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>Here are a few happenings which will occur before the return of Jesus..
>False Jesus will come first:

The Earth man already has the false Jesus Christ. That is who the Christian religion is praising. The false Jesus Christ appeared in doctrine form 150 years after the death of Emmanuel. This was facilitated through Saul-Paul, and one of Emmanuel’s biological son.

The Christian gospel the people on Earth obeys today is based partly on the foundation teachings of the first messiah, the Jewish prophet Menahem. Menahem appeared approximately 100 years before Emmanuel. And after Menahem died, Emmanuel appeared approximately 30 years later. And after his so-called crucifixion death at that time, the Jesus Christ invention appeared approximately 150 years later; controlled by the church.

The Christians of today believe that they are observing Emmanuel’s teachings, but they are not. The bible of today was heavily falsified over centuries by church scribes, creating the foundation of organized religion. The teachings of Emmanuel were altered to fall in line with the Resurrection and Ascension, and the focal point of Jehovah the God.

When Emmanuel was preaching his teachings in his time, many of the people back then, were confused, because they were already familiar with the teachings of the Jewish Menahem and other old (bible) scriptures from prophets. The teachings of Menahem handed down the foundation for the Resurrection and Ascension, placing Jehovah, the mortal human being, as the God-head, the all-powerful. Emmanuel’s appearance in the first century A.D., as a prophet, was to disrupt and teardown the teachings of Menahem and the old corrupted teachings that would make their way into the Christian bible to follow. That was what got Emmanuel in trouble. And the spreading of his teachings only worked for a short while, because he was captured and crucified, and that destroyed the Emmanuel movement in Palestine. After the crucifixion event was over, Emmanuel recovered and fled Palestine. The church organizers went to work with the help of Saul-Paul and the work that materialized after the process was completed by the church scribes – was an overlay doctrine and personality, placing the character Jesus Christ in the same timeline as Emmanuel. That is what became organized religion and is continued today.

>Without a doubt, the Pre-Trib ‘rapture’ is at the top of this list.

Emmanuel never spoke about a rapture. That is coming from the tradition of Menahem and is connected to his Resurrection teachings. In England briefly by someone named Margaret Macdonald, and later in the United States, the rapture knowledge was, is being pushed by priests influenced by Freemasons.

>Secondly, the Word states that the earth endures forever.
>I.E. there is NO END OF THE EARTH.

The life of the Earth is finite, and it will end at some point very far in the future, and so will our Sol Sun and the Earth’s Moon. The purpose of organized religion is to keep man in allegory, a state of stagnation (hoping and wishing – as the elites mentally and physically abuse the people during their gameplay of wars and strife), and to hide secret technologies enabling his comfort, away from him. Organized religion does not want the average man to grasp knowledge and realize that he himself is God. If man comes to the realization that he’s capable of Godship, organized religion can no longer lock his mind up in allegory.

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