The Roswell Crash, And UFOs Manufactured On Earth

Published By TBFWS (The Battle For World Supremacy)
August 8, 2009 – Updated: November 16, 2016

Written By DAH

I was informed by a longtime source that the Roswell crash in July 1947 did happen and that there were bodies in the crashed vehicle. He said that this was around the time of the beginning of the Cold War with the Soviet Union and that the United States did not trust the Russians or the Chinese as far as sharing information (i.e. samples, etc.) from the crashed vehicle. And that the United States at the time was paranoid because they did not want the Soviets or the Chinese, if they were to share information about the alien bodies and vehicle, that they were concerned that scientists from these countries might discover information and refuse to share it with the United States. And if this was to happen it would give the Russians advanced knowledge not yet discovered by the United States, and so the Roswell crash artifacts were kept from them.

The Billy Meier extraterrestrial friends, the Plejarens, told him that the Roswell crash was a planned incident, but that they were not involved. The reason was to seed new technology by introducing a foreign artifact on the Earth. If the artifact was meant to be shared that never happened because the United States selfishly confined everything to their research scientists.

Although the Russians were unable to participate in dissecting the U.S. Roswell treasure, they started manufacturing semi-anti-gravity crafts that were orb-shaped by the late 1950s. These crafts became true anti-gravity vehicles with plasma illumination by 1978 and were armed with well-developed beam weapons. Their normal travel speed can go up to mach 11.7 and when necessary can go faster. And in 1981 prototype cylinder motherships capable of mach 25 speed were introduced to service the orb vehicles with fuel, repairs, food, crew rotation, etc. The cylinder motherships are also used to deploy and retrieve satellites and can transport over 50 tons of cargo. And a small fleet of the orb vehicles were outfitted exclusively for passenger transport of officials.

Meanwhile, the United States gifted with the Roswell treasure was struggling to understand gravity forces and by the 1970s had a prototype of a triangle craft that was not anti-gravity, but used a center piece mechanism to reduce the bulk of the craft’s weight where the craft’s body was then pushed with special rockets to mimic repulse force, with a speed of mach 9 under 23 miles altitude, and at higher altitudes can travel a little faster. The craft initially had problems but some issues were resolved where the craft became more workable into the 1980s. The technologies behind this craft came from a secret branch of the “Stealth Program” that did extensive research in superconductivity using magnets which were cooled and mercury heated. Traditional aircrafts like the F-117 and B-2 spun-off from the project using exotic technologies such as super-cooled magnets for invisibility effect, paint coating made from special pigments, etc. And the triangle craft uses skin tiles made from unique crystals that can display sky background images similar to LCD panel display to camouflage the craft and heated mercury to create magnetism anomaly reducing the craft’s weight causing it to static levitate vertically without being able to vector travel, etc. (Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947: These were secret U.S. test flights of one-winged triangular-shaped aircrafts. These crafts were influenced from captured Nazi technology related to the Horten project and flying discs. These one-winged aircrafts used exotic jet engines for thrust in the second phase of their flight testing that began in 1947. The hybrid triangular prototype craft then followed many years after.)

The witness described the object – Silent, low flying triangle UFO moves over Austin:
“It was like a blurry triangular shape with a fuzzy, medium brown outline. It appeared to be a perfect triangular shape with one point up. The color of the body of the object appeared transparent, as it seemed to change color to match the sky and the clouds as it went past.”

About the United States having invisibility technology: My general answer is that neither the U.S. nor Russia has invisibility technology and the response I get in return is that they do have it. But what I mean is, is that their invisibility technologies are not yet “perfected”. What both countries have are still primitive beginnings of invisibility and self-defense technologies, and in that beginning stage they will have to keep progressing in the up development until the technology is somewhat better developed which will take several hundred years into the future. When awesome technologies are shown in science-fiction movies that do not imply that Earth scientists can go into their laboratories and develop something equivalent. Things have to be put in context and not exaggerated. The problem with the U.S. invisibility technology is that it is bulky and difficult to apply to small objects, but nonetheless it has been applied to structures for example the F-117 stealth plane, the Sea Shadow stealth submersible, etc. The technology uses superconducting magnets that are maintained at temperatures close to absolute zero to encase the structure/object in a sort of electromagnetic bubble haze that deflects light around it. Despite the name invisibility these crafts can be located using low-frequency radar and technology that can view atomic signatures and vibrations. And after the craft is located it can be destroyed using special missiles, etc. Russian scientists approached invisibility differently and their technology application is in the 3rd generation of development into the year 2000. They began to work on plasma anomalies using electromagnetic wave-plasma interactions as far back as the 1960s. This technology can be configured to display illusionary effects in the sky, generate plasma-cloud for camouflage, electromagnetic warfare application for radar invisibility, electromagnetic spin-field to fade the appearance of the craft in and out of sight, the suppression of infrared signature, etc. Later developments of their technology allowed the plasma net/shield to resist a measure of beam weapon bombardment. This gives the craft seconds to triangulate the attacker and apply countermeasures. This feature was tested in the 1990s where the craft engulfed itself in a special frequency plasma bubble and beam weapons were fired at it; after the test was completed the craft landed for assessment. The Russian path although primitive at this juncture is the correct track towards the development and understanding of defense shields because it will allow them to develop more robust defenses very far into the future. Defense shields that are underdeveloped can only withstand a certain amount of bombardment which over time weakens the shield. And when a defense shield is at the final stage of perfection that shield will be able to dissolve and convert all attacking forces (i.e. beam weapons, missiles, bombs, space rocks, etc.) and apply them back as extra armor to the defense shield, reinforcing it. And neither the U.S. nor Russia is at that level of perfection and are very, very far away from attaining this type of achievement.

(NOTE: A large percentage of the triangle crafts sighted do not belong to the United States secret group. These crafts have no true invisibility function and are made from a very hard metal, and they belong to a foreign group that has been coming to the Earth for centuries and consists of four squadrons. Their technology is still underdeveloped [but more advanced than the Earth people’s secret technologies by 100 to 300 years] and their propulsion system appears to have been gifted. They are here as observers, but have tried to interfere a few times with not much success. Carefully patrolling over regions of the Earth: in the western continental area of Antarctica over Tierra del Fuego and all the Americas with various islands up to Alaska and to the Arctic. And they also move entirely in Europe [and the Belgium craft was one of their’s; the craft had developed a minor malfunction but was able to recover and continue on its journey], Africa and all islands, and also Greenland, Eurasia, Arabia, Madagascar and the Arctic, as well as various other islands. And moves entirely in Asia and Oceana and all their islands, as well as Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and in a part of Antarctica. The craft sighted over Belgium in 1989 belong to this group and not the United States. This future Earth group is traveling to the present Earth existing in another dimension. The sighting of the craft was due to a minor mechanical problem. The craft was able to recover and vacate the area. This group is monitoring the United States war activities and atrocities, and could at some point offer aid to countries under attack by the United States and allies war movement.)


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