Austrian Chancellor Calls Russia Superpower, Stresses Its Role For Peace

TASS – June 5, 2018: The article highlights that Russia plays a big role in Syria and in the east of Ukraine, according to Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian Chancellor.

Russia, as a superpower, has a great responsibility for maintenance of peace in trouble spots of the globe, Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said at a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday during his visit to Austria.

“As a superpower, Russia not only plays a big role in trouble spots – in Syria, in the east of Ukraine and in other ones, but it also has a big responsibility,” Kurz said. “And we hope and expect that Russia will make its contribution so that the people there could live the way they would like to, that is in peace,” he added.


Le Pen says Putin’s visit to Austria sign of Europe’s liberation

TASS – June 6, 2018: The article highlights that the leader of France’s National Rally party (former National Front), Marine Le Pen, noted that she sees signs of what in her opinion is the beginning of Europe’s liberation, citing as an example the soaring popularity of right-of-center forces in several European countries and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz during his visit to Vienna. (BattleForWorld: But the ruling elites, for example the Rothschilds, are not happy with this liberation posture by the Europeans. And a Rothschilds’ family member issued threat that populism is a fad and will end.)

“The meeting of Kurz, [Heinz-Christian] Strache (vice-chancellor, minister for civil service and sport) and Putin and rapprochement between [Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo] Salvini and [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orban: the liberation of Europe begins now,” Le Pen tweeted on Wednesday.

The world today is making a choice different from that made over the past 30 years. It is going to be a genuine peaceful and democratic revolution, a turn away from savage globalization, universal free exchange and immigration. It will be a turn towards protection,” she stated. “Italy, Hungary, Austria – we are witnesses to the beginning of the liberation of Europe!” In her opinion, in Europe there should be no place for supra-national entities whose decisions would outweigh those made by national governments.


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