What’s Behind The Anti-Russian Sanctions And “Association Sanctions” Against Russia?

BATTLEFORWORLD – March 2, 2017: A crucial part of the US One World Order plot was to secure Ukraine and Crimea, and also all of the Eastern Europe side states.  In Crimea the Russian Black Sea fleet was to be driven out and replaced with an array of military equipment from the United States, England and the EU. With the Middle-East fallen (with Iraq, Syria, pending Afghanistan, pending Turkey, the next target will be Iran), the US would then hyped up North Korea…as leverage against China. Russia was to surrender power, followed by China, and the US One World Order plan would have been finalized.

But, it never went according to plan, because Russia fought back, and sanctions and wars were introduced upon her by the US-Britain-EU and the intention is to have the sanctions stay in place for a longtime regardless of who’s president of the United States. And with the help of the hundreds of traitors in the US government working for the ruling elites, the Obama administration has passed on “fake news stories about Russia hacking the election” and then later accusing Trump and members of his team about meeting with Russians – implementing what I have coined “association sanction” against Russia. (And the person that is associated with individuals in the Russian government are targeted for reprimand – with partisan politics trashing from members of congress, former government officials, pundits in media, etc.) The latter started to gain traction when Trump began to signal that his administration might lift sanctions against Russia put in place by President Obama’s “Deep State” (also known as The Military Industrial Complex) political forces. And lifting sanctions are not in the interest of the “Deep State” because it gets rid of the enemy, and doing so destroys the US war narrative.

The “fake news about Russia” is to make it difficult for President Trump to lift sanctions put on Russia, because when Trump signals that he’s ready to cancel sanctions, members of congress, the corporate media and political pundits will turn on him, with hopes of creating backlash making it difficult.

But Russia is aware of this pending move and is not counting on Trump to be forthcoming because of obstacles in the US power structure. In fact, deep down, some sources believe, that the United States is being setup to give itself a severely “self-inflected horrendous financial wound”, to which, none or one might come offering assistance. Are the anti-Russian sanctions deadly bullets being fired by the US into itself? Is the “plot” behind the anti-Russian sanctions a brilliant surprise?

And the political voices in the US who are calling for more anti-Russian sanctions, in truth they are the ones who are anti-American and against the American people, because they are very well aware that when the US economy crashes, the people will eventually turn on each other.  And the war mongering political voices behind the anti-Russian sanctions will have gone into hiding at their guarded locations, disassociating themselves from the people of the United States who are to be sacrificed in chaos.

These anti-Russian sanction instigators are doing the geopolitical work for the Ruling Elites. These constant shenanigans are not in the interest of the American people, just as how World War I and World War II had nothing to do with the people, and all done in the interest of the Ruling Elites.

If Marie Le Pen wins the French presidential election and is able to fulfill her promises, the United States is in terrible trouble. But disrupting forces in the US, France, England and the EU will also try to disrupt Le Pen from becoming friendly with Russia using “fake news”.  But some sources think that Le Pen will be triumphant and successful.

The United States will now have to sort out its own internal disorder. While the new alliances of Russia-(some of)Europe…China move ahead to form a multi-polar world order.

US/Western Sanction War is guarantee to shun the United States from the New Financial System pending. No friends to help America after the financial collapse:
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