Baroness De Rothschild Twitter Postings: Trump – Iran, Impeachment, Coup, Economic Crash, World War

BATTLEFORWORLD – May 8, 2018 (annotations added May 13, 2018): As the Trump 2016 election campaign was coming to a close with voting scheduled in a couple days in November to decide the next United States president, an account appeared on Twitter with the username “Bss De Rothschild“. The content posted by Baroness De Rothschild was informative, provocative, sometimes laced with threats, name calling, etc. If this was indeed Hannah Rothschild from the Rothschilds family her political tweets were timely refreshing regarding her opinions about political matters. The Twitter account was eventually removed and another account with the same content reappeared using a different username “Lady De Rothschild“.

The Baroness was very outspoken against Donald Trump because her presidential candidate of choice was Hillary Clinton.

Here are a few excerpts about what she had to say regarding Trump, and many of her tweets posted in 2016 are turning out to be prophetic.

The Zionists have President Trump cornered and are using him to implement their foreign policy goals. The hope is that Trump can somehow get himself out of this predicament, because the outcome is going to be very destructive:

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Great work @POTUS @BarackObama Now let’s see if @realDonaldTrump violates his patriotism to the US by lifting the imposed sanctions #Russia” (BattleForWorld: The Russian sanctions were put in place to prevent any alliance with Russia and the United States. And the globalists are making sure that Trump does not do anything to change that.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschil: “The Baroness is happy! Obama has blocked Trump into a corner with the Russian Hacking retaliation sanctions. Will Trump violate patriotism?”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Obama is a genius! Now let @realDonaldTrump DARE attempt to lift these imposed sanctions in January! Patriotism will be analysed! #Russia”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “On a serious note, if @realDonaldTrump doesn’t close down his Twitter account to avoid temperamental disaster, he will be impeached & void.” (BattleForWorld: If Trump gives up his Twitter account, that means he’s fully under globalist control.)

Bss De Rothschild Retweeted: Mo-#NEVERMyPresident ?@MeLovesMLE: “Trumps numbers will only go down until his impeachment? Trump approval rating nearly 20 pts below Obama, poll finds”.

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “One can envision impeachment day. There is a predictable pattern to Trump’s behaviour that will end up tripping his bloated ass up into shit”.

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Unfortunately for deplorables in 2017, IMPEACHMENT will rob you of your little Russian hacked election ‘victory’. Too many skeletons and….” (BattleForWorld: Once Trump agrees to bomb Iran, his fabricated impeachment narrative will quickly end like that of Bill Clinton after he agreed to bomb Yugoslavia.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “I can’t help but feel sick at the sight of @realDonaldTrump’s orange skin & yellow hair after these Urine Leaks. #goldenshowers #watersports”.

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Yes, one can most certainly change one’s opinion on Trump. He is actually the ultimate swamp monster. Perfect chess piece to be purchased.” “Trump is perfect for being bought & sold by the enigmatic elites. More so than Hillary. Flawless chess piece. His personality is perfect.” “I smell piss, wait, could be IMPEACHMENT. @realDonaldTrump”.

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “There will be no affluence or opportunity for deplorables under Trump. He will get bought & manipulated soon. Easy target. Sorry peasants.” (BattleForWorld: Agree.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “And by the way, appointing several ex military generals to your cabinet is a cute tactic to distract the US military from applying a coup!

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild Dec 16, 2016: “The Trump Train is about to crash & burn people. Both economically & politically. It’s over. Foreign intervention results in a void result.”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschil: “Do Trump supporters really think he’s head over heels for YOUR benefit. Job creation? Try highest unemployment ever! Americans are lazy….” (BattleForWorld: Some say the job numbers are inflated.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “One will go as far to say that Trump will contact my family next. He has already liaised on the telephone with Warren, Soros & Rockefeller.”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “I am 110% sure that had my family been American born, Trump would have a Rothschild or 2 in his cabinet. Then he would taste real success.” (BattleForWorld: Maybe your allies can assist you in this?)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Trump & his incompetent Swamp filled cabinet don’t have the intellect, experience or guts to take on China & all its complexities.”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “US national debt will reach new highs under @realDonaldTrump. Prepare for hyperinflation, massive unemployment & a brand new corruption Fools.” (BattleForWorld: When Trump is finished with the presidencies, the curtain of the United States production will begin to come down. I agree with the Baroness.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Attacking US brands via social media is a destructive tactic for a president to do. Trump will likely manipulate stock his family owns too.” (BattleForWorld: Trump has verbally attacked Amazon and a few others on Twitter.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Trump will likely ignite full protectionist strategies for the US which will isolate the country like a new North Korea. China to surpass US“. (BattleForWorld: Yes, China will surpass the US after 2020.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild Nov 29, 2016: “I hope @realDonaldTrump can see the millions of Koreans demonstrating for Park’s impeachment. A glimpse of his future. Korean Yuan is dying”.

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “On a serious note, if @realDonaldTrump doesn’t close down his Twitter account to avoid temperamental disaster, he will be impeached & void.” (BattleForWorld: Maybe after he gives the go ahead to bomb Iran he will comply to full abidance. The Zionists are not going to let Trump off until this is done.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “America is NOTHING without its banks, JPMorgan himself said this! We also funded 80% of your banking system & don’t forget who prints your $”. “Perhaps nations like US and Russia need reminding of who REALLY controls the show. Removing your banking system & the fed would be a start”.

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Let the FOMC Minutes be a sign that the future holds so many fiscal policy disasters under a Trump administration. You will learn hard way!” (BattleForWorld: Agree. The policies of the other presidents have really damaged the US economy.) 

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “Who is ready for WW3? It begins with Iran & US & of course the US’s new girlfriend Russia.”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “After a Trump/Putin/Iran/China/NK Nuclear war, the world will revert back to the Globalist ideal offering security via Europe.(BattleForWorld: Certain forces are aware that the globalists want to “destroy everything” – to make as much war as possible with countries, igniting World War 3, and then after the globalists hope they will be the victor to start anew.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “ISIS will be forgotten and overridden by the dominance of the incoming American, Russian & Asian Nuclear War. Started with Trump & Putin.” (BattleForWorld: This is the main reason for the Anti-Russian sentiment or Russophobia plan that the globalists are using Trump to continue, to eventually create a war clash with Russia, and also a war clash with China to officially bring out into the open World War 3 – to destroy as much as possible everything.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “After a Trump/Putin led WW3 with Iran and others, the minds of the global population will only care for unity & Globalist security.”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “The oil price is creeping higher because of fuelled tensions with Iran, US & Russia. WW3 will send Oil & Gold prices to unprecedented levels”.

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild Dec 12, 2016: “One predicts the new formation of allied forces for WW3. China, North Korea, Europe & Japan.”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild Nov 30, 2016: “The Republic Of America will become isolated & fall behind China & Europe while restricting freedoms of Americans. Just like North Korea.” (BattleForWorld: The globalists have used America up, and she’s of no more use.)

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “WW3 will also see the first bombings on American soil in decades! Mainly from the Middle East, China, Japan & North Korea.”

Bss De Rothschild ?@BssDeRothschild: “We must come together to stop Populism from destroying safe and effective Globalist values.”

(BattleForWorld: WOW, truly riveting statements by the Baroness.)