New World Order – Multipolar Order Being Formed – Part 1

Russia Says ‘New World Order’ Being Formed

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TSARIZM / TASS | April 13, 2019: The article highlights that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced today that the Western liberal model of society is dying, and a new world order, based on the multipolar platform is taking its place. Lavrov made the comments at his annual meeting, the 27th Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, with students and professors from Russian schools at the Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy, reported Russian news agency TASS.

“The Western liberal model of development, which particularly stipulates a partial loss of national sovereignty – this is what our Western colleagues aimed at when they invented what they called globalization – is losing its attractiveness and is no more viewed as a perfect model for all. Moreover, many people in the very western countries are skeptical about it,” stated Lavrov.

And to thwart the global-liberal development that has been unleashed on the world from the West using illegal international law, sanctions, wars, etc., that the counter movement “by processes aimed at boosting multipolarity and what we call a polycentric world order” is now taking form. 

“Clearly, multipolarity and the emergence of new centers of power in every way requires efforts to maintain global stability and search for a balance of interests and compromises, so diplomacy should play a leading role here,” Lavrov continues.

And that particularly because there are a lot of issues that require generally acceptable solutions. These include regional conflicts, international terrorism, food security and environmental protection, etc. in his comments.  And that this is why we believe that only diplomacy can help make agreements and reach sustainable decisions that will be accepted by all.

“The US and its allies are trying to impose their approaches on others,” said Lavrov. And that “They are guided by a clear desire to preserve their centuries-long dominance in global affairs although from the economic and financial standpoint, the US – alone or with its allies – can no longer resolve all global economic and political issues,” Lavrov continues.

“In order to preserve their dominance and recover their indisputable authority, they use blackmail and pressure. They don’t hesitate to blatantly interfere in the affairs of sovereign states.”

“[The United States] has recently invented a new thing – a so called concept of maintaining true sovereignty – which is being used as a cover-up of pressure on developing countries around the world” and that “Simultaneously, [Washington] seeks to curb cooperation of those nations with Russia, China and with other independent centers of power,” said Lavrov.

That Moscow and Beijing have joined efforts at the United Nations Security Council counteracting attempts [by the United States and allies] to break international law, stressed the Russian Foreign Minister.

And that “Our partnership with Beijing is not just an example of a mutually beneficial and comprehensive relationship. The Russian-Chinese cooperation has a sobering effect on those who push ahead with illegal methods to solve international problems,” said the minister.

He continues: “It happened at the UN Security Council during discussion of the Syria scenario when unilateral, unlawful resolutions were submitted. It happened recently when our countries both vetoed the US-drafted resolution on Venezuela, which went beyond all imaginable and unimaginable norms of international law and elementary diplomatic ethics.”

“The US unwillingness to put up with realities of the 21st century is obvious. This unwillingness has a huge destructive charge” and “Unconditionally, the United States is still a most powerful state, but the aggregate weight of their influence on the world is on the decline* and, so that they can maintain, as they would say, ‘elevated exceptionalism*,’ the Americans are set to pressurize and drown other nations”, said Lavrov. (*The final screen act of dumping the petrodollar.)

“The Americans openly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Everyone knows about Venezuela, the blitzkrieg change failed, but the Americans do not refuse the goal of overthrowing the legitimate president. This is directly evidenced by Michael Pompeo’s recent interview, in which he said that military intervention has not been excluded,” said Lavrov.

And that “The Americans even dragged out the notorious Monroe doctrine out of the woodwork, threatening that the next in line are Cuba and Nicaragua. They do not seem to understand that they are opposing themselves to the entire Latin American world and not only to the Latin American world. I think that such behavior is simply unacceptable,” said Lavrov.

“We also see potential in cooperation with the Trump administration and on such pressing issues as the protection of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East” and that “Of course, I would like there to be more cooperation examples. It seems to be, the situation will develop in the direction of intensifying our dialogue with Washington,” said Lavrov.

“We have put forward proposals for higher predictably and confidence” and “Let me remind you of an idea to sign a treaty on Euro-Atlantic security, a joint initiative with China against deployment of arms in outer space and a proposal to draw up a convention to battle acts of chemical and biological terrorism,” Lavrov stressed. 

“We are continuing to seek a coherent response to these proposals from those who avoids an honest discussion of those truly pressing issues”, but “However, the problem is that, as far as I understand, our counterparts in Washington, Brussels and other western capitals are not yet ready for this professional conversation,” he said.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, “enhanced”, the free PDF book: Download and read about the pending real New Order, pages 1264, 1458, 1459 and 1229. Multipolar world order, pages 1264 and 1354. The unipolar movement, pages 466 and 1264. The massive depression [i.e. economic collapse], page 1264. Government collapses, mass murders and destruction are suggestively and forcefully brought about by the USA, page 1137. The Western economy framework collapses, page 1410.  All over the world various states approaching collapse, page 1412. The enemy of the USA are independent and sovereign states, page 1415. The USA collapses, page 1479. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

(BattlForWorld: The United States One World Order-New World Order was envisioned many decades ago and was being implemented by various financial factions in the West working out of New York and London. By the mid-1970s the Rockefeller faction eclipsed the Rothschild faction, where the latter launched a coup against the Rockefeller cartel. When Bush Sr. became president he took the mantle of bringing together a unipolar new world order. This decision started the war in the Middle-East with Kuwait and Iraq, and later Bush Sr. allies started to stir things up in Yugoslavia, etc. which finished under President Clinton. When Bush Jr. was made president “the war of terror” or more accurately known as “the terror wars” campaign was unleashed in the Middle-East. Then the power factions started to blackmail each other in the Obama administration. The Zionists knew their time to grab a piece of the United States new world order empire was coming. Donald Trump pushed Jeb Bush out of the presidential race, made the Bush family furious and according to the theory used Hillary Clinton to create a dossier on Trump with help from the British. Using the media, the Bush family was succeeding in lying Trump out of the presidency. The Zionists came to the rescue and stop Mueller in his tracks. And told Trump they want their payment for helping him. And Trump is giving them, apparently, all that they are asking for. And that is where we’re at now. While Russia and China are moving ahead, to try and bring back some balance on the planet.)


Prophet Nostradamus

He predicted the great alignment in:

Nostradamus: Century VI, Quatrain 21
“When those of the Northern pole are united together (i.e. Russia and China)
in the East (i.e. New York and London, and that is why they are moving against Russia and China in panic ways doing all sorts of stupid things.) will be great fear and trembling.
A new man elected (i.e. a new pope elected to ally himself with the ruling elites to start World War 3 – but this line of prophecy was delayed), supported by the great one who trembles,
both Rhodes and Byzantium will be stained with Barbarian blood. (i.e. the Middle-East war started by President Bush Sr. was to breakout engulfing the area, but Russia intervened to prevent this.)


Roles reversed: Russia becomes ‘global power broker’ as US acts like ‘SPOILER,’ former Spanish FM says

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | October 6, 2019: For many decades Russia as been seen by the West has a threat to international stability, but things are changing as Russia is proving to be a security guarantor, said Spain’s former Foreign Minister Ana Palacio, and that the US has turned into a global disruptor.

As Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the World Bank Group, Palacio cautioned the Western political elites against perceiving Russia as a “spoiler” that only seeks to “thwart the West’s plans” with there every move. Such an opinion of Moscow has become prevalent both in Europe and across the pond ever since political crisis erupted in Ukraine in 2014, and it’s high time this approach was reviewed many politicians believe. And that “Today, Russia is a genuine global power broker.”

After the attack on the Saudi oil facilities Moscow’s response presents it as a “potential underwriter of regional stability,” said Palacio and hails Russia for its intention to work with all the parties in the region amid heightened tensions between Riyadh and Tehran. Further stating “This is the approach of a strategist, not a spoiler”.

Around the world the opinion being expressed is that Washington DC is pushing gun-toting policies instead of moving away from the role of threatening global stability, Palacio warns. In her guest piece for Project Syndicate, she further added that the perception of America as a “primary status quo power” is nothing but a “force of habit” as the US has shown “no inclination to lead,” in any example of late.


Russia, China deliberate on teaming up to buck US sanctions

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS – January 28, 2019: The great alignment foretold centuries ago by Nostradamus continues to strengthen as Russia and China move closer together into an unbreakable alliance.

The article highlights that, in an effort to counter Washington’s punitive measures, Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation has entered into negotiations with its Chinese counterparts to hammer out a joint action plan to fight off US sanctions, Dmitry Shugayev, the agency’s chief told NTV television on Monday (January 28).

We are holding negotiations with our Chinese partners. The most important thing is to avoid disparities in other sectors due to the transition to mutual settlements in national currencies,” said Shugayev.

Emphasizing that not all partners give into these intimidation, but “However, the sanctions have another negative aspect, namely to intimidate our partners quite unceremoniously.”

And said that Moscow and Beijing saw eye to eye as to “the necessity of taking joint measures to minimize the effects of the sanctions.”


The terror wars have ended, and the breakout of peace begins

BATTLE FOR WORLD | February 7, 2019: The terror wars unleashed by the United States, Britain, Israel, etc. have ended. The great battle won by Russia and China. The Earth nations now enter into peace.

Nostradamus: Century I, Quatrain 38
“The Sun and the Eagle will appear as victor,
the vanquished is reassured with a vain reply:
with hue and cry they will not cease arming, revenge;
because of death, peace made right on schedule.”

The Sun and the Eagle will appear as victor: The alliance of Russia, the double-headed Eagle, and China, the Sun, will manifest triumphantly – the Pacific alliance. Because the old-power structure: The British East Indian Trans-Atlantic, the American North-Eastern alliance and the Zionist power block have been overthrown.

They will not cease arming, revenge: The war instigators, the Ruling Elites, are still very bitter by the loss of world power and want to rearm, seeking revenge.

Because of death: In the revenge terror wars, the war instigators are dead – those among the Ruling Elites – the Council of Seven Men .

Peace made right on schedule: The introduction of true peace to the people of Earth – the Aquarian Age.

(In the “enhanced”, Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1489, the council of seven men [also known as 7 Dark Ones] are fighting with each other – by murder and assassinations. The foretold alliance between the council of seven men and the last pope to start world war 3, pages 1485, 1480. The pending last pope, page 325. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

Link: De-Dollarization: World Tired Of Funding US Military Adventurism – Part 1


Russia is Emerging as a Constructive Player in the Multipolar Environment

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | September 4, 2019: The fifth Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, Russia has convened with emerging concerns of a looming global recession and the US-driven Sino-American trade war raging on since March 2018.

At the conference opinions note that “We’re moving towards a multipolar world, I think slowly but surely”, says Thomas Graham, the managing director of Kissinger Associates, a New York City-based international geopolitical consulting firm.

The American scholar Graham said Russia needs to maintain a strategic autonomy to balance between China and the United States, while “being a constructive player in the emerging multipolar environment”. And warns that “Overreliance on one or the other I think is bad for Russia.”

(BattleForWorld: I think that can been taken as a threat. We have the Kissinger Associates working on behave of the ruling elites [New York, London and Tel Aviv – the same clique plunging the Middle-East and the world into war], who are as always dictating what Russia should and should not do.)

Graham concedes that Washington’s unipolar domination is over and that the US “will have to deal with the multipolar world”.

At the moment, “Part of the discussion in the United States is what should be the role of the United States in the world; that’s not a unipolar world, a world that the United States does not dominate the way it theoretically could have in the early years after the breakup of the Soviet Union. We will eventually figure out how to do this”, Graham said.

“Some of the things that President Trump has done now in levying tariffs against our European partners, the Japanese and so forth have undermined the common front that would be beneficial for the United States to have at this point”, the scholar noted.

(BattleForWorld: President Trump is feuding with China because that is what the unipolar group [the neocons and their allies] in the US want him to do. That is also why Trump is prevented from working out any agreement with President Putin of Russia. And Trump, it appears, can’t do anything otherwise, because if he does, the elites are on the phone reminding him.)


Italy becomes first G7 nation to sign up for China’s Belt & Road Initiative

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | March 24, 2019: The video highlights that Italy became the first G7 nation to sign up for Beijing’s multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative. The deal was struck amid warnings from Rome’s EU partners against negotiating with China alone. (BattleForWorld: And most likely Italy was about to push ahead with help from the Vatican, despite pressure from the West to ignore China.) 


U.S. Losing Global Leadership Role to Russia, China and Iran, German Media Claims

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | February 25, 2019: The article highlights that at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend (the third week in February), U.S. Vice President Mike Pence boasted about “renewed American leadership on the world stage,” while talking up sanctions against Russia, tough tariffs against China, ‘confrontation’ with Iran, and U.S. intentions to withdraw from the INF Treaty.

Despite the U.S. vice president’s remarks at the Munich conference, Washington DC is in fact losing ground to Russia, China, and even Iran, Spiegel Online wrote.

And said, in reality, the world Pence was describing was a “strange parallel world” which “has little to do with reality.” (BattleForWorld: An indication that the U.S. empire is waning.)

Spiegel continues: “America is not leading; it is retreating. Other powers are moving into the vacuum left by Trump’s erratic ‘America First’ policy — China, Russia, but also Iran. And the U.S. is not leading, but giving instructions.”


U.S. World Order Losing Its Grip?

BATTLE FOR WORLD / THE BIG PICTURE RT | September 6, 2019: Implementing the Paris Climate Agreement, low carbon sustainable development, 5G technology shared with all partners – all righteous goals that the world seeks from a leading superpower, and all elements of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia.

Is the perfect storm emerging to sink the U.S. dollar as the world’s preeminent currency and our leadership among nations?

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read: if the USA collapses, China could mount into the next world power [and this is why the neocons in the USA are being mischievous towards China, because they fear this eventuality and the breakout of world peace and prosperity and the end of all wars], page 330. What will happen if the United States collapses?, page 332. As the West continues to isolate Russia, Russia will continue the process of building a large alliance that consists of China and other Asian and Arab countries, page 693.  Positive powers, page 801. The United States to eventually fight a world war against Russia and China, page 861. The new economic order is moving ahead and China is playing an important role, and will eventually surpass the USA, page 1409. When those of the Northern pole [Russia and China] are united together, in the East [New York and London – the financial powers] will be great fear and trembling, page 1479. Note: Use the page number display located at top right/left in the PDF book to find the correct page. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book – Volume 1)


Russia calls to develop independence from US financial system

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | The article highlights Russia’s calls on the international community to move towards independence from the US-controlled international financial system and the US dollar as its key currency, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Sunday (July 21).

At the international conference in support of international law, he said: “We must protect ourselves from political abuses made with the help of the US dollar and the American banking system.”  And that: “We must turn our dependence in this sphere into independence. Let us be multipolar in the spheres of finance and currency.”


China welcomes Russian concept of collective security in Persian Gulf

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | July 30, 2019: The article highlights that China welcomes the Russian Foreign Ministry proposed concept of collective security in the Persian Gulf zone, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying at a regular briefing on Thursday (July 25). An initiative group is to organize an international conference on security and cooperation in the Persian Gulf region.

“We welcome the Russian initiative,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson.  And “We would also like to boost cooperation, coordination and communication with all the corresponding parties.”

Hua Chunying also stressed that “peace and stability in the Persian Gulf region are of utmost importance to ensure safety and development of the region and the world as a whole.” And that “We believe that to ensure stability and safety in the region it is vital to establish good neighborly relations based on mutual respect.”


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