The Invasion Of Venezuela By The U.S. And Allies – Part 2

Link: Part 1 – The Invasion Of Venezuela By The U.S. And Allies

Leaked Audio Reveals US Struggling to Keep Venezuelan Opposition United

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | June 6, 2019: The article highlights  the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continuous disagreements between Venezuelan opposition leaders have thwarted attempts to stage an effective insurrection. And despite Washington DC having chosen Juan Guaido as its champion, Maduro’s enemies still want power for themselves, said Pompeo.

The US Secretary of State has admitted that the greatest challenge the US administration faced in Venezuela was keeping the Venezuelan opposition unified because among them were disagreements about how to go about things.

In a leaked audio reportedly obtained by The Washington Post, recorded at a meeting between Pompeo and Jewish leaders last week (the last week in May), Pompeo said keeping the opposition united has proven to be a “devilishly difficult” task.

“Our conundrum, which is to keep the opposition united, has proven devilishly difficult”, allegedly said by Pompeo in the audio. “The moment Maduro leaves, everybody’s going to raise their hands and [say], ‘Take me, I’m the next president of Venezuela.’ It would be forty-plus people who believe they’re the rightful heir to Maduro”.

In the leaked recording, Pompeo allegedly said that Maduro security “is mostly surrounded by Cubans”. That “He doesn’t trust Venezuelans a lick. I don’t blame him. He shouldn’t. They were all plotting against him. Sadly, they were all plotting for themselves”, said Pompeo in the recording.

(BattleForWorld: Truly riveting and telling how bad this coup plan was from the beginning that was supported by President Trump and allies of the US.)


Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido under pressure over alleged misappropriation of aid money

BATTLE FOR WORLD / THE TELEGRAPH | July 1, 2019: The article highlights that Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has launched an investigation after two members of his team allegedly stole money destined to help deserting Venezuelans soldiers in the country of Colombia.

Guaido officially designated Mr Rojas and Ms Barrera with the task of caring for the soldiers defected at enormous risk to themselves and their families. But Colombian police became suspicious when Mr Rojas and Ms Barrera began living a lavish lifestyle, spending through money.


US fails Venezuela regime change: Maduro & Guaido head for mediated talk

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | May 29, 2019: The video highlights that there has been a push for a negotiated resolution to the Venezuelan crisis. And representatives of President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido are expected to meet for a second round of talks in the country of Norway next week (first week in June).

The return to the negotiating table, however Washington DC hawkish stance with some Western leaders are still itching for an all out conflict. As hawks and their neocons appear not convinced about a peaceful resolution to the Venezuelan crisis.


Trump Peeved by Bolton’s Attempt to Pull Him ‘INTO A WAR’ in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | May 11, 2019: The article highlights that Vice President Mike Pence advised Venezuelan officials to follow a former intelligence chief in breaking ranks with Caracas and joining the opposition, noting that the ex-official has had all previously imposed sanctions against him lifted.

And that US President Donald Trump has expressed his frustration with his senior officials regarding how difficult a task removing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has proven to be, an anonymous senior administration officials and advisers to the White House revealed to the Washington Post.

One senior official said, Trump recently joked that National Security Adviser John Bolton wanted to pull him “into a war” in Venezuela, and that the joke reportedly revealed more of senior concerns. The President also complained about Bolton’s attempt to box him ‘into a corner’ and take his administration to ‘beyond where he felt comfortable’ on the Venezuelan policy, said another official familiar with US Foreign Policy.

Three other officials told the Washington Post that, the president has complained openly about Bolton and others underestimating the strength of President Maduro, and that Trump reportedly referred to the Venezuelan president as a “tough cookie.”


US understands there can be no military solution to Venezuela issue

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | May 6, 2019: The article highlights that US officials understand that there can be no military solution to the Venezuela issue, because the consequences of such a scenario would be devastating, said the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov following a meeting with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Monday (May 6).

And Lavrov emphasized that: “Judging by my contacts with my American and other colleagues, including those from Europe and Latin America, I don’t see anyone who would call for a reckless military solution. I hope everyone understands that as far as practical politics is concerned, there can be no military solution because it would mean catastrophe.” And that the US diplomats understood it – affirmative.

He continues: “We strongly oppose military actions in breach of international law, anywhere” and that “only the United Nations Security Council can authorize the use of force.


Trump threatens Cuba with ‘full embargo and highest-level sanctions’ over Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 30, 2019: The article highlights that US President Donald Trump has threatened in a Twitter post, Cuba with “full and complete embargo, together with highest-level sanctions” if Havana does not stop its alleged support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Trump demands were tweeted on Tuesday (April 30) after Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido called for the military and police to take action against President Maduro. And the US president warns that Cuban Troops and Militia must immediately CEASE military and other operations…[in Venezuela].

Prior, Guaido declared himself president in January (2019) with support from the US and some allies from Latin America, but the Venezuelan security forces remain largely loyal to the Maduro government, and Guaido’s call to arms appears to have been unsuccessful in sparking large-scale defections.


Further aggressive steps against Venezuela will have drastic consequences, said Russia

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | May 1, 2019: The article highlights that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Wednesday (May 1) that if Washington [DC] continues with their aggressive moves against the country of Venezuela, it will have the most drastic consequences.

And that “Only the Venezuelan people have the right to determine their destiny, for which dialogue between all political forces in the country is needed, and for which the government has long called for. Destructive pressure from outside, especially force, has nothing to do with the democratic process,” said Lavrov.

After self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido failed in his final attempt to incite an uprising and sway the military to support the opposition, the Trump administration has taken a more aggressive stance, hinting at using military force to overthrow the legally elected President Maduro from office if that’s what’s required [ignoring international law].


Blackwater’s Founder Plotting to Send 5k Mercenaries to Venezuela to Topple Maduro

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | April 30, 2019: The article highlights military developments of the Venezuelan self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido, supported by the US, to ensure the “definitive cessation of the usurpation” by the legitimately elected President Nicolas Maduro, as part of the mission in his so-called Operation Freedom, which from the start has repeatedly failed to attract a large audience in the country.

To help Guaido coup plan to success, Erik Prince, the founder of the Blackwater private security contractor and a supporter of US President Donald Trump, has offered to deploy an army of mercenaries to help oust Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, Reuters reported, citing four sources with knowledge about the matter. The director of investor relations at Prince’s private equity firm Frontier Resource Group, Lital Leshem, confirmed his interest in a Venezuela mission, according to Reuters. And that “He does have a solution for Venezuela, just as he has a solution for many other places”, said Reuters.

Over the past few months Prince has been seeking investment and political backing to carryout his alleged plans from Trump supporters and wealthy Venezuelans living in exile in the United States…


Events in Venezuela are similar to what happened in Syria – Assad tells visiting FM

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 28, 2019: The article highlights that the war in Syria has much in common with the ongoing political crisis gripping Venezuela, where outside players, the US and their allies, try to meddle in domestic affairs and undermine sovereignty. The Syrian President Bashar Assad informs Venezuela’s Foreign Minister about the happenings of the US and allies to subvert Syria.

What is happening in Venezuela is similar to the developments in Syria,” Bashar Assad said to Jorge Arreaza during his visit to Damascus, quoted the Russian media. Those [US and allies] interfering in both crises seek “hegemony” over Syria’s and Venezuela’s sovereignty, Assad claimed.

Speaking about the US-led “flagrant interference” in Venezuela’s domestic affairs, the Syrian president said sanctions and embargoes became playbook examples of pressuring “anyone who does not adhere to their policy.”


US Calls on Countries Worldwide to Block Russia’s Planes Heading For Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | April 20, 2019: The article highlights that the arrival of Russian military planes in Venezuela in March 2019 prompted harsh criticism from the US and has accused Moscow of destabilising the situation in the Latin American state that is currently submerged in political crisis. The planes the US is referring to, from Russia, the planes arrived under a bilateral agreement with Caracas and there was no violation.

The US is urging the international community to deny Russian planes flying to Venezuela a right of passage through their airspace, following the example of such a move by Malta. Morgan Ortagus, spokesperson for the United States Department of State, said such a decision could help stop Russian support for the country’s President Nicolas Maduro.


US, Brazil and Colombia preparing for military intervention in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | April 16, 2019: The article highlights that Venezuelan authorities are accusing the United States, Brazil and Colombia that they are in the process of preparing for a military intervention into the Bolivarian Republic.

The Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez on Monday (April 16) noted that “The international community and its institutions for protecting legitimacy around the world should know that a criminal plan is in the works to stage a military attack on Venezuela.”

That “US, Brazilian and Colombian officials intend to ignore the will of the Venezuelan people and launch a military intervention,” said Rodriguez.

If these countries decide to proceed with their plans, she said, they “will commit crimes against humanity and will have to bear responsibility on the international level.”


Venezuela’s energy system was attacked from Chile, Columbia and US

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | April 8, 2019: The article highlights that the Venezuelan system of electricity generation and distribution was attacked not merely from the United States but also from South American countries, said President Nicolas Maduro at a rally in the capital of the country. Where he states: “I have already said that we confirmed the version of attacks governed from Houston and Chicago during the investigation.” And that: “We found new sources [of aggression] from Chile and Columbia, used to damage the power system of Venezuela.”

Venezuela has seen major disruptions in operations of the power supply systems affecting majority of regions in the country from early March (2019). The largest shutdown occurred on March 7 when Caracas and the majority of other areas were left without electricity for several days.

Russia has offered to help Venezuela repair their power grids.


US creates Venezuela rescue plan in case Maduro govt falls

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 5, 2019: The video highlights that the US is developing a rescue plan for Venezuela’s economy – designed to pump cash into the country through banks, smartphones and apps. The Trump administration isn’t rushing to reveal details, but the plan has one key condition, that Maduro must go.

The US has sabotaged the Venezuelan economy, taking a percentage of the country’s finances hostage, held with terms of condition.


Trump White House is a ‘cult’ under Bolton

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA | April 5, 2019: The video highlights the infamous neocon John Bolton has been testing the boundaries of his role as national security advisor. He’s accumulating more and more power in the Trump administration, implementing his own foreign policy vision, eclipsing that of President Trump – how did that happen? Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the situation.


Switzerland signs agreement to protect U.S. interests in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / REUTERS | April 6, 2019: The article highlights that the country of Switzerland and the United States have signed an agreement on Friday (April 5) for the neutral country to represent U.S. interests in Venezuela, which broke off diplomatic relations with Washington [DC] after it recognised the opposition leader Juan Guaido as president.

The agreement signed by the Foreign Minister of Switzerland and the U.S. ambassador to Switzerland in Berne, should help defuse tensions between the United States and Venezuela, the Swiss government said, but that first Venezuela must agree to let Switzerland take on the role.

The Swiss government said: “The mandate provides Switzerland the opportunity to contribute to de-escalating tensions between the two countries and thus play a constructive role on behalf of regional stability,” and noted that such stability would also be in the interest of the neighbouring countries in the region.

The United States and dozens of other countries stand at odds with the government of Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, after the US and allies recognised self-proclaimed opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

What appears to unfold after is a form of hybrid-warfare attacking the country’s infrastructure so that the people in the country can turn against Maduro.


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