Jesus Christ returns on Earth – (Something Wrong With This Picture)

Mar. 4, 2010

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>Mt 24:37-39 (Something Wrong With This Picture)
>i.e. Jesus Christ returns on Earth

All that is old-temple stuff that plays up to the people controlled by early (primitive) religion. Our religion is not naturally occurring. It is extraterrestrial inspired from 10,000 years ago. At the time our cognitive skills and the language of the people could not grasp what advanced beings were telling them, and so much of it was written in simple reading form and allegory. These extraterrestrials were all males, educated to the rank to God (which means king or master of wisdom/knowledge) and those who were not educated, gave themselves that title. The closest thing the Earth civilization has to God status is PhD – a doctorate. The highest degree awarded by a graduate school, usually to a person who has completed at least three years of graduate study and a dissertation approved by a board of professors.

The current level of PhD will have to be upgraded to include more range – at least four areas of specialty, and this will begin to happen when we have a lifespan of 200-400 years of age. When true focus is on education it will be for free. Remember, we have developed technology to make learning easier. The only thing we will have to do the normal/laborious way is physically master dexterity and verbal traits after the knowledge is downloaded. In the Age of Science it will be a requirement for all in the population to achieve the lowest education at least an Associate or Bachelor degree. High school level education and dropouts will be passé. Social problems sneakily cultivated by the elites create stresses in certain areas of the population which in turn develop the underclass.

As the civilization advances in knowledge, the bottom feeders, i.e. the population, their knowledge has to be updated too. That is the crux of where we are at now. You have the old-temple mindset that has indoctrinated many with the old stuff to keep them in a certain frame of mind. These ones, the people, have held on to that knowledge and are refusing to let it go because they consider it to be true and sacred. It is going to take another 500-700 years to eradicate the old-temple stuff.  Nostradamus wrote about this in Century V-79: "The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings at the coming of the great lawgiver. He will raise the humble and trouble the rebellious; his like will not again appear on Earth." Only "his like" (i.e. his messiah role), but he will be around until the end, and that is when the dead (Earth humans) will come out of their graves (mind bondages/old temple paradigms). This pending reappearance of the messiah will spread the teachings of reincarnation, etc, after which all the religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc will fall.

Remember now, we are entering into an era where the power will shift from the lawyers to the scientists. The scientists will make their share of big mistakes too, but they will bring the gold (i.e. golden age) to the people. The elites (i.e. Venetian-British nest) are trying to hold on to power with their Climate Change scam wanting to monetize it, but in truth though there is really a climate change problem, and I hope the other side will bring this truth to the people and stop the old temple elites from exploiting things.


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