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Part 2: World War 3 Rehearsal – The Third World Fire Pending

Part 3: World War 3 Rehearsal – The Third World Fire Pending

Moscow ‘ready for larger-scale provocations’ by the West, says Lavrov

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 18, 2018: The article highlights that Western provocation, the prospect of WWIII, and China’s closer stance with Russia are just some of the topics that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has spoken about with RT France.

And that Russia: We will be ready for larger-scale provocations too. But our answer is very simple – if they talk to us through the media, we will respond through the media too, but specifically and in a correct manner,” Lavrov said, answering questions from RT France, Paris Match and Le Figaro.

Going further, the foreign minister said a third world war is an unimaginable scenario, noting that “everybody would be sane enough not to let it happen.” However, an aggravating factor is the absence of any dialogue between the Russian military and NATO.

The US is updating its nuclear doctrine, the top diplomat stated:

“They’re creating low-power nuclear weapons with a clear intent to potentially use them in combat.”


FM Lavrov: Russia In Possession of U.S. War Plans

TRU NEWS – August 9, 2018 (posted July 30, 2018): Today on TruNews, we discuss the shocking statement made to Russian children by their senior diplomat, that the Kremlin is aware of Western military schemes against their nation, and no matter what, security and sovereignty will be duly protected. We also detail the predictable campaign currently underway to start Israel’s long-anticipated war with Iran, and how an Arab-NATO, backed by U.S. troops, is being sold as the new frontman for Jerusalem’s foreign policy. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “FM Lavrov: Russia In Possession of U.S. War Plans”.)

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Russia Prepares for War, US Prepares a War – Diplomat on INF Treaty Withdrawal

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 26, 2018: The article highlights that Russian diplomat Andrei Belousov confirmed Friday (October 26) that Russia is preparing to defend its territory against any aggression, while the US’ unilateral withdrawal from INF Treaty signals that Washington is preparing such an aggression.

Andrei Belousov, deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control, commented on the US’ unilateral withdrawal from the INF Treaty, saying that the US is “preparing a war,” and that Russia has to get ready to defend its territory, principles and values.

“Recently at the meeting [of the committee], the US has stated and that Russia is preparing for war. Yes, Russia is preparing for war, I can confirm it,” said Belousov, after the failed UN First Committee vote on Russia’s resolution in support of the INF.

“Linguistically, this difference is in just one word, both in Russian and in English: Russia is preparing for war, and the US is preparing a war,” said Belousov. “Otherwise, why would the United States withdraw from the treaty, build up its nuclear potential [and] adopt a new nuclear doctrine?”

“If the United States comes out of the treaty and starts building up its nuclear potential in an uncontrolled manner, we will face another reality,” he said, further adding that the procedural issues the UN focused on in recent days will seem insignificant.


Apocalypse in 2019: Is Russia-US war possible?

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 20, 2018: The article highlights that nearly half of US military troops believe America will be drawn into a major war next year and see Moscow and Beijing as main threats, according to a recent poll. But is there any basis for this anxiety among soldiers?

Almost a half of soldiers and commanders in the US Armed Forces (46%) believe that their country will be drawn into a large-scale armed conflict in 2019, reveals a new Military Times’ poll of active-duty troops. They didn’t clarify though what kind of war with Russia they expect.

And that the US military didn’t mention the three most important things that play a major part in any war: goals, methods/ways of achieving those goals, and means. Basically, they think that the war is imminent, but they don’t know what kind of war it will be.


‘Major Blow’ to Global Stability: Russian Lawmakers React to Trump’s INF Pullout

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 21, 2018: The article highlights that the United States decision to leave INF under the pretext of alleged Russian violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) was condemned by Russian Lawmakers.

On Saturday (October 21), US President Donald Trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the INF treaty over the alleged Russian violations of the agreement.

“US President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is not surprising to us but we hoped that the common sense would prevail. It is obvious that the United States has no evidence proving Russia’s violations of the treaty’s provisions,” a member of the Russian parliament’s upper house’s defense committee, Frants Klintsevich, told Sputnik.

“Trump announced the US withdrawal from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. If the United States withdraws [from the INF Treaty], that will be the second major blow to the whole global system of strategic stability. The first blow was the US [decision on] exit from the ABM Treaty in 2001. Once again the United States is an initiator of the treaty’s denouncement,” Pushkov wrote on his Twitter page.

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(BattleForWorld: And Donald Trump can unilaterally withdraw from treaties because Congress abdicated responsibility. And more withdrawal from treaties are pending. An article was posted in the year 2015 about the United States withdrawing from the ABM treaty. And this happening, the withdrawal from nuclear weapons treaties, was foretold centuries ago about the US withdrawing from the ABM treaty to pursue the path of war and destruction! …Exploiting the United States, the ruling elites are, to spread their propaganda image of democracy, crony capitalism/economic system ideology and military, along with their conquered allies and military NATO. The third attempt, the front-man for the Anti-Christ one world movement is the image that the United States propagandizes to trick the people of the world that what it is doing is good and for peace, but it is truly a movement based on lies nonstop. [The name MABUS in Nostradamus’ Century 2, Quatrain 62 is referring to a “treaty” that the United States is involved in – the US-ABM treaty. The United States will break the US-ABM treaty that has held together the balance of world power preventing nuclear war. And so the treaty will die and if world war breaks out it will surely bring catastrophe across the Earth. But the Peace Faction in Russia continues to ask the United States for written guarantees that the US-ABM Defense Shield is not directed at Russia, but the United States refuses to give Russia written guarantees, and informs Russia that verbal words should be sufficient to trust.])

(In the “enhanced”, Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, the free PDF book: Download and read about how the United States tried to set off nuclear war in the 1970s but Russia stopped it, page 469.  Annihilating the population using nuclear weapons, page 1044.  Nostradamus foretold about the US withdrawing from the ABM treaty centuries ago, page 419.  How America started the nuclear weapons program through espionage, page 1137. Dangerous aggression will come from the United States of America, page 1138.  No phase of a worldwide peace but a state of a ‘Cold War’, page 1139.  A thermonuclear war will be used to depopulate the human mass, page 1409. The nuclear powers will, out of power-hunger and in order to preserve their power-status, wage nuclear wars, in addition to deploying other weapons of mass destruction and thus wreak global havoc which results in suffering, death, misery and annihilation across the whole planet, page 1413.  The USA shall ever more continue to bring immense stocks of the most modern terrible weapons into Europe, page 1415.  In Germany alone, where life still blossoms, a hundred atom-suns (Editor: Germany is attacked with 100…nuclear bombs) are ablaze, page 1486.  No efforts are being made for nuclear disarmament either, in honest and sensible cooperation with all other nuclear powers, page 1546.  American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world…a Third World War could develop from it, page 327.  If the Third World War will actually happen…, page 328.  The British who saw their plans for a victory in the First World War, page 349.  How the US would break treaties [one of them being mabus] to defeat the human population, page 419. Long foretold by Mr. P. Beter the COMING DEPRESSION AND THIRD WORLD WAR, page 466. The Earth may get some help at the ending of the Third World War, page 656.  If World War III erupts there will be a revenge campaign against those who started the war,  page 799.  The last decisive sign for the breaking out of the Third World-Fire (the Third World War), page 1484.  And how the Ruling Elites want Pope Frances resign to have a new pope confirm the happening of the Third World War, pages 1490 and 1485. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

(Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Trump vows to pull US out of nuclear arms treaty with Russia”.)


Britain backs Trump on Russia arms treaty withdrawal

THE WASHINGTON TIMES / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 21, 2018: The article highlights that Britain’s defense secretary Gavin Williamson says his country stands “absolutely resolute” with the United States as President Donald Trump says he’ll pull out from a landmark arms control agreement with Russia.

Williamson blames Russia for endangering the treaty. He’s calling on the Kremlin to “get its house in order.”

Trump says he’ll exit the agreement because Russia has violated it “for many years” and it’s preventing the U.S. from developing new weapons.


US INF pullout will delight arms industry as it threatens to reignite Cold War

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 26, 2018: The article highlights that Trump has been tearing up treaties since taking office, from halting negotiations on the TPP to NAFTA, but his latest threat to pull out of the nuclear deal, negotiated by President Reagan in the 80s, may be his biggest mistake critics warned.

In the mean time, while US President Donald Trump and his National Security Advisor, the neoconservative firebrand John Bolton, justify their threat by accusing Russia of violating the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, the reality is that it has largely been the US that has been the aggressor through the terrifying and costly decades of the Cold War that this latest treaty exit action threatens to re-ignite.

For many years, the US has kept huge numbers of both tactical (generally relatively small) and strategic (much larger) nuclear warheads overseas. According to a review of documents by the National Security Archive, published in updated form in 2006, from the early 1950s through the early 1990s — a period  of four decades of Cold War — the US kept up to 13,000 nuclear weapons overseas, some at US bases, some in the joint possession of European NATO allies like Belgium, Italy, and Germany.

The article continues, the Jupiter was the US’s first so-called intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM), able to carry a 1.1 megaton thermonuclear bomb 1500 miles (2400 kilometers), entering on a ballistic arc at a speed of 10,000 mph. The missiles remained in both countries under US Air Force command until 1963, when they were removed under a secret (from Americans!) agreement to resolve the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis (the one time the Soviet Union attempted during the Cold War era to put IRBMs near US shores).

The removal of the intermediate missile threats against the USSR didn’t mean the US was backing off of its aggressive Cold War stance of basing nuclear missiles just a few minutes’ flight from Soviet major cities. Beginning in the year 1979 and through 1992, the US deployed some 108 Pershing missiles with a range of 1100 miles (1770 km) carrying a 50 kiloton bomb in a variable-entry warhead, as well as another 464 ground-launched Gryphons, a type of cruise missile with a range of 1600 miles (2500 km) carrying a 150 kiloton warhead.

(BattleForWorld: No phase of a worldwide peace, but rather a state of a ‘Cold War’, page 1139. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)


NATO doesn’t want new Cold War, nuclear arms race in Europe – Stoltenberg

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 24, 2018: The article highlights that NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday (October 24) he did not see the alliance’s member states deploying more nuclear weapons in Europe as a response to “the new Russian missile,” reported by AFP.

“We don’t want a new Cold War,” the alliance’s secretary general told reporters. “We don’t want a new arms race.”

(BattleForWorld: No phase of a worldwide peace, but rather a state of a ‘Cold War’, page 1139. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

Stoltenberg said: “I don’t foresee that [NATO] allies will deploy more nuclear weapons in Europe.” However, NATO needs “to assess the implications of the new Russian missile for our security.”

Stoltenberg was speaking after US President Donald Trump said Monday (October 22) he was ready to build up the US nuclear arsenal in response to “Russia’s new missile program.” Trump also announced on Saturday (October 20), that the US was pulling out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).


Russia will target European countries if they host U.S. nuclear missiles

YAHOO / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 24, 2018: The article highlights that President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday (October 24) that Russia would be forced to target any European countries that agreed to host U.S. nuclear missiles following Washington’s withdrawal from a landmark Cold war-era arms control treaty.

Speaking at a news conference after holding talks with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Putin said he wanted to discuss what he called dangerous U.S. plans to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with U.S. President Donald Trump.


Trump: US to Build Up Nuclear Arsenal Until Russia, China Come to Their Senses

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 22, 2018: The article highlights that the United States of American will continue to develop its nuclear weapon stockpile, the US president told reporters Monday (October 22), until nations around the world come to their senses.

(BattleForWorld: The reader should also keep in mind that while Russia has destroyed its chemical weapons under the verification of the OPCW organization, the United States however still has not destroyed all of its stockpile of chemical weapons – claimed only 90% of its stockpile. And that it does not have the funds allocated to begin the process of destruction. According to the NewYorkTimes: “The United States, he [President Putin] said, “is unfortunately not observing the deadline for destroying chemical weapons” based on treaty obligations. “They have pushed the date back three times, citing lack of budget funding. Frankly, this sounds strange, but whatever.” And the US official position is that “The United States remains committed to the complete destruction of its declared chemical weapons stockpile by the end of 2023.”” Now, back to the START treaty, which is due to expire in 2021. Note the coincidence of the year date if world war should breakout that the US would still have access to its remaining chemical weapons stockpile.)

The threat was directed at China and Russia, the president emphasized. Trump did not elaborate what it would take for China and Russia to show they’d “come to their senses” regarding the development of nuclear weapons.

The Russian Security Council said Monday that “the Russian side has again voiced its principal position on the importance of maintaining the treaty in force, and has also voiced its readiness to work together on eliminating the mutual claims related to the implementation of this treaty,” Sputnik News reported


Bolton: US understands Russia’s position better, has yet to finalize its position on START treaty

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 22, 2018: The article highlights that the two officials (Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US National Security Advisor John Bolton) met in Moscow on Monday (October 22), where Bolton arrived shortly after the US President Donald Trump announced his desire to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) treaty.

(BattleForWorld: In an ironic and strange twist after President Trump announced that he would withdraw from the INF treaty Bolton immediately rushed to Moscow to meet with Lavrov. After the meeting Bolton said: The US now understands Russia’s position better but further clarification needed. Could that not have been done with a simple phone call? Very strange. It appears as if the Trump administration took a few steps back after the ultimatum threat issued in the press to Russia. In yet another strange twist, the timing of earthquakes: Powerful earthquakes strike off Canada within minutes. USGS said “Three large ones in a row does seem unusual“.)

If Trump goes ahead with pulling the US out of the INF, said the article, that will leave only one remaining pillar in the arms control architecture, the START Treaty limiting the deployment of all types of nuclear weapons. START is due to expire in 2021.


President Trump the GLOBALIST as US geopolitics to dominate the world continues

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 24, 2018: Merriam-Webster: a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence.

(BattleForWorld: Apparently Trump’s aspiration of becoming a nationalist has failed. Baroness De Rothschild banking family and allies have the United States President Trump under control: “After a Trump/Putin/Iran/China/NK Nuclear war, the world will revert back to the Globalist ideal offering security via Europe.” “We must come together to stop Populism from destroying safe and effective Globalist values.” “Populism is a temporary fad. Like it was for Hitler. & like Hitler, it will probably take WW3 to revert back to Globalism -the best protocol.” The baroness timely prophecies continues to fulfill.)


‘Has the eagle eaten all the olives?’ Putin jokes with Bolton about US belligerence

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 23, 2018: The article highlights that at the meeting with US national security adviser John Bolton in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a comment about Washington’s hostility that went right over the hawkish diplomat’s head.

“As far as I remember, the US coat of arms features a bald eagle that holds 13 arrows in one talon and an olive branch in another, which is a symbol of a peace-loving policy,” Putin said to Bolton at the meeting in Moscow on Tuesday (October 23).

Putin continues, “I have a question,” the Russian president added. “Looks like your eagle has already eaten all the olives; are the arrows all that is left?”

Bolton who reportedly persuaded US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, responded to Putin’s question:

“But I didn’t bring any more olives,” said Bolton.

“That’s what I thought,” Putin quipped in reply.

(BattleForWorld: Implying that the United States no more talks peace and is on the aggression path. The United States is losing its world power status and is reacting with the Zionists…as they cheer along to provoke the ultimate belligerence breakout of an all out world war.)


Gorbachev: Trump’s move to quit INF is ‘narrow-minded’, a clear ‘mistake’

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 21, 2018: The article highlights that former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who signed the INF treaty with then-US President Ronald Reagan, says Washington’s move to withdraw from it is a “mistake” and “a narrow-minded” decision.

Giving his take on President Donald Trump’s ambitious plan to scrap the historic Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), one of the “fathers” of the accord berated the current US leader.

“It’s completely unacceptable to break the old treaties on disarmament,” Gorbachev told Interfax.


Moscow: US Exit From Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia to Be ‘Very Dangerous Step’

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 21, 2018: The article highlights that on Saturday (October 21), US President Donald Trump announced the country’s plans to exit the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) treaty over alleged Russian violations of the agreement.

If the US continues to withdraw unilaterally from agreements, then Russia will adopt a range of retaliatory measures, including military ones, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Sputnik.

“We are treating with concern and condemnation the United States’ new attempts to force Russia to make concessions in the sphere of international security and strategic stability via blackmailing. The Russian side has repeatedly said that the US side has no reasons for accusing Russia of allegedly violating this treaty. After all these years, they have failed to substantiate their fanciful claims by clear explanations why they are doing this,” Ryabkov said. And “We are counting on obtaining clear explanations from him regarding the nature of the United States’ intentions and further steps [regarding the treaty],” Ryabkov said.


US leaving INF will put nuclear non-proliferation at risk & may lead to ‘complete chaos’ – Moscow

RT / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 21, 2018: The article highlights that if the US ditches the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), it could collapse the entire nuclear non-proliferation system, and bring nuclear war even closer, Russian officials warn.

By ending the INF, Washington risks creating a domino effect which could endanger other landmark deals like the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and collapse the existing non-proliferation mechanism as we know it, senior lawmaker Konstantin Kosachev said on Sunday (October 21).

“Now the US Western allies face a choice: either embarking on the same path, possibly leading to new war, or siding with common sense, at least for the sake of their self-preservation instinct.”


UK Warship Captain Paints ‘Deeply Frightening’ Future of Warfare Amid NYC Visit

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 20, 2018: The article highlights that viral warfare and robots killing humans – this is a potentially “deeply frightening future” where combat ethics will be tested, the commander of HMS Queen Elizabeth, Captain Jerry Kyd, said.

Captain Jerry Kyd said: “I think the coalescence of militarization, quantum computing, of automated fighting elements whether it is in the air, the surface or subsurface, the ability of computers and machines to make fast decision making loops – I think will fundamentally change the character of warfare.”  He continued, “I think we will see all sorts of vile methods. Viral warfare, and also attacks fundamentally against civilian populations through bringing down infrastructure, power grids, cyber warfare – a full spectrum of activity against the population which will be deeply frightening.”


Former US Intel Chief: Taiwan Should Practice Attacking China’s Liaoning Carrier

SPUTNIK NEWS – August 29, 2018: If China’s refurbished Liaoning aircraft carrier makes a voyage encircling Taiwan, leaders in Taipei should consider responding by conducting a simulated attack on the carrier, according to the former US director of national intelligence.

If the carrier sails around Taiwan, “Taiwanese forces should take advantage of its presence to conduct simulated attacks against the Liaoning, raising their own readiness and demonstrating the reality that the Liaoning is vulnerable under wartime conditions,” ret. US Navy Adm. Dennis Blair wrote in an August 22 post for Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA.


Russia responds to US actions with Vostok-2018 military drills

TASS – August 28, 2018: The article highlights that these military exercises are meant “to cool down some hotheads”, Frants Klintsevich stated.

Large-scale strategic drills Vostok-2018 will serve as a response to unfriendly US policy concerning Russia. These military exercises are meant “to cool down some hotheads”, First Deputy Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Frants Klintsevich stated on Tuesday.

“The main goal of these grand military drills, the most large-scale ones since 1981, is to check the operational readiness of the Russian Armed Forces,” he told journalists. According to him, “such a check-up will be quite handy in the context of a very difficult situation in the world.” “First and foremost, I mean the unprecedented pressure that the US is exerting on Russia,” he noted.

“The 1981 drills, which I had the opportunity to participate in, cooled down some hotheads in their time. Now the upcoming Vostok-2018 drills will fulfill the same role,” the senator continued.


Deep State Pushing Donald Trump Into War

TRU NEWS – August 28, 2018: The Deep State is trying to push President Trump into war. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Deep State Pushing Donald Trump Into War”.)


UN Committee Votes Against Russia’s Resolution on INF Treaty

SPUTNIK NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 26, 2018: The article highlights that Russia introduced a draft resolution aimed to preserve the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty to the UN General Assembly First Committee after the US announced a unilateral withdrawal from the pact, but the proposed draft resolution to the committee by Russia was voted against by the US delegation who protested. On Friday (October 26), the committee voted on whether the resolution draft should be reviewed.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, France and 50 more countries voted against the draft resolution, while 31 nations supported it, and 54 abstained.

(BattleForWorld: The current geopolitical climate at the United Nations is still heavily influenced by the United States. The only way to break this impasse some believe is for the United States to pullout of the United Nations. And since President Trump has shown his bravery to annul treaties, he could be the one to show the United Nations the exit door out of New York City.)


Does the Deep State Have President Trump Cornered?

TRU NEWS – August 24, 2018: Host Rick Wiles and the TruNews team discuss the current political climate in Washington, D.C., and how the controversies manufactured by the Deep State surrounding President Donald Trump have him cornered and carrying out their warmongering agenda. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Does the Deep State Have President Trump Cornered?”.)


Russian PM Compares Further Anti-Moscow Sanctions to Economic Warfare

SPUTNIK NEWS – August 10, 2018: The article highlights that Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned the United States on Friday (August 10) that sanctions it plans to impose in August over the ex-spy poisoning might be treated as a declaration of economic war.

Russian Prime Minister said that if some sort of ban on banking activities or currency ban was imposed on Russia — it would mean a declaration of economic war.

All I can say is: if they ban banking operations or the use of any currency we will call it a declaration of economic war. And we’ll have to respond to it – economically, politically or in any other way, if need be. Our American friends should make no mistake about it,” he said during a trip to the Kamchatka region. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Russian PM Compares Further Anti-Moscow Sanctions to Economic Warfare”.)


Russia-US economic war looms?

RT – August 11, 2018: Further tightening of US sanctions on Russia will be viewed as the start of economic war and Russia will have to react – economically and politically. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Russia-US economic war looms?”.)


US Dollar Becoming Risky Instrument For Int’l Payments – Russian Minister

SPUTNIK NEWS – August 12, 2018: The article highlights that the US dollar is becoming an unreliable tool for payments in international trade, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stated in an interview.

The minister did not rule out the possibility to use national currencies instead of the dollar in oil trade.

“I do not rule it out. We have significantly reduced our investment in US assets. In fact, the dollar, which is considered to be the international currency, becomes a risky tool for payments,” he noted.

Siluanov also pointed out that the government has no plans to shut American companies in Russia.

“Currently, we do not plan any restrictive measures or closures, for example, to close  McDonald’s, as these companies employ our citizens,” he said.

The minister’s statements come amid controversy around the dollar caused by a major financial spat between the US and Turkey.


Confrontation in Russia-U.S. relations is tightening as Washington uses the dollar as a tool to exert pressure

TASS – September 5, 2018: The article highlights that confrontation and strains in relations between Russia and the United States are growing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.

“As for the political heat and rhetoric that go beyond what used to be considered as diplomatic courtesy not long ago, confrontation and strains are augmenting,” he said in an interview with the Bolshaya Igra (Big Game) on Russian Channel One TV.

“The United States initiated NATO’s movement towards our borders not merely through admittance of new members from among Russia’s neighbors but also in the format of deployment of military infrastructure along our borders,” he said.

And that Washington is using the dollar as a tool to exert pressure in violation of its liabilities, Lavrov added.

“The most vivid example [of the rules U.S. is inviting to be guided] is the dollar, the international currency system. Is it a rule? I think it is. Everyone has accepted it, has been living with this rule for years hoping the U.S. would respect its liabilities of the issuer of this key global reserve currency,” he said.

“What is now happening to the dollar? Washington is manipulating the dollar at its discretion,” he added.

According to Russia’s top diplomat, the United States is using the dollar as an instrument when “it wants to punish anyone.” “They immediately stop servicing any dollar-denominated banking operations. Notably, they do that not only in respect of a country they want to punish but also in respect of all others who has these or those relations with it,” he noted.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asks Why U.S. Funds ‘Unlimited War’ But Not ‘Medicare For All’

HUFFPOST – August 10, 2018: The article highlights that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued Wednesday (August 8) that Congress seems to have no money when it comes to paying for “Medicare for all” but plenty to support “unlimited war” and tax cuts for billionaires.

(BattleForWorld: I hope Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez realize that both political parties do this, support unlimited wars. And if she was ever elected president she would follow into the same path pushed on her by the elite puppet masters.)

In an impassioned interview with Chris Cuomo, the Democratic congressional candidate said people are too heavily focused on “the sticker shock of Medicare for all but we do not talk about the sticker shock of our existing system.”

Health care for everyone in this country “is not a pipe dream. Every other developed nation does this ― why can’t America?” the 28-year-old asked on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”


China warns US Navy in South Sea: ‘Leave immediately’

EXPRESS – August 10, 2018: The article highlights that the Chinese military told a US Navy plane flying over the highly-disputed island in the South China Sea to “leave immediately”.

The US Navy P-8A Poseidon jet was flying at 16,500 feet to get a view of low-lying coral reefs that have been turned into garrisons with five-storey buildings, large radar installations, power plants and runways sturdy enough to carry large military aircraft.

The crew was warned six times by the Chinese military to get out of their territory. A voice said: “US military aircraft, this is China … leave immediately and keep out to avoid any misunderstanding.”

Each time the aircraft was challenged by the Chinese military, the US Navy crew’s response was the same: The repsonse was: “I am a sovereign immune United States naval aircraft conducting lawful military activities beyond the national airspace of any coastal state.

“In exercising these rights as guaranteed by international law, I am operating with due regard for the rights and duties of all states.”


Russian lawmaker suggests deploying nuclear weapons in Syria to respond to US sanctions

TASS – August 24, 2018: The article highlights that now Russia has to draw its own ‘red lines, according to Vladimir Gutenev.

The US policy of putting pressure on Russia has crossed the “red line,” and Moscow should think about an asymmetric response, such as the deployment of its tactical nuclear weapons abroad, a senior Russian lawmaker told TASS on Friday (August 24).

I believe that now Russia has to draw its own ‘red lines.’ The time has come to ponder on variants of asymmetric response to the US, which are now being suggested by experts and are intended not only to offset their sanctions but also to do some retaliatory damage,” said Vladimir Gutenev, the first deputy head of the economic policy committee of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament.

Among such measures, the official named the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, such as Syria, the use of gold-linked cryptocurrencies for Russian arms exports and the suspension of a number of treaties with the United States, including on non-proliferation of missile technologies.


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