Reader: Will The ETs Let Us Nuke Ourselves?

Date of Reply: July 21, 2005

>Will the ETs let us nuke ourselves?

BATTLEFORWORLD – If it would result in nuclear detonation for the destruction of planet Earth, the ETs would stop us. So if the Earth is safe from obliteration, the nuking on Earth would still happen minus the destruction of the planet.

Back in the 1980s the transcripts given to our group by the extraterrestrials spoke of a global nuclear war. They referred to it at the time as “nuclear fire”. The global nuclear war won’t happen yet, but what Bush Jr. and Blair will continue in 2006 will bring us
closer to global war.When the time comes mostly those with access to underground fortresses will find safety; while those of the surface world will perish in very, very large numbers.

>St Clair’s statement about the ETs not letting us nuke ourselves?

The ET’s ‘will not impose their will’ and stop a nuclear war. Nuclear savagery is part of the evolution tribulation of man and ego. Only man can stop that.

They do interfere using consciousness-related reasoning, which implies that neutralizing thoughts are imbedded into the minds of terrestrials unknowingly, with the terrestrials naturally thinking that those thoughts originated from their own reasoning. The terrestrials now have to act on that and try to halt whatever destructive pattern lies ahead. However, sometimes the terrestrial reasoning can negatively overwhelm, ignoring positive consciousness-related reasoning.

For now, ignore all the Armageddon propaganda, because all the signs for the fulfillment of World War III are not yet in place.

[ Billy Meier | Extraterrestrials | World War III ]


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