Iran And Israel, The Future Final Battle

Surprise for Israeli F-16s: Iran has deployed Khordad-3 air defense systems in Syria

BATTLE FOR WORLD | August 29, 2020: Iran is patiently waiting for Israel’s F-16 fighter jets to swoop into Syria to attack, to be engaged by the Khordad-3 air defense systems, advanced technology manufactured in Iran.

Iran has already revealed that the first enemy, a U.S. stealth drone was shot down using the Khordad-3 system, with an operational range of about 75 and 105 kilometers to intercept airborne targets, equipped with a powerful phased array radar, the system can engage and intercept 4 active targets at each round.

Iran has deployed, based on satellite images, at least three Iranian-made Khordad-3 anti-aircraft missile systems on the Syrian-Lebanese border, the location of which is from where most of Israel’s F-16 attacks are made into Syria. The Khordad-3 air defense systems are outfitted to hit hostile targets over the entire territory of Lebanon. The Israeli military has not attempted to attack Syria for over a month, which means that the IDF is aware of the current situation, and is trying to overcome it.

The Iranian military tactics in Syria are changing and the appearance of their air defense systems in the region of Syria was not really a surprise, because official Tehran media announced the intention of transferring its own air defense systems to Syria, and there’s even talk about deploying the latest Iranian BAVAR-373 air defense systems too.

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Iran’s Khordad-3 air defense systems.

Iran’s Khordad-3 air defense systems on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Source, Avia.Pro.


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