The Invasion Of Libya Planned Years Ago – The Proof

Future U.S Attacks on Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Iran… Who’s NEXT? This will continue until WWIII/World War 3 erupts into the open. Wesley Clark being interviewed by Amy Goodman. Link: Video

Contact Report #442 — “Billy and Ptaah discussed the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public speech about the USA’s (which Billy describes the USA as “the devil incarnate” [Anti-Christ, 666, The Beast]) desire to be ruler of planet Earth.

Putin said that the USA is striving for world rule, respectively, world power, and thereby also promotes the resuming of the arms race, interferes in the trade of foreign countries and practices warlike actions.

…The fact is that the USA – with the foreign policies it operates and with the criminal military war actions and secret service actions – makes the world situation ever more unsafe and forces other countries to arm themselves.

With normal politics and military politics the USA therefore carries out assistance towards worldwide insecurity and terrorism, as they however, through their criminal and felonious foreign policies, also stir up angst in other countries about a military invasion of US armed forces, whereby these countries are forced to develop atomic weapons programs in order to manufacture weapons which correspond to this.” Link: Article


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