Stealing Knowledge From Man-made Aliens

Published By TBFWS (The Battle For World Supremacy)
August 8, 2009 – Updated: December 30, 2016

Written By DAH

An individual using the alias “lethceb” (whose avatar has a red background with the word “Bechtel” colored black) began posting entries on the forum in the year 2009 about Thomas Castello. Lethceb information was at times very colorful, but in the end disappointing. Some of the questions to the poster “lethceb” for answers: Were they (i.e. the aliens) able to reproduce here on the Earth? Were females at the base? Were alien children at the base? Born on planet Earth? And did they have sex with animals? What do you mean by animal hybrids? And “lethceb” replied: “They could reproduce here, although it is a very artificial process along the lines of cloning. The four alien species were neither male or female. Once a “clone” was produced they instantly looked “adult” although they needed a large amount of mental development similar to what a child needs. …Hybrids were created “outside the womb” so to speak due to it being impossible for a host to carry a potential hybrid internally. There was no sexual procedure necessary. It is understood that elements (i.e. DNA) from each species were combined (into egg) in the lab; the creation is monitored until it was at the stage where it could enter an artificial womb (actually a large test tube-like device). The success rate with these “hybrids” was very low (6%). They tend to live for a very short time as breathing difficulties and brain formation issues are common (problems).” Here, “lethceb” is describing creations, i.e. aliens, that are totally manufactured on Earth at secret facilities in the United States, etc. These aliens are not genuine extraterrestrials, but rather man-made creations using alien DNA retrieved from crashed vehicles; accidental discovery of malfunctioned vehicles, etc; with Earth scientists trying to piece together an alien life-form with the intent to steal/gain knowledge from; where the ruling elites would then use and misuse this knowledge to their advantage. And also the aliens are being framed for malicious activities they did not do, for example cattle mutilation.

If anyone says that aliens are working with the United States government and that a deal was agreed upon where they can kidnapped people, etc. in exchange for aiding the U.S. with technologies, etc. these claims are all lies. The only genuine aliens that the U.S. is getting advanced technologies from are the dead ones and their crashed vehicles, exploited for military supremacy on the Earth. So what you have are alien-hybrid clones in the servitude of the financial elites being publicized as genuine aliens carrying out contacts with Earth people. And since the original aliens are all dead, they get nothing in return for their bodies and equipment being dissected. (In the Billy Meier contact case with genuine extraterrestrials identified as Plejarens: they told him that fake UFO contacts were being orchestrated by earthly secret groups pretending to be extraterrestrials.)


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