Putin’s End-Of-Year Q&A – 2017

RT – December 14, 2017: President Vladimir Putin has held his annual end-of-year press conference, where he discussed a range of domestic and foreign policy issues, including relations with the US, the situation in Syria and the upcoming Russian presidential elections.

Vladimir Putin, The Great Leader Foretold Centuries Ago

Putin: It’s not up to me to assess Trump as a president, it is up to the US people. (BATTLEFORWORLD: Putin said that the US Media has no respect for the American people who voted for Donald Trump.):

US provoked North Korea to break the nuke agreement – Putin:

US has de-facto left missile treaty, Russia is not going to – Putin:

Putin On Washington Asking For Russian Help: Americans Are Interesting Folks:

Putin: Do you want dozens of Saakashvilis running around & Russia moving from one Maidan to another?:

Putin outlines his vision for Russia:

Putin Presser 2017 (STREAMED LIVE) – Complete:


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