Coronavirus Masking United States And China War Fervor

United States increases war talk in media, targeting China

BATTLE FOR WORLD | April 22, 2020: President Trump has signed an executive order on March 27 for the deployment of one million armed forces reservists to mobilize medical, disaster and emergency response personnel to help battle the coronavirus.

On April 16 Newsweek released and exclusive that a Secret Military Task Force is preparing to secure the nation’s capital in Washington DC due to spike in the coronavirus, said the article, quoting a senior Pentagon military officer working on the continuity of government planning. And no one wants to talk evacuation especially when there’s no where to go. Is the coronavirus that big of a threat in Washington DC where the nation’s capital has to be evacuated? Or, is the United States anticipating a war with China?

Experts are saying that the only reason why you would set up a task force like this is in the event of an imminent threat. And the threat they are taking about privately sounds like a war. It’s not a war yet, because all the pieces are being assembled.

In a news article from the TheDrive, April 14, there’s mention of the Pentagon building a secret super command bunker 3500 feet below Washington DC. Some have already declared that the command structure was already built years ago and the mention of it in the press was to announce its activation.

And on March 30, CBS Denver announced that NORAD and the Northern Command have moved their personnel to the Cheyenne mountain bunker amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The US is looking to stir up something lethal in the China sea to take advantage of the Martial Law lock down because of the coronavirus, to morph the situation into a war undertaking, because on April 21, Beijing warns that any attempt to deny China’s sovereignty in the South China Sea will be doomed to failure. And in this war plan being orchestrated out of Washington DC, will it include one or more members from the following countries, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan?

And US officials announced on April 21 that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un was in critical condition after surgery. How convenient if the war drums from the United States are to become serious? And shortly after, the US Air Force (USAF) sent the B-1B Lancer, a supersonic bomber, escorted by six USAF F-16 Fighting Falcons as well as seven F-2s and eight F-15s, on a 30-hour trip from South Dakota to Japan in a drill exercise just off the coast of the city where the North Korean leader is believed to be recovering from surgery. Was the United States sending a message to North Korea?

Analyst believes that the United States is getting ready to attack China. And that the people of America will be told that the coronavirus was a biological attack from China on the United States.

Go back into last Fall 2019 and review news events from that timeline, because much of it was about the riots in Hong Kong with the US and their allies cheering on the protesters. And analysts were saying at the time, don’t discount that what is going on is being organized and financed by an intelligence agency to pressure Beijing in the trade negotiations. All this goes back to the neocons and their hawkish foreign policy.

If the US is getting ready to morph the coronavirus event into a war undertaking against China, that means the reopening of businesses in America and parts of the world will be delayed, to be replaced with threats of war, and that could mean more biological attacks; nuclear attacks, and the already angry nature’s forces might join in with no prejudice.

We will know that time has arrived if President Trump is manipulated well enough to chart the path for war with China, where he will brief the people of America with accusations about a biological attack by China. All this will be similar to what was done with Iraq, Syria [and the US continuous trouble-making using chemical weapons to overthrow President Assad], Iran [US and Israel want to bomb and overthrow the government] and North Korea. The president is going to prepare Americans for war.

The coronavirus has put in place quarantine, martial law, food rationing, etc. and the neocons want to take advantage and extend this into the Fall materializing a possible foreign war or wars – with Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, etc. But this time, the neocons may have bitten off too much, because a great portion of the planet’s land might go underwater from all the weaponry destruction. A possibility of some of the areas that could go missing, include: the United States becoming islands…Hawaii and islands disappear…much of the Caribbean lands disappear…England, much of it disappears…parts of Europe disappear…parts of Asia disappear…parts of the Middle East disappear…Israel disappears…parts of Africa disappear…parts of South America disappear…parts of Russia disappear…parts of China disappear…great parts of Japan disappear…and all this flooding will be due to rising waters.

The worse hit regions in United States because of the coronavirus do not need a million troops on the street, not New York. And many are asking why we need one million troops on the street and have concluded, not unless we are going to war to bomb and invade China after a nuclear attack on that country.

In intel circles is the understanding that when the Soviet Union fell, the eventual fall of the United States was not too far behind and would happen without a shot being fired, and that this would happen because of the fomenting unrest [caused by disruption in the supply chain, economy, information shock, etc.] being created inside the country. The neocons are trying to use the unrest to their advantage because the government of the United States is not equip to deal with the eventuality. So, in addition to attacking China, there will be massive collateral damage in the United States. 

Businessman and movie script writer Gary Heavin appeared on the InfoWars radio show March 11, 2020 and spoke about the “collateral damage”, but at the time the radio host did not recognize the coded phrase and just kept rambling on. Article posting, here.

Russian defector Colonel Stanislav Lunev said in an interview that the looters, American citizens themselves, will destroy America, by eating the country from the inside out. 

And Nostradamus said the following centuries ago:

Nostradamus: Century 4, Quatrain 88
Anthony (i.e., North America), great in name, in his actions base, at the end (i.e., America as a One World Power falls) will be devoured by lice (i.e., civil wars, etc.). One who is eager for lead, passing the harbor (i.e., America’s Naval Fleet, a symbol of military hegemony) will be drowned by the elected one (i.e., the Multi-Polar Order begins).

And you can see that possibility happening right now in regards to the social fabric of America becoming so weak and fragile that the slightest spark could cause a chain reaction, erupting like a volcano into social unrest and civil war. America is splitting and dividing and is being polarized into a shattered union. 

According to the late British historian Arnold Toynbee, in his monumental work titled “A Study of History” published in 1934, in summary, wrote that civilization passes through several stages before collapsing: DEVELOPMENT, GROWTH AND REFINEMENT, BREAKDOWN, DISINTEGRATION and the final stage, DISSOLUTION, but the last three are avoidable if peace and harmony are maintained. According to Toynbee, people do not develop civilizations except where they are forced to by challenges to their survival.

Paraphrasing Toynbee: The ruling minorities are now ruling a society torn beyond repair. In decentralizing the governments of countries, corporations will begin to consolidate to have more power and control over the people. Social disorders have caused the standards of life and behavior to become confused and tangled. The masses are now in disarray trying to find a way out from the unbearable circumstance. Some will want to return back to the “good old days,” while others will seek to leap into the unknown. Many will turn to religion, not for answers, but as a means of escape. At the end of the fourth stage, the civilization enters the fifth and final stage of DISSOLUTION.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read, civilization passes through several stages before collapsing, page 401.  Note: Use the page number display located at the top of the page to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

Dr. Anthony Fauci knows where this is all going, if he agrees with President Trump in regards to the coronavirus coming from Wuhan. Because being a medical expert, the neocons would misuse Fauci’s words to give credibility to the Wuhan senario and Trump would take that as fact and the war with China will be elevated further to becoming reality. And Trump is probably there thinking, the US can threaten China with a couple nuclear bombs and China will back down. And all this largely about a trade war, and he fear inside the US elite establishment that China is going to eclipse the US economic world power and that cannot be allowed to happened.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read, the USA is also planning to war with China, page 517.  Note: Use the page number display located at the top of the page to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

The France and England both appears at the moment to not want war, but Germany is being dragged into giving support to the United States to start a war with China. The German newspaper Bild published an op-ed piece by one of the top editor, Julian Reichel, of the newspaper accusing China of exporting the virus and that it should pay coronavirus damages, and predicts that the communist party of China will fall. Did Reichel received his orders from the US Secretary Michael Pompeo?

Reichel is laying the blame on President Xi Jinping for the worldwide corona crisis. In addition, chiming in, is former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon, who was part of the early Trump administration, in an interview on FoxNews, said China has blood on its hand, which was repeated in the media by several US senators – this is war talk. So the war fervor talking-point is being promoted in media by the neocons, prepping the population for war. Blaming China for the mess that the world is in today because of the virus.

And many are asking if a dossier is being prepared to be presented as evidence that China exported the virus to the United States?

The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on April 24 revealed that Washington DC was trying to persuade the governments of other countries that Beijing had allegedly concealed some information regarding the novel coronavirus and was the main cause of the virus outbreak.

The United States will fail to gather support to create an international coalition it would relentlessly push with the hopes of demanding from China compensation for the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, because Washington DC’s allies are reluctant to spoil relations with Beijing, according to the research director of the international discussion club Valdai, Fyodor Lukyanov, told TASS on Monday (April 27). And failing in this the United States would start a trend to file lawsuits against China seeking compensations for the effects of the pandemic.

China pushing back 

China has started to push back against the United States with its assessment of what may have happened regarding the spread of the coronavirus. On “China View”, Beijing’s Global Television Network to Arab world,  a Chinese news presenter, Ms. V, claimed that the coronavirus originated from the US instead of China.

The anchor referred to several conspiracy theories in an opinion show on CGTN where she said: “it is clear that the virus in China was transmitted from abroad”. And the reporter hinted that the contagion could have escaped from a US lab or been brought into China during the Military World Games in Wuhan last October 2019. These claims have been debunked by researchers in the United States.

US media attacks theory by Chinese anchor

Shortly after the television show “China View” was aired, US media went on a blitz, discrediting the opinions expressed by the Chinese anchor. And that the US theory expressed is the only one of reason and is the truth. (BattleForWorld: Accusations presented as truth that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that President Assad of Syria was constantly attacking his own people with chemical weapons.)


After the news blitz in the United States laying blame, the Kremlin warned against unacceptable groundless accusations over COVID-19 alleged artificial origins of the coronavirus, Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday (April 22).

“In the situation where there is not enough information that has been supported and checked by science … we think it is unacceptable, impossible to groundlessly accuse anyone,” Peskov to reporters.

“So, both sides are speaking without any proof. And, most likely, we just do not know enough to make any conclusions,” Peskov said.

In early April, French virologist Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV in 2008, said that he believes that the new coronavirus is not of natural origin, that it was developed in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus outbreak.

The 2020 timeline 

The United States had already picked a timeline for war activities, and China and the then Soviet Union followed. So we are in a timeline where international news events will appear in media with war talk trailing, and so 2020 has become an important year-date in military doctrine war planning. In this timeline we are going to see a lot of suspicious/fuzzy/fishy events and the blame game card being played in media for scores. All this is being done with the hopes that someone is trigger happy enough to officially launch World War Three into the open. The fight is over a New World Order that is going to supersede the crumbling old where the United States is currently the hegemon.


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