Major Problem Of US Gov’t – President Surrounded By Warmongers

RT – April 11, 2017:  President Trump is under the influence of warmongers whose bread is buttered by violence, and are connected with the war industry blocking the President from getting really good people placed in office, says Virginia State Senator Richard Black.

He also warned Syria against using chemical weapons, an allegation Damascus denies.

The sudden pivot by President Trump on the Syrian conflict appears to break a campaign promise many of his supporters once praised him for: namely, abstaining from routine military intervention abroad.

RT: The White House has said Washington could take further military action in Syria. What can we expect to see happen?

Richard Black: We need to look at what occurred. We know with absolute certainty that Syria did not drop poison gas – because there has to be a motive. There was no motive. Syria was advancing and defeating the jihadists on every front. Why would President Assad enrage the world and order to kill a handful of civilians? If for some reason, he decided to use poison gas, why would he use it against heavily entrenched terrorists instead of killing a gaggle of women and children? The whole thing is totally irrational; a child should be able to see through it. Now what we do know for a fact is that CNN reported on September 13, 2016, – just five months ago – that US B-52 attacked a major ISIS poison gas facility in Mosul. Where did that poison gas go? Where did the sarin gas and so forth that they produced go? It WENT INTO artillery shells, and it was distributed to warehouses.

RT: Was there any justification for the US attacking the Syrian air base? Some say it played into the hands of ISIS fighters. What are your thoughts?

Richard Black: I think it was a terrible thing to do. Shortly after the attack was launched, ISIS launched a ground attack. We don’t know how they knew about the missile attack, someone apparently informed them, and they launched an attack immediately afterward. There was no justification; it was a rash, impulsive decision, at best. At worst, it was a very carefully orchestrated pre-planned occurrence that was done in conjunction with covert intelligence agencies. Link: Read Complete Article


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