Starbucks Requires BA To Serve Coffee

DR. RICHARD WOLFF – June 9, 2018: I sat in a Starbucks, the one on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue (in New York, United States)… I was in there having my cup of coffee. It was kind of empty, and a young woman comes in…about 21 or 22 years old. She looks around and walked up to the an employee who makes the coffee and asked for a job application form. The employee says to the woman, do you mind if I ask you a question and the lady said sure. Do you have your BA degree and she said no. The Starbucks employee said, I will give you an application, fill it out and wait over there, but I am telling you, if you do not have a BA they are not going to hire you. …


Everybody knows by Leonard Cohen

The song referenced by Dr. Richard Wolf in the presentation.


Starbucks Closing 150 Stores

BLOOMBERG – June 20, 2018: Americans’ long-running joke about a Starbucks on every corner may be nearing its end.

Starbucks also plans to close about 150 company-operated stores in densely penetrated U.S. markets next fiscal year, three times the number it historically shuts down annually. Shares slid as much as 5.1 percent in early trading on Wednesday.


The Future of Global Capitalism with David Harvey

RT – June 9, 2018: David Harvey, Author of “Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason,” discusses the future of global capitalism.


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