Questions For ALLAH (With Answers Provided): Quran 49:13

February 16, 2016 (Updated September 4, 2017)

>O humankind, we created you from a male and a female, and we made
>you races and tribes for you to get to know each other.?
>Quran (49:13)

Three male scientists, and their names were: (2) Semjasa, the father of a tier of the white (Caucasian – pale/pink light-skinned) race, called Adam. The Earth human that gave birth to Adam was called EVA. Eva was a degenerated (i.e. regressed) human being that came from a long ago settlement. She was born on Earth. This fair-skinned race that some called white, started in the area of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe.

(1) Asasel, the father of a tier of the dark race, called Ledon, that is the Asian Indians and the ones we today call Arabs.

(3) Sartael, the father of the Hebrew race, called Tet-el. Hebrew also means Hebron, etc. The name means GYPSIES or OUTCAST. This race became the favorite of Jehovah, the long dead human leader.

>OH ALLAH! (God of Cattle) Who is the WE?

Semjasa, Asasel, Sartael and they were all sub-leaders and scientists under the leadership of JHWH Arus.

>OH ALLAH! Who were the male and female we were created from? originally?

The “WE” were extraterrestrial humans from a long ago settlement who originally came from the stars, and the new forms created from them were called Ledon, Adam and Tet-el. And also other human races populated the Earth during that time.

>OH ALLAH! Why did you not make just One race and tribe so we wouldn’t have xenophobia?
>(fear of strangers)

Because some of our old, old…forefathers were conquerors!!! And they visited different star systems and settled on worlds that were different and thus also on those worlds the races there were different.

Each planet, its evolution scheme DNA blueprint, is allowed to bring forth three different races. Why? The Human Being has to evolve its mental EGO… into that of peace, feelings, etc. The Universe does not cater to any one race-type or color. The xenophobia is a misfortune of degenerate EGO that has to be purified with enlightened knowledge through evolution.

>OH ALLAH! Forgive me, I know you don’t like Hard Questions…

That’s okay. The questions weren’t difficult to answer. And Allah’s name was Gospod, and he’s long dead. Allah was his “rank” and he was just a leader who came to Earth from the Lyra constellation to guide Mohammad in his mission. And the Islamic teachings of Mohammad today, ARE NOT THE TEACHINGS GIVEN TO MOHAMMAD 100%. They were corrupted/altered…and also much of the teachings today came from strayed cults before even when Christianity was born. The corruption was aided by the Giza Intelligence to help their grand plan along for final world domination.)

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