Afterlife, Indigo Children, Soul, Spirit, etc.

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>RumorMillNews Forum; 2011 – Paul Simon – “The Afterlife”; Posted By: pax
> Then a voice from above, sugar coated with Love said, ** “Let us begin” **.

The ‘DIGESTION’ process of the soul, the personality, departed from, begins. It is the judgment process for everyone, and no one escapes this process period!!! From this process the former life experience gets graded.

>then you wait in the line.

Well, you do have to wait in line, but the DIGESTION begins immediately after death. The wait in line means that the time you’ll spend in the Etheric Plane (around the Earth. All life sustaining planet has one) is 1.52 X Age of Death, Added to the year that the person died, and is totaled. Not all the time the Spirit gets to complete its full wait, digesting 100% of its former soul also known as personality to create a ‘100% new soul’.

Just like how you have premature births, you also have the harvesting/birthing of premature new souls. A ‘premature new soul’ means that your former old soul/personality did not finish digesting 100%. The digestion process simultaneously creates a ‘new soul’ and the Spirit will use this new soul for its next rebirth.  When the ‘new soul’ is not 100% completed, it is called a ‘premature soul’. Because, the Spirit is signaled to quickly complete the waiting time by ‘force!!!’, and that means the ‘new soul’ has to reverse back into some of the ‘old soul/personality’, pulling the remaining undigested ‘old soul’ into the ‘new soul’ sack. For example, if the ‘new soul’ sack attached to the Spirit is formed from 70% of the already digested personality; that means 30% is still undigested. So, to complete the process, the ‘new soul’ has no choice but to reverse back into the ‘old soul’ remaining amount, the 30%, and pull these memories back into the new soul sack to make up the 100% completion process.

Are there consequences from this premature action? YES!!! I won’t go into this fully, because many will find the answers regarding certain peculiars existing in life. But one of the features of this are the ‘Indigo Children’ because their past lives are not being fully digested.

Why premature souls happen? Too many heterosexuals are procreating on the planet. This topic of late has become very touchy, and among the population, no one will listen, and so regulation is out of the question.

>OK, a new kid in school, got to follow the rule,
>you got to learn the routine.

Naturally. That is the journey of every ‘new soul’. But when there is a ‘premature new soul’, that means ‘it is not brand-new’! One of the peculiars is that of a ‘so-called gifted child’ — someone with talent who has had no training in this life. The New Age movement uses a term called ‘Indigo Children’, referring to children with strange-behaviors of the mind (overly knowledgeable for their young age). 99.9% of the psychologists and psychiatrists have no idea what is going on. The current premise regarding ‘Indigo Children’ is incorrect.

>just to glimpse the divine

No. Each human being already has a piece of the divine.

>Well it seems like our fate to suffer and wait for the knowledge we seek.

Yes. That comes from evolution. And the human being is not finished evolving. Evolution entails all areas of human development from coarse to fine.

>After you climb, up the ladder of time,

That is what evolution is, a ladder.

>the Lord God is here.

Nope. A God will be forever a human being and temporal.

>Face to face, in the vastness of space,
>your words disappear.  And you feel like swimming in
>an ocean of love, and the current is strong.

Those words will not yet make sense to the Earth man, for he still walks is ignorance/unawareness.


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