Coronavirus Pandemic: Businesses Opening Too Soon?

Coronavirus Pandemic: Businesses Opening Too Soon?

BATTLE FOR WORLD | April 24, 2020: Regarding businesses saying closed to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus: Those who are advocating this should know that we live in a money-driven world that puts profit before people and not humanistic gestures.

To all who are suggesting this, that businesses should remain closed, must make clear their thoughts, that the banks and the bill collectors…should prepare statements regarding the length of time that debtors are given to halt payments of bills until the coronavirus has peaked and is under control.

Also, food suppliers and retailers will have to give their support, regarding price stabilization/reduction of food items available for purchase, and the government will have to put in place food supply locations so people can freely obtain food items while under quarantine.

The government should make preparations to put in place an understanding to the banks, bill collectors, etc. regarding compensation for their support in helping so they can recoup some of their loses due to the humanitarian gesture they have offered to give the population through the crisis until the coronavirus pandemic is under control. But no, we have not dealt with the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and yet you have banks and businesses asking for bailout and compensation monies, and none of them have made any humanitarian gestures. Is capitalism a greedy and selfish system?

With that said, to be honest, I do not believe that the banks, the bill connectors, etc. are human-caring in their thoughts to offer such reprieve, because it was not apart of their foundation in profit-making, and so suffering continues. And to those who are saying businesses should not open so soon, understand that people do not survive on air alone and live nowhere.


Wolff Responds: US Economy in Chaos. And how vaccines will be used against the people

BATTLE FOR WORLD | June 10, 2020: In this video post Prof. Richard Wolff maintains that the US economy is in a current state of chaos. And says millions of homeowners eventually will be unable to pay their mortgages, renters unable to pay their rents, retail stores unable to pay their leases because the shut down due to the pandemic. Wolff argues that it’s important for the working people to come together and organize themselves against the ruling class, because if they do not, they will be sacrificed and bear the brunt of the financial chaos pending.

Interlocked into the coronavirus COVID-19 plot is forced vaccination being pushed by Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. – Probably laced with retroviruses, proprietary adjuvants and other devilish things they can think of.

(BattleForWorld: I will post a transcript from a “State of the Union” speech/discussion, given by one of the elites in 2006. The individual outlined some of the details that was to fulfill at a future time regarding the collapse of the US and its economy.)


Wolff Responds to Looting, – About Who is Looting Whom

BATTLE FOR WORLD | June 6, 2020: The media is buzzing with the word looting and the question is asked: Who is looting whom and for what?

Here Richard Wolff gives an explanation about “looting” and why it is so popular in the United States of America. (BattleForWorld: The United States system is broken and we have entered the downturn in what is to be seen as several years of ongoing clean up to last over one decade.)

(BattleForWorld: And to all the states in America, it is not yet official news, but it will manifest so in the coming weeks or months, because state governments and companies have already began the process in paperwork to send out pink-slips and the laying off of workers. A smartphone alert system is already setup that will send out information about what jobs are available etc. The workers who will come through this system will experience depressive wages… We are truly in the downturn.)


US Prepares For War, Not For COVID-19

BATTLE FOR WORLD | July 10, 2020: In this edition of Richard Wolff’s short-brief he draws a comparison on how the United States is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e. preparation for and managing it, and on the other hand how the United States has managed a similar problem of military preparedness, in handling military confrontation and military activities.   

It’s not profitable for private capitalist enterprises to produce both the needs to prepare the United States for a virus and to prepare for military activities aboard:

With the virus, we have known this for a longtime that you need to have testing, the equipment and the arrangements to prevent people from infecting each other.  To have the public health protected in the United States you would have to have a proper stock of tests, masks, gloves, ventilators, hospital beds, etc. – the whole procedure of managing a virus if it should attack. Private companies cannot afford to produce huge quantities of these things to stockpile them around the country so they will be available where the population are that will need them. And then to hold in warehouses in those areas stocks of these things they have produced for months or years… There are too much risks and too little profit and companies are not interested. 

The parallel with defense, the same thing applies to guns and bullets, and missiles and tanks, and aircraft and all the rest of military equipment. It’s not profitable for a company to produce jet fighters for example and stockpile them in hangers around the United States waiting for the next military engagement when the army or air force comes and buys to use that equipment. Too risky because there are more secure profitable opportunities available. 

So if you leave capitalism to itself, to the private enterprise, driven by profit, you will not get the production and stockpiling of the needed equipment to combat a virus, and you will not get the production and stockpiling of military equipment to fight wars.

Let’s see how the United States solves the problem: The government comes in and says, I will buy it from you as fast as you can produce it. I will take the cost and risk unto myself. I will stockpile these weapons around the country, indeed around the world and maintain them; and if they go out of date I will scrap them all and buy new ones from you. You will make a lot of money because I will give you a lot of money for this military equipment. And so we have guns and planes and missiles and tanks stockpiled all over the place.

Now compare medical preparation, nothing; the government did not do it.  The government did not do in the medical field what it did in the military field… 

(Editor: Watch his video here, his analyst is very thought-provoking.)

(BattleForWorld: What this says is that the US government and states irrespective of political parties, are giving the public lip-service and keeping up appearances acting, while officials and corporate entities divert monies into private hands, etc. Essentially it gives the impression as if the United States does not have a truly functioning people’s government. It is a government-shell filled with emissaries working on behalf of elite families, secret groups and organizations.) 


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