few years the American dollar is going to lose its position as the world’s reserve currency and the world’s medium of exchange,” Rogers said, adding that the world has always moved away from dominant currencies in the past as situations changed. (BattleForWorld: This will become obvious after the year 2020, the decline of US power and the US dollar.)

He said that the British pound once used to be the dominant currency in the world, and before that there were other dominant currencies like the Spanish peseta, the French franc, and the Dutch guilder.

“They all had that position at one time or another but then went to excess and are not that sound anymore, they lost their position… People don’t like Washington’s power, so they are moving away and finding ways to get away from the dollar. It has happened throughout history, it happened to the pound sterling, you know the rest of that story,” Rogers said, adding there’s no need to worry because “it’s not a disaster.”


Russia’s largest energy companies preparing to substitute petrodollar in settlements

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – September 22, 2018: The article highlights that oil firm Surgutneftegas has joined a list of Russian energy companies that are ready to get rid of the US dollar in favor of the euro and other currencies in international settlements, according to Reuters.

Surgutneftegas sent a message to one of its customers, saying that the oil company wants to “avoid any possible problems with payment in USD,” said the news agency. “We do not comment on our commercial activity,” replied the company, Russia’s fourth largest by output.

The reported move comes in line with recent comments from the Kremlin. And last month, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Russia could reject the greenback in oil trade.

And that: “It is not ruled out. We have significantly reduced our investments in US assets. In fact, the dollar, which was considered the global currency, becomes a risky instrument for settlements,” he told Russian TV.

The Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak has also said that the government is considering the possibility of oil settlements in national currencies, especially with Turkey and Iran. (BattleForWorld: And the movement of de-dollarization continues, reducing reliance of the US dollar, because the US dollar has been weaponized.)

And the question is asked: Who else is ready to cut dollar dependence in Russian oil sector?


U.S. Dollar Credibility

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 3, 2018: The article highlights comments made by President Putin about the U.S. dollar credibility, at the Russian Energy Week in Moscow attended by over 6,000 guests from over 70 countries, with energy companies coming from Austria, Germany, China, Libya, Saudi Arabia, the UK, France and the US.

That Washington has made a mistake by undermining the dollar’s credibility as a reserve currency, they are “biting the hand that feeds them,” Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during his speech at the 2018 Russian Energy Week.

“It seems to me that our American partners are making a colossal strategic mistake, they are undermining confidence in the dollar as a universal, in fact, the only reserve currency today, undermining faith in it as this universal tool,” he said.


Wish to Reduce Reliance on Dollar is Response to US Unpredictability – Kremlin

SPUTNIK NEWS – September 14, 2018: The article highlights that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday (September 14) that the credibility of the dollar is decreasing, thus making other countries wish to replace it with other currencies.

At the same time, Russian authorities currently have no specific plans on abandoning the use of the US dollar in international transactions but this issue is on Moscow’s agenda.

Rather consistent and strong interest of certain countries in Europe, in the East, in the Middle East and so on to gradually minimize the use of the dollar in mutual trade can be seen. This process indeed exists. The Russian side has no specific plans yet on this issue but it is on our agenda,” Peskov told reporters.

“It is a natural process and a reaction of the countries, including Russia, to rather unpredictable actions of the United States, which are rather questionable in terms of norms and rules of international trade. Of course, this all leads to falling credibility of the dollar and emerging desire to substitute dollar with other currencies,” Peskov pointed out.

“No, the administration is not planning such actions, there are no such plans at all, as far as I know,” Peskov told reporters when asked if there were any plans for the forced conversion of Russian clients’ deposits in dollars into ones in rubles.

(BattleForWorld: Some would like the US dollar dump to happen quickly, but the timing has to be right, because the world was forced into the US dollar hegemony, believing that the US would have never weaponized its currency and so new mechanisms have to be in place place first. That is what is currently going on. Some believe that the US has become tired of its own dollar hegemony and is letting go using drama. And some believe the drama-style is being done to hide certain things from the public.) 


China May Halt Purchases of U.S. Treasuries

BLOOMBERG – January 10, 2018: China added to bond investors’ jitters on Wednesday as traders braced for what they feared could be the end of a three-decade bull market.

Officials in Beijing reviewing the nation’s foreign-exchange holdings have recommended slowing or halting purchases of U.S. Treasuries, according to people familiar with the matter. Benchmark bonds reversed earlier gains on the news, with the yield on 10-year Treasuries climbing for a fifth day.

China holds the world’s largest foreign-exchange reserves, at $3.1 trillion, and regularly assesses its strategy for investing them. It isn’t clear whether the recommendations of the officials have been adopted. The market for U.S. government bonds is becoming less attractive relative to other assets, and trade tensions with the U.S. may provide a reason to slow or stop buying American debt, the thinking of these officials goes, according to the people, who asked not to be named as they aren’t allowed to discuss the matter publicly. China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange didn’t immediately reply to a fax seeking comment on the matter. Link: Read Complete Article


Confrontation in Russia-U.S. relations is tightening as Washington uses the dollar as a tool to exert pressure

TASS – September 5, 2018: The article highlights that confrontation and strains in relations between Russia and the United States are growing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

“As for the political heat and rhetoric that go beyond what used to be considered as diplomatic courtesy not long ago, confrontation and strains are augmenting,” he said in an interview with the Bolshaya Igra (Big Game) on Russian Channel One TV.

“The United States initiated NATO’s movement towards our borders not merely through admittance of new members from among Russia’s neighbors but also in the format of deployment of military infrastructure along our borders,” he said.

And that Washington is using the dollar as a tool to exert pressure in violation of its liabilities, Lavrov added.

“The most vivid example [of the rules U.S. is inviting to be guided] is the dollar, the international currency system. Is it a rule? I think it is. Everyone has accepted it, has been living with this rule for years hoping the U.S. would respect its liabilities of the issuer of this key global reserve currency,” he said.

“What is now happening to the dollar? Washington is manipulating the dollar at its discretion,” he added.

According to Russia’s top diplomat, the United States is using the dollar as an instrument when “it wants to punish anyone.” “They immediately stop servicing any dollar-denominated banking operations. Notably, they do that not only in respect of a country they want to punish but also in respect of all others who has these or those relations with it,” he noted.


The legacy of John McCain; Using the Petrodollar as a weapon; Countries detaching from the U.S. dollar

RT – September 2, 2018: Max and Stacy talk about the legacy of John McCain supporting the neocons, the weaponization of the U.S. dollar and the world detaching from the U.S. dollar hegemony tricks.

Stacy:…John McCain returned [to the United States] in March of 1973 right about the time that, basically we had the Petrodollar, the beginning of the Petrodollar. So after forty years we [the United States] have had a lot of hubris, warhawks and necons demand that we use that as a weapon. So the dollar as been weaponized and it is the likes of John McCain and all the neocons around him. And that will lead to this headline here from CNBC:

The anti-dollar awakening could be ruder and sooner than most economists predicts. The United States is currently waging economic warfare against 1/10th of the world’s countries with cumulative population of nearly two billion people, a combined gross domestic product of more than fifteen trillion dollars. These include Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, North Korea and others which Washington [DC] has imposed sanctions over the years. But also countries like China, Pakistan and Turkey, which are not under full sanctions, but rather targets of other punitive economic method measures.

Max: Right. The dollar is an instrument of war. It has been weaponized. And the empire, that is the U.S., is expanded and control through the yo”U” world of dependence on dollars to survive and that’s the post World War II order.  That’s the legacy of the Bretton Woods agreement and this is what countries are now fighting to now get out of this constraint, this choke hold of the dollar.

Stacy: But it’s that classic setup, of first they came for the Communist and I did not say anything because… so here they; first they came for Cuba and I did not say anything, because I wasn’t Communist, our country wasn’t Communist. Then they came for Venezuela, then they came for Iran. Then they start to use that weapon (i.e. the Petrodollar hegemony), that power, the hubris, the empire gets less and less happy that you might betray them in anyway. So this is where we are at, the point now where the U.S. has decided again to impose sanctions on Iran, and Europe you better abide or we (the U.S.) are going to sanction you.

Max:The “rest of the world” is breaking away from the U.S. dollar. It’s been frozen under the yoke of U.S. dollar hegemony and now it’s breaking up. We are going into and I have coined this phrase neo-mercantilism. I was the first to call this. Just like I was the first to mention Bitcoin in 2011. I am the first to mention neo-mercantilism in 2017-2018. We are going back to nineteen century global economies. … (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Keiser Report: Legacy of John McCain (E1274)”.)


Trump’s Trade War Causing Allies to Ditch the US Dollar

RT AMERICA – September 5, 2018: This week, a number of US allies are opting to distance themselves from the u-s dollar when conducting global trade. This, in response to the various trade wars and sanctions implemented by the trump administration. RT America’s Manila Chan reports. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Trump’s Trade War Causing Allies to Ditch the US Dollar”.)


The Plot To End US Dollar Dominance

RT – Keiser Report: ‘Mnuchin Massacre’ (E1184) – February 3, 2018: The ‘Mnuchin massacre’ and one-way bets on the dollar are among the topics for Max and Stacy in this episode. In the second half, Max interviews Nomi Prins, author of the soon-to-be-released book, ‘COLLUSION: How Central Bankers Rigged the World’. They also discuss the current market situation and how a new Fed chairman may approach a crash.

(BATTLEFORWORLD: In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, and read about the pending the economic crisis, page 1413. And even Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke about the approaching massive depression [i.e. economic collapse], page 1264. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

Partial transcript by BattleForWorld from Keiser Report (Episode 1184):

Max: This is the policy around the world – beggar thy neighbor, by trying to drive your currency lower to help your exports and to grab global market share. And China has been a king of this for a long time, so this is Trump taking on China directly saying, oh yeah, you think they Yuan is cheap, we (the United States) are going to make the US dollar even cheaper, so it makes the Yuan even higher, in value vs dollar, which makes it more difficult for them to export their way into global domination.

So now, currency war is venturing into a new phase. And Donald Trump obviously has a lot more understanding on how to fight this currency war more than anyone coming before him. Barack Obama was really a novice coming into office knew nothing about finance. He was finance illiterate as he proved over and over again. At least Trump knows the rules of the game, but whether he’s successful or not we will see.

…And…first the question is, is the lower dollar the result of policy initiative or, is the lower dollar an inevitability of policy failure? And now the policymakers are now saying it’s our policy for a lower dollar.

I do not think it makes any difference whether Steven Mnuchin or whomever else describes the dollar as their policy going lower. The dollar was going to go lower anyway, because the world is getting away from the US dollar as world reserve currency. The one road one belt policy linking up Russia and China is out of the dollar. And everyone want to trade oil away from the dollar and countries are desperate to get out of the US dollar, and so the dollar is going to lose value no matter what anybody says.

Here’s the US Treasure Secretary (Steven Mnuchin) merely trying to make it look that’s our policy for a lower dollar; it doesn’t even matter what he says, the dollar is going lower as we have been saying for a number of years, because US DOLLAR IS A CURRENCY THAT OTHER COUNTRIES RECOGNIZE AS FUNDING THE WARS, THE WEAPONS AND THE POVERTY THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE.

Stacy: Steven Mnuchin standing in front of the world’s reporters and saying that the dollar, his policy as treasure secretary, the guy who signs the dollar bills, the new dollar bills, says he wants it to go lower according to this headline here (at, they said that: “They basically open this up as a one-way bet for traders, and traders will keep pushing it and keep pushing it,” said one strategist. AND THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT IT COULD BECOME A SPIRAL THAT GETS OUT OF CONTROL. But luckily we did hear on Keiser Report telling you a few weeks ago to load back up on gold, because of course we are going to get into that in the next headline why gold has obviously done very well against the dollar, as the dollar as been tanking in the opening weeks of 2018…  (BATTLEFORWORLD: Russian economist Dr. Koryagina forecasts the panicking of the stock market [stocks and bonds] until it finally tanks into the big worldwide crash. In the Keiser Report dialogue transcript main points are emphasized, and the conclusion is that they are going to panic the dollar until it crashes totally.)


RT – June 23, 2018: President Donald Trump is cutting US military spending to be less exposed to the skyrocketing interest rates that would become unavoidable when China opts to dump US Treasury bonds, Max Keiser has told RT.

“To understand US trade policies – and in particular Trump’s policies on China – from Trump’s point of view you have to think like Trump,” the host of RT’s Keiser Report explained. “When Trump took office, he inherited the biggest debt load that any country had ever accumulated. He also inherited a military budget that eats up 50 percent of America’s annual tax revenues of $1.5 trillion.”

And according to Keiser, after taking the helm as president, Donald Trump realized it was vital to reduce defense spending to pare the huge US debt.

“He looked at the geo-political chess board and saw that – the low hanging fruit, in terms of saving money – is America’s huge military spending in South Korea,” said Keiser, stressing that after the historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jing-un the US would start pulling military presence out of the region.

The US president is currently arranging deals with Saudi Arabia and Israel, in preparation for the US pulling out of the Middle East as well, Keiser added, highlighting that Trump had previously signaled to Germany that the US would to cut its military presence in NATO there too.

“That brings us to China, and the ‘nuclear option’ they have of dumping US treasuries to financially attack America. This is their one big play. Trump knows it, and he’s been protecting the US against it,” the financial commentator said.

Downsizing the Pentagon, according to Keiser, will shrink US debt, diminishing the possibility of a Chinese financial attack via the dumping of US bonds.

(BattleForWorld: According to Max Keiser, President Trump is pulling out America’s military from South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. and this is good news if the Ruling Elites will allow this to get done. As this is not inline with the Ruling Elites’ world domination plan because the U.S. military is the world’s police to enforce dictatorial rule. Trump is taking positive advice from someone to downsize the U.S. military. PS: I hope readers are able to get more information from in-between the lines. Delicious. Enjoy.)

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