Modern Medicine Mistrust Among The Public

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 27, 2018: From the public many years of observing care and progress in medicine and patient care, distrust is increasing evermore regarding the quality of medical care and treatment, abuses by medical practitioners, etc. and this point of view continues to diminish the overall trustworthiness of the medical industry.

The general opinion is that the medical establishment has lost humanness and now regard patients as potential income for business.

And it is not uncommon to come across comments saying that medicine kills more than heals.

MEDICALXPRESS – January 26, 2018: A rising tide of suspicion amplified by social networks has eroded public trust in modern medicine, leaving scientists and health officials scrambling for ways to shore up its credibility, experts say. And especially in rich nations, faith has waned in vaccines that have saved millions from the ravages of polio, tetanus, small pox, influenza and many other once rampant and deadly diseases.

A medical misstep of another kind was the publication in 1998 by The Lancet, a respected medical journal, of research that drew a causal link between vaccines and autism in children.

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 282 and read about how Earthly medicine has fallen behind. Medical abuse, page 1350. Informs us that many hospitals are being closed down, page 1403. Toxic substances in food products, page 784. Antibiotics in food, page 884. The poisoning of water, page 943. The IMF and the increase cost of food, page 945. Hints about the water supply being depleted because of food production abuse, page 1077. The shortage of food stuff will develop, page 1133. The poisoning of food, page 1409. How human beings will suffer from poverty, cannot afford healthcare, to die of starvation, because they cannot anymore sustain themselves, nor afford food and the costs of health, page 1415. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)


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