The Coming Of The Messiah

The Messiah is revealed through AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology

BATTLE FOR WORLD | September 21, 2020: – TruNews, host Rick Wiles: …Now, in Judaism ben-Yosef/Joseph can be several people and every generation has had a ben-Yosef according to the Jews. And when they speak of a messiah you have to be very careful to understand what they mean. Because, of course, they have The Messiah, the final messiah, the ben-David Messiah, and that one will be a Sacred Serpent.

Rabbi Laitman, a prominent Jewish philosopher…has promoted the idea openly that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was actually the helper of mankind. And writes about the sacred serpent and the holy serpent, which they believe will be the last messiah that brings about redemption.

And according to the book by Joel Bakst, “The Josephic Messiah, Leviathan, Metatron & the Sacred Serpent”, in the second volume, he described the serpent that was in the Garden of Eden as an androgynous AI (Artificial Intelligence). And according to the show’s guest Jana Ben-Nun, Kabbalah is closely connected with technology and in their books and writings they are actually admitting that they are going to bring their final messiah through technology.

One of the attempts in utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to bring about obedience in social media is a project being funded by the Alfred Landecker Foundation, article, here.

What all this is materializing into is the weaponization of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to be used against the people. What does that mean: If you do not obey, you will be shut out of your home, car, deny access to your bank account, etc. And what used to take human labor will now be operated by AI machines, and the most dreadful of the decision making is to decide what to do with the large percentage of people no longer needed. That means, an holocaust or several holocausts will be committed against the population. 

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read about the religious Jews to manifest through A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) computer technology, The Messiah, to bring about peace, surveillance and obedience, pages 525, 557 and 649. Note: Use the page number display located at the top of the page to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

The link to the TruNews program “Christianity Vs. Evangelical Zionism – Steve and Jana Ben-Nun” (the excerpt starts 55 minutes into the show), here.


Scientists Adopt Artificial Intelligence to ‘Decode’, Address ‘Implicit’ Online Anti-Semitism

BATTLE FOR WORLD | September 21, 2020: An international team of researchers are planning to launch a new project aimed at limiting the spread of anti-Semitism online using AI (Artificial Intelligence), in an announcement made by the Alfred Landecker Foundation, who’s financing the project.

The project consists of a team of experts, to include discourse analysts, computational linguists and historians, coming from the Technical University of Berlin, King’s College London, and to include other renowned scientific institutions in Europe, working together to develop a “highly complex, AI-driven approach to identifying online anti-Semitism”.

Matthias Becker, a linguist and project leader from the Technical University of Berlin, noted “In order to prevent more and more users from becoming radicalized on the web, it is important to identify the real dimensions of anti-Semitism – also taking into account the implicit forms that might become more explicit over time”.

He further adds, that “Studies have also shown that the majority of anti-Semitic defamation is expressed in implicit ways – for example through the use of codes (‘juice’ instead of ‘Jews’) and allusions to certain conspiracy narratives or the reproduction of stereotypes, especially through images,” and that the Alfred Landecker Foundation has donated 3 million euros ($3.5 million) to start the project.

The project will use three research groups to track and analyze all forms of explicit and implicit anti-Semitism speech being posted on the internet, to include verbal and visual forms, and then use those findings “to train machines” – and at some point on how to deal with the violation and/or violators.

Source, Sputnik News.


Tesla’s Elon Musk: We’re ‘Summoning the Demon’ with Artificial Intelligence. The coming of the Messiah

BATTLE FOR WORLD | September 25, 2020: Elon Musk spoke at a symposium at MIT (October 2014) warning about Artificial Intelligence (AI), that it’s more dangerous than nuclear weapons. With AI we are summoning the demon (also known as the serpent or sacred/holy serpent).

You know those stories, there’s a guy with the pentagram and holy water – and he’s like, yeah, you’re sure you can control the demon? It did not work out, says Musk.

Artificial Intelligence, the coming of the Messiah. (YouTube video, here.)


Amazon’s Alexa to Take More Active Role at Home: Decide to Lock Doors, Listen for Baby

BATTLE FOR WORLD | September 27, 2020: From listening to newborn’s cries to switching off house lights without being asked, lock doors, etc. Alexa is about to take a more active role in your smart home. – The rise of the machine.

Amazon’s annual hardware event showed a slew of new Alexa features for Echo speakers, displays and other voice-driven devices. Alexa connects with over 140,000 smart home devices, its user base is rapidly growing by those captivated by its voice assistant power ever expanding reach.

Daniel Rausch, Amazon’s vice president, said Alexa is becoming more independent too and will soon be able to act on Hunches without asking, to listen for and react to sounds other than a wake word, and to protect your home more actively with an upgrade to Alexa Guard.

Amazon’s Alexa decides to lock doors, listen for baby. (YouTube video, here – deleted due to YT guidelines.)



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