Elemental (Nature) Weapons

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1165 and read about weather warfare. Version 5.xx-2017 (UPDATED), PDF Format Link: > Information and Download Link)

Reposted: 09-20-05

>What is going on with the weather in the western United States?

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 13, 2005: Some of it is attributed to Elemental Weapons; also known as Nature Catastrophe Weapons. Its existence is a tightly guarded secret.

What you are witnessing now in the United States is just the beginning phase of her destruction. As negative forces increase in America and the world through her intrigues, so will the use of the Elemental Weapons by the group.

This is the prime weapon that will be used to bring death, destruction and misery to America. We have various accounts on how it will be used.

One account of the Elemental Weapon will bring England to her knees with a terrible and wicked storm that will show no mercy. There after, the nuclear weapons that U.S. President Reagan secretly had hidden in France to launch an attack on Russia, Russia will grab this stockpile of weapons with a quick blow to France and after the Elemental Weapon has prepared England, Russia will release that weapons stockpile on her, etc. bringing that country to a garbage heap. Russia will remove the Rothschild, Zionists, the British Royal House, etc. from their seat of great power.

The damned last pope will escape his faith of the fury storm released on Rome, Italy, but his Vatican house will fall. The damned pope will dress in disguise and flee across the Atlantic to South America.

In these days we are reaching a point where nothing more can be resolved through peaceful means.

[ Billy Meier | Hurricane | World War III ]


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