Feb. 14, 2010

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1. >The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
2. >It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter,
3. >not far from the age of the great millennium
4. >when the dead will come out from their graves.

Nostradamus Century X, Quatrain 74.

I know this prophecy very well.

1. The seventh number is not yet finished, but we have entered into the number, i.e. age. Nostradamus calls it ‘Great Portions’ and it is divided into seven parts. Many who are scholars of Nostradamus are not aware of these ages.

2. We are in the time of the great seventh number. We entered that age as an Earth civilization in the year 1858. This is the time of slaughter; the games of slaughter — gladiatorial type games, i.e. civil wars, military wars, television combat blood sports/games for entertainment, etc. (LaRouche has said that the British would setup gladiatorial plays (i.e. civil wars) where the people would just relentlessly kill each other. In today’s age of computer video games gladiatorial killings are considered to be the best parts in these games.)

3. The age (grow old/the age is finishing/ending) of the great millennium has not arrived yet. That is when the seventh number or the 7th Great Portion is completed/finished/used-up. We are still far-away from completing/finishing that number. (When we entered the year 2001, we accomplished/brought about the 21th Century, but we have not used it up.)

4. Implies that we will become peaceful and human behaving again, and will have to leave the planet Earth. That is when the 7th Great Portion is finished or exhausted. The SOL system is known as a dying solar system. We were placed here because this region is remote and dying and at some point we would have to leave. (The Christians call it Judgment Day when the Earth will end, which is very much overly exaggerated by them or simplified in kindergarten vernacular. Imagine, we still have adults repeating nursery rhymes — child friendly format tales. These tales were created some 10,000 years ago.)

I did leave out the Great Portion calculations.

Another prophecy I know very well is ‘Nostradamus Century I, Quatrain 48‘. It happens after the above prophecy.

When twenty years of the reign of the Moon have passed
For seven thousand years another will hold the throne,
When the Sun takes up the days he left behind,
Then my prophecy is minded and done.


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