Extraterrestrials Helping The United States?

Published By TBFWS (The Battle For World Supremacy)
August 8, 2009 – Updated: December 30, 2016

Written By DAH

All the UFO/Alien stories about extraterrestrials working with the U.S. government, transferring technologies and from this collaboration the United States is using this knowledge to update their military. These extraterrestrials, if they are involved in such an undertaking with the U.S., have no morals when it comes to exploring the cosmic universe.

Put aside all these fantastic stories and contemplate a bit: the constant war situation on the Earth among different power groups and peoples, and knowing this, these extraterrestrials who are recklessly off-loading their technologies to help the United States are only adding fuel to the fire to hurry Armageddon on planet Earth. It appears that their advanced evolution has destroyed their common sense and intellectual intelligence because they are unable to recognize the problems that Earth people have been enduring for centuries. But, what if all these fantastic stories coming out of the United States about alien collaboration with their government are all made-up for some future agenda?

In the Billy Meier contact report #115 on October 19, 1978: The dialogue starts off with Billy conveying information to Ptaah about a U.S. secret service agent contacting him about the Russians receiving new and mysterious weapons from extraterrestrial intelligences, and have gained advantages over the United States as well in space travel technology. And was asking Billy to relay a message to his extraterrestrial friends, the Plejarens, if they could give technical assistance to the United States regarding technologies. Ptaah replied that he looked into the matter about extraterrestrials helping the Russians and found that it was untrue; and that Russia developed their technologies on their own. And have also looked into the matter regarding extraterrestrials helping the United States and found no such evidence. And noted that all the previous inventions of the United States and Russia of all kinds is a result of normal progress and are the work of their earthly scientists. And like all other earthly scientists they receive impulses (i.e. thought transference they regard as their own) that do not allow them go overboard (i.e. progress too fast before showing responsibility for the greater good – the cohesion of humanity). Ptaah noted that the request by the U.S. secret service agent for the Plejarens to help the Americans is possible if it was required, but that it would be in the assistance of behavior patterns (i.e. peace and harmony conduct) and not technological plans.


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