‘Honesty’ And ‘Openness’ No Longer Part Of NSA’s Core Values

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 26, 2018: Upon hearing this news, the movie “Equilibrium” came to mind. The story is set in the future about a police state where the citizens are under constant surveillance. Feelings and expression are outlawed, suppressed by a daily dose of injection to make the citizens behave emotionless. Where morality – honesty in humanness, openness in society, etc. are questioned, but over time the governance in the Equilibrium totalitarian state eroded.

Honesty’ and ‘openness’ no longer part of NSA’s core values
RT – January 26, 2018: The National Security Agency has subtly edited its mission statement to remove any references to “honesty,” “openness” and “honor.”

Equilibrium (2002) Trailer


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