Global Confusion – Neo Things Are Coming – Part 3

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The people are lied to many times: America is deceiving not only its own people but the whole world

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 25, 2022: From Switzerland, the Billy Meier Contact Report News Bureau (FIGU) has published news regarding the faith that awaits the United States of America. His intelligentsia sources are far-reaching and impeccable – consisting of a team that is constantly carrying out very detailed high-precision surveillance in the background, recording several weeks into the future, reviewing events, and a few days ago has released a scathing report about how the United States is dragging the world into a bottomless pit, due to their relentless ambition along with NATO and allies, spearheaded by the dark cabal of ruling elites, made up of old banking families and royals, to dominate the planet Earth. They’re pushing for a reset of their ‘unipolar world order’ of mistrust, animosity, racism, discrimination, sexism – of all the inhumanities and has become an impediment to world peace in its true-form. Excerpts from the report begins:

Billy: All of the war in Ukraine – as has been the case since time immemorial in various states of the Earth in which America has waged war and since then has had its offshoots and permanent stations in these states – is clearly in the hegemonic sense of America and also in the aspirations of its Dark Government. This inevitably creates the danger that America will be in charge in those various states of Earth in which it has already crept in, warlike or otherwise, so that these states will be unintentionally affected, whether they like it or not.

And that America with its NATO is behind it all and is really the ringleaders of the Ukraine war because they want to ‘capture’ Russia – of which the decent and good of the American population know nothing because they are lied to and deceived by the fallible [ones] of the government and the shadow government that remains in the dark and are therefore innocent and ignorant of the secret hegemonic policy machinations and intelligence crimes, etc.

It was America that provoked the war in order to further satisfy the delusion of hegemony and to further expand the NATO murderous organization’s killing field. But America will go the way it has also gone with many other states and peoples since time immemorial, for it will one day disappear from the map as the state of the USA – even if it will only be in the distant future. But it will then be a fact that the world power America will one day commit suicide through its behaviour of hegemony, as it has already become the fate of other world powers at earlier times on Earth. America’s downfall as a state, the USA, will be inevitable; it will not be defeated from the outside, but it will destroy itself from within.

The USA will lose its hegemony and thus the world power that is hoped for and aspired to in this regard, which is currently still America’s endeavour; precisely to win world supremacy. However, the fact that the USA is already in the process of a creeping suicide, – meaning, suicide, which has been evident for some time now through certain symptoms, is not yet recognised by anyone, because no one thinks about it, but simply lives into the day. The USA, – meaning, its powerful, still think of themselves as a superpower, because many technical achievements convey a sense of security, which, however, has already begun to crumble in its foundations, which will one day bring its downfall.

The USA as a state will one day self-destruct and disintegrate from within itself and from within itself, because the USA state structure is only a sham, isolating itself from its own people and from the rest of the world through its ‘internal security’. America distrusts everything and everyone and refuses to sit at its own table to anyone who wants to bring true law as well as good, humanity and humanly just laws to the country. America has always had presidents and lackeys around it, as well as all over the world, who simply carry out orders and commit murder and wage wars without hesitation, interfere with intelligence services everywhere and cause mischief and unconscionably extinguish human lives. And this is done, advocated and ordered by the American leadership, causing hardship and misery, as well as the greatest damage.

America already believes that it is the ruler of the world, but this illusory empire will one day become a mirage that will shatter, because the USA will inevitably isolate itself from the rest of the world, even if this is not yet visible and recognisable to many human beings, but is already the still hidden beginning of its downfall. On top of all this, there is climate change, whereby America is unable to interpret the climatic warning signs and is also inexorably running to its doom in this respect over time.

What is clear is that the Americans want to dominate Ukraine and thus Russia one day, which is why everything was also done to make Putin lose patience and start the war, which has now lasted half a year and can go on for a long time due to the stupidity of the arms suppliers, which undoubtedly plays into the hands of America and the NATO murdering organisation.

America is deceiving not only its own people but the whole world about the real USA intentions. All war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military are categorically and despite evidence denied, falsified and furthermore blamed on the Russians, also self-firing and self-bombing, as we could observe ourselves together. But the truth is presented as ‘fake’ by the Russophobes and thus everything is distorted.

Bermunda: That was so, because our conversations were not only of a private nature. There was also a lot of discussion about the corona-plague, but Ptaah, Florena, Quetzal and Enjana, as well as I, we talked about it and decided that from now on we do not want to discuss our topics so often in such a manner that you should then call them up and write them down. We want to continue to visit you frequently and talk to you about many things, but not officially about events that affect world affairs, for we are unable to change anything in this – unfortunately. If we look at Earth-humans, there are only very few who seriously concern themselves with the conversations we have opened and [made] accessible to all human beings during our visits to you, which you then call up and write down. In this regard, our investigations into this have shown, that your work is not only very exhausting for you, but that only a very small part of the more than 9 billion people on Earth are interested in it and evaluates everything for his or her personal use.

( The complete report can be read by downloading the free PDF. Information is provided on how to contact Mr. Meier for interviews.)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: The people are lied to many times: America is deceiving not only its own people but the whole world, pages 422 – 429Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

A photo of Billy Meier, their ambassador on Earth, in his office.

A real/genuine clear photograph of one of the spaceships piloted by his intelligencia advisors, land close to the ground in Switzerland. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


Russia floats bioweapons proposal

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 20, 2022: After Russia addressed the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) in Geneva, it is proposing for amendments, and is recommending three ideas to reinforce the landmark international agreement and make it more legally binding for all parties. Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, who heads Russia’s Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Troops, announced the proposals on Monday.

After the meeting of BCW member states in Geneva this month, proposals were put forward, said Kirillov during the media briefing, which was convened by Russia, as a result of the US and Ukraine violating the agreement, causing Moscow to raise allegations against the two countries conducting secretive biological research on Ukrainian soil, and claimed that it had obtained incriminating evidence during the ongoing military operation. Since March, the Russian military has repeatedly released materials to the public in batches about US clandestine research in Ukraine.

“The participants of the meeting were provided copies of real documents previously publicized by the Russian Defense Ministry, as well as with material evidence confirming the implementation of military biological programs on the territory of Ukraine,” and adding that “None of the delegations had any doubts about the authenticity of the submitted documents, including in terms of the accumulation of pathogenic materials in Ukrainian laboratories,” said Kirillov.

After the meeting, the BWC member-states failed to provide any tangible result and only “a ‘zero’, non-binding statement was adopted,” said Kirillov. As a result of lack of reaction from the group, Russia has now proposed a set of changes to the BWC. The document is seeking to effectively ban the creating and stockpiling of bioweapons to be more legally binding.

Russia is calling for the “resumption of negotiations on a legally binding protocol to the Convention, which includes lists of microorganisms, toxins, equipment” and is also seeking to provide “an effective verification mechanism,” Kirillov affirms. And that the comprehensive list may work in a similar as the list of banned materials provided by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

Russia is also calling for the creation of a “scientific advisory committee” within the group, and said that the committee should have a broad “geographical representation” and equal rights for all of the member-states participants. And so Russia has proposed making the control mechanisms more transparent, to include additional “confidence-building measures,” and suggests that BWC participants be required to declare their “activities in the biological sphere outside the national territory.”

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: The United States is directly linked to the emergence of Coronavirus and Monkeypox, page 311. Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, THE KISSINGER REPORT, page 331. SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence, page 387.  Antibodies that are non-neutralizing…to create new variants, page 408.  The USA will inevitably isolate itself from the rest of the world, page 429.  The USA as a state will one day self-destruct, page 428.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

The Biological Weapons Convention.

Source: RT, here.


Russia Presents Evidence of US Ukraine-Based Military-Biological Activity to Geneva Convention

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 19, 2022: Russia has presented evidence to the Geneva Convention regarding their military findings in Ukraine where bio-laboratories were seized during special military operations. The documents retrieved so far show that these labs funded by Washington DC were working on dangerous pathogens.

The Russian Defense Ministry presented evidence showing US military-biological activity in Ukraine to member states of the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva, said Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense of the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the ministry’s representative, member states’ delegations did not question the authenticity of the documents that they were presented, as proof of the US’ and Ukraine’s violation of articles I and IV of the Convention.

“The participants of the meeting received copies of real documents previously mentioned by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, as well as material evidence confirming the implementation of work on military-biological programs in Ukraine, for consideration,” said Kirillov.

( As almost always, nothing censure-wise ever results from these organizations, because these very organizations are controlled by the ruling elites through their functionaries. If it was the other way around with the US-Ukraine presenting this data, the Western media would go into sensation mode to defame. Nothing will come of it similarly like the IAEA inspectors who went to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, because the inspectors are influenced by the Dark Leadership.)

Kirillov also noted that the US and Ukraine failed to present convincing evidence to the Convention’s members that would prove that the Pentagon’s cooperation with the Ukrainian laboratories benefited the epidemiological situation in the country. And that the US Department of Defense only presented a few photos of refurbished laboratories, as the epidemiological situation in Ukraine deteriorated for the past 15 years.

During the presentation at the conference gathering, Russia raised 20 questions regarding the illegal activities of Kiev and Washington DC that violate the provisions of the Convention with the BWC (The Biological Weapons Convention) member states, and among them are questions regarding the choice of pathogens for studies, which often included those that have never been discovered in Ukraine.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: NATO And Harry Truman; The ‘Dark Leadership’, page 1479. ‘Dark Leadership’ Which Is Deliberately ‘Dark’, page 1480. The ‘Dark Leadership’ In America, page 1484. After The Year 2020; If The USA Collapses, China Next World Power; The USA, The Gigantic Mountain Of National Debt; The U.S. America And Allies With Trillion Dollar Mountains Of Debts, page 506. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: Those leaders in Switzerland who betray their own country, page 375. Switzerland manoeuvre to support the murderous organisation NATO; America is the secret leader of NATO; world war being waged; the Dark Leadership controls everything, page 376.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

Russia’s Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov.

Source: Sputnik, here.


A new attack. The peak of the hurricane season in the United States may leave Europe without American gas

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 14, 2022: Inside the United States voices are emerging about the US energy LNG locations, wondering if they are able to withstand the pending peak of the hurricane season, and if they’re unable to, could threaten Europe’s gas market.

Will the rampant elements of nature threaten the stability of US LNG supplies. “The effect on the market depends on the amount of damage caused, but since the United States has become the largest supplier of LNG and petroleum products to Europe, the potential consequences can be significant,” said the Center for Energy Development in a statement.

Experts are suggesting that if a strong hurricane, similar to last year’s (2021) Ida in the Atlantic, could cause failure of shipments of liquefied natural gas from terminals in the Gulf of Mexico. If such a scenario presents itself, LNG supplies to the world market will be reduced by about 300 million cubic meters per day.

( US energy giants are benefiting from the current energy crisis as they make revenues they could only dream of, said Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov. – Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson visited Moscow this week, but the reason for his visit was unclear. US media reported that Richardson and his team held meetings with senior Russian officials, but that the details of the meeting was not disclosed. Speculation is that the meeting was related to attempts to negotiate the release of WNBA basketball player Brittney Griner, who was convicted in a Russian court for carrying cannabis oil in her luggage.)

“The thoughtless and completely illiterate sanctions policy, the open sanctions-information war of the collective West against our country is doomed to failure. Russia is strengthening its independence. The income from energy exports is constantly growing. The situation which ordinary citizens in Western countries have been facing is rapidly deteriorating,” said Russian Ambassador Antonov.

“The European Union is already headed towards the harshest recession one can imagine as a result of skyrocketing energy prices and a huge reduction in the purchasing power of Europeans and also the horrendous financial costs of shipping huge volumes of weapons to Ukraine,” said Dr. Mamdouh G Salameh, an international oil economist and a global energy expert. And that the US is set to capitalize on the European energy crisis and is doing nothing short of sacrificing EU security, said Dr Gal Luft, co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and senior advisor to the US Energy Security Council.

“The scores of LNG tankers currently crossing the Atlantic is a testimony of US commitment to replace Russian gas with North American one,” said Luft.  And “The issue is that US supply is insufficient to replace Russia’s supply and the shift from piped Russian gas to LNG will take years and billions of euros to materialize, at a time Europe is under extreme economic pain. To be sure, the US wants to displace Russian gas from Europe so it can gobble this market share.”

( Now that the hurricane season is upon the United States, and their Bolshevik and Zionist agents are unleashing trouble on Russia’s boarder as well as crippling their energy pipelines, the West could be in for a surprise together with European allies.)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: The HAARP program is already triggering floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and stormy weather conditions., page 766. All sorts of disasters in terms of the weather and the climate, page 878. The weather (changes) will assume apocalyptical proportions, page 1054.  The coming extreme weather conditions, page 1132.  Changing weather processes, page 1133. The weaponization of nature, weather warfare and weather weapons, page 1165. Weather and terrible nature catastrophes, page 1245.  Extreme stormy weather will come into being, page 1378.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

The United States current LNG locations. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Sources: PoliticalLore, here; Sputnik, here1; Sputnik, here2


Ukraine admits shelling area around nuclear plant

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 3, 2022: Ukrainian military in Kiev, the General Staff, on Friday during an official public briefing admitted to striking the area around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Prior, the Kiev regime had claimed that Russian forces used the plant as a military base, but is now saying that all troops have relocated due to the visit of IAEA inspectors.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the daily briefing said: “In the areas of the settlements of Kherson and Energodar, accurate strikes by our troops destroyed three enemy artillery systems, as well as an ammunition depot and up to a company of personnel.” And that due to the arrival of the IAEA inspection team, the Russian “occupiers removed all military equipment from the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. About 100 units moved to the plant ‘Atom Energomash’ and the rest were dispersed in the nearest settlements.”

The Russians noted that Energodar and the Zaporozhye facility have been under Russian control since early March, and functioned without any problems until drones and artillery attacks started in July. But the Kiev regime blamed Russia for the shelling, that it was a false-flag operation by Moscow to fault Kiev, and that Russia was using the plant as a base for heavy artillery and equipment.

But Moscow has denied the accusations, and made clear that only lightly armed guards were deployed at the facility to ensure its security. And on Friday, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu of Russia said that claims by Ukraine blaming Moscow for using the facility to attack Ukrainian positions “with long-range artillery systems” were “blatant lies.” And reiterated, saying:  “I state with confidence that we do not have heavy weapons at the territory of the nuclear power stations and in adjacent neighborhoods,” and that he hoped the IAEA inspectors would testify to this as well.

Since shelling started on the Zaporozhye nuclear facility from July 18, the number of attacks has been 29, involving 120 artillery projectiles and 16 kamikaze drones. 

The Kiev regime made one last effort to expel Russian security forces from the facility, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. As the IAEA mission was en route the facility, a group of Ukrainian commandos assisted by boats, land in Energodar and attempted to storm the power plant, but failed. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, their goal was to use the IAEA inspectors as “human shields,” but that Russian troops destroyed both the initial strike group and its reinforcements.

Russia ready to assist IAEA in organization of access to Zaporozhye NPP.

Source: RT, here.


A coup is the only alternative to a civilian government accepting Russia’s terms for peace

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 25, 2022: The United States instigated a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and since then, the country has been on the war footing. Now, chatter is emerging that another coup is the only way to settle the stalemate in Ukraine to end the conflict to avoid further extending the war. 

Russia’s Security Council deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev is predicting that the Ukrainian military may stage a coup in Kiev to do what the civilian government under Vladimir Zelensky manipulated by the United States refuses to do – negotiate peace with Russia.

Medvedev has outlined the scenario as one of two options to play out that he believes to be reasonable for Ukraine. If the government of President Zelensky comes to realize the reality and agree to Russia’s terms for ending hostilities, Russia will get what it wants from Ukraine.

From the beginning of the military operation in the country, Moscow has declared its goals, which is the demilitarization  and ‘denazification’ of Ukraine. Initially, Kiev had appeared willing to accept a neutral status, but was later emboldened by Western military aid, particularly from Washington DC. Now, Zelensky insists, as a result of Western advice, that defeating Russia on the battlefield and retaking all the land that was under Kiev’s control before 2014 is the only possible option for his country.

Medvedev assessment apparently came in response to an article that was published in the Guardian on Wednesday, which made predictions as to how the Ukrainian crisis could develop over the next six months. The British newspaper’s defense and security editor, Dan Sabbagh, presents five options that Zelensky is likely to consider: (1*) a deadlocked conflict and a reduction in the intensity of hostilities, (2*) a campaign of sabotage by Ukrainian special forces and a renewed refugee crisis during winter.

( (1*) What Sabbagh suggests, agrees with the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant shelling by Kiev [posting, here]. If that option does not materialize, then (2*) some type of ongoing sabotage of infrastructure and civilians, that would likely be in Ukraine and inside Russia.)

Russia’s Security Council deputy chairman alerted that any scenario for the conflict that would envision a victory for Kiev was “crystal-clear lies and demagoguery.”

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read:  We Cannot Stop Him (Zelensky) Because We Do Not Want To Murder – Coup, page 242.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book

The Ukraine War: Zelensky refused peace from the beginning, advice from the West.

Source: RT, here.


Attacks on decision-making centers possible after the massive use of drones in Crimea

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 21, 2022: Russia warns that it may prepare strikes against decision-making centers that ordered the launch of drones in Crimea. As air defense systems in Crimea hit targets over the peninsula for the third day in a row, with one of the drones attempting to attack the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Military experts believe that the implementation of a plan announced earlier by Dmitry Medvedev, calling for strikes on decision-making centers, could start within the next few hours to suppress the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, forcing them to abandon any aggression action against Crimea and other regions. – Some weeks ago Dmitry Medvedev said that any attack on Crimea would be Judgment Day for Ukraine, to include strikes on command centers that give orders for attacks.

“Individuals exalted, bloody clowns who pop-up there from time to time with some statements are also trying to threaten us, referring to the attack on Crimea and so on. In this regard, I want to say that it is quite obvious that they understand the consequences of such actions. And the consequences are obvious that if something like this happens, for all of them, there Judgment Day will come at once. Very fast and heavy. It will be very difficult to hide,” said Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia.

Russians down Ukrainian drones in Crimea as war broadens. Russia warns that it may strike decision-making centers.

Source: Avia-Pro, here.


Swiss Police Chief Warns Energy Shortages in Winter Would Cause Riots, all in the support of Ukraine

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 21, 2022: You have the United States and their allies giving Switzerland and other European states all sorts of irrational advice, which in turn only cripple their energy sector, in the crazy drive to support the Ukraine conflict. – Those involve knows that it is a world war undertaking, one that has never taken place in this way before, because in reality this world war is not only being waged by Ukraine’s Zelensky against Russia, but also include all those states who supply weapons allowing the conflict to continue.

The Swiss Police Director General, Fredy Fassler, on Saturday (August 20) in the Blick newspaper, said that the people in Switzerland may go on riots if energy shortages occur in the upcoming winter. That “Power outage… will have serious consequences. Imagine the situation when we can no longer withdraw money from ATMs, we can no longer pay by card in a store or refuel at a gas station. The heaters are no longer working. The streets are all dark. In that case it would be possible to imagine that the population would rebel.” Further adding that “Switzerland is actively preparing for the threat of an electricity shortage in the winter. The energy supply is at the center of attention.”

Fassler warns the Swiss people, telling them to “Imagine: it is no longer possible to get money at an ATM, pay with a card in a store, fill the tank of a car at a gas station. The heat supply is no longer functioning, and the streets are plunged into darkness. You can then imagine that the population will rise up or robberies will take place,” the Blick newspaper reports.

But says he “does not expect that this will actually happen,” however, the Swiss people should be “prepare for such emergency scenarios.”

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: Those leaders in Switzerland who betray their own country, page 375. Switzerland manoeuvre to support the murderous organisation NATO; America is the secret leader of NATO; world war being waged; the Dark Leadership controls everything, page 376.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

Energy shortages in Switzerland this winter could cause riots.

Source: SputnikNews, here.


Afghan special forces joined the Nazis in Ukraine under US guidance

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 15, 2022: Part of the former Afghan special forces has joined the Nazi groups in Ukraine, said Zamir Kabulov, the special representative of the Russian presidential envoy to Afghanistan, director of the second department of Asia at the Foreign Ministry, in an interview.

At the end of March, an informed source revealed that the American side was preparing to send former Afghan National Army servicemen to the combat zone in Ukraine.

“By the way, the representative of Kyrgyzstan at a recent conference in Tashkent said that the soldiers of the Afghan special forces of the previous regime who fled from Afghanistan – they ran in large numbers and are sitting, waiting, for the Americans and everyone else [who] do not take them, although they’re promised – about 110 thousands of Afghans are dangling between their homeland and waiting for permission to enter the United States,” said Kabulov. However, he believes that they are probably not going to let them into the United States, and this is “an absolutely boorish manner of the Americans.”

( Several days ago there was a video comment on YouTube, that the Ruling Elites are allowing “The United States to perish for the sake of hegemony.” Some are speculating that this is going to lead to civil wars inside the United States, and that the government structure in Washington DC will collapse.)

“So, these special forces, some of them join the ISIS* and fight – both in Iraq , as well as in Syria, this is very predictable, in my opinion, … this is a repetition of the Iraqi plot, as a result of which ISIS* was formed. And the other part of these former special forces, [work] as mercenaries, [and] apparently, they were promised money…, because you have to live on something – [and] they joined the Ukrainian Nazis. But this is from the Taliban (“Taliban”**) who does not depend in any way,” Kabulov concluded.

* Terrorist organization, banned in Russia
** The movement is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: United States government has collapsed, page 1480. America falls yet into two civil wars, page 1486. Two Terrible Civil Wars Will Break Out In America, page 667.  US Civil Wars, page 693.  USA superpower status could come to an end after 2020, page 330. Third World War could develop from it, page 327. The United States decides to start World War III, page 420. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

Ukrainian servicemen, together with foreign mercenaries, are firing mortars in the Kharkiv region.

Source: RIA Novosti, here.


US to Enrage Kim Jong Un With Assassination Dry Run

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 4, 2022: From the conflict in Ukraine, followed by provocation with China over Taiwan as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visits the island, and now the media reports that the US is about to enrage Kim Jong Un with an assassination dry-run, as joint exercises between the US and South Korea this month (August) to build-up into a rehearsal to decapitate the North Korean leadership.

The US and South Korea are about to launch war games with the aim of destabilizing the North Korean government. The joint exercise is to polish up military people into a “kill chain” to target the North’s missile and nuclear sites plus bases needed to supply, refuel, and rearm them.

Sources knowledgeable about the US-South Korea military alliance said the games will come to a head in a “decapitation” drill where they practice invading the heart of the North Korean command structure and taking out the leader, Kim Jong Un. Although it’s a military drill, the West claimed that the North Korean leader is sure to take it personally like in September 2017 when he ordered nuclear test after that year’s war games.

“If you get the head of the military forces (which is Kim Jong Un), theoretically you gut the head of the snake,” said David Maxwell, retired U.S. Army Special Forces colonel.

The US has not acknowledged privately or officially about decapitation being on the agenda, and is publicizing the drill as a form of psychological warfare, i.e. soft-power, to infuriate the North Korean leader. “Decapitation is a mission to capture or kill a high-value target, e.g., manhunting,” said David Maxwell.

Kim mentioned South Korea’s conservative President Yoon Suk-yeol by name, warning that his government could be “wiped out” by the North’s “nuclear deterrent.” As the South in alliance with the US, by “holding large-scale joint exercises,” is pushing relations with the North “to a point that is irreversible.”

Analysts in the West are convinced that North Korea is ready to follow up after the drill with its seventh nuclear test, as the Americans and South Koreans target Kim and his closest aides in the decapitation exercise.

“Decapitation resembles attacks on the North Korean nuclear forces in that you have to locate the target, refine that location and identify the possible munitions that could be used against it,” said Bruce Bennett, long-time Korea analyst at the RAND Corporation. “The first task could be done by a drone or reconnaissance aircraft,” said Bennett, but Seoul can also decide “to create a brigade of special forces to help perform this function.”

That the troops from Seoul “would presumably be inserted into various locations in North Korea, presumably in North Korean uniforms, trying to find evidence of Kim’s presence or the presence of other regime leaders, refine that information, and then direct an attack on the target.” The invasion of the North “could be assisted by drones” or “simply involve shining a laser on the target, simulating the giving of guidance for a laser guided bomb,” said Bennett.

“I personally think that the preemptive strike option against North Korea is a bad idea,” and “It would immediately lead to a full-scale war—a resumption of full-scale warfare—Korean War: Part II,” said Steve Tharpe, who has made a career as an army officer, then as a civilian official with the US command.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: The US military raged in Korea, page 156. Threat of Nuclear War, page 344. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

US to enrage Kim Jong Un for assassination.

Source: TheDailyBeast, here.


China will begin a series of “military operations” near Taiwan in the evening

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 1, 2022: “We will conduct exercises in the airspace to the north, southwest and southeast of the island,” writes the PLA Eastern Command.

The Chinese army will conduct live firing with the use of artillery, aviation and missiles, around the waters of Taiwan.

And Beijing also promises to launch even more large-scale military exercises from August 4 to 7. However, Beijing has already started conducting military drills off Taiwan after promising to launch a series of “targeted military operations” in a few days in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the self-governing island.

The US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has Beijing strongly condemning her appearance on the island, criticizing her “disregard of stern warnings” from China.

Shortly after the plane carrying the high-ranking US official landed on Tuesday afternoon, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said they will take “measures” to protect its sovereignty. That “This is a serious violation of the one-China principle and the provisions of the three China-US joint communiqués. It has a severe impact on the political foundation of China-US relations, and seriously infringes upon China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” That the visit of the top US official “undermines peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and sends a seriously wrong signal to the separatist forces for ‘Taiwan independence’, said the ministry and urge Washington DC not to “go further down the wrong and dangerous path.” Further adding that “China will definitely take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity in response to the U.S. Speaker’s visit. All the consequences arising therefrom must be borne by the U.S. side and the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces,” and that “China firmly opposes and sternly condemns this, and has made serious démarche and strong protest to the United States,” said the ministry.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: US Provocation With China, page 343. The Conflict With Russia Is Already Backfiring, page 343. Threat of Nuclear War, page 344. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

China’s military operations near Taiwan, August 4 to 7. (Click on image to enlarge)

Sources: Telegram, here; RT, here.


West behind Kosovo escalation

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | August 1, 2022: The world watched as Yugoslavia was torn apart from United States meddling, using provocations to set ethnic groups in that land area against each other. And in the end, the once Yugoslavia was divided into several puppet states, with Washington DC sitting on the sidelines pulling strings.

Now, things seem to be degrading again, as the smoldering conflict between Serbia and the breakaway republic of Kosovo heats up, which is beneficial in the interest of the West.

The Russian envoy in Belgrade Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko appeared on TV suggesting that what is happening in Pristina, the recent escalation between Serbia and Kosovo, that the incident was ultimately orchestrated by the US and the EU, with the aim of staging a provocation in Kosovo that would put Serbia “on its knees”, under pressure, to support anti-Russia sanctions.

“In this case, the EU, just like it was in the case of Ukraine and in the case of anti-Russian sanctions, is following instructions from Washington, contrary to its own interests. Washington benefits from a smoldering conflict. It benefits from keeping the situation on the brink of collapse,” said Botsan-Kharchenko.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: US Provocation With China, page 343. The Conflict With Russia Is Already Backfiring, page 343. Threat of Nuclear War, page 344. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

Kosovo-Serbia border blocked by protesters amid tensions.

Source: RT, here.


Ukraine accuses top Western banks of ‘war crimes’. Rockefeller vs Rothschild banks.

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 17, 2022: According to Ukraine’s top official Oleg Ustenko, the economic adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview published in the Financial Times on Friday, said that the major global banks, to include JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Citigroup and Credit Agricole, are “committing war crimes” by financing companies that ship Russian oil.

And claimed that the financial institutions were guilty of “helping the Putin regime in this specific way,” referring to trade in Russian hydrocarbons, where the revenues, in turn, are allegedly being used to fund Moscow’s offensive against Kiev.

( The comments made by Oleg Ustenko is most revealing, because all the banks he accused of helping the Russians to break sanctions, are all Rockefeller banks. This leads to some interesting questions: Are all the Western banks that are trying to destroy Russia with sanctions, are they Rothschild banks? Biden, Johnson, Macron, Truss, Nuland, EU officials, etc. are they being manipulated by managers on Rothschilds’ command? And the big question, is Volodymyr Zelensky working for Rothschild interests? – There appears to be a push back, a struggle going on between the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, and this is not new. A source once said, the Rockefellers are American, and the Rothschilds are not. Implying that at some point, some type of double-cross will happen between the two banking groups.)

Ustenko accused the banks of “prolonging” the conflict and warned they would not be allowed to take part in the reconstruction of postwar Ukraine.

He also said that HSBC’s and Credit Agricole’s asset management divisions still hold shares in Gazprom and Rosneft, Russia’s state oil and gas firms. And also that Citigroup purportedly provides credit facilities to another Russian oil and gas giant, Lukoil, and to Vitol, a Dutch energy company that trades in Russian oil. 

( Here, the Rothschild crony Ustenko, is very dissatisfied, accusing Western banks of helping the Russians. But Ustenko is only a puppet following orders from managers outside of Kiev, Ukraine. For a Rothschild puppet to talk about war crimes: Look at what the Israeli military has done to the Palestinians for decades, and you have the same treatment being implemented in the Donbass and other regions of Ukraine, treating people in those regions as sub-humans. And you have Rothschild cronies like Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari, etc. talking about subverting humans with technology. This must be part of a secret doctrine within the Rothschild camp, treating humans not of there pedigree as sub-humans?)

Ustenko in his Financial Times interview also addressed bank’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, insisting that JPMorgan Chase’s assessment was nothing more than “scaremongering, based on poor quality analysis,” and allegedly berated Dimon for calling to the situation in Ukraine a mere “crisis.”

Ukraine – Oleg Ustenko.

Source: RT, here.


Russia tells Jewish Agency to leave

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 22, 2022: Moscow and Israel are in dispute about the Jewish Agency activity in Russia. The Basmanny District Court in Moscow said it had received a request from the Justice Ministry to liquidate the Russian branch of the agency due to their operations relating to alleged violation of Russian law. 

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper published a letter from the Justice Ministry to the Jewish Agency’s office in Moscow, sent on July 1, stating that the organization was in breach of laws related to data storage and protection. And in early July the Jerusalem Post reported that the Russian authorities had ordered the Jewish Agency to stop all of its activities in Russia. The agency has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Rostov, Pyatigorsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk.  

Jewish Agency office in Moscow.

Source: RT, here.


Former Russian president warns of ‘Judgement Day’

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 22, 2022: Russia’s Security Council deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev issued a dire warning to the authorities in Kiev, who has been threating to strike Crimea using United States long range missiles. Medvedev warned that the leadership in Kiev, Ukraine would meet their maker should they attack Crimea, because Russia would retaliate with a massive strike.

“Some exalted bloody clowns that are periodically popping up over there with some statements, and are even trying to threaten us – I mean an attack on Crimea and so on,” must be aware of the consequences from such actions, would be delivered to them, said the Russian official. And further stated that “in case something like that happens, the Day of Judgement will come to them all simultaneously – a swift and hard one.” And that “it will be very difficult to hide” when Russia launch such a massive strike, and noted that the Ukrainian leadership knowing the risk is “continuing to provoke the overall situation with such statements.” 

The government in Kiev is eager to fight Russian forces “to the last Ukrainian” as the Collective West continues to escalate the situation, but that this is likely to backfire and lead to the “collapse of the existing political regime” in the future.

On Sunday, Russian Senator Andrey Klishas said, that “threats from the Ukrainian junta to attack Crimea or the Crimean Bridge only confirms that ‘denazification’ and demilitarization [operations] must be carried out throughout the whole of Ukraine.”

Russia Security Council deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev.

Source: RT, here.


Former Russian president lists ‘Western sins’

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 22, 2022: Russia’s Security Council deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev has compiled a list he calls “their sins,” a reference about the shortcomings of the United States and Europe. Medvedev’s list was posted on his Telegram channel on Thursday, a day after outlining Russia’s ‘sins’, a mocking that criticized the West, for blaming Moscow for all manner of ills, from US President Joe Biden’s gaffes/stupidities to even the extinction of the dinosaurs.

“THEIR SINS (what Russia is not guilty of): European fools being cynically conned by the Americans, who forced them to endure the most painful consequences of the sanctions that have hit the populations of EU countries; ordinary Europeans freezing cold in their homes this winter; the highest food inflation in decades in Europe and the United States; EU and US companies losing their multibillion-dollar investments in the Russian economy,” Medvedev wrote. Stating that Moscow has nothing to do with “Americans electing a strange old man with dementia who, having forgotten about his duties, loves another country much more than his own.” And noted that Russia should not be blamed for “town crazies who proclaimed themselves the EU leadership irrevocably losing touch with reality and making poor Ukrainians sacrifice their lives to join the EU.”

Further adding that Russia is not to blame for the “numerous political crooks that are leveraging the issue of restoring Ukraine’s statehood to its former borders as they plan to receive new military contracts and embezzle the cash flows earmarked for the Kiev regime.” And nether is Russia responsible for “Ukraine losing its independence and coming under the direct control of the collective West after the 2014 coup.” And affirmed that “Ukrainian criminals will certainly be tried for their atrocities committed against the people of Ukraine and Russia.” 

Source: RT, here.


The APU received an order from Kiev to use the HIMARS MLRS against the civilian population

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 17, 2022: Since the United States and the collective West is supporting Ukraine in the conflict, and with Kiev giving the APU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) the go ahead to attack civilian populations with American HIMARS weapons, the West must disqualify itself from human rights organizations.

The United States provided Kiev with intelligence for shelling peaceful cities, said the Russian Foreign Ministry. And earlier, due to the shelling of Novaya Kakhovka from American HIMARS, 2 people were killed, 7 were missing and 90 were injured.

Source: Telegram, here.


Tucker Carlson slams ‘corrupt’ Ukraine

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 15, 2022: Fox News television host Tucker Carlson announced a fierce condemnation of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday regarding his crackdown on political oppositions, while both parties in Washington [DC] denounce the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“What does the cause of liberty have to do with Ukraine?,” asked Carlson. “Well, very little. Last February the Ukrainian government shut down the opposition media, then they arrested the leader of the main opposition party. Now President Zelensky has decided to combine all television stations in Ukraine into a state-owned propaganda ministry.” “What is that?” Carlson asks again. “It’s not the profile of a free country. Not even close.”

( The West has always complained about this type of state-owned arrangement, but not when it comes to Ukraine, because the West has embraced Ukraine’s state-owned media shenanigans. For the time being we’re in a world of confusion as the Ruling Elites seed their dark plots by any coercive-means necessary.)

“[Zelensky,] he’s a communist, says Republican Senator Kevin Cramer,” repeated Carlson. “You don’t have to like Vladimir Putin to see how absurd this is.” Carlson then asked: “Is Vladimir Putin more or less communist than Joe Biden’s domestic policy? Is Putin throwing Americans in jail for attending political rallies at the Capitol? Is he sterilizing children in the name of trans liberation?” “Whatever his many faults, Vladimir Putin is not doing any of that.”

Ukraine is not the profile of a free country, says Tucker Carlson.

Sources: RT, here; FoxNews video, here.


Serbian leader says conflict in Ukraine is world war where West is fighting against Russia

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 14, 2022: The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that the conflict in Ukraine is a world war, where the West is fighting against Russia using Ukrainian soldiers. – “We should understand that amid the world war, all the talks that it is a regional or a local war must be dropped. The entire Western world is fighting against Russia via Ukrainians. It is global conflict,” said Vucic.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Source: TASS, here.


The USA planned to study the Ebola virus in Odessa

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 13, 2022: The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that, the Ukrainian military has antibodies to infectious diseases, and that 33% of the surveyed “got sick”, and 20% – West Nile fever.

According to the ministry, this may indicate that there are preparations by the Ukrainian army to use bioweapons. And that the US Department of Defense has taken the Ukrainian national collection of microorganisms to America. – Some projects regarding the testing of bioweapons in Ukraine were implemented in the interests of the Medical and Sanitary Service of the German Armed Forces.

USA and Ukraine – Ebola virus in Odessa.

Source: Telegram, here.


US Intel Supplies Kiev With Satellite Images to Target Civilians in Russia

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 11, 2022: The United States continues to escalate tensions, moving the world closer to World War Three. The news media is reporting that US intelligence is supplying satellite imagery to Kiev, including images of the Russian territory, so that the Ukrainian military can later carry out strikes, targeting civilians, said a member of the RaHDIt Russian hacker group.

“We know for sure that the American intelligence supplies Ukrainian intelligence with satellite images, radar data, including satellite images of Russian territory, where Ukrainian missiles and shells actually arrive. We can also see that their radar detection systems are working in the interests of Ukrainian intelligence,” the hacker revealed.

And according to the Russian hackers and the Beregini team, they have obtained secret documents relating to the operation of the Ukrainian armed forces. The latter group, Beregini hackers, said that they get some of their information from their friends who are in service in the Ukrainian army.

Ukraine and the United States.

Source: Sputnik, here.


Ukraine using NATO pilots; NATO military planning to sabotage Crimea bridge; Russia deploys counter-measures

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 9, 2022: A Mi-8 helicopter was shot down in one of the conflict zones of Ukraine. At the downed site of the helicopter, a helmet actively used by NATO air force member countries and the US Air Force was found. Officially, such flight helmets are not in service with the Air Force of Ukraine. The military gear was identified as a “tactical helmet” model HGU-56/P ABH. This suggests that either an active American military pilot or a mercenary with piloting skills are being used to fly helicopters and jets in Ukraine.

At the downed site of the helicopter it appears that the pilot had serious burns and injuries, including critical ones from the upper part of the head and suggests that the pilot may have died.

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, this may be the first evidence indicating that pilots from NATO countries are covertly taking part in the hostilities in Ukraine.

Ukraine using NATO pilots – (click on image to enlarge).

For the past several weeks, news have been leaking out of the Zelensky government in Ukraine that they plan to bomb the bridge linking Crimea to the rest of Russia. Now, the effort is gaining support as NATO’s ex-commander appears to be encouraging Kiev to attack the Crimea bridge and suggests how to make it happen.

The former supreme NATO commander for Europe, General Philip Breedlove says the bridge linking Crimea to the rest of Russia is a “legitimate target” for Zelensky, he believes, and from speaking with several analysts said that ‘dropping’ (i.e., destroying) the Kerch bridge would be a huge blow to Russia. And that Kiev now has the ability to try and attack the bridge across the Kerch Strait with Western-supplied Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Russians are concerned about Kerch bridge. It’s incredibly important to them,” “now that the West (i.e., the United States) has given Ukraine Harpoon missiles.” The pending attack he says, can materialize in retaliation against Moscow’s tightening of its “naval blockade” on Ukraine, and that Russia might push as far as sinking civilian transport vessels carrying grain from Ukrainian ports, said Breedlove.

Following in the footsteps of Breedlove, the US Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville on Thursday said, “They (the Ukraine) want helicopters, and certainly attack helicopters at that, and they want air and missile defense that we’re seeing from most of our allies and partners. Those seem to be the capabilities that they want, and the more of that they can get, the more they desire.”

( The ‘Dark Leadership’ in the United States continues to push to further escalate the conflict in Ukraine.)

In addition, the German press is reporting that in May, police arrested a dozen suspects after a series of burglaries at the Bundeswehr in Schleswig-Holstein, and among them were two soldiers who wanted to destroy the bridge between Crimea and Russia with stolen explosives. – The weekly magazine Stern headlined the news, describing the police investigations into a theft ring involving four Bundeswehr soldiers and several other suspects who were eventually arrested in Kiel. The arrests took place on the May 22nd. The accused repeatedly broken into the Bundeswehr facilities since the beginning of this year (2022) stealing equipment for themselves or third parties, leading to a conspiracy to blow up the Crimean bridge that was accidentally uncovered when police traced the suspects’ phone calls.

And the threat of Zelensky, via the United States/NATO, ordering the bombing of the Crimean bridge, appears to be a serious threat, because the Russians have deployed barges with several radar reflectors on June 22 as one of the counter-measures against threats, as the West encourages their puppet-Zelensky to attack targets in Russia to escalate the conflict.

( There is a possibility of a terrible event on the horizon, that could cause an unexpected reaction, and this could either mean the end of the conflict in Ukraine or the official breakout of World War Three. I think the response will be unconventional firstly, but also conventional, and the reply thereafter could be very eventful. I think this is what the West wants hoping that they can save their Unipolar Order. And is one of the reasons why the West is shutting down supply chains and disrupting services to have more control over the people, because the West knows World War Three is pending.)

Crimean bridge radar reflectors deployed by Russia because of Ukraine war threat by US puppet-Zelensky.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: NATO And Harry Truman; The ‘Dark Leadership’, page 1479. ‘Dark Leadership’ Which Is Deliberately ‘Dark’, page 1480. The ‘Dark Leadership’ In America, page 1484. After The Year 2020; If The USA Collapses, China Next World Power; The USA, The Gigantic Mountain Of National Debt; The U.S. America And Allies With Trillion Dollar Mountains Of Debts, page 506. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: Various groups of humans of Arusist descent, page 107.  Secret actions of the American dark leadership, page 202.  The USA With Its Dark Leadership, page 284Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

Former NATO General Philip Breedlove, USA.

Sources: Avia-pro, here; RT, here; German soldiers want to blow up Crimean bridge, here; Crimean bridge radar reflectors, here.


Canada Dealing With Massive Internet Outage, 911 Services Affected

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | July 8, 2022: Today, a senior woman from the United States posted a YouTube video regarding the bank she has an account with, that bank access to her account is being denied due to technical difficulties that has been ongoing for the past 10 days.

In the news later today are reports of outages affecting customers in Canada using Rogers Communications, the largest telecom in the country and one of three companies controlling 90% of the telecommunication industry there. As a result, millions of Canadians are dealing with long internet outages, which is affecting everything from ATMs to 911 to Canadians just trying to buy a cup of coffee or groceries.

Similar to the YouTube senior woman video post complaining, – no reason for the outage has been given by Rogers Communications, as well as no timeline has been set for when service will be restored. However, in an announcement posted on the company’s website, they said that they’re aware of the problem and are working on the issue. 

“Our technical teams are working to restore our services alongside our global technology partners, and are making progress. We know how much you rely on our networks. Today we have let you down. We are working to make this right as quickly as we can. We will continue to keep you updated, including when services will be back online,’ in the statement by Rogers Communications.

Canada’s Rogers Communications.

Sources: Senior woman complaining about bank access in the USA, here; Canada Massive Internet Outage, here.


“Joe, turn around”

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 27, 2022: In the main news, Joe Biden at the G7 summit was lost for a few seconds not hearing the photographer’s command at the G7 summit. The German Chancellor Scholz had to prompt the American president, saying: “Joe, turn around.”

“Joe, turn around” – said Scholz at the G7 summit – press video.

Source: Telegram, here; Biden Kicks Off G7 Summit With Other Western State-Leaders, video report, here. (G7, states manipulated by the “Council of Seven Men” – elite bankers and European royals.)


Joe Biden’s Cheat Sheet

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 24, 2022: One of many cheat sheets to remind Joe Biden about what to do, in this case he was having a meeting with the wind-industry executives. – Journalists photographed one of the instruction sheets Biden is given before he goes out to people. Unfortunately, there were no secrets about the administration there for the public to see. His assistants have more monotonous tasks: to ensure that Biden does not greet the air, remembers where he is and to sit in the right chair. – Strangely, his name Joe Biden and that he’s the president of the United States is not written on the cheat sheet.

Instructions to Biden: titled “Offshore Wind Drop-By Sequence of Events”. Tells Biden to “enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.” – Then, the paper says, “YOU take YOUR seat.” – The note says, after reporters arrive, “YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).” – When reporters depart, “YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question” and then “YOU thank participants” and “YOU depart.”

Joe Biden’s Cheat Sheet.

Source: New York Post, here.


The Rules of War

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 22, 2022: The criminal political elites in the West pushing geo-political movements, trends and shifts happening around the world rapidly and the western media do their best to hide things regarding the real reason behind them. The rules or strategies are:

1. Cut off supply chains.
2. Hit fuel lines.
3. Destroy wealth.
4. Disarm citizens.
5. Affect transportation.
6. Silence important communications.
7. Create diseases.
8. Cause strife and division.
9. Insert lies, confusion and propaganda. 

Does any of that sounds familiar? Is any of that being experienced right now? It would actually seems we’re experiencing all of it.

[1.] A potential economic recession and the supply chain bullwhip are colliding, here; The Supply Chain Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse, here; Why the global supply chain mess is getting so much worse, here; Lithuania comments on blockade of Russia’s Kaliningrad, here; Russia threatens Lithuania with ‘serious’ consequences, here; Blockade of Russian region a breach of international law, here; Kaliningrad governor says blockade of region deliberate, rules out mistake, here; Russia may stop letting European trucks into the country, here; Global Food Crisis ‘Will Kill Millions’ By Disease, Health Executive Warns, here; Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System, here; Putin responds to claims about world hunger, here; UN chief warns of ‘catastrophe’ from global food shortage, here.
[2.] Germany halts pipeline, here; Explosion ‘rips through gas pipeline’, here; Vows no pipeline if Russia invades…, here; Pipeline Changes Direction, and Energy Politics Come to Fore, here; Russia’s ‘only oil pipeline to EU’ in flames, here; EU told to prepare for total Russian gas cut-off, here; Pipeline shutdown could lead to price spikes, shortages – and problems for East Coast airports, here; Fire at oil refinery in Russia’s Rostov Region after alleged Ukrainian drone strike, video here; US Suffers Incident on Aging Natural Gas Pipeline Network Every 40 Hours, here.
[3.] How to Destroy Wealth, here; How money is destroyed, here; How Does Excessive Debt Hurt an Economy?, here; The four ways inflation kills democracy, here; US must endure ‘pain’ to fix inflation, says IMF, here.
[4.] Senate votes to advance bipartisan gun control legislation, here.
[5.] Buttigieg meets with airline executives amid fresh round of delays, here; Airlines’ summer challenge: Finding spare seats for travelers when things go wrong, here.
[6.] Social Media Is Silencing Personal Opinion – Even In The Offline World, here; Social Media and the ‘Spiral of Silence’, here
[7.] US monkeypox cases hit 142, here; Polio in London, here; Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), here; Anthrax in southern Russia: What we know so far, here; CDC investigating ‘very serious’ outbreak of meningococcal disease in Florida, here; UK raises alarm over deadly virus detection, here; The impact of infectious disease in war time: a look back at WW1, here; Controlling Disease during World War II, here. ( They, the elites’ front people in leadership, want us to believe that whenever there’s a world war, diseases just naturally breaks out?) WHO gives update on mysterious child hepatitis outbreak,  here
[8.] America Is Being Pulled Apart. Here’s How We Can Start to Heal Our Nation, here;  America is exceptional in the nature of its political divide, here; NATO engaged in ‘direct aggression’ against Russia, Moscow must defend itself, here; MAG: America Growing Apart, Possibly for Good, here.
[9.] The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online, here; Causes and consequences of mainstream media dissemination of fake news, here; Ocean of Lies: Propaganda, Deception and the Power of Fake News, here


Conflict in Ukraine is Russia’s standoff with West

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 16, 2022: The conflict in Ukraine, according to Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik, is a global standoff between Russia and the West, and is not a conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

“Russia could not shrug off the fact that lethal weapons may be deployed”, which ultimately could hit targets in its territory “as means of pressure” over Siberia’s natural resources, Dodik said, the Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina said, participating at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. And noted that “The armed conflict is therefore not a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is a standoff of global powers.”

The French President Emmanuel Macron, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi all arrived in Kiev on Thursday (June 16) ahead of a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, (video here).

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: United States Involved In Provoking Conflict Using NATO, page 7.  America The Driving And Controlling Force Of NATO; NATO Fraudulently Became A Reality Through America’s Efforts, page 34.  NATO Leaders, Influenced By America, page 43.  Earthlings Should Think About What The USA Has Done On Earth, page 204.  The United States Of America Will Be A Country Of Total Destruction, page 231.  NATO Dependent On The USA, page 114. The Ukraine War Will Continue And Become Worse, page 125.  America’s Aspiration For World Domination, NATO Organization, page 144.  The War Inside Ukraine Is Controlled By America, page 179.  Zelensky Is Also Assisting America; and Europe Is Particularly Close To Being Dominated By America, page 241.  Ukrainian POWs Describing Zelensky As A War Criminal, page 264.   America’s satellite to humiliate Russia, page 268.  The US is using Zelensky to get closer to its world domination-addicted plans, page 268.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik.

Source: TASS, here.


Germany doesn’t trust Zelensky – Der Spiegel reports

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 6, 2022: Berlin has reportedly been slow in sending weapons to Ukraine, fearing military success could prompt it to attack Russia and so Germany is hesitant to send tanks to Ukraine to counter Russian forces, due to “historical reasons,” government sources told Der Spiegel magazine. And unnamed officials in the German government noted that there is concern within Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government that Kiev could become over-confident if it achieves a series of victories, and might launch an incursion into Russian territory, and if this was to happen such a development “would mean that German tanks would once again be inside Russia,” Der Spiegel reports, bringing back the terrible history from the past and an apparent reference to Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.

The fear that German weaponry could end up in Russia because of the U.S. dishonest activity or maneuvering “highlights a certain distrust in Berlin of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. And that, too, is a reason why the defense industry in Germany has not been authorized to deliver battle tanks,” Der Spiegel said.

Source: RT, here.


Putin warns Ukraine against long-range missiles

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 5, 2022: The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has issued a warning to the West about supplying long-range missiles to Keiv, that there will be consequences. That Russia will hit targets it has so far avoid not to struck, but that this will change if long-range missiles are delivered to Ukraine.

The Russian president affirms that “If they are supplied, we will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our weapons, which we have enough of, in order to strike at those objects that we have not yet struck,” in an interview broadcasted on Russia 1 Sunday. Further noting that “The range does not depend on the system itself, but on the missiles that are used. And what we’ve learned on the matter has nothing to do with trust in the Ukrainian regime.”

Further commenting on the deliveries of US rocket systems to Kiev, Putin said, “In my view, all this fuss over additional deliveries of armaments generally pursues the sole objective of stretching out the armed conflict as long as possible“.

Sources: RT, here; TASS, here.


A speaker of the Hungarian parliament announced Zelensky’s mental problems

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 5, 2022: Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Laszlo Kever, commented in an interview that “mental problems” [was] the determination [factor] of President Vladimir Zelensky, with which he sometimes used harshly to ask his partners, i.e. Western politicians, for support.

Kever insulted Western politicians working with Kiev, wanting to know why they tolerate this behavior from him, saying: “I do not remember that the leader of a country in need of help would dare to speak out against anyone in the way that President Zelensky did not only against Hungary, but even against the German Chancellor. Usually, someone who needs help is used to asking, politely,” Kever said. And added that “This is some kind of personal, mental problem that I do not know what to do with.”

Belarus’s Lukashenko Says Ukrainian Army May ‘Decapitate’ Kiev Leadership Amid Brewing Conflict.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read:  We Cannot Stop Him (Zelensky) Because We Do Not Want To Murder – Coup, page 242.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book

President Vladimir Zelensky.

Sources: Babel, here; Telegram, here.


Ukraine war to spread? As Russia warns that Moscow to move threat further away if long-range weapons supplied to Kiev

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 7, 2022 – July 3, 2022: Washington DC continue to show support in suppling Ukraine with more powerful weapons and announced on June 1 that it would provide them with a new military aid package to include the delivery of HIMARS weapons and ammunitions.

And Russia warns, that the longer the range of weapons that Western countries supply to Ukraine, the further Moscow will move away the line of threat from its territory, said the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Noting that, the “Russian President Vladimir Putin has already commented on the situation that will emerge with the arrival of new armaments and I can only add that the longer the range of armaments that you will supply, the further away we will move from our territory the line, beyond which Neo-Nazis can threaten the Russian Federation,” warned Lavrov. “The point is that we had been warning Great Britain, the United States and other NATO members for 20 years: ‘Dear friends, you signed the commitment in 1999 that no state will strengthen its security at the expense of other states’ security and so why can’t you do that? Why did it turn out to be a lie? And instead, you say: ‘get away from us, we admit whom we want.’ And you have expanded five times closer to our borders,” Russian Foreign Minister noted.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read: Olaf Scholz, who will also be told what to do, as he pushes nonsensical and inflammatory advice forced upon him to enact, page 1386.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

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Update, July 3, 2022:   – Ukraine fires ballistic missiles at Russian city, Putin said. At least four people have been reported killed in Belgorod overnight from intense shelling of Russian territory by Ukraine. launching three Tochka-U ballistic missiles loaded with cluster munitions, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday. Three of the ballistic missiles had been intercepted mid-air, but parts of one of the missiles had hit a house. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said that Ukraine targeted residential areas, which had “no military sites.” Russian authorities have repeatedly accused Ukraine of shelling cities and villages close to the border. And Moscow previously warned that it would hit Ukrainian “decision-making centers, including Kiev” if attacks on Russian territory did not stop, (posting, here).   – Decline in Western training of Ukrainian troops. Ukraine’s military has received less training over the recent weeks, impacting their capacity to operate some advanced weapons systems, citing sources reported in the magazine Foreign Policy (FP) reported on Friday, (posting, here).

June 30, 2022:   – The call for Kiev to continue fighting confirms that Ukraine is just a means for the West to achieve its goals, Putin said. ▪️Ukraine was used as a springboard to rock Russia. The statements of the West about the end of the conflict on the battlefield should be treated as a fact. It was no surprise to Moscow that they had been preparing since 2014. Russia will respond in a mirror manner to the deployment of NATO military infrastructure in Sweden and Finland, (Telegram, here).

June 29, 2022:   – Lavrov on Kremenchuk: “The hangar was bombed, where American and European weapons and ammunition arrived.” “As a result of the detonation of ammunition, an empty shopping center standing nearby caught fire.” Thus, the more the West supplies weapons to Ukraine, which is designed to prolong the conflict, the more tasks Russia will perform on the ground. “These tasks will be fulfilled,” the Russian Foreign Minister said. So he commented on Western media reports about the US plans to supply Ukraine with medium- and long-range air defense systems, (Telegram, here).   – Russia was declared an enemy of NATO a long time ago. The wording of the upcoming Madrid summit will not change anything, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said. The more the West supplies weapons to Ukraine, the more tasks Russia will perform “on the ground”. The increase in the NATO contingent on the eastern flank was planned for a long time, this is a continuation of the Alliance’s illegal line for the development of the territories of the former USSR. Russia does not care about Ukraine’s invitation to the G20 summit, Zelensky still does not make a decision. Russia is ready to expand BRICS, Argentina and Iran are worthy candidates, (Telegram, here).    – Ukraine and NATO must compensate for the damage caused by the DPR and the LPR. To do this, Russia and the republics should calculate how much the destruction cost, said the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Volodin. “We need to study the issue in order to then present it to the Kiev regime, Washington and Brussels. Let them pay,” he stressed. The agreement on the creation of a working group on the calculation of damage was reached following negotiations between the Speaker of the LNR Parliament and Volodin, (Telegram, here).   – Russia is the new “mistress of the seas”. The Belgorod nuclear submarine completes state tests in the Barents Sea. The Russian fleet will soon be replenished with a carrier of Poseidon thermonuclear torpedoes capable of covering the enemy’s coast with artificial tsunamis. The submarine forces of the Russian Navy already number 70 submarines — like all NATO countries combined, with the exception of the United States. About who else is in the top five countries with the strongest submarine fleet in the world — in our infographic, (Telegram, here).   – China’s permanent Representative to the UN warned against attempts to create an analogue of NATO in Asia: “There is no need to look for imaginary enemies in the Asia-Pacific region and there is no need to artificially create disagreements and contradictions,” (Telegram, here).   – European countries may return to national currencies, Volodin believes. The speaker of the State Duma believes that the problems of the EU’s financial policy will worsen, which will lead to a weakening of the euro, (Telegram, here).   – At the NATO summit, Zelensky was told that the conflict should be resolved militarily ( That means US-Britain told Zelensky to keep fighting). The alliance will continue to help Kiev for this, the Belgian Prime Minister said, (Telegram, here).   – 70 foreign banks from 12 countries joined the Russian equivalent of SWIFT. This is reported by the Bank of Russia, (Telegram, here).

June 27, 2022:   – Moldova will be assigned the role of a pawn on the geopolitical board of the West, the ex-president said. Igor Dodon believes that some people dream of a Europe that actually no longer exists. Due to the Russophobic (i.e. discrimination) policy pursued jointly with the West, the country will lose profitable economic relations with partners in the East, he added. According to Dodon, citizens should understand that Moldova will not join the EU for at least another decade or two, and perhaps never, (Telegram, here).

June 26, 2022:   – Arms supplies to Ukraine are coordinated by the CIA and US special forces. According to the New York Times, the Americans are training the Ukrainian military and passing them intelligence. Earlier, Biden urged US citizens to “stay away from Ukraine,” after information that American mercenaries were captured, (Telegram, here).

June 24, 2022:   – Zelensky plans to fire Ukraine’s top spy. The head of Ukraine’s Security Service Ivan Bakanov has allegedly fallen out of favor with the Ukrainian president. President Volodymyr Zelensky it’s being reported has plans to fire his childhood friend, Bakanov, from the role as head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), citing four Kiev officials as sources. Bakanov has been at Zelensky’s side since high school and served as his manager during his early days as a comedian, and is allegedly outraged at the Ukrainian leader over his alleged unprofessionalism. Zelensky, it is being reported, blames Bakanov for allowing a string of mishaps and mass desertions in his agency since the start of Russia’s military offensive against the country and is now looking to replace him with someone “more suitable to serve as the wartime chief of the SBU,” (posting, here).   – Putin responds to claims about world hunger. The Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is not impeding Ukraine’s grain exports after Berlin accused it of weaponizing hunger. And that Western nations are deliberately stirring up tensions regarding Ukrainian grain exports, said the Russian President Vladimir Putin during a BRICS+ video conference on Friday. He was responding to comments made by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who has accused Moscow for holding the whole world “hostage” by blocking Ukrainian grain shipments. Putin reiterated that Russia is not impeding exports, and criticized the West for its “cynical attitude” towards the food supply of developing nations, which have been worst affected by soaring prices. And blamed the rising inflation in the West as “a result of their own irresponsible macroeconomic policies,” (posting, here).

June 23, 2022:   – Washington transfers M777 howitzers to Kiev without the system necessary for aiming guns. This is reported by Ukrainian publications with reference to the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are talking about GPS systems that allow the use of guided munitions and howitzers to combine a single reconnaissance and strike contour. The decision was made due to fears that Western military technologies would end up in the hands of Russia, according to the AFU. The highest degree of confidence in your colony in your ally, (Telegram, here).

June 22, 2022:   – Rostourism is working on accepting Mir bank cards in seven new countries. It is planned to start a dialogue with five more countries, Doguzova said at the SPIEF. She clarified that these are popular tourist destinations, including in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and the Middle East, (Telegram, here).   – Ukrainian troops allegedly fired a “Dot-U” at the city of Komsomolskoye in the DPR. There are numerous destructions of houses and infrastructure. Data on the victims are being clarified, (Telegram, here).   – American private companies are collecting data to help Ukraine in missile guidance, Rogozin said. The head of Roscosmos in an interview with Rossiya 24 clarified that we are talking about visual and radar information, (Telegram, here).   – The British Prime Minister urged the West to prepare for a protracted conflict in Ukraine, which could last several years. Earlier, Johnson urged not to force Kiev to peace and negotiations. European pacifism knows no borders, (Telegram, here).   – Kadyrov reported heavy losses among foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The head of Chechnya said that the survivors are increasingly thinking about leaving the war zone and “getting away from Ukraine,” (Telegram, here).   – British farmers are unable to harvest due to a lack of cheap labor from Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, Ukrainians were picking apples, raspberries and strawberries. This year, the number of employees has decreased due to the conflict, (Telegram, here).    – The armed forces of Ukraine are trying to hit the Donetsk administration. The shelling is carried out with the aim of destroying the authorities, writes Mayor Alexei Kulemzin. The day before because of the shelling 7 people were killed in Donetsk, 24 more were injured. (Telegram, here).   – Record inflation in the United States is a global phenomenon, the country’s Finance Ministry said. It will not be possible to bring it down immediately, the US economy will slow down, the department added. It will slow down and fall, (Telegram, here).   – Europe is developing emergency plans to switch to coal – Business Insider. Somewhere Greta Thunberg started crying, (Telegram, here).   – Putin: The issue of creating an international reserve currency based on a basket of BRICS currencies is being worked out. The BRICS includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The Russian President also invited representatives of the BRICS countries to the economic forum in Vladivostok in September, (Telegram, here).

June 21, 2022:   – Ukraine will not live to join the European Union. This is the opinion of the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Vyacheslav Nikonov. He recalled that there is currently no agreement in the EU on this issue. “Turkey has been a candidate since 1999. Ukraine has to wait longer. She won’t live that long,” @rian_ru quotes the deputy as saying, (Telegram, here).   – Defeat in Ukraine Means the End of NATO, Former UN Weapons Inspector Says. US foreign policy critic Scott Ritter pointed out that far from achieving the Pentagon’s stated aim of ‘weakening’ Russia, Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine was gradually disarming the militaries of NATO member states. He said NATO’s decision to stake its credibility on backing Kiev in a proxy war against Moscow – in the wake of its “humiliation” in Afghanistan – would prove unwise and fateful. “NATO and the United States are facing the kind of moral and physical defeat at the hands of Russia that will probably mean the end of NATO,” he told presenter Danny Haiphong in the video posted on Monday. “I don’t think NATO survives this,” (posting, here).   – The head of Gazprom Neft spoke at the SPIEF. The main thing: ▪️The EU’s decision on the oil embargo may cause the closure of a number of European refineries. ▪️Gazprom Neft is confident in Russia’s creation of a new transport infrastructure. More than 50% of the oil is already going to Asia. The Russian oil industry has a large margin of safety, domestic energy prices will be stable; The postponement of the EU oil embargo against Russia cannot be ruled out, since refineries need years to switch to another oil, (Telegram, here).   – Reserve oil reserves in the United States are being depleted faster than expected – Bloomberg. In particular, the publication attributes this to the fact that the United States began selling hydrocarbons from its reserves in order to keep prices on the world market, (Telegram, here).   – Belarus will have to react to Poland’s desire to “chop off” Western Ukraine – Lukashenko. “We cannot allow the Poles to surround us at all. This is a dangerous option,” BelTA quotes the president. Lukashenko added that behind Poland there are Americans who finance, provide weapons, transfer armed forces. “Therefore, I have to keep the armed forces on the alert in the West and in the south.” “I have lined up ten units along the border behind the back of the border guards so that they do not get into Belarus. And there were such thoughts,” Lukashenko said, (Telegram, here).   – Ukraine should understand that if they hit the Mozyr, then we will hit Kiev without entering Ukraine, Lukashenko said. “But in order to hit, you need to have something to hit. We have it,” the Belarusian leader said. “We will teach, especially men. The time is like this. The more we have, the stronger our weapons, the calmer we will be,” BelTA quotes the President of Belarus, (Telegram, here).   – Poland has become the leader in the number of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the operation, 1831 Poles have joined the AFU – 378 of them were destroyed, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Canada is in second place, and 601 militants are hired from there to Ukraine. Of these, 162 died. ▪️The USA is next with 530 mercenaries. More than 200 of them were killed. In total, militants and instructors from 64 countries operated on the side of Kiev. Since February 24, almost 7,000 people have arrived in Ukraine — 2,000 have been killed, and 1,779 have fled, (Telegram, here).   – After the Cold War, the United States declared itself “God’s messengers on earth”, without responsibility, only with interests – Putin, (Telegram, here).   – The elites of Western states are in illusions, clinging to the shadow of the past and denying the changing reality – Putin. It is a mistake to believe that the time of rapid changes can be overstayed and everything will return to normal, as it will not be before, the president said, (Telegram, here).   – The sanctions weapon is double–edged, Putin stressed. Sanctions can be used against any undesirable state. European companies may also become their target. In the meantime, the EU itself has dealt a blow to its economy, (Telegram, here).   – The United States was a major supplier of food, and now it has turned into a net importer, Putin said. He stressed that the States print money and buy products all over the world. The money supply in the USA has grown by 38% in 2 years, in the EU by 20%, the President of the Russian Federation noted, (Telegram, here).   – Western sanctions were based on the erroneous thesis (i.e. theory) – Putin. The West believed that the Russian economy was not independent. He did not take into account how Russia has changed in recent years, (Telegram, here).

June 19, 2022:   – Macron urged Zelensky to negotiate with Russia. “We Europeans share one continent. Geography is a stubborn thing. At the edge of the continent is Russia. She was there yesterday, and she will be there tomorrow. Russia is a strong power, and I have never said that we are at war with the Russian people today,” President Macron of French said. “Negotiations are needed, the Ukrainian president should hold talks with Russia,” he stressed, (Telegram, here).   – Most of Gazprom’s European customers have switched to paying for gas in rubles. Now 90-95% of the “blue fuel” is paid on the terms of Russia, said Deputy Prime Minister Novak. Previously, the largest EU gas companies switched to paying for Russian gas under a new scheme, (Telegram, here).   – Most EU residents agree to the collapse of Ukraine to end the conflict. This is indicated by a survey of the European Council on Foreign Relations. 35% of respondents voted for peace, “even if it means that Ukraine will cede control over part of the territory to Russia.” 22% of respondents believe that it is necessary to “punish Russia”, even if “more Ukrainians will die”. 20% of Europeans are afraid of prolonging the conflict in Ukraine. Now Europeans are more concerned about rising prices and the threat of nuclear war, and only in this context does the topic of Ukraine matter to them, (Telegram, here).

June 14, 2022:   – US ‘quietly’ pressing firms to buy Russian fertilizer. American officials are reporting that the US is encouraging companies to ease supply shortages and return to buying Russian goods. As US officials are “quietly” urging agricultural firms to boost Russian fertilizer imports amid growing shortages and news about a looming international food crisis, said unnamed sources familiar with the issue, (posting, here).   – Kiev being pressed into concessions to Moscow, says Zelensky. That people worldwide are growing “war-weary” and pressure on Ukraine is mounting. War-weariness over the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev is growing worldwide, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted on Monday, and that “people want some kind of result for themselves” and the pressure on the country to reach any kind of peaceful resolution to the hostilities is growing. “Of course, everyone wants to push us a little towards some kind of result, definitely unfavorable to us, because they don’t ask us yet, but it’s beneficial for certain parties that have their own interests, both financial, and political ones,” Zelensky said to reporters, (posting, here).   – The United States is directly and indirectly preparing militants to be sent to Ukraine. A new generation of US-trained extremists is fighting Russia. Are we prepared for the blowback? The American media The Grayzone writes about this and recalls that this happened during the war in Afghanistan. Now there is a special CIA program for sending fighters to Ukraine. The US Department of Homeland Security fears that these people will return home “with a war in their head,” but in the Biden administration they are considered simply “volunteers,” (Telegram, here).   – In Ukraine, about 20 thousand foreign mercenaries are fighting on the side of Kiev. Among them are about 3 thousand Britons. The Independent writes about this, referring to the commander of the Georgian Legion Mamuka Mamulashvili. Most of the foreign volunteers passed through his unit, (Telegram, here).

June 13, 2022:   – Russia to seize control of eastern Ukraine region – within weeks! In the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine fighting continues, as casualties mount among Ukrainian forces with dwindling ammunition, and a senior U.S. defense official said Russia is very likely to seize control of the entire region within a few weeks, (posting, here).  Judgment Day Coming for Zelensky… Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Ukrainian advisers have been arguing – they don’t want to cede any territory to Russia in the ongoing war in Ukraine, that view is widely held in Ukraine, but they could be digging themselves into political quicksand. When Zelensky and his advisers confront the realities at a near future time, about the war and actually approach a negotiation table once more and consider – making – territorial concessions, that could leave Zelensky on the precipice of political turmoil, according to Steven Pifer, a former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, (posting, here). ( Is the Zelensky saga nearing its end? Where will he flee? To the United States, Britain, Europe, etc.?)   – EU became US state. The Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic lashed out at EU’s foreign and defense policies, warning that the bloc has become subservient to Washington DC. Kolakusic, an outspoken critic of the West’s anti-Russia sanctions and of Covid-19 restrictions, speaking to the EU Parliament last week, Kolakusic told fellow parliamentarians that “EU foreign, defense, and security policy today can be described in just one sentence.” That “The European Union became the 51st federal state of the United States, but without the right to vote,” (posting, here).

Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

June 12, 2022:   – Poland’s Former Foreign and Defence Minister Proposes Giving Ukraine Nukes. Before Russia kicked off its special operation to ‘demilitarize’ Ukraine in February, President Zelensky threatened to revise Kiev’s non-nuclear status. Weeks after, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service said it had information that Ukraine was already working on nuclear weapons, and that Washington DC was aware of Kiev’s activities. And the Polish European Parliament lawmaker Radoslaw Sikorski has proposed giving Ukraine nuclear weapons so that the country can properly “defend its independence.” “Ukraine is known to have given up its [Soviet-era] nuclear potential after the signature of the Budapest Memorandum in 1994. Everyone at the time understood that Ukraine would be an independent country within the borders established in Soviet days, even though the Russians and some others say there were no such guarantees. But since Russia has violated this Budapest Memorandum, I believe that we, as the West, have the right to give Ukraine nuclear warheads,” Sikorski said, speaking to Ukraine’s Espreso TV on (June 11) Saturday night, (posting, here).   – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz demanded that Serbia impose sanctions against Russia. This was told by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Belgrade refused to impose anti-Russian restrictions. The only possible result of such demands from Berlin is a drop in support for the idea of European integration among the Serbs. And support for these ideas among Serbian citizens has already fallen to a record low, (Telegram, here).

Ukraine Ballistic Missile

June 10, 2022:   – Food and fuel prices are rising in the US. And it won’t get better – but this is the plan, what they’re saying and this is inaccurate. The American Ministry of Finance Janet Yellen acknowledged that anti-Russian sanctions provoked a rise in prices in the United States. The head of the department warned that in the short term it is not worth waiting for a decline. She also proposed to create a coalition of states that impose sanctions against the Russian Federation in order to make the restrictions “more effective”, (Telegram, here).   – Sky News told how arms manufacturers make money from the Ukrainian conflict. Among the main “beneficiaries” are American contractors Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman. They receive resupply orders from the US and NATO countries. ▪️The scheme is simple. SIPRI experts claim that most of the weapons for Kiev are given from old military stocks, the West will replenish them with new weapons. For example, Raytheon has already received a contract ($625 million) to replenish stocks in Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands. These countries supplied weapons to Kiev, (Telegram, here).   – The embargo on Russian gas will finally destroy the European economy, the Hungarian Prime Minister said. According to him, the development of the EU can be forgotten for decades to come. Orban noted that Budapest does not supply weapons to Ukraine, as it stands for financing peace, not war. Hungary, unlike the United States and other EU countries, does not want to take even indirect part in the armed conflict in Ukraine, the politician stressed, (Telegram, here).

June 9, 2022:   – Disgraced Ukraine Ombudswoman Admits She ‘Exaggerated’ Russian ‘Rape’ To Get More Western Weapons. After her dismissal, the former Ukrainian human rights commissioner Lyudmila Denisova told a Ukrainian media outlet that her obscene claims of rape by Russian soldiers, which were circulated widely by Western corporate media, were actually part of a campaign to “pressure” governments to give weapons and political support to the Ukrainian regime. Admitting that she “exaggerated” reports of sex crimes allegedly committed by Russian soldiers in an effort to “convince the world to provide weapons and pressure” on behalf of the regime in Kiev. “When, for example, I spoke in the Italian parliament at the Committee on International Affairs, I heard and saw such fatigue from Ukraine, you know? I talked about terrible things in order to somehow push them to make the decisions that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people need.” And Italy’s Five Star Movement, Denisova claimed that it was originally “against the provision of weapons to us, but after [her] speech, one of the party leaders… said that they will support [us], including by the provision of weapons,” (posting, here).   – LNG plant blast cripples US gas exports. An explosion in Texas has knocked out 20% of the US LNG export capacity for at least three weeks, affecting one of the largest US plants producing liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export due to damage by an explosion and fire. As a result, the incident has forced the Texas Gulf Coast facility to cease operations in a move expected to impact European and Asian markets, (posting, here). ( Was the explosion due to over capacity operations?)   – The United States is looking for a replacement for Russian oil from its former opponents, offering dollars in exchange for sovereignty. Biden said he was ready to continue lifting sanctions against Venezuela if the local opposition “makes progress” in dialogue with the authorities. Translating from the language of American diplomacy: “we will allow you to sell us oil if you allow our opposition to rule you.” ▪️What’s going on? After the introduction of an embargo on oil from Russia, the United States began negotiations with Venezuela on the lifting of sanctions against the oil industry. Already into May, Washington DC allowed Western oil companies to work in the Venezuelan market, removing some of the restrictions that had been in effect since 2019. ▪️Why is the USA? The rejection of Russian oil caused the highest inflation in the United States in the last 40 years and led to a record increase in gasoline prices. Now Washington DC is looking for a way out of the trap into which it has driven itself, (Telegram, here).   – Kremlin evaluates gas-for-rubles strategy. The new payment method is working successfully, the Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said. Noting that Russian gas buyers that have refused to pay in rubles have already been cut off from supplies, Kremlin Press Secretary said on Thursday, adding that no new cuts have been planned. “They have already been turned off… The system is working, the system has been adjusted,” and that “Those who receive gas are already working according to the new system, which is defined in the relevant decree of the president of Russia,” he told journalists, (posting, here).   – US Has Helped Support 46 Biological Labs in Ukraine Over Last Two Decades, the Pentagon Says. The United States has provided support of up to 46 biological laboratories in Ukraine in order to improve biological security and monitor diseases, the US Defense Department said on Thursday. That “The United States has also worked collaboratively to improve Ukraine’s biological safety, security, and disease surveillance for both human and animal health, providing support to 46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and disease diagnostic sites over the last two decades,” the Defense Department said in a press release, (posting, here)

June 8, 2022:   – Russian ambassador claims he was encouraged by US to condemn Putin. Russia’s envoy Anatoly Antonov to the US said he received a letter suggesting he contact the State Department and switch his allegiance, and condemn President Vladimir Putin. The message proposed that he should “give up on his motherland and condemn the actions of the Russian president,” Antonov told Russia’s Channel 1 on Tuesday. “If I wanted to do so, I was told to contact the office of Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman,” he noted, (posting, here).   – News of world diplomacy. The Russian ambassador to the United States said that he received a letter calling on him to speak out against the Russian authorities. According to Antonov, he was advised to contact the office of the US Deputy Secretary of State. The ambassador said that American diplomats in Moscow are unlikely to receive such letters and called the incident a provocation, (Telegram, here).   – The United States does not comply with its own sanctions. The speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin drew attention to this. Oil supplies from Russia to the United States almost doubled in March. Although at the beginning of the month Biden said that Washington prohibits the purchase of oil from the Russian Federation. The US also forced EU countries to abandon Russian energy resources. “Now let European officials explain why their citizens should tolerate the Biden price increase,” Volodin writes, (Telegram, here).   – The New York Times claims that Washington DC does not have a complete picture of what is happening in Ukraine. Official Kiev does not want to share with the West data on losses among Ukrainian troops and the activities of the Armed Forces in the combat zone. The United States is forced to receive information from other countries, despite the actual presence of American advisers in Ukraine, the newspaper reports. The head of the Pentagon has stated several times that Washington DC does not know who gets the military aid sent to Kiev. The logic is this: a lot of money and weapons from the United States, no reports and information from Kiev, (Telegram, here).   – Ukrainian grain export. Ankara believes a mechanism for grain exports from Ukraine’s ports can be established by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN, Cavusoglu pointed out. Lavrov said that Russia is ready for a UN-mediated meeting with Ukraine, however, the participation of the latter “would be nothing but symbolic <…>”, in order to solve the problem it is enough for the Ukrainians “to let ships leave their ports.” At the same time, Lavrov emphasized that the grain export issue, which the West and Kiev are trying to present as a “global catastrophe,” has nothing to do with the world food crisis: ” <…> The share of grain in question is less than 1% from the global production of wheat and other cereals,” (posting, here). ( Yet the West and Ukraine continue to push famine fears. This tact is likely part of the movement to attack Russia?)  – “The U.S. economy is in a better position than at any time in history.” This was stated by the White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre. Recently, the head of the US Treasury Department admitted that inflation in the country has reached the highest level in 40 years and continues to grow, (Telegram, here). ( Let’s see how far they will be able to push the lie about the US economy doing well. She could not have said otherwise, because the weight would come down on her. If the ‘talking point script’ says ‘lie’, that’s just what is done.)

June 7, 2022:   – The British Prime Minister urged not to force Ukraine to make peace with Russia. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, it is important that Zelensky is not pressured to conclude a “bad” peace agreement. The fact that now is “not the time for peace” was also stated yesterday by the Estonian Prime Minister, (Telegram, here).   – The UK wants to appeal against a possible death sentence that threatens two Britons in the DPR. This statement was made by the Deputy British Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Ministry of Justice Dominic Raab. Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin are accused of participating in the battles on the side of Kiev. The first session of the Supreme Court of the DPR on their case was held today. Mercenaries face capital punishment – the death penalty, (Telegram, here).   – The UN found no evidence of Ukraine’s accusations against the Russian Federation about the theft of grain, said the office of the Secretary General Guterres of the organization. That the UN is unable to verify allegations of Russia “stealing” Ukrainian grain, (Telegram, here; posting, here).   – NATO does not give Russia guarantees of non-deployment of nuclear weapons in Finland and Sweden. This was stated by the Assistant Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, Kamiy Gran, in an interview with Swedish RTS. I wonder if the Prime Minister of Finland knows about this, who said that the topic of the deployment of nuclear weapons in the country is not even discussed, (Telegram, here).   – Rosgvardiya shot down a kamikaze drone of Polish production in the Kharkiv region. Together with him, the Ukrainian UAV “Punisher” was destroyed. The nationalists who controlled the apparatuses were eliminated by artillery fire, (Telegram, here).   – The head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Moldova will be an assistant prosecutor from the United States. The contest was won by Veronika Dragalin. The Supreme Council of Prosecutors will recommend appointing her to a high post. After graduating from the first grade of school, Dragelin and her family left Moldova. Then she studied and lived in the USA, Italy and Germany. Now he holds the post of assistant U.S. Attorney in one of the departments of the Central District of California. Her mother is the chairman of the Moldova—AID charity organization and the organizer of the traditional “Moldovan-American Congress”. Local media also write that Elena Dragalin “sponsors the ruling party of Moldova.” (Telegram, here.)   – The armed forces of Ukraine are shelling the territory of Russia with American howitzers. This was told at a special briefing of the Russian Defense Ministry. The shelling is carried out with M777 howitzers installed at grain elevators and potato storage facilities in Sumy and Kharkiv. The main goal is to provoke a retaliatory strike by Russian artillery on these objects, (Telegram, here).

Source: TASS, here.


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USA supporting a lunatic. That figures we have one in office and we are sending another crazy billions…..fantastic! It just keeps getting better and better. Uneffing believable.