Sarin Gas – The Mysterious Containers – What’s Wrong With These Chemical Weapons In Syria?

VESTINEWS – April 11, 2017: This Saturday the main subject is the situation around Syria after the American missile strike. I’ve even heard people discuss the US strike on Syria on bus stops. They are outraged. But what was it really? As announced by the US, it was something like a warning strike, or retaliation. Before the Syrian Air Force dropped chemical bombs on Khan Shaykhun village, where people died from suffocation, including children. In Damascus, they don’t deny that this village was bombed, but they say that the chemical weapons were on the ground, that the Syrian Air Force bombed the place where the militants stored it. Where is the truth? Our military correspondent Evgeny Poddubny shot absolutely stunning material at that very air base that the Americans bombed. Link: Video


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