Benjamin Fulford – Prepare For Change. New Global Alliances. Interview Update June 7, 2018

PREPARE FOR CHANGE – June 9, 2018: PrepareForChange had the pleasure of an interview with Benjamin Fulford on June 7, 2018. In this interview, conducted by Richard and Meg, Benjamin lets us know about the shifting of various world alliances, the rise of India, the decline of the influence of the petrodollar, and reminds us of the upcoming Bilderberg and G7 meetings. Benjamin continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity. We hope you enjoy this third interview in our series of interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

(43:15 minutes into the video interview, Fulford said that Soros is dead; and he once asked Soros about the families who control the Federal Reserve Board, but he was reluctant to answer the question.)

(BattleForWorld: Kim Jong-Un of North Korea does not control China. Correctly, the ruling elites are using North Korea as a tool to try and control China. In the same way Japan, South Korea, etc. are being used as vassals. The ruling elites in the West want full control of Asia to out muscle China, so that they will have full dictatorship control over the region. It’s a desperate attempt, but they will fail according to sources.)


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