The camps are coming. It will be based on something like what happened in the depression

Feb. 24, 2010

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The camps are coming. It will be based on something like what happened in the depression. Men and women will be rooted up from their place of location. They will be trained, retrained, etc. They are going after areas/cities with large unemployed population. The camps will include all the racial groups. Don’t look for it to happen this year 2010; it will happen when the economy, what is left of it can no longer be sustained. People will go hungry, crime will increase, etc before the rebuilding plan begins.

The two groups fighting: The one behind the One World Order wants an information service economy; want to keep the people linked to internet things like MySpace, Facebook – narcissistic stuff. While the other group wants to use the abundance of able bodied people in America to rebuild America – construction stuff, the rebuilding of things that the One World Order tore down or left to decay.

Researchers should start to compile some of the events, stories that unfolded during the Great Depression in America, and also how people in the Soviet Union dealt with the coming down of Communism, the difficult times they had to endure, etc.

Plans are being made for this eventuality. The second group believes that it is wasteful to let people become throwaways and useless. While the first group believes that the throwaways should be exterminated as they hunt down each other during scarcity.


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