Bush-Nazi gang setoff the BP (British Petroleum) oil spill

May 29, 2010

Post by Tonzal:

I know Benjamin Fulford is saying that the Bush-Nazi gang setoff the BP (British Petroleum) oil spill, but this does not follow. Why would the British kick themselves in the foot? The One World Order agenda that is coming out of British circles (like the Prince Philip World Wildlife Fund, etc) is using the environment to bring about their One World Order. That is where the Green Movement and their technologies (solar, wind, ocean turbines, etc) are coming from and the chatter about solutions to save the environment. Also factor in the carbon tax scheme, etc.

Now, one of my sources said that only when Obama is gone will there be hope, because Obama is taking his cue from the British and has now become an obstacle to the revival of America and is only bringing about her destruction to make possible the British dream of a renewed empire – their One World Order plans.

And the corporate press is hiding the fact that BP means British Petroleum. I don’t think the public knows what BP stands for. If the public becomes aware that British Petroleum owns the company that is unable to stop the oil spill in the Gulf which is killing ocean and plant life, can the British again boldly seek public attention and speak about saving the environment when they themselves are now polluting it? They would be seen as hypocrites.

The Gulf oil plague threatens Obama’s presidency. The oil spill is destroying the pristine shoreline waters in the Gulf area: http://www.1010wins.com/New-Jersey-Forms-Team-to-Monitor-Gulf-Oil-Spill/7328174

May 29, 2010
Tom Heneghan – International Intelligence Expert: “We can divulge that Obama refused to react to this national emergency given the blackmail being exercised on him by Rahm Emanuel and others on behalf of British Petroleum financial interests. ” Link: Article


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