Dollar Deepens Dive As Caution On Currency Grows

WSJ – September 8, 2017: The dollar was hit by fresh selling in Asian trading Friday, a day after notching a 2½-year low, as reasons for caution on the currency continued to mount.

Thursday’s 0.7% drop was part of a broader move by investors into haven assets such as gold and government debt—a dollar “capitulation trade,” said Rob Rennie, currency-strategy chief at Australian bank Westpac . It was fueled in part by the European Central Bank, which raised growth forecasts and thus spurred the euro.

The action highlighted how market sentiment has shifted as 2017 has progressed. The year began with high investor hopes that the Trump administration’s program of infrastructure spending, tax overhaul and regulatory cutbacks would cause long-muted U.S. growth to accelerate.

But the enthusiasm has waned as months pass without legislation, despite Republican control of not just the White House but Congress. Link: Read Complete Article


US Holding Up The World To Get Dollars

BLOOMBERG – September 5, 2017: Trump agreed to support new weapons sales to South Korea and Japan. (BATTLEFORWORLD: And this is what it is all about, panicking Japan and South Korea to buy more US dollars for the US to create more debt to meet its balance sheet in September, using North Korea.) In a phone conversation on Monday with South Korean President Moon Jae-In, Trump said he would support “in principle” the U.S. ally fitting its missiles with heavier warheads, boosting its deterrence against North Korea. (BATTLEFORWORLD: These updated missiles will be used to target China and Russia, but they already know this – the game that is being played.)

A day later, Trump tweeted: “I am allowing Japan & South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States.” Link: Read Complete Article

Link, main article: US Holding Up The World To Get Dollars


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