Monstrous Hurricane Awaits The U.S. In The Future

Reposted: 09-20-05

BATTLEFORWORLD – April 12, 2005: Future devastation of the United States by a huge monstrous hurricane: One of the factions, whose name I will not mention; and the prophecy goes like this: America due to its political disorder with Canada will be thrown into war. This will result in a massive attack by a foreign power coming into the East of America, which will result to a great degree of having U.S. troops fight in their own country, because Western Europe will look the other way, for they are having their own problems. The group will unleash its latest weapons and from it America will be destroyed to a large degree.

Terrible and horrible hurricanes and tornadoes will be unleashed on the American continent, crushing and destroying everything that comes into their paths. These hurricanes work in conjunction with the terrifying giant fire-cylinders that travels at high-speeds across that continent leveling everything to rubble and ashes killing all life.

With anger penned up for years, this mighty one will not rest yet, and therefore will not be satisfied with the destruction they have unleashed on America. The group will pull from their bag one last hurrah. They will unleash a mammoth hurricane, the largest one of all, causing devastation and destroying everything, and what is not destroyed, will mercilessly fall to the screaming inferno of the fire-cylinders following the mammoth hurricane. The path of this monster will race northward, across the American continent, and then suddenly it changes course to a northeastern direction…

Note: This hurricane is slated to happen during World War III.

[ Billy Meier – The Henoch Prophecies | Hurricane | World War III ]


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