US Pursuing Vile Goal Of War – North Korean Minister

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 8, 2017: If the US is trying to start war in Asia using North Korea, it will find it very difficult, because other forces will not allow this to happen, as defenses will go into action. And this area of Asia is not the Middle East where the West and its allies destroyed much of Iraq (using bogus reason for war), Libya (forced invasion by NATO) and Syria (were terrorist armies were secretly recruited and sent in) to try and reshape the area for future gas…transit corridors.

The Globalist gang is using the United States to try and create chaos in Asia, because Asia is moving away from the US Dollar hegemony in the new economic revival that is forming under the BRICS, Eastern Economic Forum, etc.

The US is behaving the way it is because it was given the power by the Globalists to become “The World’s policeman” where it can go, covertly or openly, into probably any country and create havoc in the interest of the ruling-elites.


US Pursuing Vile Goal Of War – North Korean Minister

RT – September 8, 2017: US actions against Pyongyang reveal its true goal of igniting war in the region, a North Korean official claims, adding that its recently-tested “hydrogen bomb” and missiles would help to protect peace, fending off aggression “at any place on the Earth.”

The aggressive statements of [US President Donald] Trump, ‘fire and fury,’ the ongoing US hysterical scheming against our republic clearly indicate that the US is an insolent brigand, disregarding the will of the international community, the establishment of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and pursuing the only vile goal – war,” Minister of Foreign Economic Relations and head of the North Korean delegation Kim Young-jae told reporters on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum on Thursday.

The US condemnation of the North Korean nuclear and missile tests, which violate the UNSC resolutions, was actually meant to conceal Washington’s own warmongering nature, the official stated, adding that his country develops weapons only to protect itself.

“At the moment, following the successful tests of the hydrogen bomb fitted to the inter-continental ballistic missiles [ICBM], the US and its satellites wage the so-called campaign to condemn [DPRK] and tighten sanctions against our republic. The actions of the US, chewing into the strengthening of the defensive nuclear armaments and aimed at smearing our republic are an attempt to conceal the true nature of the nuclear tension-stirrer,” Kim Young-jae said.

Pyongyang was in fact pushed down the path of creating its own nuclear stockpile by the US hostility and constant “nuclear blackmailing,” the official claimed.

“To eradicate the hostile moves and nuclear blackmail on part of the US, which have been ongoing for over a decade, we’ve chosen the path of nuclear armament, and the recent hydrogen bomb to arm the ICBMs is a step to achieve the goal of … modernizing the state nuclear armed forces,” Kim Young-jae added.

Development of the home-grown weapons of mass destruction has allowed North Korea to “have powerful forces of nuclear deterrence, which allow [us] to mercilessly fend off the onslaught of the hostile forces at any place on the Earth and boldly protect the peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the whole region,” the official added.

“The US, orating about ‘all options on the table’ and trying through unprecedented malicious sanctions and pressure to frighten us and turn us back, is making a big miscalculation. The US should never forget about our current status of a state, possessing nuclear bombs and ICBMs. We will respond to the barbaric US schemes of imposing sanctions and pressure with powerful counter-measures of our own,” Kim Young-jae concluded. Link: Read Complete Article


US Tried To Set Off False-Flag In The Seas Of Asia

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 4, 2017:

>Those of US who understand the highly inauspicious aspects
>associated with a total solar eclipse, especially when it crosses
>directly overhead as one did over the USA on Monday,
>August 21st, are not at all surprised by the
>calamitous superstorm HARVEY.
>NWO Cabal Uses HARVEY & IRMA to Promote Global Climate Change Scam
>Posted By: Lymerick
>Date: Sunday, 3-Sep-2017 23:03:15

The United States, the Deep-State Globalists, the ones giving Trump a hell-of-a-time, tried to set off a false-flag in the seas of Asia. That was when the McCain ship got mysteriously damaged.

All that is going on with North Korea, IS ALL INSTIGATED FOR MEDIA HYPE!!! to panic. When countries accept US monetary funds, they unknowingly/knowingly agree to be part of the US aggressive foreign policy. What is going on in Asia, is the US trying to manipulate the Chinese and the Russians. The US meddling just never stop – it is normal foreign policy which Hillary Clinton excels at. Trump is trying to catch-up to the old trick, that the US needs more money to create more debt, and the “panic” is used for that purpose.

So, after the US failed to get the false-flag going, to send a warning that this will not be tolerated in Asia, technological forces went to work, and HARVEY materialized.

Then later Irma appeared swirling in the Atlantic, but I cannot go into why, but you saw it all played out in the media.

War will not happen due to certain forces, but if war should breakout in Asia, Americans living near coastal regions around the United States, must seriously consider survival planning. Link: Read Article


Nikki Haley Says North Korea Is “Begging For War”

CBSNEWS – September 8, 2017: The United States’ ambassador to the United Nations on Monday said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was “begging for war” with his continued defiance of international sanctions barring his country from nuclear and missile tests.

Ambassador Nikki Haley told an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council that “enough is enough” from North Korea, which she said must face the “strongest possible measures” from the council for conducting its sixth nuclear test explosion over the weekend — the isolated totalitarian state’s most powerful to date. Link: Read Complete Article


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