The Coming Breakup Of The United States, The Destruction Of Israel; How World War III Possibly Starts & Moves Along, Etc.

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July 29, 2009 – Updated: August 13, 2017

Much of the information in the original translation was censored from the early contact reports published by Wendelle Stevens in the United States. Who at the time commented that the information was too anti-American and that he would most likely be verbally attacked because of it. Well, it is turning out that much of the information is coming to past. The version you are about to read was re-edited for a clear and less difficult read.

While more and more people are now becoming familiar with the Billy Meier contacts because of his amazing UFO photos, films and other physical evidence, but the core information in the case, is to be found in the Contact Reports, the verbatim transcripts of Meier’s conversations with his extraterrestrial advisors from the Plejaren homeworld, is less known.

If the United States, England and other Western powers refused to abandon their bellicose warfare posture being forced upon the rest of the world, extraterrestrial forces will step in (and there might not be a visible display) to dissolve the Western devilish movement wanting to subdue the humanity of Earth. Link: Extraterrestrials To Confront The United States

PETALE MESSAGES (Telepathically received from the PETALE-Creation-Energy-Plane), November 20-24, 1981 was sourced from the German book titled “Prophetien und Voraussagen” authored by Billy Eduard Albert Meier. The English translation was done by a group known as Gaiaguys from Australia.

Petale Messages, Friday, November 20, 1981, 16:24 PM:

lastpopecitylondonThe evil and destroying event of a great Earth catastrophe falls upon the people of the Earth world, when the day of St. Mark falls on Easter and the number of the Anti-Logos 666 rounds itself, which stands in the power of the ‘7 dark ones’ and the three-fold of the ’12th chair’. [1] (Editor: Is referring to the “seven dark ones” [the Council of Seven Men] and the “12th chair” [the last Pope of the Vatican, Peter of Rome] forming an alliance to dominate the Earth. The Anti-Logos 666 refers to in part to the now ongoing ‘movement of lies and deception’ using the war on terror. The three Anti-Logos ones, the 666, are the Vatican, the City of London and the United States-Israel. When the Anti-Logos rounds itself off, that will signal the coming One World Government by seven men from the Elite Cabal – The Rothschilds, Bolsheviks, Zionists and their allies. And according to the Plejarens, the last pope of the Vatican will be Pontifex Maximus [Petrus Romanus, i.e. Peter of Rome]. Who, it is said, will come to power in an unusual manner that is distinctive from the tradition. This last pope would signal the near end and destruction of Vatican power and control. Whether this bit of information is related is unknown, but the 12th Synod of the Roman Catholic bishops was chaired by Pope Benedict XVI on October 5th 2008. UPDATE: Pope Benedict XVI has retired, replaced with Pope Francis who is not the last pope officially. He’s known by some as an in between pope, like a peacemaker trying to save our future from savage wars. Pontifex Maximus is still pending. If Pontifex Maximus is to appear, Benedict and Francis will both have died.)

Petale Messages, Friday, November 20, 1981, 18:38 PM:

Africa and Arabia etc. will be captured to ease the conquering of European countries. (The current war on terrorism being fought in these areas is to create strife so that these regions do not acquire advance weapons to challenge the Europeans when Armageddon breaks out.)

The Balkan States will fare badly during the Russian military attacks. (Russia will take back the Balkan states from the Pentagon Bolsheviks.) For the most part Italy will be destroyed and millions of people will be homeless.

The religious leaders will, for the most part, find a brutal death, while the Pope himself will flee across the waters of the Atlantic.

pentagonThrough Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Italy rolls the Russian military, attacking from the East where France will be conquered. The American weapons arsenals, located in France, at that point in time, will fall into the hands of the Russian military invaders, where after Bolshevism (the new Russian rulers in power now in the Kremlin are against the Bolsheviks in America!!!) will rule there for a longer period of time, in order to wage war from there against England, Spain and Scandinavia. (Editor: Bolshevism was transplanted from the Soviet Union into the United States in the early 1980s when the Russian Orthodox Christians started to oust the Bolsheviks from power inside Russia. The American Rockefeller’s cartel gave them sanctuary inside the United States, which slowly led to a small group of the old Bolsheviks taking over the Pentagon. Then the Rothschilds used Henry Kissinger to launch a coup against the Rockefeller’s cartel, murdering Nelson, David and Laurance. Although the Russians and the Rockefellers weren’t the best of friends, the Russians had to quickly intervene to block the new Bolshevik power-group that was emerging after the coup from total success. These Bolsheviks in the Pentagon began to unleash war plans which later shaped the “war on terror” [i.e. the Terrorizing War] foreign policy using the outgoing President Carter and the incoming President Reagan. The Bolshevik financial headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York. The group, also known as the western Russian Mafia, makes much of its money from gasoline distribution, drugs, money laundering, etc. And the US FBI was told not to harass them. And many of the breakaway side states [Eastern Europe] of the former Soviet Union are under the influence of the old Bolshevik war machine using NATO, with their operations being orchestrated from inside the United States and England in concert with the Rothschilds, Zionists and a tier of the Rockefeller family. The Bolshevik power inside the Pentagon was eventually reined in. But filling that vacuum was the Bush Sr. faction, which led outwardly to the U.S. neo-conservative movement political front. The Bush Sr. faction died down in the Pentagon with the outgoing Obama Administration, but the neo-conservatives with Rothschilds’ meddling are in force commanding a shadow group known as the Deep-State [The Military Industrial Complex]. With the United States-England-Europe unleashing instigated wars, destroying countries in the name of humanitarianism and fighting terrorism, and so far getting away with war crimes and crimes against humanity, at times with backing from the United Nations. At some point, Russia and China will have to take a bold stand to end the war madness being spread worldwide by the U.S.-Israel-England-Europe the 666-Movement military-financial machine. The counter-force, Putin and Medvedev are managed by the Russian Orthodox Christian faction, the peace ones in power now in Russia. I was informed that the “peace ones” now ruling Russia will be in power for a very long time because they have fortified their bases with high technologies. Link: Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill Has Arrived In Cuba For A Historic Meeting With Pope Francis. And the United States and England are using Angela Merkel, a Zionist with an Israeli passport, to start world war three in Europe using NATO against Russia. Download this PDF and read about the “EU Dictatorship” and “the Zionist Angela Merkel”, pages 367 and 529: Link: > Download From Here — MediaFire )

This war will be terrible for the entire world, but especially for France and the rest of Europe. Epidemics unknown heretofore and diseases will occur rampantly, which often will be traced back to bacterial and ray-type murder weapons. Especially young people, who will be afflicted with blindness of the eyes, go insane and fall victim to the total destruction of their bodies.

Germany suffers an attack from the East – from the DDR (East Germany), whereby a fraternal war breaks out, in which Germans will fight against Germans. However, Germany will be freed again, as well as Poland and other nations.

The Russian military invasion, and according to their orders, France also falls with Norway and Sweden, while Finland will also be attacked and suppressed. Gothenburg will become French-Russian, with the two kingdoms totally defeated in this war. They will have to relinquish their northern provinces to the Russian military invaders from the East.

stormAll nations bordering the North Sea and the British Island will be destroyed by a horrible storm-flood, on one hand, due to the dropping of a weather bomb, and on the other hand, due to a storm-flood caused from a typhoon. Cities and villages will sink and drown into the ocean, including a part of Scotland.

England’s great power position will be forever destroyed when, due to the Russian military attacking from the East, a revolution will be brought about in England, which surpasses the German civil war (East-West) manifold in bloodiness. South Wales will be crushed by rebellions and deadly bloodshed, while Ireland also bleeds to death during a murderous war.

hurricane10America, due to political entanglements with Canada, will be thrown into another war, and a massive attack by the Russian military from the East of America which will cause a large army of U.S. troops having to fight in their own country, and therefore, cannot help the hard-pressed Europeans. Moreover, a hurrying to help would be senseless as well as impossible, because due to the use of the newest weaponry, America will be destroyed to a large degree. Due to elemental (changes weather — resulting in fire, wind, rain/flood, earthquake, etc.) weapons, the existence of which, up to the year 1981, only few people had knowledge of. Terrible and horrible hurricanes will be released on the American continent, which will crush and destroy everything that comes into their path. These hurricanes, however, work in conjunction with horrendous giant-fire-cylinders (advanced aircrafts?), which races across the land and level everything to rubble and ashes, from which all life will perish. But one of these giant hurricanes, the largest one of all, devastates and destroys everything, and what it does not destroys, mercilessly falls to the screaming inferno of the fire-cylinder (advanced aircraft?) following it. This hurricane races northward, across the American continent, but then suddenly changes its course to a northeastern direction. Sweeping across the American continent and destroying everything in its path. It then races out across to the Atlantic and in a screaming storm stirs up a flood-wave of such a gigantic size, that to the observers it appears to be a high mountain. The gigantic storm destructively races toward Europe in front of the hurricane.

As far as mankind can remember, nothing compared to this disaster has ever been seen, and will never be experienced again. The flood-wave races forth across England and across the Northern European nations destroying everything in its path – sinking cities, villages, people, animals and islands, while the hurricane itself stubbornly follows the northeastern course. However, part of it branches out and races toward Spain and the Mediterranean, to devastatingly destroy everything left and right and amidst the ocean that falls into its path, to then lose its strength somewhere in the East.

fcTwo thirds of mankind will die due to this world war inferno and that will be in the billions.

Contact Report #215, The Henoch Prophecies: “Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.”

If the already threatening and quite closely approaching third world-war ends after unleashing its incomparable destruction, without the entire world being destroyed, it can only occur due to a compromise being reached by the power-greedy ones of the great powers of the world – Russia and the United States. If not, all life will be extinguished on the planet Earth.

Petale Messages, Monday, November 23, 1981, 11:15 AM:

rainfireWhen the Third World War breaks out, the Russian military will attack in advance from the South of Germany. As a result, up to the Danube and the Inn rivers, everything will be destroyed, annihilated and leveled! The rivers will lose their waters and so bridges will no longer be needed to walk in shoes and stay dry from one side of the river bank to the other. Blazing hell-fire weapons will dry out the rivers causing their waters to evaporate and move upward causing additional deaths and dreadful ruins – all caused by the bombs which brings forth blazing deadly explosions killing humans. But at the Danube and the Inn rivers, the Russian military attacks will fare wickedly, because suddenly will erupt in lower regions fires from lightning which screams down from the mountains, by which the troops will have to pull back to the East, causing them to leave all their war materials behind fleeing. (Man-made fires erupt from some sort of weapon blast and White Phosphorus, causing fires to move across the land.) However, despite this occurrence, great need, misery and death will break out in Europe, and for the time being, the religions will find a disgraceful end, an end earned in manifold, because many of the religious ones who in their thinking, are evil. Churches will become horse stables for the Russian military. Also, in Switzerland where sectarian religious cult places will be turned into weapons arsenals by the Russian military and in which lies horse dung a foot-high.

mountainfireHunger, misery, death, disease, epidemics and destruction will also befall Russia, and the mighty ones of this nation will find death or will be driven from their positions. This will be the time, when the corpses lie about and smelling evilly, decaying inside Russia, because no one can bury them anymore.

Petale Messages, Monday, November 23, 1981, 12:19 PM:

The last decisive sign, however, for the breaking out of the Third World War will be a political murder, which will occur in a nation (Israel?) from the East. Only a short time thereafter and overnight, the enemy (Arabs?) invades into that nation with rapidity, that no defense will be possible anymore. Only very few people will be able to flee. Totally unexpected and with surprise, a majority of mankind meets death and ruin at lightning speed.

Three spear-legions of the Russian military will go into Europe like a three-headed dragon. The lower head advances through Czechoslovakia, then to breakthrough in a northwestern direction, after which it will setup its headquarters in the Naab Valley in Germany. The second head rolls straight westward and overruns nations. It advances toward Saxony, then moves forward across Germany spewing forth its attacks. The third head of the war-dragon of the Russian military screamingly presses forward, advancing from northeast toward southeast, burning and destroying everything in hellish cinders that comes across its death-bringing jaws.

The major attack objectives of the Russian military in Germany are aiming for the centers of the Western Armed Forces, stationed in that nation, and irresistible they pressed forward to these targets. But suddenly, from the south, enormous masses of planes and rockets will approach, carrying with them heavy and deadly loads. It will seem as if an evil hornets swarm moves across the sky, covered and filled with many thousands of metallic glistening death bringing messengers, which screamingly thrust forth their deadly loads, to bring bursting and crashing death and destruction to mankind. During one clear star-filled night, the deadly ruin will come, when the howling rockets fall down and the planes open their bomb shafts to rain down the death-bringing load from the night’s sky. This attack will cause million-folds to die where it falls, all life will be extinguished. All life dies – man, animals, plant, etc, and only the war weapons and buildings will remain to a greater extent, when the waves and rays of death race across nations – when neutron waves and 3-R-rays (beam weapons) and the screaming fires ahead of them will bring destruction, followed by additional deaths, due to the breaking out of diseases and epidemics of types unknown up till now.

mountainsnowA gigantic corridor of death will result from South to North, from Czechoslovakia up to the North Sea. It is the Chinese military of death and destruction, of which all life will be extinguished, and will not allow any life-form to cross this strip of death from one border to the other, because death will continue to reign therein for a long time. But this will be the reason that the power of the foreign troops who went into these nations will breakdown. Due to the Chinese attack reinforcements will be thwarted and the others will retreat whereby no living human being will return anymore to its homeland beyond the casualty zone.

Petale Messages, Monday, November 23, 13:42 PM:

On the mountains lies snow that is not white, but yellow. It will be a deadly color at that time, because the yellow snow brings death and ruin to all life. At this time, the weather will be overcast and rainy, while many death-bringing elements float in the atmosphere. Survivors will freeze and will be snatched away by known and unknown deaths, which will be caused by new diseases, epidemics and poisonings.

But at the same time, a severe quake rolls across the nations, to which many people fall victim.

parisearthquakeItaly and France will be shaken, due to Sans-culottes (poorer classes, leaders of the populace, etc. – tribal fighting), who murderously and by arson destroys all order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those who lay dead in ashes in the rubbles of Paris from murder, arson and revolution, while Italy also falls due to massacres. The Russian battalions in that nation will massacre the mighty ones of the church and their adherents, while the cowardice of the Pope will be spoken of by everyone, when he disguises himself, unrecognized fleeing across the Great Waters. However, leaving behind his loyal followers and adherents abandoning them for death – in exchange for the safely of his own useless life.

Further from the South, Russian, Chinese and Arab/Indian armies approach. On their way, they will have already soaked immeasurable areas of the land with human blood. They will march into the Alps-land (Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and France mountain range), which will also be attacked from the North. The nation of peace will be destroyed and the metropolis of conferences will be extinguished. Not one stone remains on the other, for life will expire in great masses.

hurricanemA part of Scotland will sink into the ocean when a gigantic flood-wave rages up from across the ocean. High like a mountain, it tears away everything underneath, destroying and death bringing, causing several islands to sink into untamed waters. It will also tear a part from the mainland into the ocean. A horrifying work by the hands of man, produced by the insanity of human megalomania, an elemental (changes weather — resulting in fire, wind, rain/flood, earthquake, etc.) bomb dropped into the sea off the coast of England. (Editor: This bomb is already developed. The explosion will cause a tsunami which will have catastrophic implications; inflecting heavy damage to important economic facilities along the enemy’s coastal regions. This weapon was designed to counter the US/Britain/NATO missile defense shield.)

poisonfoodIn the East, murder and manslaughter killings will rage on with the people fighting over a piece of bread. Extremely severe hunger will prevail, because due to epidemics and death-causing chemical influences, all foodstuffs will be uneatable. (Because much of the food supply will be contaminated.) Man’s food will only be water and bread. These foodstuffs, however, will be scarce, therefore, the son will kill his father and the daughter her mother — for the sake of bread and water. The city people will become murdering criminals, for they will invade the countryside to steal from farmers – robbing cattle from their stables, so that they can quiet their gnawing hunger. The farmers, however, will get angry and start to attack those who are elegantly dressed with pampered hands, because they’re suspected as being thieves coming from the city.

Petale Messages, Tuesday, November 24, 1981, 01:15 AM:

The Third World War will last very long (approximately 4 years), when the “seven dark ones” (men from the Elite power cabal seen in public as heads of state) appear and the ’12th chair’ wields its power. When the three days of darkness falls across the Earth and over mankind, there will be fear and terror. But there will be day once again and peace – and a snow-white old man will at least become the king in Europe. But the cursed one (the Vatican Pope who escaped) will return, to recapture mankind again under his spell; to enslave and exploit mankind and to make the people dependent upon him. With hypocritical love, lies, betrayal, assassination, vice, lust and greed he will return, the damned one (the Pope), to establish anew his spirit-enslaving kingdom of the iniquity cult (of the Catholic religion). The pope, the damned one, the assassin, who allowed his loyal ones in Rome to be massacred in order to save his own shameful life, in that he fled disguised across the Great Waters.

zionDuring the first spring after the great world-war has come to an end, when the flowers in the desecrated European lands will bloom again, the damned one of cowardice, of iniquity, of exploitation, of enslavement and of assassination will return. The Pope, who betrayed his loyal followers, sold and handed them over to the murdering enemy in order to save his useless life, will show his greediness for power again. So, he will return from across the Great Waters, the damned one of Rome, to take renewed advantage of the believers, the stupidity of his lambs, and to carry on his satanic work of sectarianism anew. And the people of Earth, after this great world-war, will be stupid enough to hold on to him again, the damned one, the Pope. Thus, discord and non-love, as well as enslavement, exploitation and murder and manslaughter again will be stirred up, and again war will result there from. The return and acceptance of the damned one means the beginning of the next war again, from which will result many more wars, spanning over many hundreds and thousands of years. These will recur continuously, due to the teachings of religious errors, which are the basic fault of all murders in general; because damnation rests on the false cult-religions, which dishonors the teachings of truth and of the Creation-Energy, trampling on them with their feet into the mud. Damnation rests on the cult-religions, as well as on the Jewish (Zionist) mother, who carries the blame for the birth of the Anti-Logos 666, who brings the most horrible deaths over the Earth and to mankind.

Therefore, man of Earth will continue to fall for the cult-religions and trample under their foot the creative (nature) truth, which however, will always be to his detriment. Peace will not last long (approximately 75 years) after the world-war ends, because the cult-religions always press forward for new power and for new killings, as it has always been during for the last 10,000 years on Earth, during which planet Earth in total only has experienced 243 years of true peace. But Earthman will only be able to protect himself against further destruction and wars, and against all evil if from now on he outright annihilates all cult-religions, and turn himself once and only to the creative truth and its teachings, and live faithfully according to the creative laws and commandments. This, Man of Earth, be said unto you from the plane of PETALE (a highly evolved energy-form of the Creation-Energy-plane that have merged into one collective, crowned with the duty of giving assistance), as we impart this warning to you in an advising and directing manner.

Due to the establishing of the peace meditation it is possible that several of the aforementioned prophecies from the PETALE-plane could be averted. The peace meditation was setup according to the initiative of the Plejadians/Plejarens (was known as the Pleiadians, but the name was later corrected to expose false contactees), and since 1981 has being carried out jointly by them and the members of F.I.G.U. The appearance of Gorbatschow (Gorbatschov) and the dissolving of the former DDR (East Germany) made possible by him is an example of the effectiveness of the peace meditation. Another example is the prevention of the Third World War – for the time being, which according to the earlier prophecies would have broken out by the middle of the nineteen-eighties, but because of the peace meditation and by additional impulses of the Plejadians/Plejarians, stimulating common-sense in Earth’s humanity the war was averted.

[1] (BattleForWorld: referring to the “seven dark ones” [the Council of Seven Men] and the “12th chair” [the last Pope of the Vatican, Peter of Rome] forming an alliance to dominate the Earth.)

Reader’s insights: A possible explanation regarding Billy’s prophecy.

This section was a personal input written by the original translator of the German to English text.

To interpret prophecies, which are given in keyed form, is quite often a difficult task. Also dates given in such prophecies present the same difficulty in deciphering. However, I shall yet try here to decipher the aforementioned prophecy in its data:

With the ‘seven dark ones’, according to my cabalistic-cosmic mathematical calculation, it could quite possibly concern the force of the 7 Anti-Logos powers which, one after the other, however, also partially in unity, could appear as this is made clear in other prophecies.

12thsynodIn the calculations, the “12th chair” results in three different values which, however, in their root value are uniform, and which speak of absolute destruction. On the one hand, the calculations point toward a certain chair of the Vatican – to a name- and a Pope’s chair – which at the point in time of the prophetic catastrophe, will be the twelfth of a very specific sequence; on the other hand, the second value of the calculations gives a clear result insofar, that a certain star system with the designation of old, “12th chair”, at that point in time, will play a horrendous and destructive role, together with the “12th chair” of the Vatican, but which also is in direct connection to the third value, which is established on a political-cosmic-global basis as power structure of an Anti-Logos-political power form, which aligns itself in its establishment and its wielding of power with the face value and the designation of chairs, namely, from chair 1 up to chair 12 (under specific circumstances even 13 of them).

And here it also proves to be true, that this power-form, just at that point in time, effectively carries out its power from its 12th chair, when the 12th chair of the Vatican and the star system of the 12th chair spread their power. Thereby a three-fold 666-value is created, because all three values in themselves already contain the base value of absolute destruction and annihilation, namely, the Anti-Logos-value 666. But a three-fold 666-value means absolute destruction altogether.

In regard to the calculations of the exact point in time, the following needs to be said: According to my calculations, the next day of St. Mark is at Easter in 1998. However, this represents an uncertain date calculation, which consequently does not need to agree with reality and the actual date of the predicted catastrophic events. An exact date in such cases is always most difficult to quote, because no special details regarding the date of occurrence of the events to be expected were given. But if prophecy recipients want to work out and determine such dates on their own, this is difficult to do and most often also uncertain, because too many interpretations of the data are possible. However, according to my calculations, this could quite possibly relate to the date of April 25, 1998, however, I do not claim surety and certainty of this calculation although this date, without doubt and with a hundred percent certainty, stands in the value of an absolute Anti-Logos-number 666.

Link: The Henoch Prophecies

(Editor: An update regarding the dates: 1998 [year expired], 2012 [year expired], 2026*, 2040, 2054 and 2068. This social occasion happens every 14 years from the last event. Is the 2012 and the 12th planet narratives howling about New Age circles a psychological operation to remove the blame of man’s doings about the looming catastrophe and place the blame squarely on nature forces and extraterrestrials? Yes.

*Into the year 2020 and a little after, America-England-Israel will have to make a difficult decision about giving up world domination plans. If the war on terrorism incited by America-England-Israel is not dismantled by then, that means America, England and Israel all desire for planet Earth to go into World War III destruction phase. Very sad. And so the anti-war fleet must prepare for action to stop this animal from breaking out.)

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