MONKEY CLONES Made By Dolly The Sheep Method

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1397 and  read about “in-vitro” humans. And page human cloning going on in secret, pages 326, 547, 550, 715, 861, 1396, etc.  UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 25, 2018: Research into cloning has been going on privately for many decades, refining the techniques, before an accidental breakthrough of the first successfully cloned human being in the 1970s. Into the 1980s the United States Deep State/Military Industrial Complex corporation began cloning Grey aliens (and later human beings were transformed by the transgenesis method) using DNA extracted from the dead Roswell extraterrestrial lifeforms where they were put into service to excite the UFO abduction agenda to eventually finalize an alien threat from outer space for the ruling-elites to secure one world domination.

THESUN – January 25, 2018: And now that scientists have successfully produced the world’s first monkey clones using the same method that made Dolly The Sheep (, BATTLEFORWORLD: the PUBLIC unveiling of human clones awaits).

Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, the names of the cloned monkeys, the genetically-identical long-tailed macaques borned at Shanghai’s Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience, are just eight and six weeks old respectively, and early images of the pair shows that they appear to be in good health.

Dr David King, from the Human Genetics Alert lobby group, said: “We are concerned that this is a stepping stone to the creation of human clones. (BATTLEFORWORLD: It has already been done privately since the late 1970s. Refer to article here.)

“Although it (the cloning process) looks technically difficult, those with enough financial resources and the ambition to be the first to (publicly) create a cloned child are likely to try.” (BATTLEFORWORLD: It has already been done privately in the 1990s in Europe and the child had to be terminated due to cell breakdown complications. Cloning technology is still not yet perfected where longevity is concern, because the main problem is cell deterioration. Refer to the article here to find out the problem regarding what is not being copied during the cloning process.)

They’re unique because they’re the first primates to be cloned using the somatic cell nuclear transfer technique that was used to create the famous sheep-clone Dolly 20 years ago.


In a scientific first, cloned monkeys are born. Will they accelerate biomedical research?

STATNEWS – January 31, 2018: Ever since Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal in 1996, now primates have been cloned primates.

Scientists in China reported on Wednesday in Cell that they had cloned two healthy long-tailed macaque monkeys from the cells of another macaque, using the Dolly technique. The two clones, born 51 and 49 days ago, were created from a fetus’s cells; so far, the scientists have not been able to make the tricky procedure work when they used cells from adult macaques. That would seem to postpone the dystopian day when cloning children and grown-ups becomes as mainstream as IVF. But because “the technical barrier [to cloning primates] is now broken,” co-author Mu-ming Poo of the Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai told reporters, the technique “could be applied to humans” — something he said his team has no intention of doing and sees no reason for.

Cloning pioneers said the monkey clones represented, as Dr. Robert Lanza put it, “an impressive breakthrough, which overcomes the last major hurdle in the field.” Lanza co-led teams that cloned a gaur in 2000 and in 2014 used the Dolly technique to produce human embryos (but not pregnancies) from the cells of an adult.

Before this, “no one was able to produce living offspring” through primate cloning, said Shoukhrat Mitalipov, of Oregon Health and Science University, who in 2013 also used the Dolly technique to create human embryos (technically, blastocysts) from the cells of an 8-month-old. (He did not use the embryos to create pregnancies either.) “These guys made it work, which is quite an achievement.”


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