Flight Over Pyongyang Shatters Myths About North Korea

ARAMPAN – September 9, 2017: Video of my flight over Pyongyang in May 2016. It’s a rare treat that a foreigner is allowed photography and filming over the skies of North Korea and even rarer to be doing so in a Piper Matrix PA-46 Light Plane.


SPUTNIKNEWS – September 9, 2017: Photographer Aram Pan enjoyed a unique opportunity to fly over the capital of North Korea and shoot some truly rare footage of the city. A really captivating picture unfolded before his eyes. Meanwhile, YouTube users are particularly baffled by the shape and purpose of the building seen at 3:08 — what do you think it is? Link: Read Article


Pyongyang‘s Downtown

MIHAI TITIENAR – September 9, 2017:


This Video Will Change Your Perception Of North Korea

DREWBINSKY – September 9, 2017: I went on a 3 day guided tour in Pyongyang, North Korea in April 2017, and I put together this short video/documentary from trip.

Please keep in mind that this video is about my own personal experiences in North Korea, so please take what I say with a grain of salt. I am well aware that all tours to North Korea are organized and preplanned, and what I saw was a skewed perspective (a small fraction) of the realities that may exist behind closed doors.

My goal in making this video (and all videos) has always been the same – to focus on spreading happiness & positivity in our world by connecting with people across the globe. While it’s a bit more challenging to do this in North Korea, I tried my best to show you a different side of North Korea and connect with the people – apart from all the negativity the media has brought about to this nation.

Many of you know my deep love, appreciation and connection with Korea, as I lived and taught English in Seoul 18 months. I can speak Korean conversationally, so I used my ability to meet eye to eye with as many locals as I could to have conversations with them. Most people I came across were friendly and kind-hearted, even after telling them I was American.

I welcome your thoughts, feedback and questions about my trip to North Korea. If you enjoy this video, please share it to help spread the message of peace and positivity within North Korea.


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