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Feb. 14, 2010

Posted By: in_PHI_nitti
Reply by Tonzal:

>Did anyone notice this Pic yesterday of Joe Biden with the Light Halo? It went up on
>Google News for a minute. I screen shot it and then it was Gone. Biden made an
>appearance yesterday at the Olympics. Not Obama. Changes coming?

Go over to my site and look at the beginning of the ‘intel’ page. I did post an intel blurb about Biden on Feb. 7, 2010: (Link Expired).

Jay Rockefeller is not pleased with Obama. But that is because Obama is not so far doing what he wants 100%. I have been talking about this tug-and-war taking place before he was elected. Faction2 agents (i.e. people who works for them) are going after Obama. The Faction2 people, the patriotics, are pushing for more efficient forms of energy – they are not into solar, wind, the continuation of coal, etc. These energy forms are being pushed by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. What I think will happen is that the feuding factions will cut out their own paths, and so you will see a mixture of different energy forms and then the phasing out of the old stuff over time.

All we can do is watch and see how things unfolds.

That was a good guess on your part.


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