Extraterrestrials To Confront The United States

Published By TBFWS (The Battle For World Supremacy)
August 15, 2016 – Updated: December 30, 2016

Written By DAH

In the BILLY MEIER CONTACT REPORT #215 – February 28, 1987: A reference about extraterrestrials confronting western countries (i.e. the United States, England, etc.) at some future time, because of their destructive actions, wars, killings, etc. around the world.

Quetzal: 214. And at this time, the possibility could become reality that extraterrestrial forces intervene against the Western industrialized countries, because these will be responsible for the extreme and enormous disaster of the coming evil times. (Editor: Refer to page 656 about what Dr. Ferdinand Ossendowski said in a prophecy told by the “King of the World” from Agharta.) 215. These extraterrestrial forces will give up their anonymity and their state of secrecy and will assist those who are being terrorized by the irresponsibly acting Western countries, should this possibility become reality. 216. In addition, apocalyptic natural catastrophes will occur which will cause all of Europe to shake and tremble; but Europe will continue to exist, even after having suffered enormous destruction. 217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. 218. The cause for this will be manifold. Link: Read Complete Article

[ Download this PDF and read about the “Extraterrestrials To Confront The United States”, refer to page 666: Link: > Download from MediaFire ]

The “Extraterrestrial Forces” that are planning to confront and stop the United States and their allies in the near future will do so if world war breaks out. There are two groups: One that is hinted at above and the other will announce themselves later. The other group has been patrolling the Earth, observing us for decades. They have observed the Gulf War and know about the atrocities committed there by the United States and allies, and also at other active war locations around the planet.

Belgium, Petit-Rechain, triangle UFO, original photograph taken on April 4, 1990 by a twenty-year-old man known only as “Patrick”.

(Editor: These unidentified triangle objects are known for their boomerang shape, and these crafts do not belong to the United States. Also, the United States manufactured triangle craft is far more underdeveloped. A series of photos showing the purported US craft is shown on page 868. The US craft uses rockets for thrust, and if you look closely at the side of the US triangle craft you will see three vector doors open to release thrust to turn the craft. Download this PDF and read about the “Extraterrestrials To Confront The United States”, refer to pages 666 and 868: Link: > Download from MediaFire

A large percentage of the triangle crafts sighted do not belong to the United States secret group. These crafts have no true invisibility function and are made from a very hard metal, and they belong to a foreign group that has been coming to the Earth for centuries and consists of four squadrons. Their technology is still underdeveloped [but more advanced than the Earth people’s secret technologies by 200 to 500 years] and their propulsion system appears to have been gifted. They are here as observers, but have tried to interfere a few times with not much success. Carefully patrolling over regions of the Earth: in the western continental area of Antarctica over Tierra del Fuego and all the Americas with various islands up to Alaska and to the Arctic. And they also move entirely in Europe [and the Belgium craft was one of their’s; the craft had developed a minor malfunction but was able to recover and continue on its journey], Africa and all islands, and also Greenland, Eurasia, Arabia, Madagascar and the Arctic, as well as various other islands. And moves entirely in Asia and Oceana and all their islands, as well as Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and in a part of Antarctica. The craft sighted over Belgium in 1989 belong to this group and not the United States. This future Earth group is traveling to the present Earth existing in another dimension. The sighting of the craft was due to a minor mechanical problem. The craft was able to recover and vacate the area. This group is monitoring the United States war activities and atrocities, and could at some point offer aid to countries under attack by the United States and allies war movement.)


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